Tank Girl: Dirty Helmets


This one continues in the vein of the Gorillaz character facial features, it doesn’t start blooming for me until almost 10 pages in. Tank Girl receives orders from her old Army days when Booga tries to plug up his new old record player inside TG’s tank. She decides to follow through on them and Booga and the gang follow her into battle. The only good thing about it personally, is I found plenty of centerfold’s I’ll like to recreate. It ends abruptly, as will this part of this review.

It then gives a back story about TG’s time in the Army. Booga is on the mission with her where they are dropped by plane to the “target”. TG ends up by herself and dealing with said target in the jungle. I’m only slightly peeved this comic, also is predominantly black & white; the story-line is better than the other issue which was also colorless. In the end, it was an incredibly decent story. The next story “Baby Bazooka” made me giggle from the title page. It became another caper and had a tidy ending. I will be looking forward to reading more as I can discover them and as they come out. For my review of, Tank Girl Movie Adaptation.


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