The Tales of Beedle the Bard

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I was at first enjoying the reviews of the stories by Dumbledore, but some of them seemed a little lacking in substance. As a heads up, this review is vague only due to believing, most will know the t.o.c. has the titles, so: first tale was definitely better than the second, since the first at least had a magical object assaulting one’s senses, whilst the second was just a bunch of people walking to a pond which didn’t do anything important, but bring said people together. Okay, kewl. The third story is bewildering in plot, mos def. The fourth was most entertaining, Babbity Rabbity being an Animagi. The Tale of the Three Bros, is ofc a good’n, since it was also in Deathly Hallows, and is one of ’em. Overall, it was alright, better, because it’s quick.


The Name of the Wind (The Kingkiller Chronicle: Day 1)

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A red-headed man is introduced, knowing many things and owning an inn with a bar. 3 men are drinking, they focused upon their imbibement. The Waystone Inn only gets a handful of patrons these days, and currently a story-teller was going over a known one to the inn-keeper, Kote, whom was overhearing. During the story, “the name of the wind” is mentioned, but not the actual name. The distraction of Carter entering stops the story, which had devolved into some quibbling, he bringing in what looked like a big ass spider, the men discussing it until 1 suggests it’s a demon, Kote, the only one knowing its true name.

Kote had changed his name and had experience lines in his face for someone younger than 30. After he’d closed up for the night, Bast, Reshi’s (Kote’s) student, comes to amusingly explain why he’d not read the text assigned to him being caused by a pretty girl out in the sunshine. Upon Bast hearing about the scraeling, his good humor vanished, as he learns how Kote’d responded to the news in front of the townsmen and reveal his background as a grandson to a guardsman to explain away his stitching knowledge. Kote had also made sure the body was disposed of properly, it high maintenance and partially a delicate procedure.

Bast still worried over the possibility of more being near, Kote mentioning one good and bad likelihood. When the mood is lightened with masked jokes (wish there’d been a translation of foreign languages), Kote dismisses Bast in favor of food, he acting wary over an expensive wood-made chest, it bringing stress, but he ending his night, settling down a slow process. Next night, the same townsfolk were back to discuss their crops and concerns, prices to buy goods going up and stock becoming limited. Gossip about the corpse of the creature was rampant outside the few who’d witnessed it, only partially being believed, most in denial about oddities occurring within town limits. Dark days had arrived.

On one of them doozy of a nice days, Chronicler was getting mugged, the soldiers sifting through all of his other belongings to see what they wanted and could use, but also leaving their shittier items behind, and kindly leaving the man with some of his own food. Fortunately, Chronicler had saved himself some cash by having a few hiding places and even getting the soldier to essentially tip him for the opportunity, since requesting they leave him with something for food, the leader impressed he’d asked. So, he’d be able to make it to town before dark and be comfy enough upon replacing his horse and saddle.

Graham, whom had completed a project for Kote, noticed how lacklustre his appearance had become. Kote pays him acceptably and then shocks Bast after seeing the mounting board with the word “folly” on it and planned to hang it where all could see. Bast retrieves the sword for Kote to place. After this, all of a sudden, business booms and they’re busy with travellers wanting sustenance and rooms. After he signs for the happy crowd, he’s called out as being “Kvothe” by a drunk, whom remembered him because of his singing voice. Kote acts flattered, requesting he repeat them to Bast.

Kote then hurts his leg upon getting up awkwardly, Bast helping him out, then being updated about the young man’s memory, they planning to date drug him so he forgets, Kote making certain Bast had the right background story to spread nonchalantly. This seems to work fine, the next morning Bast helping the travelers checkout, the young man well hungover. By noon, Kote leaves Bast to look after the inn whilst he handled some tasks in town, first going to the smith’s for iron and safety gloves and apron for a project garden at the inn. When Kote comes back and takes over the inn again, Bast stresses over his habits as he closes up shop early for no customers darkening the door.

