Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


I’ve always been fascinated with the movie, so I had to read the book. I now understand why Roald Dahl would have been so mad at the film adaptation. The book is more dramatic and has more of a depth of emotion I never felt from the movie –And the movie’s great!

The story is thankfully quite similar, but just so much better in the written form. Gene Wilder really captured the character of Wonka while Tim Burton stayed truer to the story, but neither of them got the Oompa Loompas appearance right. Maddening how it still hasn’t been adapted correctly.

One other fair difference is how Wonka and the Oompa Loom-pa songs should disturb people a bit more than they do in the films. It’s also much lighter by the end and better than both of the movies combined. Excited to continue on to the sequel.


2 thoughts on “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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