Tank Girl: Bad Wind Rising


The tone is now falling back into what “old” TG was. It’s almost immediately fun and shown an uncommon lover’s spat between TG and Booga which will obviously help move the story to even more crazy scenes. –Then, into the crazy scenes, TG decides it’s time to cool off and Jet Girl tags along as they ride off in TG’s tank into the dirty sunset, since a storm is a-brewing besides the one which already took place. Then some government conspiratorial story arc occurs and plumps up the plot, which reeled me back in for absorption of the rest.

Booga is captured by the gang he stood up when TG “kidnapped” him, which he tries to explain to them: It doesn’t fly. Fortunately for Booga, Big Bro is listening in. Crazy situations ensue, which are engrossing and amusing. Then TG meets up with Pattacake and he gives her a disgusting piece of hallucinogenic turd; I’ll let the reader what kind *Wink wink*.

The story-line is stronger than the last, but I’m not sure if I want to take their little joke of “filler” as lightly as they’d like, especially for those who are BUYING these. Granted the “filler” being mentioned is in a pretty small panel, but why bring my attention to it? I think I would have been able to breeze over it without even giving it a second glance, but since they decided to hang a damn lantern on it I have no choice but have them take me out of the story, once again, for a joke which isn’t funny to anyone who didn’t HELP MAKE THE COMIC! Psh.

In the end though, it wraps up hastily so the reader must not take these newer issues as seriously as the first few or with the same amount of reverence one may have started with, like myself. I do notice I’m getting some sort of gnarly action-related good vibes from the newer issues, leaving me with the feeling I’m definitely understanding the areas of the comic where Alan Martin wishes for the readers to get stoked to discover where TG is going, (which is crazy, in more ways than one)  and gets Doctor Who-ian, as well. There are also some well placed jokes which are still quite clever for all the potty humour, I continue to read onwards! To this.


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