The Book of Ballads and Sagas #1

Book of Ballads and Sagas (The) (1995) -1- Thomas the Rhymer

The False Knight on the Road written by Gaiman (and my sole reason for getting the issue), shows a boy readying to go to school, and his ma warning him to stay away from the well, since his pa’d drowned. The boy acknowledges her, and goes off walking through the wilderness, seeing the False Knight near the well and asking him where he was headed and what his backpack contained. The boy answers honestly and the FK continues his interview, soon learning the boy carried a fire starter for school. as well, and the sheep nearby belonged to the boy and his ma, it getting squirrely when the FK asks which of the sheep were his, the boy cleverly stating it’d be the one’s with unnatural colored tails, the FK leading the subjects to areas where what the boy needed would get broken and the boy responding smartly of the FK getting the repercussions, the last statement the boy makes in reply regarding the well, making the FK disappear, and he making his way to the schoolhouse.

Eerie little poem comic. I decided to forgo the 2 other stories, since they only partially required more issues to continue the story, and I in it solely for the Gaiman.


Neil Gaiman’s Lady Justice

Free Comic Book Day - LADY JUSTICE

A shipment of something is being remedied with guns, meanwhile someone else is close to death, he apparently a bro to 1 of the rescuers, a sis being referenced, whom’d hopefully keep her shit together. The ambulance driver makes sure the hospital gets the rare blood type needed ready for this guy’s survival, AB negative. As they reach hospital, men with weapons and face masks are after the blood store, 1 guy shooting a nurse to show he’s serious, and as the cops learn of the murder heist, they see the men packing the blood into a van. Then a doc visits a lady at home whom is bedridden and sleeping, her parents and herself in a horrible accident which had her lose the use of her legs, along with her parents lives. As they talk outside the room, the girl’s cat is keeping closer company these days. Then, an unknown voice speaks of whether she wanted to avenge her fam. like the Crow, she waking and scaring kitty. Janie is then seen in her wheelchair at her bros viewing, she not going to their coffins, til the 4rd day. This is where she discovers a length of cloth held in her 2nd bros hand, she then shown in her room with the cloth and the voice asking if she’s accepted her role, putting it over her eyes blind-fold-style, then being able to walk, and upon listening to the voice tell her to approach her mirror, Lady Justice informs they were 1. Now they could get justice for her bro, Lady Justice able to help remind Janie who was responsible and tracking 1 down and beating him up to show she meant bidness, getting the info she needed, getting to her bro’s gunman and he being an arrogant prick, not ready to own up to his punishment, and attempting to bind her to fulfill his bondage fantasy, she throwing his ass across the room with her legs. She then schools him good by kicking and punching a hole in his tum, this being enough for the fool to call Uncle and wanting to go to jail, but his justice not including ‘Merica’s system. She punches a few holes into him, perhaps tap-dancing, what with her ballet background, justice now served.

And the story continues, but for me, shall most likely end here. Good and violent, but this was a freebie comic and my interest was more with Gaiman, even though he didn’t write this and it was only based off a concept. Regardless of she being a bad ass super heroine, she’s well worth the intro issue in the way of violence being met and handed properly, I on the other hand, prefer to mosey along that dusty trail.

Aunts Aren’t Gentlemen

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Bertie currently in bath, worries over some spots on his chest, once asking Jeeves at the table, and being told not to scratch them, if itchy. Bertie asks a buddy of his, Tipton, whom’d recently married Veronica Wedge of Blandings castle, and got the name of a reputable MD of spots, dressed after this, whilst Jeeves locked in an appt, and upon further go-between Bertie learning he should leave earlier for the cause of a protest, Bertie soon having to stop to view the marchers. This group, whilst not showing directly why they protested, weren’t peaceful, throwing glass bottles at the cops, Bertie hoping his car didn’t suffer its paint job. He then recognizes a wanted ex-fiancee, Vanessa Cook, in the front lines of the protesters, glad his guardian angel’d kept him from signing the contract with a radical sort. He also recognizes OJ = Orlo Porter from college, OJ a leftist speech-giver back then, whilst Bertie’d continued “to exist beautifully”. OJ currently worked for insurance which Bertie’d also been duped into taking out a too heavily fee’d policy, like his other cust’s.

Bertie all of a sudden becomes a driver, a man hopping in, OJ being the source, and Bertie realizing he’d done something which had the cops notice him. Bertie quickly provides him with hat and scarf disguise, he ornery by Bertie’s nonflight, despite the cops not recognizing him and leaving. OJ confesses he’d punched an officer, the story developing as it’s revealed, he’d been defending his love whom’d been told to stop shouting the thing’s she was, called the cop an unkind name and decks him, arresting her, and OJ clocks him, too. When Bertie alludes to knowing his love, Vanessa, Bertie realizes the less of the impression OJ got of anything between he and she, the better, so he refrains from stating having been engaged with her. OJ then confides how Vanessa’s pop was the “trustee” of his inheritance and the man wouldn’t budge on freeing the reigns due to political differences. Before dropping OJ off, he gets sold on signing up for life ins., then goes to his appt.

When Bertie is seen by the doc, he recognizes the patient coming out, and vice versa, but fella doesn’t know from where, due to malaria, so Bertie was the only 1 whom knew he was expecting annoyance, this being better. When he gets the doc’s verdict of requiring a quiet life to get healthy, though doc approves of Bertie going to his Aunt Dahlia’s for better air quality, etc. Upon calling the dear r., he learns she’s off to visit buddies of hers, the Briscoes, Bertie declining to stay with only Tom knocking about, too much silver talk involved. Dahlia sets Bertie up with a country cottage, this being considered “roughing it” for him, what with being there without Anatole’s cooking option. After ringing off, Bertie doesn’t relish updating Jeeves, whom’d been excited about their NY trip. In the reveal though, Jeeves chares of an aunt of his living in the area, as well, Bertie then mentioning his odd run in with Major Plank and glad he wouldn’t be seeing him again. Bertie then considers what title this “horror” story would best be served.

A couple days later found Bertie driving up, minus Jeeves for he having gone to prepare earlier. Once arriving, he spots a ghost resembling Major Plank coming out the bar. Jeeves confirms the actual man was there, though, and guest of Mr. Cook of Eggesford Court. Due to his shock, Bertie exchanges his dry ginger ale for dry martini, but then, per doc’s orders, to bed early. Bertie was feeling baby fresh next morning, and after eating heartily, gets a call from Dahlia during his ciggy. She invites him to lunch with the Briscoes. Jeeves supplies how his Aunt’d gone to holiday in Liverpool, Bertie then walks the little over a mi. to Eggesford. He double checks Jeeves’ directions with a local retiree, listening to this fella over his hired man, and soon comes upon a cat on the premises.

Bertie makes quick buds with it, which he’s interrupted with human non-friendly greeting, Bertie flashing back to his Unc whom’d chased him with hunting crop after seeing he’d smoked his cigar, this short fella sporting one, too. As they exchange confusing communicative words, the man not wishing to be referred by his title of Colonel, accuses Bertie readily of kidnapping his cat, and couldn’t inform him of the state of his Aunt. Finally, when Bertie sees Plank again, he knows Jeeves’d been right, Plank being a guest at angry Cook’s place and most likely not being appreciated for inviting Bertie over, upon hearing he was going to Briscoes, thinks he’d been hired by him to steal his cat, Plank not getting it. After declaring he was going to report him to the police, Plank advises he leave, despite thinking the man mostly talk, but could also likely return with a firearm, so Bertie biffs.

