Tank Girl: Visions of Booga


This Tank Girl issue is much better than it’s predecessor in story-line and artwork. Tank Girl and Booga are captured after their escapade and are on the way to being taken to prison when another criminal is helped to escape from the bus they are riding, when his crew blows up the back-end and he jumps onto a ladder attached to a helicopter. Tank Girl and Booga tag along and are dropped from the sky when said criminal liberates himself from his pants and they are falling to certain death when they fall in the tube of a water slide and steal some wonderfully entertaining clothes (Booga’s outfit in particular). Booga then discovers a letter addressed to him by his long lost younger brother whom he didn’t know about, offering him a paradisaical vacation/living situation in Sunny Bay which Tank Girl is willing to run to, due to their murder-crazed enemies.

The third issue brings more fun and even an unplanned wedding whom a hippie on a cliff administers. It’s a sweet moment and the issue ends with a chief of police’s death and that of the hippie. The gang’s enemy not far behind them, and still swearing revenge. Tank Girl, Booga, and the crew reach Sunny Bay. They get acquainted with Booga’s brother, then finally have their final fight with the last brother whom has been after them from the beginning. It ends sweetly and now, I’ll continue on to Tank Girl: Dark Nuggets.


2 thoughts on “Tank Girl: Visions of Booga

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