Ozma of Oz

ozma of oz

I took a short break, but couldn’t resist trying to continue these fanciful stories. I think I need a novel which narrates a foreign land whilst I read other more grounded novels, it tends to help me keep the circle of books going and this story is quite entertaining. L. Frank Baum certainly answered the call to the children for more stories of Oz. (Which I plan on trying to explore more of, but only Baum’s and a select few prequel/sequels.)

It begins with Dorothy and her Uncle on their way to family in Australia, but Dorothy discovers herself separated from him whilst trying to locate him during a storm and falls with a chicken coop into the sea where she lands on an island with the chicken, Bill, from the coop (this is where I start remembering everything from Return to Oz I saw incorporated in the story. It’s fascinating and coming back to me and I’m enjoying every part of it). Although after, it becomes its own story again. Dorothy meets the princess of Ev, Ozma, Scarecrow, the Cowardly Lion, and the Tin Woodman return to aid her and the princess of Ev to release the rest of her royal family from imprisonment.

Dorothy travels to the Nome King’s realm and has to guess which ornaments are the Queen and her children. After all that fun we then get to return to the land of Oz temporarily with Dorothy before she is wished back to Australia to her Uncle so he doesn’t die (which I’m assuming is possible due to his hinted advanced years) from losing Dorothy overseas. For my review of, The Marvelous Land of Oz.


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