Bertie takes a break from walking, despite doc’s orders, he still ruminating on Cook’s accusatory stance. Upon getting back and Jeeves supporting Bertie not ever having acted like a cat thief makes him feel better, and after apprising him of Cook’s hostility, Jeeves is able to allude deets as to why Cook hated Briscoe so. First, Briscoe’s authority on passing a fine on Cook for moving his own swine illegally, as well as the 2 racing their horses against each other at a small meet. Bertie clarifies wishing to understand his issue on the feline, Jeeves stating it was due to Cook’s horse fancying it, this news to Bertie as being a possibility, but he now empathising with his view, though still not looking to make friends. After this short detour, he heads on by car to Eggesford Hall. Bertie was pleased by the Briscoes company, but couldn’t help being distracted by crazy Cook. This results in Bertie staying conspicuously quiet with a healthy appetite, Dahlia giving him hell when getting him by himself. She attacks his silence for feasting and the amount of drink he put back being reason enough to be spot-covered. (I wonder if, “…or is to to-do?”, was supposed to be an ‘it’, editor…) Bertie shares his exp. with Cook, Dahlia taking a worrying interest in the horse’s reaction upon disappearance of cat, the 2 interrupted by pa Briscoe and daughter, Bertie biffing off soon after.

Afternoon’d brought the heat up, Bertie annoying Dahlia with his persistent yawning, and as he’s driving back, feels it safer for the community if he stopped for a nap, locating a shady spot, and is woken by OJ blatantly stating how loudly his snoring was endangering his ability to bird-watch, Bertie recognizing him before vice versa, but OJ not pleased to see him for thinking he was stalking Vanessa, Bertie placating with his true reason for being there. He is surprised by OJ knowing he’d been at Eggesford Hall, OJ confessing he’d been a-spying for looks at his love, Vanessa. Upon Bertie broaching the bird-watching topic, OJ vows he’d get tortured if caught speaking to Vanessa, Bertie realizing any bird should’ve booked it upon hearing OJ speak.

After this little run-in, Bertie physically looked like he was playing out the heading-for-nowhere-good scenario, noting even Spode was less dangerous for keeping to society norms, at least. He gets Jeeves agreement on not being around Vanessa being the best policy. She then phone’s to announce she’d be over in a minute before Jeeves’d been able to make excuse, he shimmering away unnoticed when she arrives, a hard, annoyed look pointed at him, and she declaring her anger with him. She also accuses him of stalking her, she derisive of his denial, but also liking how she now knew he was moldable, Bertie ofc, not this, but she believing her instincts, like everyone Bertie was pointed by. Vanessa is properly let down into viewing Bertie an inactive worm, fortunately for his singledom, and non-quickness in letting out with his written authorial accomplishments.

The cause for Vanessa’s visit regarded her want of OJ to send his letters via and ala Bertie, since her pop was an early bird and didn’t hesitate on breaking postal law. Bertie attempts to stave off this dangerous plan for him by revealing of OJ’s location being neighborly, Vanessa then deciding he must be staying at the best inn and ordered Bertie to appraise him and meet her back at his the next day late noon, Bertie not at all pleased, but obliging for the Wooster spirit. Bertie detects OJ at the bar and senses his foul mood, hoping and deciding it was love-based and not murder quiet. His news for OJ didn’t brighten him, what with he noticing how odd it was she’d visited his quaint cottage, OJ not convinced despite Bertie’s eloquent reasoning, the idiot sullenly stubborn. After reassuring her stay and message were short, he delivers the deets to Vanessa and she biffs it, Jeeves glad to know things were working themselves out.

At 2:55 pm, Bertie was almost ready to away, Vanessa coming in looking distastefully at him, having thought he’d already biffed, Bertie replying cooly of heading off presently, Vanessa plain about her relief at this. Nothing outside being currently of interest, but thinking of how joyful doc’d be about his walking places, going to a post/library/thisnthat shop, seeing 2 good options to occupy his brain, Angelica Briscoe popping in, acting oddly, and whispering evilly if Bertie knew if whomever’d gotten w/e, yet, he so confused, believed the most realistic possibility she’d ask this was her being a member of a secret society. He responds with a grunt in puzzlement being the closest at first step to speech, she realizing he didn’t know and warning of papa approaching, Bertie exiting whilst the 2 small-talked, and upon noting Vanessa and OJ’d gone from his cottage, calls Jeeves to inquire his opinion of Angelica’s odd q.

Jeeves considers and relates of she having expected a fella to come by with some item, and time would tell what it was. Bertie moves along to topic of Vanessa and Oj asking to hear all upon learning they’d been in throws of throwing down, Vanessa expecting OJ to ask her pop for a chat, and advising him how to act when convincing him to give him access to his inheritance, so they could hitch up. When OJ insults her idea with he being mentally ill to attempt such a thing, she brings up the cat idea, and to have OJ swipe her, he straight up refusing, so she being hella annoyed to the point of ending it, and not to contact her in any way, ever. Bertie was saddened for their split, but hoped it taught Vanessa she was no piece of royalty. He then decides he’d do no good in allowing Jeeves to continue his Spinoza and keeping him abreast if he figures out Angelica’s cryptic q, trying to sound bright, but worrying, he enjoying Agatha Christie, but migraines occurring if experiencing a mystery IRL. What next happens to Bertie is Vanessa returns and accepts being Bertie’s hubby.

The response to this is bulging-eyed silence, Bertie actually having been optimistic he was in the free and clear zone of getting hitched to Vanessa. She’d visibly lightened a bit, still a little danger being sniffed in the air by Mr. Vanessa Cook, she wondering how he’d slide by her pop, he an anti-Bertie fan, but she willing to elope to avoid his objection if needs must. She ignores the idea of having been coupled with OJ and decides to change Bertie’s name, as well as starting her restructuring of his habits, like eradicating his ciggys. Fortunately, Angelica interrupts her finalizing Bertie’s course load of a reading list, to ask her same inquiry of if whoever having brought, etc., she backing out when see Vanessa and she also departing after, and Dahlia knocking her foot as she enters to ask the same q as Angelica.

Finally, Dahlia sheds light upon “it” being, Cook’s cat, her hired man expected to deliver her to Bertie’s, he getting the full story at quick rate per Dahlia speed. Which, upon condensing, proved Dahlia’d bet too much to cover if she’d lost to Cook’s horse and didn’t want to go to Tom on the off-chance she lost, Angelica coming in with her on the plan for also having a bet above her means. So, she was able to provide their cat-napper through a maid’s unc. Bertie horrified by how far down Dahlia was willing to plummet morally. Every jab of guilt Bertie attempted being swatted away by Dahlia deftly, she soon leaving to help a buddy. Jeeves enters with cat, Bertie stating how likely Dahlia’s name’d get tarnished if her activities t’were uncovered, Jeeves agreeing, but staying firm about not returning the creature home, Bertie being left to ponder whilst Jeeves got him drink, Plank interrupting loudly with happiness.

How terrifying this was to Bertie is made plain with his reference to Macbeth at the fear of seeing blood on a gate was to Macbeth, Bertie feeling the same at beholding Plank, whom is joyful at a piece of memory coming clear, this opposite to serene feelings for him. Plank goes on to tell of Stinker Pinker being not only a good preacher, but also at playing rugby, he playing for Plank’s team in an African village, then hearing kitty, Bertie covering with Jeeves practicing this life-like copy of cat. This turns to the sbj. of doc and his rugby abilities, Plank knowing him in youth, hearing kitty call again, and noting how real it sounded, revealing how Cook’d discovered his cat missing and would rampage to recover her, then biffing off, after still determined to learn why he thought Bertie’s name began with Al.

