The Princess Bride


I must disclose, I preferred the movie over the book. Even though the book is almost verbatim to the movie, there are a few changes which didn’t seem necessary especially with Billy Crystal‘s part. He made Miracle Max his own, in the most memorable way and outshines the book character of Miracle Max, which of course only makes sense when one realizes how much Crystal’s part is improvised.

The same goes for Inigo Montoya: Mandy Patinkin is the bloody heart of the character and the book doesn’t give what the actors mentioned do, but the book does give more of his background story and much more swordsmanship training and techniques which rounded off the knowledge already given in the movie.

Otherwise, it was a quick read and still quite entertaining. Read this for the imaginative storytelling and a closer look at the individual characters, but also for a nice introduction which has anecdotes about Andre the Giant which were quite enjoyable; otherwise, watch the movie again.


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