Tank Girl Movie Adaptation

tank-girl ma

I’ll be operating under the assumption those who read this have seen the movie, which makes it safe to give a review of the aesthetic. The artist style isn’t quite the same as the comic series, which isn’t bad, only something to get used to. (It looks like an Archie comic a bit, and it doesn’t start like the movie, I’m happy to report, but falls back into the same dialogue and storyline-up after the introduction.) Stays faithful to the movie script except for a few minor jokes being changed, so in that case, the movie is better, but if the reader is looking for the animated-style: Read On. Also the ending is fleshed out to how it should’ve been done in the movie, which makes it a bit more satisfying. Definitely makes a good companion comic to the film. To read my review of, Tank Girl: The Gifting.


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