Bertie calls Jeeves back, whom is quite guilt-filled for being unable to calm the cat’s mowling, Bertie worried about Plank relaying Jeeves talent to Cook and expecting cops to surround the place, Jeeves moved by this reality, but refuses to take kitty back when Bertie asks, relating how Sam Weller would’ve done for Pickwick. Jeeves providing a reminder of they being able to recall the cat thief, he making nothing of informing Bertie’s wish to chat with him. Bertie’s imagined wardrobe of the man, not nearly how he truly adorned himself, the man in well fit tweed to Bertie’s borrowed scarecrow clothes motif. Upon getting to the nub, the man at first declines, until Bertie makes known he wouldn’t argue his asking price, since Bertie was ready with bricks o cash for betting purposes, so the man’s initial ask is 20, but goes up 10, Bertie then haggling, but it goes up to 35, not his most successful haggle, to be sure.

Bertie relates his failure to lower the asked for amount by the cat-napper to a deaf snake, which’d been learnt from his Scripture Knowledge success at school. He’d also been realizing his choice of library book should’ve been the obv. mystery novel instead of the Czar, when he gets a call from Dahlia, which was dreaded, he hoping  to have a bit more time for breathing room before having to share with her, what with his recent fiancee’ and crap borrowed book choice, but it doesn’t take long for her to ask for updates on kitty, so Bertie divulges his treachery, and before being able to clarify his reasons, she lets him have the guilt trip of how she’d helped him in his infancy from his own stupidity by trying to eat his rubber bankie, and entertained him at measle-filled bedside.

Listing as well the helpful care packages during school, quite let down by his refusal, but when she’d finally been hampered by humanity’s need for oxygen, Bertie shares of Plank’s part, and what it’d mean if it got back to Cook. Dahlia considers his posish and whilst agrees he’d done fair enough, it also doesn’t help her. Bertie then confides his year ago proposal being switched from off to on with Vanessa. Dahlia held strong to the faith Bertie’d held to of his guardian a., she not trusting his proposals until he had the paper trail, sounding off, and leaving Bertie to deliberate. Jeeves helps with pre-dinner drinky and Bertie catches him up.

Jeeves and he don’t go too far into the deets, what with both aware of decorum, moving the chat to other topics, but Bertie then requesting Jeeves’ brain, this nuptial-needer not what Bertie favored, confiding OJ’s threats against him, and convincing Jeeves how seriously he should be taken. ready to ask after Bonzo’s confiscated cosh, the phone goes and Bertie has Jeeves say he was speed-walking per doc’s orders, thinking it was Dahlia, but Jeeves returning to correct it’d been OJ to threaten him more. As Bertie is losing hope, Jeeves finishes with having redirected OJ’s anger, Bertie shocked by the swiftness of Jeeves’ work. Bertie at first thinks he had the cosh on him, but he’d left it in London, reminding him of OJ’s forced upon policy Bertie’d signed.

Jeeves then proceeds, with Bertie’s okay, to note OJ and Vanessa needing to be reconciled, Jeeves thinking if OJ learns of Bertie’s new fiancee, he’d get the steam to confront her pop about his inheritance, and he’d have better luck trying him after a good meal, Bertie so impressed, Jeeves’ request to see his returned Aunt being stamped with approval. After Jeeves gives her addy and name, he’s off and back to announce Graham the cat-napper, he having succeeded and not with his task, the cat having followed him back, so he’d only charge him half if he wanted him to return him (or her) again. Bertie knew what he was doing, but saw no other way, paying, and upon his going and he readying to speak to OJ, Vanessa comes by.

She’d arrived with a baby elephant-sized yellow dog, after it having snaffled his leg, leaving for a mo. for something in the street. Vanessa was caught up in bad mouthing Bertie’s library book choice, dropping off a revolting looking vol. of a poetry book. His plans to regift it to Agatha foiled, seeing the inscription to Vanessa, and her attitude seeming he’d be quizzed and made to suffer if failing. She says she should go, then stays a half hour scrutinizing Bertie, saving it up since last time, (“meeitng”…really, editor?) she also finding the Drones distasteful, so expected membership to be canceled upon honeymoon, she actually planning on leaving when she sees pop coming up, knowing he wouldn’t take kindly finding his little girl there, he having taken along his hunting crop. upon his reaching Bertie, stating how Plank’d recovered his memory and told him much about Bertie, he thinking how much more dignity Plank’d have if he’d died from 1 of the many snake types in Africa and always being remembered fondly, instead of making men like Bertie’s lives miserable.

Cook states how Plank had recalled Bertie was called Alpine Joe and was “at large” or free and on mission by hire to Briscoe, and Bertie wanting to explain, but knew Cook wouldn’t have the patience for the length of time needed. Unfortunately, Cook next spied Vanessa’s poetry book, which has Bertie, laughingly jumping about like a mtn goat to avoid Cook’s ole man blows, the reason Bertie preferred this style of non-defense rather than physical blows. Bertie finds his give when Cook knocks into a g/pa clock, Berite pulling a Gussie, by grabbing the oil painting off the wall, and having Cook wear it like a collar, and tablecloth-wrapped, Bertie leaving to meet OJ. Bertie knew by going to OJ was playing with fire, the state of OJ currently being knee-deep in gin and ginger ale, but once Bertie shares of giving her up to him if he could, OJ knew this didn’t matter. This gives him lead-in to mention of catching Cook at the right hour, this lightening OJ’s mood toward Bertie drastically, giving him 1 of his drinks, OJ also noting one wouldn’t expect a simpleton looking sort like Bertie to understand psychology.

Once getting back to his cottage, Dahlia calling and flustered about the cat, since she now needed the cat returned or the horse would get pulled, and after ringing off knowing he’d done good, he is then met by the cat-napper, whom tells of not going through with his mission for having found the pissed off Cook on Bertie’s floor, keeping his tenner and leaving. Bertie then gets a return call from Dahlia, whom’d also been informed of Graham’s treachery, by the man directly. Bertie declares his refusal to take up the task of returning kitty when she suggests it, he not ready to face Cook once more. He must agree though, for Anatole’s cooking being threatened by Bertie not getting some, Dahlia praising his heroism.

Bertie did not go quietly into this plan, not at all stoic on his walk, more than a bit nervous, but handling it well in his opinion. He drives a bit and upon going the rest of the way on foot, drops the cat once, slipping in bad mud puddle, a dog walking with him and he recognizing from before. The dog’s excitement bring unwanted attention, chiding the dog, and a fella he instantly doesn’t like approaches, putting a shotgun in his tum, calling over his partner, whom’d stopped having his dinner when hearing Bertie’d been stealing horses. Next, it’s decided Pop Cook’d be consulted, but he ending up in the stable for Cook already entertaining someone, and he stinking pretty hard. Bertie not recommending spending time in 1, he thinks up a useless plan involving training the possible rats he heard to gnaw the door unlocked. He surprises the hell out of himself upon discovering the door unlocked. He now only considers making full avoidance of the 2 hick-a-doo’s and going home, so he takes a slightly different route, ending up in a pool.

Bertie’s amazed by Cook even owning a pool, and peeved he was in clothes, harkening it to being given no choice like that 1 time at the Drone’s with Tuppy, and he’d tricked Bertie into having to drop into the pool on a bet. Then, Bertie was able to realize the bright side of it feeling nice, and he didn’t stank so hard, anymore. He hears his bud, the dog barking as he floats, and then the thought of his captors having figured out his being loose crosses his mind, followed by OJ invading the pool, literally with his bod. Bertie saves him from downing, as they chitchat about it happening, and after getting to the shallow end, they turn to why OJ was there, it being to test the after din din idea, it failing. OJ then tells him of how in 3 years he’d be given direct access to his inheritance, but he tired of waiting, and yearning for the good life. Bertie decides to go off-topic to why OJ’d ran into the pool, it being caused by Bertie’s dog bud, he informing him the little fella was over zealously friendly, but wouldn’t attack, OJ deciding to walk home with this newfound info. Bertie soon follows, getting his car, and being met by the cat at his cottage.

