John Dies at the End


Very similar to the movie, this novel fleshes out what we don’t learn and is a warped, laugh-out-loud tale. It has a kind of playful funniness which is hard to pin down in novel form; it’s more common in 20 minute slapstick based verbosity and I truly appreciate reading it in a novel.

John’s character also becomes more likable, I was insouciant with the movie character, he not being bad, it merely needing more of the story than they could cover. The same happens for Dave, for at first, he seemed an absent-minded, possible psycho.

The alternate-universe people they meet are also extremely different from the movie versions and it becomes so terribly tragic by the last chapter, but also sweet, with a surprising ending. Unbelievably, worth the read! For the review of the 1.5 sequel.


2 thoughts on “John Dies at the End

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