Cucumber Quest ( Vol. 1 Webcomic)


Now, this cover, isn’t doing the story justice, but it does show you the cast of characters to expect, I suppose, so it serves the general purpose of at least providing a colorful backdrop to which one should expect to find the comic, and it does live up to the perdy color scheme and style. Less necessary, but I’m also appreciative of this comic, so far being the only one which apparently saw the value of having 2 categories on Goodreads, which I appreciate, since I usually have to create a spot for it being a webcomic.

So, it starts with a look at what the “evil” character looks like, and then goes into Cucumber’s entrance, he young enough to be living with his mother, whom also looks young, and Cucumber is packing for a trip for her enrollment to the “best school in the world”, which apparently is Harry Potter-esque, his lil sis, Almond not worried her bro will do well, since Cuco is a study bug. They then get an oddly timed letter from the sibs father, he worried his letter may not reach them, but something of dangerous matters needed to be shared. He had learned the Queen Cordelia, whom resided in Caketown Castle in their beloved Doughnut Kingdom, was planning WORLD DOMINATION and needed Cuco to join his cause.

Cuco is not at all pleased with the idea of ditching his future for his pops, but his mama won’t hear it, she not caring how it sounded when Almond offered to go instead, but believed Cuco could be allowed to reenroll upon completing his kingdom saving mission. His mama was so proud, she praises how well he’d already packed his bag, and shoves him out the door before he can even get his dinner in him. As he’s sitting on the stoop, a magical creature pops up, making sure he was Cabbage’s son, then revealing she was the dream oracle, there to provide some info, but Cuco interrupting thinking she must have the wrong sib, but upon offerring his sis, the oracle dismisses her as not being a legendary hero type due to her sister status.

I’m definitely enjoying the blatant slapsticky comedy. The oracle, upon stating how she knew he’d read the letter, is shown shoving her face against the window as he’d been “reading”. Cuco is nowhere near interested in this quest, obv, since his next suggestion is for the oracle to save the world herself, she being one of its “protectors” and all, but she feigns bad reception and bids him meet her in Gumdrop Forest, to Cuco’s dismay.

Cuco makes it to Caketown by the next day, and is introed to a bunch of bullies, BLT trio, their names those of the letters listed. Then, after Cuco sneaks past them whilst they argued amongst themselves, hears his name, his pops behind bars, he again telling of the danger they were in, but Cuco, not seeing it, everything on the fine-ass looking day side. Cabbage reveals the “Queen’s” plan to resurrect the Nightmare Knight, Cuco disbelieving of this news, as well, and apparently with every right.

Then we’ve got our “Infinity stone” copy, when Cabbage points out Cordelia’s collection of Disaster stones, the last one to be collected, ofc leading to disaster, and Cuco’s mission being to get the Dream sword from the oracle. Cuco again can’t understand why Almond wasn’t perfect for this, she having practiced sword fighting and wanting to become a knight, whilst he didn’t know how to wield a sword, his father shutting him down, since again, no one has known any lil sisters becoming LEGENDARY HEROES, and why start here, ya know? Plus it ran in their manly side blood-line, it skipping a generation sometimes, since Cabbage wasn’t a hero either.

(I’m getting mad Monty Python vibes of comedy here) Papa, in his build up to getting Cuco to get going on his mission had shown his cell hadn’t been locked, but he fixes this by reentering and shutting door, Cuco then deducing he could make this mission easier by ridding the other stones right in front of them, but then BLT show up. Cabbage urges Cuco to use his magic, since he’d gotten into school with his talent, but this fails, Cuco upset since he’d been planning on replacing his wand for a better one, but he doesn’t have to worry for long for his lil sis, Almond turns up and saves his butt.

As they’re walking and chatting, Cuco bumps into a lady carrying a huge cake, and it dropped, the 2 bakers out of sugar and needing a knight to collect it from Gumdrop Mtn., Cuco and Almond heading through the forest which surrounds it, the offer being made to collect it for the bakers. Next, though, the 2 kids got 2 extra in their party, the bakers coming along, and then Cuco wanting to go back, since they’d revealed there could be monsters there, but the sugar ofc being too valuable. Then, they run in to the last guy, whom was sent to get sugar, stuck in a tree, but when he falls out,

Almond is digging how this guy was a true non-evil knight, called Carrot. After hearing his story of what had caused him fear, they were a bit puzzled, but then, a bear appears, toothless, and complaining about how the people who came in, weren’t being mindful of the wildlife and fucking shit up. Cuco gets to how they’re “legendary heroes”, this having the bear help them see the oracle. When they do though, she’d given the sword to a different bunny, unable to tell them apart, Almond let down by the oracle’s mistake, then questing them to get it back, the derp. Carrot knew where her hideout was, so they would now have to extend their tasks, Cuco dreading it, but Almond relishing the upcoming fun. So, toothless bear escorts the lady bakers back as Carrot goes along with the kids.