Bertie was not blessed with easy sleep, esp. knowing it still landed on him to handle it for Dahlia and his own sake, she being so as not to upset Tom, and he being so he could still partake of Anatole’s heavenly dishes. Bertie goes to the inn for breakies early, since he’d been up since 4 a.m., and discovers OJ getting his breakies on, confessing he and Vanessa were eloping, Bertie biffing it back to his cottage in preference to seeing Vanessa when she toots the horn to note her arrival. He gets back into Order of the Czar, when OJ comes by with letter for Bertie to give to Cook informing him what Vanessa and he were up to he finally leaving, and Bertie trying again to read his book, being interrupted by Cook and Plank, next.

The 2 were insulting Bertie and asking where Vanessa was, he being suavely indignant. He also has quite a bit of trouble convincing the 2 of the hubby not being himself, but OJ, he finally handing over OJ’s letter after they’d all become annoyed. Cook is rightfully apologetic whilst Plank maintained bad mouthing him, Bertie forgiving Cook, and hoping he’d learnt his lesson on jumping to c’s, the cat then showing herself. Well, this leads to the 2 binding Bertie whilst they took care of bidness elsewhere, he now understanding the characters in his mystery novels better, when they get tied up to bombs and whatnot. Jeeves walks in at the perfect mo. to help, though, Bertie’s nasty mouth plug, a tobacco bag of Plank’s being removed, and then his full release of his bonds to the couch, an offerring of coffee being agreed upon, and Bertie filling him in on the news, then Plank returning for having not located the single roaming cop. Plank, once seeing Jeeves, believes him to be a cop, despite Jeeves stating otherwise, Bertie jumping on the bandwagon and suggesting Plank contact their shared doc for help. Plank is moved into biffing off and Bertie is grateful for Jeeves’ support, Bertie even giddier upon learning Jeeves’ Aunt’d lost her kitty, the 2 now at Cook’s. Bertie then confirms how much by the whiskers they had Cook, he also thinking of OJ and getting Cook to agree to give it up, since he needed da poothy cat. Bertie also gets agreement with Jeeves of needing more resting up, this time in NY, but first to handle Cook.

Nearly a week later, in NY, Bertie is mid-breakies, when he sees a foreign letter he was saving to open til after food. He discovers his Unc Tom’d written on behalf of Dahlia, since she’d hurt her wrist after the win of Briscoe’s horse, an article detailing Cook’s horse’d been disqualified due to they learning Cook’d brought the cat which’d gotten onto the track and affecting Briscoe’s horse negatively, Bertie noting how they’d only gotten tranquility due to Dahlia’s distance, the love still vibrant, but her moral code much too flighty, and Aunts as a group, aren’t gentlemen.

Lurv’d it! Crispy dialogue-banter on-point and whilst I’ve got a few novels via omnibus left, this being one of the last of the novels is perfect along with the others. And on I go!

One Life – Furnished in Early Moorcock


An albino prince announces his sword is called Stormbringer, and slurps souls up, a boy writing. A princess then offers her life, so the boy could gain strength, but he claims to not want it like this. So, the princess shows her tits and points where her heart would be, so he could give it to her, this being as far as the growing boy’d gotten. He hadn’t bothered continuing, since after he’d been put ahead a grade, it wasn’t worth writing 1 story past 12 months. He’s now 12 and tantalized still by the topic of his story, and its title. At 9, he’d read the source of his story, Stormbringer, he discovering 2 more related novels, then discovering the semi-related books, but they not quite as good as the original Elric’s. Richard, the boy mused on finishing his story and publishing it in a magazine, but not wanting to upset the author Moorcock. As Richard muses on his sketch in class, a boy comes in to inform him of his schedule changing, having him playing football, now. Richard tied with another boy on being the most unorganized, feeling like he lived on a different plain as everyone. He hates school sport participation, never making an effort to win or score. Showers and baths were also an annoyance, the coach yelling with coordination of boys going into showers then baths. When coach wasn’t eyeballing them, an older boy played with his cock openly, Richard ignoring this. besides this, he’d learned his family’s butler’s sigy for useful mo’s, he hating the man, and after showering, gets back to his novel reading.

Richard is then bothered by an adult-sized boy hassling him about his school tie, and nearly choking him. As he’s losing oxygen, he sees a strange man down the walkway, the stone coming up to meet him. Richard then discovers himself next to a Sandman-looking fella, he seeing him as Elric, asking if he’d been serious about wanting to accompany heroes, but Richard not making the cut, seeing Elric’s eyes looking like a previous bunny pet’s, he asking Elric as he left what he could do, then entering a temple and sampling lives, getting further away from his own. He travels for thousands of years and lives gratifying lives. Then, he feels like he’s been tugged from life, and as he resurfaces, becomes annoyed with having thought this’d been long, since done with, the boy whom’d tightened his tie, looking scared for almost killing him, and apologizing repeatedly, then taking him to the nurse with a false story making him look the hero.

After seeing the nurse, whom gave him an aspirin, then to the principal, where he was made to let it go, Richard ends up apologizing for wasting the man’s time, apparently. Richard then describes the school priest doubling as the biology teacher, the mad having taken his class of 15 yr olds and 12 yr old Richard to his home where he cut apart a bunny and pumped its bladder til it exploded. He also took bar mitzvah lessons with his cousins whom’d boast of eating burgers to each other, Richard not bothering with the chicken stew at school anymore what with finding a rabbit’s foot in his bowl, sticking with bread n buttah. 1 time, he calls the operator to see if Moorcock’s # was available, it wasn’t. He keeps track of all the books he’d read of his, the few he couldn’t locate, ordered from the back of the book, courtesy of papa, also discovering Moorcock’s death.

Details of Elric’s companion is given, he being the light-hearted soul to Elric’s wearied 1, this also being when Richard’s sexuality was awakening and he’d dreamed he’d gotten with a girl and orgasms came from the heart (how sweet). When he read 1 of his barbaric novels in school church, he felt oddly righteous, his weekdays catering to the Christian God and his nights filled with his myth-based variety of everything else. Narnia’d gotten kicked out recently, when he’d uncovered its allegory and didn’t like feeling the author was being slick. Moorcock felt real, he not trying to pull a fast 1, in Richard’s view, he addicted, but never having paid the extra quarter for his book, not purchasing anymore books through post. For some reason, Richard’d also been brought into plenty of kids’ confidences, knowing forgotten secrets, like the spot boys and girls flashed their nethers at each other.

Mac, his buddy mentions how good and evil angels living on your shoulders truly worked, he then asking if Richard had ever handled an adults cock, he fresh off of hearing this nonsense from the biology preacher, Richard vehemently spouting to the negative, esp. since he hadn’t gotten to doing it to himself, yet. Sometimes boys at school did it communally, Mac then offerring a chance to join the exclusive religious chat group they had going for bio teacher’s o’s. Richard declines for joo-ness, this not mattering ofc, but he then mentioning his newfound Moorcock and offering it once he finished. Richard was soon imagining confining Moorchock to tell him his writing secrets, thinking it had to do with the forgotten temple and annoyance at returning, he believing there had to be an actual place where the ideas sprung. Half a year later, his bud Mac is reading with him whilst they wait for him to get picked up, he asking Mac if he knew his career path, Mac going with being a writer like Moorcock or T.H. White, and whilst Richard’d have said the same if Mac hadn’t beaten him to it, he went with a wolf, during the important times at night. The 2 continue to wait as life begins to truly start with adulthood.

