I saw the movie and was convinced into reading the book; I wasn’t disappointed, quite better than the movie, much more suspenseful and easier to understand, whereas some of the events seemed mysterious in the movie were poorly explained, if at all. Once the crew is down in the habitat, the story’s pace becomes much more swift, which made it more difficult to put down, and there are a few more Crichton books I need to get to so I’m eager to move along, which fortunately Crichton made easy for me; which hasn’t happened with a book for me in quite a while.

Although I can’t say I liked many of the characters, it doesn’t make it difficult in it’s consumption. So, while a couple of the main crew struggled with feelings of discrimination in some fashion and was their driving force in the story, it didn’t become a crutch for the plot, it was alluded to throughout. Irrespectively, it’s a solid and conclusive finish cleaning everything up nicely if not leaving me with the feeling of a possible cliff-hanger; and I still hate Beth. Crichton had a talent, though, I’ll have to give him credit. To read my review of, Travels.


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