This may not be the tightest story-line ever written, but it’s certainly as easy to read as the other Crichton novels have been. With this novel in particular it’s becoming as simple to read as Stephen King novels tend to be. This story starts with a couple who happen upon an old man in the desert talking gibberish and gets stranger from there.

Once I gave it 135 pages, it became a bit more interesting and quicker paced. The characters, unfortunately adopt dumb behavior and get themselves into trouble which may have been avoided, but one has to allow this in order for the plot to thicken, so if that seems enjoyable, sally forth into this decent read.

But, if the reader sticks through it, one does get more of a thriller spike periodically throughout, especially near the end, what with the race against time. It was fascinating following these people through ancient France on a treasure hunt for a secret passage in order to survive long enough to try and make it back to their own time.

It gets so crazy with tension by the almost-end to closely annoy me. Also, I realize how much Marek is important to the plot, but still am not phased by his presence other than noticing offhandedly he’s quite chivalrous for his time. It’s so thrilling I almost can’t go on, because I’m apprehensive where it will lead, but as I continue to read, the story sucks me in, fighting the moment of learning what possible horrible end they face. This is probably the downside to reading it along with other books, one should read some Crichton novels singularly otherwise one may become too chicken to continue. At least, I’ve been hesitant for some reason. One thing’s certain: Crichton succeeded where Dan Brown fails.

It ended with the nervousness of one who is being tugged along until the last second for relief, which there is and I’m pleased with the outcome. I also like the idea of Timeline being a more serious version of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure which filmbuff-36 from IMDB likened this to. Lively read! To read my review of, Sphere.


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