About a Boy/ High Fidelity/ Juliet, Naked/ Slam

I like it. The similarities between the book and the movie are many. It’s like watching over the movie in your head, pretty much, which I enjoyed. It does bring a bit more depth to the movie too, and the endings are different. It’s quite an easy read.

It was a good book, love the movie more though.

I liked the story, even though some people had a problem with Tucker being such a dick, he was none-the-less a character that made me want to keep reading and find out what happens to him. Only issue is I don’t really get what the big secret was with his eldest daughter and there wasn’t too much follow-up on what happens with him and Annie. Still a quick and fun read.

I liked the story, but I’m noticing some flaws in the narration that are getting kind of annoying. I understand Hornby is just trying to cover his bases when he explains what “skating” means, but there are some other ones similarly explained which get irritating. The story itself though is interesting enough to overlook the frustrating narrative, but I don’t think this one will be a keeper. Ending was a bit disappointing, but the story was still very good, worth the read, after all.


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