Soon, they reach the sword thief’s, Saturday’s house, they learning where she went, but before leaving, Cuco convinces Almond to check around for treasure, she scoring hard! Cuco discovers the last disaster stone, Almond hella disappointed now since Cuco figured they could use it rather than the sword, but soon Almond and Carrot are in disagreement over it. They’re interrupted by Cordelia’s witch, Peridot, whom starts doing her best made spell, which turns peeps to stone, but this isn’t needed as a threat, which Almond soon makes obv, by simply giving the stone to the witch, which made her look stupid and vowed to revenge upon Almond, she unmoved, and excited to still be going on their quest now, to Ripple Island, Cuco even spotting a wand in among the treasure.

Next, Cordelia is in the middle of berating BLT crew when Peridot returns with the stone and they get their girly squee moment. Meanwhile, the kids and Carrot try to get a boat to Ripple Island and are denied outrightly, but only due to the fact the last ship which tried to get there was attacked by a big ass squid. When they’re back outside and discussing it, they are overheard by a weird little girl, whom has invented a steam-powered ship which will get them across to Ripple Island, free of charge. Cuco does dread how odd this is, but Carrot reasons, what other choice did they have in declining, so they all going. Cuco worries whilst they’re on their way, but the ship is so fast, it seems they’ll arrive at the island before they meet trubs, then they meet trubs as Cuco lightens up, a cyclopic squid smashing their ship and Cuco getting knocked out after seeing Almond in the things grip.

When Cuco awakes, he’s thrust fairly quickly into a situation where he must stop a bunch of crabs from clacking all over a lil girl, he successfully bringing them upon himself and kaplowing them with his wand. He intros himself to the grateful Princess Nautilus and they have a nice lil joke between them involving her name, and then, once he confesses why he was there, she realizes he’s a descended legendary hero, he admitting this is what’s said, and she going on to how she studied the histories in order to help this hero on his quests, she showing how seriously deeply intent on helping she was, a scary fanatic look making the point. She then also gets to show off her history skills regarding the Nightmare Knight, but falls short a bit, after only being able to name Ripple Kingdom’s master.

Then, she reveals more of how she’d washed up on the Island, being from Ocean Kingdom, this as they’re waiting to be seen by the crabs owner of the resort. Meanwhile, Almond was threatening the squid Splashmaster, she currently captive, and then the Nightmare Knight showing up to get the squid’s report, so he goes through showing off his captives, a Queen, which was supposed to have been the princess, and Almond, the legendary hero’s sis, this not pleasing him, either, tasking the squid with taking out Cuco when he showed. He was currently not being able to be candid with his mother as he’d called home to supposedly catch her up, but she not actually wanting to be worried about their dangerous adventures, so he hangs off a little deflated. They then see the owner and he’s looking a little dippy, but he’s quite a large crab, the princess’s reunion with him also deflating since he declined to help them, but would toss the 2 back to where the princess’s home was, Cuco not realizing he actually meant it.

This is where the story ends, I believe, so I will continue to the next, since this is quite addictive, and cutesy and if you’re looking for some light comedy, is perfect!




Amya is one engrossing webcomic, about Faye, a mute girl, whom goes on an adventure, ofc! But, to begin, she makes a late start, her maid having her dress and run an errand with her, since she was told to keep her eye on her. She doesn’t do this as Faye notices a book cart, and then is reunited with an acquaintance from way back when, Accel, the 2 of them leaving quickly, since he was afraid to be noticed by guards. Later, after they’d both been knocked out and captured, Accel reveals how his grandfather had it out for him for some reason. It’s cutesy drawn and black and white, which usually makes it difficult for me to follow, but it’s fun. When they attempt to escape he sees she can cloak herself all invisible and whatnot. Accel has to make a deal with his bounty hunter and it gets him off the train with Faye.

They end up staying the night in Erishore, the 2 learning there’d been murders taking place in the area, Faye writing her fear down, but the 2 staying in separate inn rooms. When it’s close to morning, Accel hears something outside his room, he meeting his neighbor next door to go with him to investigate, see a monster sucking a man’s life out. Kaden, the neighbor, shoots at it, but misses, the 2 pursuing, and Faye helping with her magic, Accel then getting Faye back to bed, she deciding she’d be staying with him the remainder of the night.

