Cagney by Cagney

Cagney by Cagney

This is seriously one of my favorite and most memorable autobiographies. James Cagney seems to spare no detail in this book, which may seem odd since it isn’t a chubby book. He goes through a bit of a childhood bully phase in accompaniment of his brothers and he describes behind the scenes moments about what happened in some of his movies and the people he met, whom I don’t remember unfortunately (perhaps a reread is in my distant future).

It was pretty much reading an action, adventure, intelligent, multifaceted, beautiful movie which was never made; I enjoyed reading it. This book was one of the main influences I watched more of his movies to see if I could capture any of the moments from this wonderful read. He was one hell of an actor, with quite a range. I recommend this book to anyone who knows of his movies and enjoys his work.


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