Robinson Crusoe

Robinson Crusoe

I was extremely disappointed with this book. I was expecting much more than what actually ended up happening. I was told there would be pirates in this book!  Yes, it may sound childish, but I was in a pirate’s adventures phase and looking for some good classics, but what I got was an instantaneous moment of pirates where not much was described or occurred. After, there were only about two moments on that “cursed island” which was pleasing and the rest filler about religion and how Crusoe finally found the time to become even more of a prude than his somewhat carefree way of life before his shipwreck. 

The cover I used for this review fairly sums up the story as well. Crusoe lords over Friday like a newly appointed slave-driver (which, in a way he was). It makes me laugh, and then wistful of the hours spent. I feel my time may have been wasted on this book a bit; And now I know this story is considered one of his best, I can safely sweep Mr. Daniel Defoe under the rug with all the other mundane authors.


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