In the morning, Faye sleeps in whilst Accel goes for the breakies, seeing Kaden, and asking to lookout for Faye whilst he took care of seeing the apothecary. When he learns how much the burn potions would be, he attempts to get her to lower them, she also having fought the weird monster thing at it always returning, so this time most likely would be no different. She does offer cream and bandages for free, though. Meanwhile Faye comes down and Kaden starts babbling, When Accel returns, he confesses the Seraphine being after him, as well, he having stocked up on supplies and whatnot.

They then get on their way and are met by a trio of other travelers, they inviting them to their camp for a meal, due to how they’d been up at arms at first. Upon reaching camp, they meet the rest of their party, one of them offering a job for them if they were willing, since they were all heading toward Deepwall. As Accel helps one of the men nearer to where they’d met, the other half realize whom Faye is and decide it’d be best to move on, Kaden insisting they would wait, in the end, everyone at camp moving onward for the others to catch up later. Then when they pass a caravan, one of the men asks to speak with Faye privately, she accepting and he also confessing they’d met before, they agreeing to speak more later.

They continue on and reach their next destination,Felix having reserved an inn room, and would first reconnaissance with the rest of his team before they settled in. Faye takes a stop at a book shop, per usual, then goes to meet the others at the inn, she being told she had her own room. When she gets to the room, she finds Felix, whom had known her before, he stating she didn’t have to return home if she didn’t wish, also making clear she didn’t have a choice but to stay, since they could use her for the betterment of the country. Faye doesn’t allow him to boss her around though, she jumping out the window.

Kaden returns in time to see her, and defends her against Felix when he follows her out of the window. When Felix is confronted by one of his own, he warns her to stay out of the way, as well, his master plan not involving what she’d been recruited for, helping the Fae. After Felix magics himself out of there, they meet up with Accel, whom has news to share, the seraphine, isn’t after him afterall. Kaden then catches Accel up on what’d happened with them, they gaining another traveler and heading out. They reach an I.D. check and Faye sees her father, he stating he’d reward her friends for helping her back. They are lead by her father to the train, where he will meet them later, and walking in with the seraphine, whom apparently was there to protect Faye and not kill, like they’d thought. Accel hadn’t wished to escort Faye to his father’s home, but Faye’s father was insisting, she passing him a note before being led out by her father for a private chat.

Then a backstory for Vincent is given, whom resorts to stealing when his sibs are being poisoned for lack of food, and the mother already having lost a child a year back. The man he steals from offers him a position which could help his family indefinitely, he deciding to take it, but his mother not wanting him to leave. Which leads into the next backstory of Lenna, she training with her bow and arrow, not impressing her trainer, but she being better than shit, and also being discriminated against for being a certain race.

I believe this is where the novel ends, but I will be continuing, because this story is strong, mysterious, and addictive. Don’t usually care for black and white comics, but I’ll add it to my short list of good’ns. Sally forth!

The Abominable Charles Christopher

Image result for abominable charles christopher book cover

Adorbs from the start, this webcomic immediately gives one the squees due to his simpleton nature and ability to understand the animal kingdom. Chuck minds his own business from the start, attempting to take cover for rain, getting snacky, annoying a bee to the point of a telling off, he then being invited to Vivol the bear’s party later, he revealing to his partiers of the forest being in trouble. Chuck defends a bunny from a trap and as he’s running around like a madman in the middle of the night, also happens to be an example for the owl’s son of stupidity. Chuck runs into a spirit of the forest looking like a big bear, the creature changing his scenery by putting him in a snowy area. He ruins a meal for another family of creatures, then a fox decides he’ll escort Chuck up the hill, even though he warned of the danger up there.

The fox’s backstory is cute because he’d obv been separated from his bros and couldn’t locate them, then a change of scenery back to Vivol and “Moon Bear”, the spirit of the forest. Then a sad flashback of Vivol as a cub and his mama, both circus bears and this somehow connecting to Moon Bear, as well. A bird hubby gets therapeutic help from a bug, due to his unhappiness even though life was technically good right now. Meanwhile, Chuck is climbing up the mountain with the fox, they unnerved by the wind sound, and when they get to the top, they meet a lion, and when Chuck defends himself, he’s blasted in the face with snow. There’s many moments with animals in the forest showing their personalities and odd quirks.

The lion wakes Chuck and shares their reason for coming there, he telling of his job being guardian of the forest and whatnot, Chuck and the fox playing with snow for a bit in between, and how the lion wished them to convince some lady she was wrong to choose the “suitor” she’d fallen for most recently. The lion expected Chuck to collect some personal items off the King, some hair, what his religion, and what he was called. The fox, after being berated and Chuck is sent off, reveals his name to be Townsen. It’s also revealed the lion is definitely not a lion (I suppose this very well could be, Lovecraftian.)

