Bone: Disney Adventure

The Bone comic which was within the Disney Adventures Vol. 4 is one titled “May the Force be with You”. Thorn calls to Phoney and Fone to remind them it’s their turn to do laundry and Fone lets her know they are aware, Phoney calling fluff by replying they’ll “get right on it”. Continuing their walk away, Fone asks if Phoney notices the country lifestyle of their surroundings they are currently residing in, which Phoney includes shoveling cow barns, he preferred the “bustle of…Boneville”. Fone reminds him of how he worried about money and now he doesn’t have the option, should relax and give in to fate, Phoney arguing there are more powerful forces than fate they’d be dealing with, soon discovering a treasure map.

Giving the perfect forum for Phoney to rub in how Capitalism is at work. They follow the map, Phoney determined to see it to the end with the ultimate hope of returning to Boneville in high acclaim. Phoney’s efforts, though greedy, also ended them up in a huge nest, with mama bird soon coming back. They try not to move and Fone gets gobbled for Phoney’s suggestion which has Phoney go after the big bird with threats to her unborn if she doesn’t release Fone from her gullet. His child endangerment seems to do the trick, with the angry mama spitting Fone out and ready to claw them, the both jumping out of the nest and rolling the rest of the way down the steep briar patch.

They fall in to the right area, next to the tree described upon the map, Fone being surprised of its reality. They follow the instructions and Fone detects a shovel nearby. Phoney continues with how Capitalism is a “force in its own right”, and “a power that be”. Fone, who’s doing the digging, hits something after this revealing conversation. He pulls up a bag and uncovers “a bunch of dirty clothes”. Soon they realize it’s Phoney’s dirty clothes which leads to Phoney thinking Thorn must have set this up, whilst Fone replies it’s that or the “powers that be” wished they’d get the laundry done. Which ends the strip; this one being hella entertaining and on to the Holiday Special Premiere Edition.


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