Tank Girl: Skidmarks

TG Skidmarks

Tank Girl and Booga are in a race, The Watermelon Run, to raise money for Barney’s medical bills (she put herself in a coma whilst trying to do a complicated skateboard trick and failing due to being a novitiate. But, wow, the 5th issue starts off in such an epic way it made me remember why I enjoy reading this series. TG and Booga are still on the chase to catch up, TG coming across a rocket launcher-like contraption to propel her to the bus they are trying to overtake. Hilarity and madness ensues is the gist of it, and all for a friend.

Then there’s a side story where you get to see TG and Barney meet for the first time, it’s adorable. Also this issue seems the one which emulates Gorillaz the most. The plot also continues to thicken which I can’t divulge too much of without giving away the sweetness of the story. There’s another spot in this issue which reminds me of Futurama, with the famous people’s heads in fish bowls. Granted, in here, they aren’t famous, nor are they as pretty, but plenty entertaining!

So what I’ve come to realize is the semi-new crew of Tank Girl are taking all of my favorite TV shows and cartoon characters as well as Warren Ellis’ Transmetropolitan and putting it in to ‘Tank Girl Land’, which is a sweet concept since Spider Jerusalem of Transmetropolitan brings craziness to his city and Tank Girl doesn’t need a city to bring their similar brand of crazy. It’s a satisfying mix which I’ll brief the readers of the other comics to come. For my review of, Tank Girl: The Royal Escape.


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