Meanwhile, the owls can see from their vantage, Chuck walking off with Townsen, he getting his gears ground because of how Chuck seemed to only get lucky surviving the way he has, and they needed to actually work it out and plan ahead, the owl’s son giving Chuck props. When Chuck and Townsen go to sleep later, Townsen is wakened and sees his sibs, running off after them, and when he catches up, sees they aren’t quite right, his mother then getting the feeling something was wrong, and when Chuck wakes to rain, and finds Townsen, he’s not conscious. Then more of Vivol’s story and the forest creatures, who also have theatre, some animals getting way too emotionally involved.

Chuck is now throwing crow feathers off a drop, some tricksters messing around about he should go collect them for being worth something, Chuck running off. He catches a couple, and then sees the other feathers had been landing on a tree. Then, as a beaver is tour guiding some other animals to a pond with yummy fruit flavored water, Chuck interrupts with a head dunk, and as he’s drinking he sees the lion again, reminding him to get to it, the beaver noting how odd Chuck was acting and inquiring to his health. The other animals who arrive think Chuck is there for the game, they getting ready to watch, but as this goes on, Chuck biffs off down a river on a log. He also gets a philosophy lesson from a crab, then when he sees crows sitting around above them, quickly makes a farewell, since he a pussy.

Chuck walks the rest of the way to the tree, the birds watching him as he stepped on bones, scaring him, he grabbing another feather, then being called out by a crow for having kept something of his. He demands his feather back, then relenting to a trade, Chuck asking for something which the crow agreed to, the tree bursting into light. The crow mentions the lion being his bro, and how Chuck made a dumb move by exchanging the feather, it having the power to protect him, but he does leave him some advice. After he leaves, Chuck digs a bit under the tree and discovers Townsen’s sibs, they asking where their bro was, Chuck giving them a cuddle. He returns them to their mother, then discovering sap, eating a bunch and a skunk calling thief.

A protector of the forest calls foul and allows Chuck to be on his merry way, skunk still upset, ofc. Chuck recovers consciousness and then is told by some ducklings to get in the pond, due to stinkery, he then smelling better upon full dunking. After he plays with them for a bit, and they remind him of Townsen, he leaves. Bird fella runs into Chuck as he’s leaving, saying how he needed space from his hubby, sometimes, believing Chuck understood, since he didn’t bother hanging around to listen to the bird.

So this is where I think the first book ends, essentially, and I’m enjoying the hell out of it. Cute characters and aesthetically pleasing, makes me want to know more about certain mysteries and definitely continuing the story.

Run Freak Run

Mysterious and fascinating, we follow Alonso and Two through a medieval Spain, the 2 Inquisitors weeding out and purging mythological villains. Meanwhile a young, beautiful lady made a deal with someone whom apparently isn’t trustworthy, since she’s being chased by frogs and a man comes out of the shadows, she pleading for him to honor their deal, but he not interested in a peaceful outcome. This is the reason Alonso and Two have come to this town, she expected to uncover the reason for the girl’s death and to stave off more of a panic by the townspeople who thought she’d been cursed. Two goes to the church, being met by the priest standing vigil over the body, he supportive of her killing the one whom was responsible:

Image result for dana carvey satan gif. Two puts him straight though, this being more likely the work of a witch. I’m quite enjoying the strange dialogue for this odd little “fairy tale of Grimm-style”. When Alonso meets her outside the church, he shares through his recon, of villagers knowing and disregarding of witches living in caves nearby and they’d go investigate for purging. This is also reminding me of Preacher and Constantine, all very good choices to be similar with. Two locates the witch fairly quickly, since he didn’t really hide once she’d gotten inside, he revealed fairly easily why he’d decided to drop the girl was because she’d scorned his proposal after he’d begun admiring her way of killing the “witches” amongst the villagers. Once he decides Two must go though, she breaks it down how shit was not going to go this fool’s way. Alonso then asks why Two had been given this name by the church, she having a smart lil answer to finish the chapter.

The next story begins in a different town, same idea, the Queen has sent them to catch the culprit, but they’ve arrived to late, seeing the carnage in the streets. Two detects some survivors underground and a priest relating of a baby being taken by Satan, the place they would be heading being certain death for the baby, so Two again has Alonso stay behind whilst she takes care of this baby-stealing hell ruler. Then a skip back in time to 3 days previous, when they’d spoken to the queen about the boy infant possibly being an “Echo”, so she giving her permission to go claim him, Two being bidden by the queen to bring her the child directly upon dismissing Alonso literally, and literally dismissing him from life!

