Adventure Time Encyclopaedia

We discover Marceline is the owner of this book and has given it to Finn and Jake to read and add notes at will, but to be careful not to die since her father was the one to put the text together. We also are given a map of the land of Ooo which puts the layout into perspective. We first begin with a “Compleat Eel-Gutting Guide Booke” which Marcie thinks shouldn’t be in the book at all, but Finn, who writes in blue thinks otherwise, with Jake’s support. We then get a warning page of whom will be safe to read the pages ahead, the norms not included. We then get a step by step description of what will occur if those who aren’t supposed to be reading, continue to do so, ending with transformation into something which was slimy. Then we get some pictures of Marceline and her father, after which we have a table of contents. The Backward Foreward is, in Finn’s words, trippy. When we start Hunson Abadeer’s preface, he describes his earliest memory and the opinion’s of the boy’s and Marcie interjected. We are then given an Introduction to the introduction describing the previous leader of Ooo, who has an entertaining name when said with the land’s moniker, after which he reiterates his words similarly throughout the text.

Then we begin the Worthless Inhabitants “Mr. Evil” has given pardon to for his daughter’s sake. It goes to give pictorial identification and then descriptions of the character’s we all know starting with Finn, who may or may not have a secret he may or may not know he has. Then we learn his origins and how he got his name, also giving some cute baby Finn pictures, as well as his phobias. Then Jake, of course is almost immediately insulted in his description, crossing part of it out going on to mention how Jake got his magical abilities and his age compared to Finn. We also uncover what his innerds smell like and his smelling abilities. Princess Bubblegum comes next where we are told about her physical and at times, her evil side. She also knows German, has a degree in glycomics and has a Frankenstein’s monster sort-of-way son. We also become privy to who her doctor is later on. Then we move on to Marceline which covers her likes and dislikes from an interview she gave to a fanzine. We also learn where the two fang-marks on her neck came from as well as the “rumours” about her, which were all facts since they came from her father. Then Ice King is next, which gives information from a VHS tape about his origins and real name. It goes on to describe how he got so crazy and the VHS tapes found were his video diaries he’d started almost from the beginning of his descent into madness. We also get a list of his talents and magic, his beard having its own bit of magic as well as knowing he has a tattoo and has been married before. We are given what his favorite video-game is, as well. After is Lady Rainicorn, which starts with learning where she lives, who her best friend is, what kind of Asian language she speaks (since I, for one, was not sure), and also mentions another magic talent she has as well as how she can fly through certain solids, along with riders. Then Lumpy Space Princess is covered which gives all the details one would expect about this trash-talkin’ princess. There’s even a special part where her story is told in “fairy-tale” format.

Then we move on to the, “Insignificat Inhabitants of the Land of Ooo”, in alphabetical order, starting with Abraham Lincoln and ends with Marcie’s ex, Ash for the “A’s”. B’s start with BMO and ends with Butterfly Bandit, which contains some fun alliteration. C’s begin with Cactus Creatures and ends with Cute King. D’s start with Death where it’s revealed he’d played in a band with Abadeer, and ends with the Duke, Duchess and Marquis of Nuts, which in Abadeer’s own words, “are of any consequence…”. E starts with the Earl of Lemongrab and ends with Ed and Barb, acquaintances of Finn’s. F’s start with Fear Feaster and ends with Forest Wizard. G’s begin with Georgy and ends with Gunter where it describes how evil he/she truly is. First in H is the Hot Dog People and last, also known as, the second in this section are the Hug Wolves. First in J’s are Jaybird and Jake’s brother, Jermaine gets his own little section as well, then ending with Jake’s parent’s, Joshua and Margaret. Skipping K and going straight on to L, we begin with the Lich which gets a page all to himself and ending with the Lumpy Space King and Queen. We move on to Abadeer’s most hated Wizards of Ooo after this, which begins with Abracadaniel, who is also covered in the last section. NEPTR is also mentioned in this area, after which we cover the most hated Princesses of Ooo, starting with Breakfast Princess.

We are then given the possible evil, the snail whom shows up through episodes, may possess. After getting through the alphabetical list, which is filled with short blurbs of the creatures, we have a Zine by the Ice King which starts with character profiles of Cake and Fionna, Marshall Lee, Ice Queen, and others, after which is BMO’s Instructional Pamphlet and User Guide giving one the insight as to how to treat BMO with the respect it deserves. We then move on to the Land of Ooo and You, beginning with a tourist guide made by Princess Bubblegum. She writes of all the different Kingdoms in the land of Ooo starting with Candy Kingdom, then to the Fire Kingdom and then the Ice Kingdom. Lumpy Space is also covered, then moving to the Breakfast Kingdom and covering also a forest and haunted house. We then get Marceline’s travel blog to finish off the chapters. She mentions a Kingdom not covered by PB called Goblin Kingdom, pretty self-explanatory. After is the Lost Texts of Ooo which begins with an excerpt of the Enchiridion. It continues with cut off text of different old legends and also covers some spells of Abadeer’s. Then we get to the chapters which, if one reads them, will die! Starting with a full page introduction which tries to dissuade the reader with big words and imminent death, then going on to a page written by a wizard whom got turned into the page. We also have an unsolvable rebus which will supposedly make one mad, as it had others. After which comes the disclaimer, purely in law-speak and then we get to a part where the book tries to get the reader to stop reading it. This was mostly entertaining, and slightly a chore to get through since it is made up of mostly the descriptions of characters one barely recognizes, but I’ve read almost everything else Adventure Time, so I’m satisfied I at least read it; the pictures were a plus, as well.


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