A preview of Stormbringer with Elric and his love Zarozinia, and as crazy war is threatening, he discovers the horn from an older era, and would hopefully have him gain possession of Stormbringer.

Another win from Gaiman, I do wish I had more to read of this story, but it was entertaining with its briefness, regardless.

The Suicide Forest

Aokigahara Forest (Location) - Comic Vine

The artist, GHW’d signed and sketched an adorbs skull amongst a dark tree background in ’16 for someone on the copy I acquired.

The tale begins with a forestry worker seeing the signs to dissuade people from killing themselves in the forest, to think of their parents and seek help. He and female worker discuss how many bodies were discovered in the year, nearly a hundred, and how it’d first been used because the elderly and young couldn’t survive the diseases going around and get left like no-longer-cute puppies. The girl jokes about how Taro doesn’t need to be afraid of the girl from the Ring getting him, focusing on the signs they needed to display around the forest.

Meanwhile, a girl opens her heart to lurv for the guy she was eating with in a cafe, discussing the history of the city they were in never closing shop, the guy, Alan takes it well and the 2 are content with their date. Unfortunately, Masami’s pleading to not get dumped by him after a year together, she adamant she could make him happy this time. Alan makes clear how often they’d attempted to get this to work, and failed, so when she scratches her face from despair, he’s more resolved to get her to figure her own shit out (agreed), her last threat as he walks down the street, to wack him with a bottle, and he biffing off with a head wound.

In the forest, their service pup leads them to another body. The female worker shows her dark humor by commending this fool for at least going off the main trail, but this only due to how often people ruined the forest in general by dying there, anyways. They return to the station with it and would be ready to hand it off for the morgue pick up next morning. Even though Taro was supposed to do it, the girl spends the night next to the corpse per superstitious tradition, it looking zombified next to its dead body.

Fun, will read more if it’s readily cheaply available!

Saint for Rent – To Lay Down One’s Life for Cat’s Nine

Look how pretty this is? Just look at it! The story is a fair draw-in, as well, since it’s like taking the clunkiness of Potter-style travel, and spins it with Time! Plus, who can deny flash animation, I ask you? NOT I…at least not this time, this webcomic’s fun from the start.

First Saint is introed as being the proprietor of a Time Travel Inn, which people and others visit by going through the closet. Saint isn’t one by nature, but feels he wouldn’t turn down a saintship due to the sorts of requests he was asked to fulfilled by some of his customers to stop in. When 1 of them asks him to use a wand to kill a monster, it and she disappear upon he acquiescing, but is then greeted by a popping-into-his-timezone cat. Once he gets insight from different time inn-owners as to what the cat was (a real cat) and why it’d come, Saint believing it could’ve been the Asian girl whom’d asked for his help, 1 of the future inn-owners confirming its catdom. When the cat jumps off and starts becoming like a billy goat, making it difficult to reclaim her again, presuming the kitty is a girly, 1 of the other people watching him lose the cat as she sits off in a far up spot, decides he had better things to do then chase her down. Armand commenting on plumbing work needing to get done, Saint glad he was offering to help *Wink wink* . They then attempt speaking Spanish at it, since it was rumored cats were suckers for one of the Lurv languages.

Meanwhile, as he’s checking the first room for the disappeared monster, kitty comes back and brings with her another traveler wanting Saint to kill a monster, he now equipped with sword. Saint goes out and sees Armand wrassling with a monster, perhaps not the monster, he claiming he’d been trying to help Saint get his little miss kitty back. Armand scares Saint as he’s pushed by this monster over the edge of the 2nd floor, but he stating he still was handling the situation, even though he’s being watched by guests down below who look terrified at his descent, 2 men finding a sack to break his fall with. 1 of the guys mentions how this was how you used time travel to save your own ass; not actually understanding how this occurred. They then advise Saint to kill it by stabbing the head, he uncertain with its odd acting movements, which involves he getting wrapped by its flexible limb, the others debating how best to help him. Kitty distracts it for a mo., then confusingly, the cat turns into a girl, whom is caught by one of the guys on the first floor, Saint coming soon after. He then considering the best option for the monster is to probably bury it with flowers, he having lived through this 3 times before another fella thinking of stuffing it in the closet. Then it’s clearer of Armand’s future self having helped to catch those who’d fallen and 1 of em was returning to their time.

Saint was more concerned with his inn no longer being more damaged than it already was, but then soon deflated with not only future Armand leaving, but many of the other guests, this-time Armand deciding it was shower power and expected Saint to handle lunch by the time he was out, Saint a bit let down by all his guests leaving so abruptly, but Armand making the good point of they probably not interested in residing with a monster, Saint hoping this didn’t garner bad reviews. Then kitty fetches Saint’s pops manacle, which hadn’t been a part of his inheritance, wondering where puddy had found it. The saved girl then declares the monster had been carrying it, insulting Saint’s intelligence, which he suavely knocks back with his skills in the kitchen, brunch being a good showoff mo.

This is the 1st 40 pages which is listed on Goodreads, but I’ll be including the Travel Log, since the next book starts after this chapter, or tagalong ch., anyways.The Travel Log takes place in the future.

Armand is the only one and, and is interrupted by a time cop/Reaper when he declares the host is out, but Reaper is apparently troubled by present-Armand, whom tries to get out of taking responsibility for Reaper stating his time-traveling license had expired, he then confiding how Armand would have a stroke in under a minute. Armand realizes future fella is the Reaper, he preferring the title of time police, Armand also asking respectfully to not get taken out just yet. Then Armand reveals he has important info which’d help him claim an important immortal, upon investigating this claim, Reaper wanting more deets. When Armand falls and hits his head, learning Reaper had stopped time within half a second of his fatality, he decides to go along with him and help, Reaper stating how if he introed himself properly, Armand wouldn’t be able to say his name, anyways, so gives the name Casimir Demort, the last fellow time-traveler’s name for him. Armand then suggests they go to The Helen Inn, Armand’s first hotel, which’d allow them to get to where they could find this immortal, Armand reminded how he’d been 17 when he’d started at Helen’s.

This is the last part before the 2nd book! Dang, I like it, the art and coloring, much more flash ani. than I thought there’d be, which makes it a little confusing for me, but I guess it’s a part of the draw, since the story apparently gets easier to follow with the 2nd reading. I’m digging it, though and I’ll definitely follow from here on!




Jeeves and the Tie That Binds

Image result for jeeves and the tie that binds book cover

Bertie gets to his chair prepared to consume hearty eggs and bacon, quite pumped with the thought of no longer seeing the residents of Totleigh Towers, Madeline Bassett, pop, as well as Spode, now Sidcup. Bertie mentions his chipperness to Jeeves, expecting something to rain upon his parade. It’s then supplied how in the telling of this, references to past bits’d be given for context (For those who see repetition and complain, “old hat”, calmeth thee), an example of the q’s from noobs following as though 1 were having to explain characters from a soap opera viewing. Thus, it’s learnt Madeline’d been dumped when Gussie’d gone off with the cook, leaving Bertie a target, til Spode’d taken the hit upon declaring his age long love to her, which catches all readers up to date, Bertie then relaying hearing Jeeves’ typewriter earlier and learning he’d been writing Bertie’s latest adventures to Totleigh Towers. Bertie reiterates the reason for this to allow all serving staff first hand accounts of what sorts of people they were getting hired by. Bertie still worries about these stories getting out and his Aunt Agatha discovering them, Jeeves relating, but the book being near the aging of 80 years, it now a number of vols, and Bertie surprised with his being 18 pages worth, now. As Jeeves defends his club, Bertie recalls a fella, whom’d almost ended him after hiring him temp’y with a falling out with Jeeves, this dude still a member, but only a “country” variety, rarely appearing at the club, the 2 interrupted with a call from Dahlia.