So Two is on her merry way, up the mountain, not alone for being amongst possible enemies around every corner. Maybe some exaggeration in this statement, it was a single fur-fur enemy and the King of all hell fire fur-furs, whom welcomed her upon her approach. He asks for leniency toward the young and eager fur-fur whom attempted to assault her, then claims he was going to release the baby when he made his exit, Two not letting this pass without knowing why he’d done it at all. 2 days later, Two is submerging said baby into water with creepy-looking merpeople, she now square with them for having sacrificed, a baby, sort of, the boy would still grow up, but as Mer.

The third is a short story which shows Two lost in the forest and meets a giant whom was king of the birds, asks if she wants to have a bird, and then gets butthurt when she accepts, Two biffing off without a bird, but knowing the giant was a dick. The fourth shows the 2 inquisitors walking through a forest and Alonso first realizing they were being approached by wolf men, Two announcing she’d take care of it. It’s finally mentioned Two has a curse, “of a deadly chain”, literally. So, this allowed her to feel better and it doubled the fun, since the wolf men were taken out, as well. Even the ring leader wasn’t a match for Two’s need to crack that chain, she using this wolf as her ride through the forest, Alonso wondering aloud where she hid her chain, and she keeping this to herself. 😉

The next story starts with Two planning on doing something else with her time than writing a report, Alonso having asked if she’d finish her job before doing so, she not interested and he making note at least she wasn’t well paid for a half job done. It’s next showing Two being the talker to cats, a particular one being quite the runaway sort, they reuniting and Two cold toward him over some grudge from 6 years ago, One talking about reuniting with one of his bros, since he was leader to a bunch of mythical misfits trying to defend themselves against “injustice” and were intimidated by Two coming after them. He also reasoned she should tell him because otherwise she’d have to reveal it to the Queen. Then he warns her of a moose, Destiny whom could destroy cities, she aware and the two parting, since she didn’t reveal to him anything important.

The 6th chapter prefaces with a story of father and daughter deer telling how far back it had been for the ways to be the way they are, because it’d been so long and then the two plot to kill Gaiae. Next, Two is fighting a witch whom won’t listen to reason… The witch continues to fight with her spell, this all because the Cardinal had needed, reluctantly, Two’s help in disbanding the coven and capturing one alive. Two plays dead and then the witch attempts to morph into a raven, Two grabbing at her and she stuck and insulting her, so Two gives her the pan, as it were. Two still gives her one more chance to work with her, but the witch ain’t having it, so Two performs the password into the circle and the witch is upset with how easy she’d gotten away with it.

Two speaks with her sisters and they must help her out, since next Two is back at the castle with news for the Cardinal of having exactly what he needed. The Cardinal is at first unimpressed by not having what he’d asked for, a living witch, instead of what she brought, but Two describes it was the source of their power, so the Cardinal can’t help but be curious for a look-see. It’s ofc, a trap and the witches are ready for him.

The merpeople are discussing the baby being accepted by Poseidon soon, which would then allow them to truly make him one of them. The Queen meanwhile, was disappointed with the results of her astronomer being unable to locate the baby, she giving him supposedly the lost finger of Solomon which would allow them to gain more clarity, somehow. Welp, it does something, and the monks take down the coordinates specified. The Queen then designates Inquisitor Six to be the one to make the trip to the location given. Next, Two is summoned to the Queen, she currently dealing with a deal with a demon and thinking she could get out of providing her side, which was to give up Alonso.

As Alonso is saying goodbye to his family and preparing to finish some work, he’s interrupted by moidering-doers, the Queen currently putting down Two for having a beautiful name and her looks not suiting it. She then reveals her plan and order to keep Two in front of her until her order to kill Alonso was finished, but it’s not long before Two goes off anyways, and the Queen sends the guard after her, knowing the danger she’d put everyone in, if not being Alonso. Meanwhile, Alonso attempted to save his family, they inside their burning home, but Two seemed to arrive too late. The Queen gets updated by her guard of everything going accordingly and Inquisitor 6 would have the baby by tomorrow. Six having slaughtered the merpeople and taking the baby back (ribs, BBQ sauce; yes, I did.)

Next, The Fur-Fur speaks to a minion about having things working out to where Gaiae shall soon be dealt with, and Echo-One, the kitty will be the bestest than the rest-est. Then, Two is being surrounded by the same killer guards readying to finish her off according to their orders, Two not wanting to deal with them, but ofc, she about to give it, when stopped by a birdie, it being her witchy friend. One reveals his role to her and updates Two on Six locating and returning with the baby boy, Two needing to step in line or witches will become a joke to children. Two is bid by One to help them, stating his case and how it would benefit all of them to get rid of Six and the Queen, Priscilla the witch diving them into the depths of the underworld so Two can learn the secrets to defeat Six.

