Voyage in the Dark

Voyage in the dark

This novel is somewhat similar to The Great Gatsby; descriptive, depressing, colorful character’s with disturbing defects, but British. What I also found fascinating was the heroine’s perspective of how most of the people she found herself surrounded by were those who couldn’t quite understand where she was coming from. I related to her in this respect (living with persons with depression has opened my eyes to what kind of behavior is dealt with). The story-line itself is following a 19 year old girl who’s trying to make a living as a dancer and trying to have a fun social life, but keeps on running into people who thinks she should be different.

While the story meanders along, it shows how Anna tries to make it in London, but ultimately runs into a man who is willing to pay for a place for her to stay, but also buys her a few articles of clothing, which is seen by others as unbecoming and looked down upon. He wants her as his arm-doll and escort, unfortunately she ends up falling for him and ignores the obvious reasons he wanted her and falls into depression when he leaves her.

I found the pacing acceptable and wasn’t overly descriptive (as some English writers are) and when I found the author and I shared a birthday it made it a little more interesting to learn her views and how differently her opinions of people are and how she makes her protagonist deal with them. I’m looking forward to reading more from Jean Rhys.


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