Meanwhile, Chronicler had become exhausted, since not locating a horse so easily, discovering a man in some woods and wishing he’d not approached, but the man soon admitting Chronicler would die if he left, he soon seeing why, a scrael approaching. One pounced on Chronicler, he cracking his noggin and passing out, waking a bit later to the hooded man inquiring if he was well enough to help him destroy and dig graves for the scrael bodies, but not long after Chronicler attempts a sitting posish, he knocks out again. Once Kote was certain Chronicler was firmly knocked out, it’s revealed his injuries may be just as severe, but he lightens his load of apron and begins the painful task of digging.

Kote gets the both of them the rest of the way to Newarre, Bast meeting him heatedly over the crap message he’d left him, not noticing the blood on him til they’d entered the inn. As they get Chronicler to a bed, Bast is still annoyed Kote hadn’t trusted to inform him about what he was up to, he none-the-less helping to stitch his wounds. Bast obviously truly cares for his teacher, he checking on him and sitting with him in the early morn.

Early evening of next day had Chronicler finally appear at the bar, he also recognizing Kvothe (Kv-oh-th, the most confusing and not confusing explanation, I had to research it from an author interview to be certain). He confesses he wasn’t planning on turning him in for the price on his head, Kote having Chronicler give his real name, then realizing with whom he was in relation. Kote becomes less friendly after this, Chronicler made to feel guilty for putting a spotlight on Kote’s past identity. There’s a reason he wanted people to believe him dead. After Chronicler reveals the reason he’d been traveling, Kote was ready to deny giving Chronicler his story, but finally settles on doing so, only if he stayed the 3 days necessary to hear it, and it’d be before he was to visit the Earl, he accepting and Kvothe finally showing his old self.

Chronicler proves he could write quickly enough, but Kvothe needed to understand the code he wrote in, Chronicler impressed with how quickly he’d caught on, but Kvothe had learned much of a language before in a day and a half, so he had the brain nimbleness for it. Before starting, Kvothe makes clear, due to the likelihood this story wouldn’t be told again, he expected him to take it down exactly as described. Kvothe first gets into wanting to study magic and the name of the wind, the voice of a lady which blended perfectly with his, and the Chandrian, but he’d begin at the right spot, as his ancestors taught. He gives himself a proper introduction, listing his nicknames and aliases as well as giving a few highlit “best of” moments.

Kvothe came from a high class entertainment troupe, his mother of noble blood and being lured by his father’s music and words, the 2 married only in spirit and showing it: they were happy, Kvothe respecting this not being about government approval. His father quoted wonderfully placed words from stories, Kvothe encouraged to hear the depth in them and attempt readings, as well. Kvothe’s other tutors came from not only the troupe, but also travelers who would join them for spans of time, his only real teacher coming to him at the age of 11. The first real story is of his father being turned away from a town by the mayor due to the rambunctiousness of the townspeople, despite they being booked, which the mayor soon relents to once seeing whom they were employed by, consenting to their set up in the market and later in the original spot of town hall.

Kvothe was insulted easily by the mayor’s assumptions they were as base or ill-mannered as other lower class troupes, but his father took these stereotypes in stride and upon seeing his son, relates why he should let it go, they far from being uneducated, small town-minded bumpkins. As tickets are being collected, Kvothe sees the mayor threatening jail time to a traveling arcanist, them’s a god-fearing town. When the constable lays hands on the old man, he’s able to create a great gust, this enough to have the 2 retreat, and Kvothe recognizing the man quoting an unpopular play. Kvothe asks about a certain item the man may sell, which led to a conversation of Abenthy (Ben), asking after a job, Kvothe taking liberties and welcoming him to their troupe. He was curious about Ben’s ability to call the wind, which he’d soon realize was his want to learning it’s name.

Background on Abenthy is provided, he knowing “all” the sciences and 7 being listed, as well as physique and personality, Kvothe taking advantage to ask questions whilst traveling, he allowed to ride in his cart. From the start, one feels Kvothe’s overflowing curiosity. Abenthy obliging, giving examples of what a real arcanist is capable of sensing and creating. Once Kvothe straight up asks to be taught of some of the subjects, Abenthy doesn’t refuse, Kvothe thinking some of the “mental exercises”, were a tortuous experience and petty. These games though, allowed him to create a maze for himself and work a duality, even tri-ality, holding different conflicting beliefs at once so as to attain a higher state of being, also getting closer to obtaining “sympathy”.

