Before Watchmen – Comedian/Rorschach

This one begins with one helluva conspiracy involving Jackie Kennedy enlisting Eddie to take out Marilyn Monroe; ha! We are taken through some of Comedian’s missions up until Kennedy’s assassination. Then we see Eddie go to Vietnam and enjoying himself. After, Eddie takes a break in Hawaii. It starts off, not slowly, but it takes longer for interest to take hold, since it seems we are going through the war-time of the Comedian’s life. It goes on to how much damage he causes and the cover-up which would have been confessed if not for the assassination of Kennedy and who was actually behind it. I’m looking forward to Rorschach’s story more, anyways.

His begins with his journal entry about the only time his mother smiled at him and it goes on to mention a drug dealer he tracks down and threatens into revealing to him where his stash is. He uncovers something else, getting into a mess, but escapes with his life which gives him the chance for revenge. He threatens Rawhead’s gang into learning his whereabouts. Rorschach follows a lead and discovers Rawhead, going straight into a trap, unfortunately, during which, the waitress who he’d asked out to thank her for her kindness is left by herself and in the danger of a predator during a riot. It wasn’t bad, but Ozymandias/Crimson Corsair still wins the race so far. The next Before Watchmen I reviewed is, here.


2 thoughts on “Before Watchmen – Comedian/Rorschach

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