Tank Girl: Dark Nuggets

Dark Nuggets

This begins with Tank Girl in trouble and everyone being indisposed due to a band no one told Tank Girl about. She’s able to get a hold of Jet Girl, who lets her know why no one is running to her aide and leaves to help Tank Girl with her literally bloody problem. After Jet Girl helps her out, they learn Tank Girl’s old school is going to be torn down and Tank Girl begins to feel nostalgic and decides to see if she can stop the demolition. It, of course doesn’t go down smoothly for the crew doing the work.

Then there’s an after-story set up like a novelette. It starts with a game of Tank War. Craziness goes down, and then Booga pulls some psychological torture on Tank Girl which had to do with food. I found pleasure in thinking of it in cartoon form, since the comic is in black and white, which for me is a bit annoying, but the characters are still drawn “the right way” so I can let it slide. It ends ominously, but it’s funny throughout so definitely worth it, especially for some of the full spread portraits. On to, Tank Girl: Skidmarks!


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