E’lir was receiving an impromptu lesson due to a mud-in, everyone waiting for it to dry before moving forward. Abenthy was somewhat teasing him about learning how to call the wind, since he needed to learn the other requirements first, E’lir having to learn patience. He quickly picks up how to connect with metal and have them move without touching, but simply moving his hand for it to copy. He also discovers how much energy is wasted depended on how well linked the object was. Abenthy taught his sympathy exercises sparingly, but E’lir was usually quick to show his mastery, so he could absorb them quickly enough. His mother later on teaches him to always be aware of what he’s singing, after she overhears him singing a kids rhyme with sexual connotation.

These upcoming days would make up one of E’lir’s best year, ever when it came to knowledge-gathering. Kvothe remembered the mo. he’d begun worrying about the future, referencing a day he’d overheard a conversation between his parents and Abenthy speaking about the Chandrian. His father had been taking longer for this song what with delving into the research to make it perfectly accurate, so Abenthy’s story knowledge could be great use to him. They speak further on his father’s suspicions as to why they did what they do, and he wouldn’t share until his song was done, the perfect bait to having someone stick around Abenthy now included. Later, he has a conversation with Kvothe’s parents which he eavesdrops on, it having to do with his bright future because of how smart he was.

Kvothe surfaces to offer Chronicler refreshment, he also berating Bast for brown-nosing. Chroniclers then calls irons by it’s name, effecting Bast painfully, only reversing it upon Kvothe’s request. They then must agree to let go this unfortunate mo, or both would lose out upon his presence and friendship, the two warming to each other after this, snack brought before the story continued.

During winter was when Abenthy tutored Kvothe in sympathy more regularly, the learning not as impressive as when he’d seen Abenthy call the wind, this his true interest. This introduces Kvothe almost suffocating himself with sympathy, Abenthy inviting him to dinner to talk more about this, and he watching his parents share a kiss and instead of the normal kid response, considers acquiring the skill for his own use later, his father catching him and jokingly calling him a voyeur, this leading into explanation of a waystone. After speaking with Abenthy, they both take a time out to think of different things, this the start of Kvothe’s sympathy education slowing down, he patiently waiting for Abenthy to trust him to be responsible. Unfortunately, this also marks the closing of their time together.

Abenthy falls for a widow, he’s pretty much a fixture in this town, Winterfell, tutoring her son, as well. So, Kvothe’s birthday would be moved early to coincide with Abenthy’s going away party. It was a warm memory, Abenthy even getting a gift from one of the performers in the form of a private dance and the other troupe members doing silly stunts which failed and succeeded with the same result of entertaining them all. His father obliges for the first time when pleas for a sample of his unfinished song takes hold of the group, which is followed by a lovely way to envision true love. When the troupe finally does leave, Kvothe realizes it could be many years before he saw Abenthy again. His gift was a hated book from his collection which he’d used to teach Kvothe, this one, Rhetoric and Logic, on the subj. of argument.

From this point, Kvothe’s parents attempt to keep his mind occupied in Abenthy’s absence. Besides being taught swordplay and such from the troupe, his father taught him more about acting with its subtleties, and his mother taught him high society etiquette. During another stop caused by a fallen tree in the road, Kvothe is asked to do a task which’d take some time for a roll in ze hay, but the returning to which’d mark the end of Kvothe’s carefree childhood. This also being the “true” start of the story, it marked by many deaths back at their camp, Kvothe in deep shock, even taking a boiling pot off heat for seeing it was ready, the lady whom had made it lying nearby.

Kvothe then sees a group at his parents’ fire, one of them, Cinder moving mercurially and acting a schmuck about where his parents could be, this apparently about “singing the wrong songs”. This is stopped by another, Haliax, whom thought he should get on with ending him and also showing whom had the power, knowing Cinder’s true name and bringing pain as a reminder. At one point, Hal hears something and has the group disappear in his shadow, leaving Kvothe to check on any survivors and discover his parents, he clumsily attempting to bury some. He locates the wagon and is even able to sleep. Unfortunately, when awaking, he discovers he’d started a fire upon leaving candles lit, he gathering a couple items and heading for the woods.

