Bully: A True Story of High School Revenge


This book was such an easy read and since it’s based on true events and is so absurd what these kids did, it makes the reading of it simple to breeze through. The author’s way of describing what goes on and what they may have said fits completely; much better than the movie portrayal. The pictures inside the book also show the damage to the one whom was murdered and descriptions which are pretty disgusting.

It also includes the mug shots of all the kids involved (which most of which have vacant expressions with simple-minded features). Whilst reading this, I started to understand how low on the bar of intelligence these kids were. Most of them had a typical low-middle class upbringing so they weren’t necessarily the pampered kids who develop their clever-bone in private school. These kids were working at being the scum of the earth even before they picked up knives and drugs.  When it updates what they were charged with, most of it is inaccurate, due to how long ago it was written. Puccio, who was charged with the death penalty got his sentence changed to life in prison. Although now three are free while Puccio, the one who did the stabbing, is still in prison.

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