As the 2 chat, Dahlia wants his pres. at her home ASAP, Bertie accepting this was with Anatole at her disposal. It also soon coming out a “Ginger” Harold Winship being there, as well, Bertie knowing him from college. He is excited and learns Dahlia’d offered to allow he use her home as HQ for an election he was a candidate for the Conservative party. Dahlia mentions signing him up to help Ging “canvass”. Bertie is alright with this when learning it only req’d door-to-door chat, she then relating Ging wished to lunch with him before he went to Dahlia’s, so he and Jeeves don’t continue with their chat of Jr Ganymede, and Bertie kills time before his lunch date.

Bertie relates how his buddy-ship with Ging didn’t quite span as long as Catsmeat and Kipper, but he was next longest. They stop seeing more of each other with his move closer to Agatha, and with his new fiancee not approving of the Drones. After their initial reacquainting, Bertie sees his bud was well hwhipped and enjoying it, he also swearing off mixed drinks for her. Berite reflects on the same sort called Florence Craye, his cousin, he not preferring this type, but she moving on from him pretty quick after a short engagement with her himself. Berite saw Ging was kewl with the set up and not “chafing” at all. Due to Bertie req’ing a partner to drink with and didn’t wish to be eyeballed, he regretfully doesn’t order. Instead, he gets straight to the point as to the reason Ging was running for Parliament, it stinky with trouble. Ging rounds to the point of his fiancee behind the solid career path.

Bertie begins feeling the danger of this deeply hooked friend, but turns the topic away from the ole b & c. This wasn’t a safe theme, however, since his hubby let go the first secretary over differing opinions in some fashion and he now having to locate another. The more Bertie hears of her, he thinks how twinly this girl was to Florence, Ging then noting how he had in mind an Amer. girl Boko’d hired and raved good reviews, called Magnolia Glendenon. Finally, after a brief mention of Filmer, whom Bertie knew from way back with the swan, helping Ging, since he was already on Parliament, it led to Bertie declaring knowing Bumpleigh due to Agatha, Ging revealing Florence was his fiancee, shocking Bertie for a min. What follows is a clipped, but agreeable exchange about the sort of girl Florence was, a pause, then Ging unloading some concern about failing Florence which’d then mean she’d quit their budding relationship, Bertie informing he and Jeeves were onboard to talk him up to the townspeople for their vote, Ging relieved, and ready for food.

Once lunch’d adjourned, he’d begun feeling properly bad for his chum being in the clutches of Florence Craye. As he’s thoughtfully absorbing this, he’s about to light a ciggy, and must retrieve it out of the street, after being a klutz and dropping it, he nearly gets hit by a taxi after falling over himself to get out of the way, he getting a helpful hand before getting pancaked. As he’s mid-thanking, he perceives it’s Jeeves being his angel, his club around the corner. The 2 go back so Bertie can calm with a drink and he updates Jeeves of the Ging news, and after a quick wash and drink, Jeeves and he chatting about possible ways Ging’s “Past”, could get out among the town and affect his voters. As they cat, they’re interrupted by a forwardly intrusive man, regarding Jeeves as Reggie, and not getting warmth in return, but this not holding the man back, Bertie discovering this was the dick in the cab, then going off to bother the secretary of the club where the vols were. Jeeves after sipping his liqueur, ID’s Bingley, whom now looked much different from when Bertie’d hired him, he now having a luxurious inheritance to keep him happy. Jeeves mentions he’d now begun living in the same town as Dahlia and only hoped they didn’t make a habit of seeing him, Berite finishing his drink and stating of Ging picking them up.

Ging arrives with Magnolia along, Bertie gauging her looks but knowing she was safe to meet Florence, since she wasn’t a knockout, seeming more a sympathetic and speed typing sort. Upon arriving at Dahlia’s, no one is about, due to the better part of the afternoon upon them, and after considering the type of chat he’d be in for if locating either his Unc. Tom, or Anatole, he decided a walk about’d be a better choice. The weather seemed unstable, but Bertie heads for a set of benches, 1 being used to set a camera upon. Bertie believes Dahlia’d for some reason developed the new interest and’d bring it back to the house before rain poured, someone’s loud bellow stopping him. The man acts suspicious of him, since it was his camera, and Bertie was able to ID himself as 1 of the come and go residents at Brinkley, this somewhat changing his light hostility as he walks away, this putting Bertie’s tummy on edge, sitting on a convenient bench before hightailing it back due to downpour, he hearing the same man’s voice as he’s coming through the French windows, he speaking to Spode, whom said his surname with such disgust, Bertie gasps, but not enough to be heard, since he’d though he’d seen the last of Spode.

He hears Spode passing on his suspicions of Bertie as camera guy gives him benefit of the doubt regarding his camera. Spode helping change this by harkening back to a time when Bertie’d accidentally taken Sir Watkyn’s umbrella at a shop, Spode seeing it like he’d been enjoying thieving for years. Bertie is rankling, to say the least, he listening to them continue to the cow creamer incident, but Spode going on to the time Bertie’d again been pointed at for the missing amber statuette, this doing the trick, and camera guy decidedly not going to reveal his piece of silver he hoped to sell to Tom, to Bertie, and if he did attempt to steal it, he’d be sure the book’d get thrown at him, he then deciding they play some pool before dinner, the 2 leaving, and Bertie going in to sit and ponder with a speedy heartbeat. Jeeves has perfect timing, entering with a drink, explaining Seppings wasn’t feeling well after eating such rich Anatole food, another drink forthcoming after he repeats what he’d heard, Jeeves calming him and moving along, Dahlia then greeting him joyfully.

Bertie does the same in return, soon being able to get led into why Spode and Madeline were there, it being for Ging’s election speech, Spode having a gift. Bertie had to soon give Dahlia credit for still despising the man, and moves on to Madeline having tagged solely for Spode, and Florence was there to help, as well, making him obviously jump. Then, Dahlia confides the camera guy was a financier, Dahlia wanted to catch for Tuppy Glossop. He and Angela, Dahlia’s child, have been engaged quite awhile now, so this’d be fore their wedding. So, the Plan was to feed Runkle, the camera guy, Anatole’s cooking, so he’d give Tuppy what he should’ve when his pop was alive, regarding the rights to a genius idea Tuppy’s pop had whilst working at his company.

Bertie wasn’t completely convinced on the reliability Dahlia’s plan on Runkle giving up money easily, and Tuppy not accepting money from Tom easily, the situation “g(all) and wormwood” for Angela, waiting for Tuppy to finally settle a date and all. Bertie next realizes Madeline had joined him quietly, he not pleased, but acting respectfully, cringing on the inside, but making repetitious q & a, he taking a mo. to note poor Augustus the cat’d’ve been annoyed with Madeline dancing with him, since sleep wasn’t to be disturbed. She moves on to feeling guilty for mentioning her manicness when Bertie was so deeply into her, then confirms she’d been out in the drizzle to bid the flowers goodnight. She then confirms Bertie wasn’t into thieving anymore, getting a gnat in her eye, and Bertie readying to help as Spode walks in, so Bertie run on greets and talks of Spode’s gift for public speaking, then explains his reason for supporting Madeline’s head, she giving him props and rushing off after seeing the time, Bertie held up by Spode, and having to deny the accusation of his expression whilst holding Madeline’s face as being smug and after threatening him, leaves, Bertie meeting Jeeves in his room, but having to wait to update him, a bit down with all the downers invited to dinner, but Anatole’s wonder foods keeping him focused.

