Education of a Felon


I love this autobiography; it has everything. The criminal life which starts in early childhood it’s hard to believe it actually happened. It describes the life of a man who got pulled into the criminal fold from a young age and fought his way through boy’s homes, psychiatric wards and of course, prisons. And then he goes on to become an actor and writer. He knew many actors who are still in the business today and met some of them in prison, i.e. Danny Trejo. He lightly covers some interesting facts about his time working on Reservoir Dogs, but this sticks closely to what Bunker found the most important, writing literature, becoming a success, and being able to enjoy it without seeing the  inside of a prison again. It’s one of the most lively and engrossing reads I’ve ever experienced. I recommend this book to those who like to read about the criminal mind, but one which isn’t of a murdering disposition.


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