Squee’s Wonderful Big Giant Book of Unspeakable Horrors


This one begins with Squee awkwardly praying on his father’s behalf. Wanting only he getting whatever he wishes and offers God all his money in payment or thanks, whichever is cuter. Later in the night Shmee goes missing, and when Squee goes to investigate his whereabouts he discovers him outside his bedroom where he meets some scary looking aliens. They don’t wish him harm, but once the aliens learn the child’s parent’s may “have been damaged” whilst trying to “restrain” them, they start fighting over who’s allowed to do their human experiment on him. Eventually, one group tricks the other into believing a stuffed masked-avenger changed form from little Squee and unfortunately isn’t even missed when he comes back after what seems is an extended period of time.

I’m so happy to report Squee is given a little evil friend called Pepito! By his mother anyway, otherwise he is known by many names of evil (reminds me of some people I know. I am so much happier with the reading of this comic so far and I’m still fairly near the beginning, it’s still dark, but so much more tolerable for the cute little rounded-headed boys struggling with terribly adult scenarios.) Squee has some extremely disturbing nightmares for one so young as well. Once he talks to a dream version of Shmee where we learn he’s been absorbing poor Squee’s anxieties and extreme terrors; I definitely agree with the last panel ending, since he does make the simplest of observations which are also quite true: Squee has gotten used to his constant terrors. This is sad, but now he’ll be able to cope with all the crazy nonsense which will what sometimes, seemingly gets worse with age. At least he’ll be prepared, or forget, as do many children. Also Vasquez periodically puts little blurbs on the sides of panels to either explain or commiserate on the horrendous scenes he puts little Squee through. (I skimmed over the Wobbly Headed Bob and True Tales of Human Drama, etc. comics. Some are amusing, but I’m in it for Squee.) He’s too apple-faced adorable. (So once reaching the second Prologue-like thing, I read a few and quit it.) Squee all the way! For my review of, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac.


2 thoughts on “Squee’s Wonderful Big Giant Book of Unspeakable Horrors

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