Tekkon Kinkreet: Black and White


This is freakin’ adorable from the beginning! A fascinating story about orphaned boys Black and White; they are possibly brothers, who live on the streets and own it in Treasure Town. They kick the crap out of adult hooligans or anyone with a few bucks so they can buy necessities and steal valuables; White has an obsession with watches.

I heard about this and found the movie first, but have started the series instead; I am not disappointed. It’s got so much heart. Seemingly more violent than Tank Girl, it ties with Kick AssHit Girl, and Transmetropolitan, respectively.

Then of course, events start to take a turn towards fantasy when “evil” splits the boys up and they both degrade into a kind of fantasy world where mythology wields its merry wand!

Satisfying ending, totally worth it, but after seeing the movie, I realize the comic is much more engrossing.


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