After 11 a.m., Bertie is weighed down with breakies and readying to canvass a row of river houses where he’d get a better chance to get Tuppy votes. Bertie and Jeeves chat about how Jeeves used to canvass before working for Bertie, and how he’d handle the residents being to the point. Bertie decides to give himself a lead-in with a humorous story, then asking about votes. When Jeeves lets him do his thing and moves to his door, Bertie is let in by the maid whom he’d informed about Augustus’ habit of sleeping, he feeling much better about speaking with the resident, since he’d be led back out by a pleasant face. A wind goes out of Bertie’s sail a bit when discovering he’d be speaking with a lady, the joke not suitable, now. Bertie bounces back though, even after seeing what a crone he would be attempting to handle, worse still when, after his spiel, she confesses to being Ging’s rival, Bingley next greeting him outside the door as he weakly calmed his nerves by ciggy. Bingley speaks with such confidence upon learning Ging hadn’t a chance, Bertie decides to ditch canvassing and discovers Dahlia with a crossword.

Bertie notes how Dahlia used to take this game quite seriously, but had become docile with age. Upon immediately sensing Bertie’s recent trauma, he confesses his odd encounter to Dahlia’s bursting tittering. Spode interrupts shortly looking for his notes and after being told what Bertie’d done, leaves to search further without taking part in the joke of it, leading to Bertie sharing why Spode and Ruckly were buds and Dahlia still planned to confide details on Runkle later, she also seeing if Bertie didn’t start ignoring Madeline’s gnat-filled eyes from now on, he may be subj. to a marriage. She then also throws out there how Madeline and Spode’s engagement could be getting rocky. Bertie resistant to believe this, Dahlia has seen them not eat heartily of Anatole’s dinner yesterday, she spouting out her news of moving on Runkle soon. Bertie doesn’t allow the subj to continue though, having Dahlia admit exaggerating and apologizing about the lover’s spat being more like a normal before-wedding shit fight. After this straightens his brain enough to be reminded passing on what Bingley’d said, Dahlia isn’t worried, since Ging still had Spode to speak for him. When Bertie lights a ciggy and goes outside per Dahlia’s request, he hears Seppings announce the rival candidate, Mrs. McCorkadale’d arrived.

Bertie again has a Lot’s wife mo., but unfreezes his pillar of salt impression as he hears their chat. Dahlia was, ofc, confused why she’d visit, apparently having info for Ging, relaying it to Dahlia to share instead, an unknown snot worm having come by and offered her a deal for the book he lifted, which he’d written the info on Ging after being employed temporarily by him, McCorkadale declining in preference of winning in fair play, but knew his addy, which didn’t do much, since they lacked evidence, the 2 pleasantly chatting, and Dahlia even getting one of her crossword answers from the candidate. When she finally leaves, Bertie goes in and can’t say a word due to Dahlia’s complaints of the worker of the puzzle, as well as admitting Ging hadn’t a chance against McCorkadale. Bertie also puts how even if Spode helped a bit, Ging wouldn’t escape his rap sheet, Dahlia declaring Bertie must dissuade Bingley from selling the book to a paper. Bertie thinks of Jeeves and how he’d wish to know how wrong he’d been about the book and give him a chance to rally round, Dahlia stating she’d handle this as he buttered Bingley.

Bertie saw Bing’s digs proving his Unc’d been high-end, and it seems q’able Bingley could’ve come by it through proving his goodness to his Unc. before he’d dropped 6 ft. He regards the expensive, large country home, plus yard, and the likelihood of Bingley not only knocking off his Unc, but writing his will in his hand, this seeming realistic, ofc. After this little ponder of his, whilst he’s reaching the door, he also doesn’t wish to rush into pleading to a shit human. One the plus, he is reminded of a couple of Jeeves quotes which said it’s best to get it over with and fortifying his will, before ringing the bell, to be met with 1 helluva intimidating butler, but not quite to the Silversmith standard, Jeeves’ Unc., but whilst being allowed in, the man obv didn’t approve of Bertie’s type and would’ve left him out, if he’d had the decision. Upon seeing Bingley, Bertie could hear the snotty superiority in his tone.

Once Bertie broached his point with the help of Bingley asking the perfect q, he doesn’t appreciate the term Bertie’d used to describe his borrowing the Jr. Ganymede book and would return it when he was done with his purpose, since McCorkadale fell through, he could still sell info to others. He also relished telling Bertie when and how he’d gotten the book, he saying only nice things about Ging, this being business, and why Bertie was concerned was because he was a buddy of Ging’s, Bingley requesting he relay to his butler to allow Jeeves entry and no one else. Before parting, Bingley strongly advises Bertie best against Ging and he’d make ez money. Bertie knew Dahlia would be annoyed with him for not securing the book from Bingley, he taking lunch in town rather than go quickly to the wrath, which he assumes rightly, sporting a knocked nose by a hardcover as proof, Dahlia noting she must go to threaten Bingley herself. She comes back after 20 mins or so, quite frustrated, Bertie not having informed her of the snob butler, he turning her away. Hearing about the lunch he missed put his tummy on even worse edge. They’d tasked Seppings earlier to have Jeeves come to them when he’d returned from Bingley’s, this occurring, and Jeeves recapping them of drugging Bingley and detecting and taking the book. Dahlia is revived by Jeeves’ success, off to get money off Runkle.

Bertie regards the departure of Dahlia, with trauma to Jeeves, and how a fox’s life’d be hell if hearing those phrases shouted whilst being chased by 3 species of animal all over the countryside. Bertie then confides Dahlia’s plan for Tuppy via Runkle. Jeeves doesn’t think her odds were at all in her favor, biffing off when Florence comes in by French window, Bertie wishing he’d done the same when sensing the mood she was in. She wasn’t long to wait before bashing Ging’s speech skills at their lunch earlier, and wants Bertie to locate him and have him meet her in Tom’s study, Bertie first seeing Dahlia waiting for Runkle to wake from a nap outside, she coming away to confirm she was planning on catching him directly at re-consciousness, and Bertie, after Ging, whom was at the summerhouse doing some speech work with Magnolia, Dahlia mystified with how Ging withstood Florence’s mouthy-bossiness, Bertie detailing it was part “carnal”. Dahlia goes back to sitting at Runkle’s side, til he awoke, and Bertie discovers Magnolia and Ging entwined on each other, hard.

Bertie’s yelp of surprise scares Magnolia and she’s out the door quick as the Flash. Bertie has the opposite occur, unable to move and looking like he had gotten a shock. As for Ging, he voiced his displeasure of Bertie’s impeccable timing, but calms upon hearing his reason (“there’s nothing like suavity for pouring oil on the troubled w(ater)’s”). Ging goes on to explain how he’d made a mistake with Florence and loved Magnolia. His outlook on getting Florence to end it, being to lose the race, Bertie not believing it smart to leave it up to voters. As Ging blabs on about topics Bertie is current on, like the Jr. Ganymede’s club book and how Bingley, would ofc, try to sell him the copy, which he then planned to send to a paper, Bertie begins looking pained over what Ging didn’t know, which upon updating Bingley not having the book anymore, and Jeeves did, which he wasn’t apt to send it anywhere except its true home, Ging back to angry red, and was left by Bertie to devise a plan, the former exhausted by his type of personality.