They take the plunge, and whilst this occurs, One is being bid by an underling to allow him to take out the Queen whilst they waited, One being convinced and allowing him to attempt it. Two goes unconscious and wakes in the air, falling with Priscilla, she confident One would protect them as they fell to where they needed to go, Two not so sure and wishing she’d do some kind of magic to slow their descent. When they land they begin sharing why each of them was in a foul mood, Priscilla pissed off at Two for beating and humiliating her and how she’d been punished by her clan, Two exchanging the deets on her friend, Alonso and his fam. The two not having to discuss this much since they were finally led to the secret keeper.

They keep company with a huge eye ordering mushroom people to do its bidding, the 2 ladies debating whether to run away as the creatures begin to attack, Pris, changing her mind as they approach a cliff, but Two bumping her off and the two again, plummeting. Pris helps Two survive and she attempts to do the same when they surface out of water, Pris not waking, but the keeper of secrets showing herself. She bids the creature save Pris and relinquishing whatever the keeper saw fit, she giving Two an acorn in order to defeat Six and then helping Pris by allowing the 2 to fly away. Inquisitor Six has given the baby to the Queen and she gifts her a huge sword capable of killing immortals for her loyalty to the crown.

The final chapter begins with Two waking with Pris unaware of her death, One interrupting them to tell of the flying pigs having gone to wage war against the Queen without waiting for the secret way to kill Six. One isn’t holding out for this to kill their dear sis, since she was strong af, and now had a weapon impossible to defend against. One though, still thinks there’s a chance if Two can figure how to use the acorn against Six, and Two agreeing to help if they do it the way she feels, One agreeing and so all they’d need to do, is leave her on top of the palace and she’ll handle it, per usual. Two starts taking out guards like a champ, and totally unimpressed with the blood spillage, as well. When she reaches the Queen and Six, the former again attempts to insult her intelligence for following One and how she’d die today, regardless. Then a flashback, when Two had intervened between a nun teaching a child by smacking her face for breaking the cross of the Lord, and it being Six, Two not able to communicate with her for she sounding like she’s singing: “La la laa!”-style.

When they go back to current, Two is finished giving Six chances after she swipes at her with the sword, complaining how her sibs are nutso and would’ve been happy with better fam, esp. with how she was now the “normal” one. As she continues to try and talk sense into Six, Pris comes back to defend her, grabbing the sword and Two taking opportunity and knocks her out. Then, Two warns the Queen she should biff off before she comes after her, and so she goes to collect the baby so to selfishly kill him so no one could have him, Two catching up before she can do anything, and Two testing the acorn out on her after she’d gotten the baby. Like a proper fairy tale, she gets taken out in a weird ass way, One then turns up to congratulate her and tell of the good things the baby would grow up to do and defend their people. Two isn’t certain she trusts One to truly care for the baby properly, wondering aloud if he’d be better off dead, Pris then shows up to help Two biff off with Six, if she wanted, One attempting to convince her they didn’t have to run at all.

Two has her own ideas though, excluding One because of how unstable he seemed with the power he’d acquired and having similarities to the changed Queen, so vows to keep the boy hidden and declared if One attempted to find him, he wouldn’t be a threat, anyways, but Two would hide the boy well, enough to avoid this, apparently. This outcome, though was agreeable to the Fur-Fur One had been serving, since he stated how pleased he was with this outcome, One stating how whilst Two leaving hadn’t been planned, he’d continue to execute what his lord had in mind, and upon picking up the Queen’s crown, it’s shown how he’ll continue on with a darker role in this world, taking on a similar facial structure to the Queen a bit, as well.

Two weeks later, Pris and Six walk to where the nekkid giant sat, Pris explaining what Two’d had in mind for the baby, the giant agreeing and renaming the child, similar to another fairytale, the boy would have protection as long as he was within the boundaries of the giant’s land. When Pris and Six locate Two napping and wake her, she responds to Six’s new word in her vocab, the way one would expect with the ever-typical attitude she has and they chill for once. I enjoyed this little fairytale, violent, black and white comic. It’s cute and I’d look out for more by the author and artist, it being semi-similar to the style of Live Forever.

Scurry: The Drowned Forest

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Wix has escaped temporarily, has a bad dream about Titan, and then meets a moose whom wakes him for warning the dangerous spot he’d chosen to sleep. The moose, Atlas offers to give him a ride to “the Refuge” and then Wix can decide if it’s worth continuing on to the mountain, he making the wise choice and joining the moose, not noticing the forest mice watching. Meanwhile, Pict has been granted permission to ask the king if she can cross the lake to get back South, this king, apparently in a bad mood over all the leaking sounds he either imagines partially or hears too well, this hopefully not coloring any decision he has to make regarding Pict’s request. With a little bit of a tiff between a raven and the beaver whom’d led Pict there, the king only focuses on the idea of more workers to help build the dam higher and leak-free, this giving him reason to grant her request, maybe fortunately.

