Complete Works of Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde

When I first read this I wasn’t necessarily a fan of Oscar Wilde. I was curious about his work and I realized the easiest and fastest way to read it all was to buy the book and call it a day.

Overall an elegant and relatively quick read. It’s engaging since it has everything including background history, the fairy tales, plays, novel, essays and most everything in this book one can breeze through with no real issue.

The only problem for me was near the end of the book. The poems and the essays seemed to drag on and on. (One reason is, I’m not a poetry reader usually, so it was a little painful due to the fact that it was verging on Shakespearean poetry and I wasn’t about to skip it since, it’s my book and I don’t like wasting money if I’m not going to read the whole thing. Secondly, most of the essay’s seemed repetitious and some were quite long, but this is everything Oscar Wilde ever wrote, so I’m mentioning what I’ve learned and care to share. The only one of the essays I didn’t mind reading was De Profundis; the letter was genuinely fascinating since it was about the man who put him in prison and was written to him from prison.)

Otherwise I have no regrets in buying this book. It was definitely worth the $10 I put into it and I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is interested in reading the whole caboodle of Wilde’s work.


3 thoughts on “Complete Works of Oscar Wilde

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