The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Other Stories


Due to reading R.L.S.’s Treasure Island, I finally got around to reading another one of his classics: “Jekyll and Hyde”, while the story was a bit interesting, I didn’t start liking it until the last couple chapters, which doesn’t make it one of the best stories, but wasn’t a complete waste of time.

As for the second story in this collection, “A Lodging For the Night” I thought it was a pretty compelling one. Starts off with a nice bit of action, but then slows down due to the main character actually trying to locate lodging for the night. By the end it seemed slightly anti-climactic, but overall was worth the effort.

It seems the stories get better as they go; the third in line is “The Suicide Club”. (At first I thought it was going to be another bland story, but to my delight it was actually pretty bad ass.) Three stories which revolve around a prince and his lieutenant and how they get involved in a secret society and the multiple deaths which occur. Not too shabby.

The next story, “Thrawn Janet”, I couldn’t understand because it was written in a Scottish dialect which had gone far beyond my understanding. All I could make out for certain is Janet was dead.

“The Body-Snatcher” was infinitely more captivating than mostly all the rest of the stories in this collection. It was even easier to read than Jekyll and Hyde and quite satisfying.

The last story, “Markheim”, I believe beats them all in the absorbing factor. He murders this shop owner and he sees a man in the store afterwards and they talk about if he’ll continue his evil ways or not. It was good.

Overall, worth the effort. I definitely preferred these bunch to Treasure Island hands down.


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