On the way to the Refuge, Wix recognizes the spot they were going to be sent to, he searching for the rumored truck, but not seeing it. At lease he hadn’t wasted a trip trying to get the rest of the way there on his own. They then are confronted by wolves, Atlas has to tear at one before they back off after they get all balls deep about the woods now being theirs, and Atlas holding his own, the leader having the pack consume the weak and still conscious wolf, leaving them as the leader Erebus again promises to meet them again with the rest of his pack. Meanwhile back at the colony, Resher breaks the news of everyone on the team of Wix and Pict were killed along with the 2 and they should prepare to make the trip to the city, but Orim, Pict’s papa, still wishes to wait 4 days, since Wix’s body hadn’t been accounted for and he preferred giving the allotted time agreed upon before making more disastrous plans, but his cough getting worse and he collapsing after the meeting ends.

A flying squirrel attempts to save Wix from Atlas as his little fellows of mice attack from the ground, wrongly believing the moose was a wolf. Then one of the loopy mice recognized Atlas and has the others stop, since their attack was a failure anyways. Minka, the leader believes he recognized Wix for a mo. then directs them to where the Guardian of the forest used to stay. Then back at the Colony, Umf reveals they’d put off his trip to the city, and he was way alright with this, the wolves currently cleaning the area of the cats. The only other rat in the place confides to Umf of something he needed to discuss and show him, as well, he leading him away. Pict is considering still leaving whilst it was raining when her companion had came over to hear how her meeting went, and after they part ways she discovers something about the ravens she gets caught overhearing and seeing. she gets whisked away once more only her companion seeing this.

Atlas and Wix meet some knowing foxy ladies about the 2 travelers roles and then continue on to the dam. As they get closer and Pict is sacrificed to another when the raven settle her in more shallow water, before she’s et, the dam breaks and water spreads through the area, Atlas and Wix close enough to be effected, as well. Atlas is seen by the wolves and they plan to locate him again when the water settled down, Wix being found by the foxes and clearly being discourage with his mission to save Pict. What gets him moving is knowing Pict is now closer because of the flood, but still in danger, the foxes arming him with a stick-like sword, they referring to him as a knight. They then lead him to where she is, as she’s attempting to readjust her bearings and her wannabe-murderer behind her.

Wix is there to divert his attention in time, but his sword breaks upon the fella’s head, a stone thrown by Pict not quite doing it either, but when she’s endangered, Wix stabs him in the eye. but he still after him, the duo finally able to teamwork him to fall into the water. It isn’t long before the ravens threaten them, but the beavers interrupt and make war upon their asses. The beaver King is dead, so another beaver took over and planned a smaller dam elsewhere, inviting Pict along, but she sticking with her plan of getting back to her papa. Pict and Wix go downriver as instructed by the beavers Pict more worried when Wix shared how the truck hadn’t been where they’d been told, hoping they returned soon. It’s revealed the ravens have paired up with the wolves, they readying to take over.

This, I believe concludes the 2nd book, I’ve been guessing. This last bit seems like it’ll be a doozy, so I’m looking forward to finishing this baby up. Much fun, though, worth it for the style, if nothing else; I’ve seen the complaints on story, but I find it minor differences of opinion. When the 3rd book comes out, I’ll stick a review of it along with the other, since I know I’ll be reading it.

Scurry: The Doomed Colony

This is a caption.

Look at that, it’s perdy as a mofo, the rest of this webcomic is the same quality, and the story gripping from the start, since it’s similar in style to the Bromeliad trilogy except with nomes, and Mrs. Frisby, obv, as well as Watership Down. and this collection is the 1st 4 chapters on the website.

It starts with 2 mice tracking after food and locating a fallen comrade, Seep. These 2, Wix and his rat buddy, Umf search a house before returning to homebase where Pict, a lil mouse and Orin, her pops are waiting amongst the others who couldn’t go out to scavenge. Through this papa daughter convo, it’s learned something has driven the humans away and their mice-folk are becoming ill (zombie apocalypse-style?).

The style of this comic is zen, as well, like watercolor, so another dreamy comic, which I’m happy to share has been the case with my last few webcomic reviews. When they’re finally forced to leave, Wix leads them to the window, but 2 kitties get in the way (looking adorably dangerous), and so Wix turns around for the previous exit and it met with a surprising third puss, Titan, whom he’d run into before and had an ear deformation because of him. Meanwhile, during a colony meeting, Pict is defending the mice who couldn’t necessarily make it to the city on the off chance they had more supplies available to them there, as well as the fact every scout sent out to check, didn’t return.