Bast is emotional with hearing this part of Kvothe’s story, which he sets him straight with, since this isn’t even the worst bit. He goes to collect firewood, Bast apologizing with more genuineness, since Chronicler had only attempted to bind him, whilst Bast would’ve killed him, the 2 truly moving on. Kvothe shoes to actually having been greatly effected with his old memory, breaking down in the forest. Kvothe recalls going into the forest, at 12 and sleeping to retreat further from the pain of grief. He explains how he dulled the memory, so he could ease his mind and heal.

Kvothe dreamt of walking in the forest with Laclith, whom’d been with the troupe when he was younger, he later morphing into Abenthy. Laclith taught him many handy survival skills and plan recognition. When he woke, he felt much better, listing the items he’d been able to recover, then deciding upon a decent spot to sleep, locating water, and ignores his discomfort with an unappetizing veggie meal. When he awakes again, he makes a snare which kills, as reminded in his dream, and decides to create a shelter for his lute what with rain coming.

During these early days of survival and setting up camp with a store of food, he was on auto-pilot, only surfacing more when he had more time on his hands. He uses this time to play the lute whenever it wasn’t raining. He becomes more comf with old songs and begins creating new ones based on feeling in nature, also expanding to feelings with the people he loves and themes related to their characteristics and such. When a string broke, he’d been put on pause, his autopilot still in effect, and in order to continue, learns to play with 6 strings, but then another breaks, he deciding it’s time for a better solution, so packs up to locate a town, so he could remedy his strings. Eventually, he runs into a kind older man with his son traveling by cart and offering him a ride and buttered bread, Kvothe grateful, but ware of their kindness, this being 6 months later.

When they get to a big city, the man offers him to stay with them and help with the farm, but Kvothe declines respectfully before getting spooked when he’s knocked into, he not ready to surface for the kind pair. Some boys are soon bullying and beating him, he making small damage to the one interested in his lute, but enough to surprise him, when biting his shoulder, Kvothe on top of his lute where they’d both fallen. When the boy turns to anger and kicks Kvothe, he further breaks his lute, the boy still wanting to see if he could get anything for it. Kvothe is only saved from further beating when a man posing as night watch chases the boys away and Kvothe passes out. The man takes his money, and Kvothe focuses on gathering his broken lute and finding the kind old man again, but it’s too late. This would mark his first night of almost 3 years in Tarbean, sleeping in an alley.

Begging for food was hard going for Kvothe, not many empathetic passersby. When he follows some young beggars to a broken door building down a side alley, he sees them exit with loaves of bread, he finding kids bound to a bed, but it turns out to be a quite different situation than what it looked like, a kindly man appearing from a back room, the man offering all the bread he could eat for help with transporting water, Kvothe accepting. He learned the man, Trapis cared for those who were too ill, and gave work to the children for food, being kind to them. Kvothe used it as a desperate necessity only, he liking Trapis and the bound boy, Tancee, but the others he didn’t care for, so he stayed apart.

He learns Tarbean was too huge to truly get to know, but he does discover more ways of getting bread. Eventually, the time of year when demon masks are worn arrives, Kvothe trying his luck on the ritzy side of town, Hillside. He noticed how the masked mischief-makers followed the rules of the festivities. He gets a real boon when receiving the sort of penny worth quite a bit in Waterside, but then realizes why there weren’t other beggars, getting chased down by a fancy shmancy guard. He gets a beating which tears something on his insides, passes out, and when he awakes, attempts to locate his lost penny.

On his progress back to his side of town, he begins to get dangerously close to death, the temp now crispy with snow and his foot gone numb. As he’d been comfy close to delirious sleep, 2 masked demons help him up, one more set on saving him than the other, giving him a silver coin to buy shelter with, the 2 then fleeing from a crowd coming. He makes it to a familiar inn, able to afford a bankie and meal with wine, he retreating to his rooftop rest spot rather than take the offered spot by the fireplace. He ended the night knowing New Year’s day had arrived.

Due to his injuries and leftover nourishment, he waits to heal more before attempting to climb back down from his safespot. He must soon enough, though since he becomes quite fevered and must return to Trapis to nurse him back to health, this thing resistant to receding quick, but when it does, Tanee is agitatedly requesting a story which Trapis is hesitant to acquiesce. After a long moment of remembering a story to tell, he begins. It’s of a time before our pa-pa’s were alive, a lil less than a thousand, a time when demons roamed. Finally a lady pure of heart is born and Tehlu deems her worthy, coming to her and she taking it in stride, believing she was dreaming.