Bertie rushes off to warn Jeeves of Ging’s possible threatening disposish toward him due to his big mouth giving the redhead a target, he wanting to hopefully preserve their platonic crossings, so wanting to have Jeeves lay low for now. He discovers him in longue with Augustus the c on lap, and Spinoza being rifled. After regarding his obv being immersed, he brings important facts to the table, and after stating them, knows Ging must lose, pondering over how, since Spode’s speech had turnt the tide in his favor. Bertie before leaving, reminds him to stay away from the hot-tempered lad, planning on re-immersing into Rex Stout, but seeing Dahlia’d beaten him to it. She confesses still waiting on Runkle to wake, he getting close when Madeline’d interrupted and he’d being lulled to slumber before she’d finished. Madeline’s news was of Spode planning to give up his title in order to run, she quite upset, since the title was important, Dahlia relating, since she’d’ve been the same with her hubby.

As Bertie’d distracted with Augustus entering by French window, Dahlia biffs off, and soon Spode comes in, as Augustus gets comfy on Bertie’s lap. He overturns the comf-cat for being at the ready for whatever mood Spode may be sporting, he deciphering it was of sadness, not anger, so he greets him with genuine respect and agrees to have a chat with the man, learning Madeline’d ended it, returning his ring, and planning on marrying Bertie, which he failed to relate with. This has Bertie do another Lot’s wife, which he feels was occurring at a faster pace. As he continued to listen to Spode, he also’d misinterpreted his sadness, the crazy in the eye being more apparent with his flexing jaw. He clarifies his love for Madeline having not died and would only serve her by making sure Bertie didn’t disappoint her, leaving him with his threats and Bertie looking drained by his new-old fiancee. Dahlia returns upset with Runkle being a bastard, and her retaliation being to lift his porringer.

Bertie was also confuzzled by Auntie, she clarifying it was the item he’d wanted to have Tom buy, Bertie quite taken aback, believing Dahlia’d gone far afield on how one was to treat their guests. Since he knew Dahlia wouldn’t listen to his reasoning, he rings for Jeeves to convince her, she not believing it’d work. When Bertie relays what Dahlia’d achieved, upon asking her to desc. what the porringer looked like and not being able, Jeeves comes up with a specific detailed outline for her to confirm or deny, she uncertain still, but Jeeves stating she keeping the porringer was inconsequential for the amount she aimed t acquire. Sahlia comes to terms with this and agrees she should return it, but Bertie not trusting she’d follow through, so offers to do it, then gives Jeeves opp to do it, he declining. Bertie receives confirmation from Dahlia of Runkle most likely still passed out, so gets instructions as to where she’d detected it, and Bertie still being hung up over how he’d been denied residency of the Blue Room, goes to return it to said r.

As he walks to it he gets a bad feeling reminiscent of his schoolboy days, this being foretelling upon discovering Runkle asleep in his bed. Bertie decides to test his odds though, by still attempting to perform his good deed, trodding upon Augustus, which awakes Runkle, and leaves Bertie to explain his presence. So, he tries for a calming approach, which doesn’t succeed, and when he leads Runkle back to trying to explain why he’d come in, he comes up with Dahlia wanting to be snapshotted about the house. Bertie returns to her with news of how pleased Runkle’d been to oblige his quickly imagined reason, but when Runkle enters, and declares Bertie’d stolen his porringer, he states of having sent for the cops to search his room and would stand vigil outside it til they’d arrived. Bertie then decides instead of waiting around to see whether Jeeves was right to remain unconcerned, he has him develop a reason for him to go home tonight, and rest. Jury duty is the settled upon, and Bertie’d return before the debate’s finish.

With a heavy mind, Bertie drives to his apt and thinks about the issues needing attention, it being as fruitful as Dahlia’s crossword projects. As he’s rounding a corner slowly, Ging calls to him, complaining about his lateness he’d borrowed his car, but leaving it after realizing it was barely dusk, much having happened, and he also receiving egg in the hair, the meeting having been put in much disarray, Spode getting a black eye from a tater. Bertie wished to hear more, but Ging yearned to access his vehicle, leading to Bertie’s shock at his issue obv having been solved and wanting the story. This is pushed off to Jeeves, though, Ging having a date with Magnolia to get hitched, Bertie leaving bewildered. He goes inside and learns from Seppings where Jeeves was and currently comforting a maid whom’d been hit with a veggie to the torso, Seppings getting Jeeves after, and Bertie inquiring about Ging’s new bride change. Jeeves takes a mo to organize a specific retelling as Bertie’d asked, starting with the group of turtle-necked men who began the veg-throwing.

Jeeves goes on to report Ging’d given up his vote to McCorkadale, which was obv the deal-breaker for Florence, Bertie suspecting Jeeves;d put the idea in his head, this not being argued. He also mentions Bingley making a nice mint over Ging’s decision, Jeeves ofc not returning the club book to him, though, he then leaving to give the maid a light cap to help her aching side. Bertie next is wondering how he’d take care of Runkle’s porringer, when Dahlia enters, quite elated with the meeting attended. She also reveals Spode and Madeline’d gone off to London, and Runkle was off soon, as well. Bertie confirms he was again unattached once told Spode was keeping his title after getting the tater to the eye being his deciding factor. Bertie again considers how many gifts he’d bestow upon the thrower if ID’d, for saving him from the altar, again. Seppings interrupts to allow Jeeves a word with Dahlia outside, Runkle coming in to state how smart Bertie was to return, since having the cop’s give chase wouldn’t end well for him. Bertie is insulted, but Florence interrupts, she having a lot of egg on her, Runkle noting this and then leaving per Florence’s request of speaking with Bertie in private. She goes in to having made a mistake letting him go and now they’d get married, she expecting they’d be quite content together.

Runkle then butts in for having rubbernecked to inform she’d have to wait for when he returned from the clink. This decides her into not going through with their quick attachment, after Bertie hesitates to deny the accusation, and biffs off. Runkle is commending her decision when Seppings comes in to announce Bingley for him, Dahlia coming back after he left. She irritatedly supplies the news of Bertie’s room being found unlocked and he realizing Bingley was the cause, Dahlia cursing respectively like her old Quorn and Pytchley days, not considering having Bertie go to jail for her pink, but Bertie confessing why he wished to take it if necessary because of Florence, Dahlia getting it, but wondering what attracted such a wide variety of females to him, allowing it must be the “magnetic personality”, then considering Runkle’d let this go if she traded Anatole. The 2 consider the repercussions by Tom if this happened, when Ruckle returns, and Dahlia not surprised when he asks for their chef. Jeeves comes in to remind Runkle of his shady past in America, this providing Dahlia the opp to renegotiate his gift of cash to Tuppy.

Bertie awakes to Gus the c and Jeeves with a kipper breakies, Bertie still feeling blissful, and getting updated with Dahlia’s acceptable deal with Runkle and this meaning Tuppy and Angela’s wedding’d soon follow, Bertie bringing up wishing Jeeves’d destroy his 18 pages, and to his shock, Jeeves confirming it was done, this due to Jeeves planning his permanent employer as Bertie, which confused him as to why, but ofc agreeing to it, he left to consider how he’d get his bathing time in with Gus now upon his neck, asleep.

Another perfect doozy to continue to the next! I don’t recall the TV episode, but I remember how closely Fry and Laurie captured the others, so I don’t doubt this 1 is similar, and I’ll most likely be rewatching at some point, anyways. 🙂