With the help of Umf, he makes it out the door, but doesn’t notice another threat right outside the wooden fence door. When Umf rejoins, he directs them a different way out, what with seeing the canine, it disappearing, but more seeming to be ready for them in the woods. When they return to the colony, Pict is dealing with Resher, a big mouse whom wants to biff off to the city, but being sidelined with the possibility of a truck passed the forest which could have supplies to last them through to spring, but every option leading to more difficulties, so when she hears Umf and Wix were already reassigned to these 2 separate tasks, she’s exasperated by having to stay and keep the peace.

This will be difficult when it’s shown of Resher having made a deal with Titan to get Wix, giving him his now planned location and perhaps soon-to-be death spot, offering the incentive of kitty crack and they getting a taste before the job was to be done, hilariously. When Pict overhears Resher’s plan and clumsily makes herself known, Resher decides she was dead either way, so he is now safely a schmuck worth loathing. She goes after Wix seeing all the mice who’d fallen on the way, one survivor hurt and surprised Resher had been responsible for the cat attack, Pict finding Wix soon just in time warn him of a cat, he jumping away hella quick and trapping himself in a crate, but he’s able to see Pict atop her perch of logs, the kitties seeing, too. She’s saved by a birdie and is then put endanger when it flies off with her, Wix following and Titan growing balls and chasing him, but this ending with a pup on the other side of the fence.

The wolf regards the little Wix as he hides behind his log and advises he return to his humans, since the end was near for them anyways. Wix ignores this since he knows he must follow Pict and rescue her, so Wolfy vows to see him again. Meanwhile Pict has her escape given by ravens attacking the hawk and dropping the birdhouse she hid, in some water, and being saved by a watching mouse nearby. He relates how she’d be stuck on their little island with a tree until the next day, she wondering about her father and Wix. She learns she was a few days away now and would have to rest until she could set out then.

Wix runs onto a tortoise whom relates he’d never live to see where the hawk lived, and then is distracted by Wix having brought “death” with him. Pict learns the next morning of how the water was the beavers fault and now the only exit was with the beavers okay. Pict gets her opportunity to speak with a beaver not long after they get to the camp, she explaining her situation and agreeing to help them in return if the forest was so dangerous with wolves. Meanwhile Kessel, the wounded mouse makes known he’d been in on Resher’s plan from the start as they discuss how much success the plan had been, Resher’s next task to bring to the Elder’s of their only chance being to go to the city with them.

This is nearly the end of the book, so I’ll wrap it up and continue on valiantly till the end. It’s worth the read, though, wonderful art, engaging storyline, if not well known, but much, much entertainment value. Onward to book 2!

Alpha Flag

Delta 00

A wonderful webcomic and original beginning! Much loving what I’ve read so far about the main character, whom we know is a diver and is shrouded in mystery by how he’d been “separated”, and looking to reclaim the pieces he’s lost so he can learn more about his past, which is quite odd by this point, the 3rd section of the story. The 2 go in search of more “aspects” of the diver, they next tracking a gull with the same vibrant colors as Charlie, shown above. Upon catching the bird, they realize what must be done with certain aspects in order to get reincorporated, Diver not exactly thrilled with the thought. As this happens, Charlie notices they’re being watched by another, they tracking this fella by footprints left behind.

As the diver practices summoning his absorbed aspects, a loose one comes to call, Charlie seeing this by the compass which pointed to them when they were near. He finally reconnects his speech and the two can properly communicado. They discuss which aspect they’d go after, Diver naming Victor, the stalker, whom they soon learn is their Empathy, which explains why Diver was willing to reabsorb by any means possible without thinking of the living aspects possible feelings. He directs them to where they can locate Quebec, Victor not believing they could handle knowing which aspect it represented. He biffs off after giving the sword aspect back to them, not revealing himself again until they catch Quebec, also revealing some other aspects to be wary of, a female being one of these.

The break in between has related-short stories, containing Charlie and another with him, Diver and a couple polar bears, the story revealing a background of his mother and an experience they shared, hers occurring when she’d been a girl. When the main story continues, Charlie reasons the chick whom had been shooting at their shared reindeer aspect, may or may not actually be dangerous, since she hadn’t aimed at them, afterall. When they reach the house Victor describes, Diver passes out upon touching it and when regaining reality, Charlie asks about the strange holes all over him, Diver not knowing what they represented or how he got them.

Then another aspect, Uniform pops up, a fox willing to help catch Quebec with them, Diver understanding since this one represented Intuition. When Charlie fails at first to catch Quebec, Uniform offers to reincorporate with Diver so they could use their instincts properly, together. The final page posted shows Uniform succumbing to recorporation, and me hoping this comic doesn’t die like so many others waiting decades for the artists to hopefully feel well and are able to finish their fucking awesome stories.