As Nature Made Him: The Boy Who Was Raised as a Girl


This book was heartbreaking and fascinating. A Canadian woman gives birth to twin boys, and when she decides to get circumcisions for them, the procedure goes horribly wrong with one of the boys. Basically, he becomes mutilated to the point where there’s nothing left downstairs and now the woman makes a decision which haunts both of the boy’s lives into their adulthood.

A haunting true story about the rehabilitation administered to them by an affectional pedophile child psychologist. The book was well-written and drew me into the sick mind of a doctor, and also gave me the perspective of what a person with pedophilia believes and how this sickness makes even the most horrific child abuse, seem alright, if they think what they’re doing to a child is consensual. It’s a shame their mother fell for such a blatant insult to the sane world (or what it looks like from the outside) of what some people make of the doctoral profession. I also learned this story was covered in Law & Order, which I may have seen a part of, but would definitely suggest the book due to the detail.


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