A Song of Ice and Fire

From the prologue, it gets exciting and since it was recommended to me to watch the TV series before reading the book series so one can enjoy the main story of the TV show and then enjoy reading it from all the main characters perspectives, I tried it and wasn’t disappointed. It was an epic read and I planned on enjoying the parallels and similarities between book and show, which alas, wasn’t meant to go on for as long as the series would last.

The epic ride continues through the second, which also was pretty good…

The plot continues to thicken…and lengthen, unlike my post-blawg review.

This is where Martin lost me. I continued at a much slower pace, but sticking to it since I felt it was too late to back out, so I did finish, but don’t remember doing so. Having to ditch the series where I did made me pretty cross with Martin. I wish he would have thought it wouldn’t be necessary to introduce everyone in the room until they had talking bits, at least. It only became better towards the last six chapters, which may only have been due finally being at the end, since my lack of remembrance.


One thought on “A Song of Ice and Fire

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