When Tehlu touches her to give her wish to her of helping her neighbors, regardless of their wickedness to each other, she realizes perhaps it had truly occurred, feeling this new power within her. She learns she’s preggers, gives birth hella early, the boy developing unnaturally quickly and Perial taking it calm as Buddha. The only worry would be if the neighbors found out, this potentially devolving to she getting touched with demon baby. So one day, townsfolk go to her home and insist she prove her son human. The about 17-yr-old walks out and speaks for the first time, Perial recognizing it as the same voice in her dream.

Tehlu identifies himself and the wicked tremble accordingly, the god teaching them of having the choice of walking his path or continuing down their own, bot leading deathward. Many decide to cross, Tehlu healing them, but some of the pain lingering as it should. The ones who refused he made certain were human, still ridding them of demons, but not giving his support like the ones who crossed. Soon, Encanis became Tehlu’s unicorn, it taking some time to catch him, he destroying cities as he fled. He captures the most dangerous demon with iron, people celebrating. Tehlu sacrifices himself in order to kill the demon, but he knowing he’d survive. Kvothe wondered, but never asked if Trapis had been a Tehlin priest, and didn’t hear another story from him either.

Kvothe learned the art of begging whilst in Tarbean, as well as a knack for lockpicking. His sense of dangerous people also heightened, learning the signs. When a young boy is captured and unspecified things done to him by almost grown boys, Kvothe resists helping due to the proximity of it happening near his now rooftop home, whatever was happening also having been done to Kvothe months earlier, he pained with hearing it below.

He admits how this mo especially bothered him with knowing he could’ve helped in some way. Bast inquires why he’s stayed, he unable to return to Abenthy what with being hundreds of miles away, he having a better chance getting through winter in this terrible city than on the roads unknown and without transport. He also supposed Tarbean was a suitable punishment for not being with his family, to die with them. He also reminds him, he was still in shock and required help waking, this not happening for years until meeting Skarpi.

He’s 15, now and building his bank of iron pennies, he hearing of a storyteller bettering if he didn’t know the story requested, he’d pay a talent. Not certain of it’s truth, he wanted to check it out due to the lack of free entertainment, but an issue was the storyteller hanging around Dockside and Kvothe having gotten back at Pike after he’d broken his father’s lute, he stealing his shit and burning hit hut, but Pike catching him due to savoring too long. This and the fact he again had returned the favor to Pike after he’d stabbed him in the though and broke more of his ribs, Kvothe dousing him in booze and setting him on fire, decided him in not seeking the storyteller, he instead wonder what story he’d even ask. He comes up with asking for the story of Lanre after a few days contemplation, but the memory of his parents slowing his thoughts down, but he also discovering the pain wasn’t as acute.

Skarpi is whom he spots first when entering the bar, an old man surrounded by kids hungry for stories, all ranging in class mostly, age slightly, mostly younger than Kvothe. (First grammatical error spotted! “imperceptibility” should’ve been ‘imperceptibly’) He gets his chance to ask for his story, though and gets one, as well. Selitos had the power of knowing things secret names, which helped protect his city. Other rules used walls and weapons, their trust in Lanre. He fell in love with a powerful namer called Lyra and the two kept their country safe.

When Lanre dies helping turn the war in their favor, the people still lose hope with his death, but regain it when Lyra revives Lanre and they continue fighting until the war is nearing the end, rumors of terrible fates for both plaguing the country. Lanre visits Selitos, he hoping to learn Lyra’s fate and believing her dead when Lanre is silent to his question, but Lanre next attempts to bind Selitos and successfully, so he is able to watch as Lanre allows his army to march stealthily to his city. They destroy not only Selitos city, but also six others and putting the empire in ruin, all out of grief for Lyra. Lanre even asks if Selitos would kill him, he instead offing himself, but his newfound power so strong, it resurrects him.

Selitos allows being able to temporarily kill him, but  even Lanre knew he’d changed to Haliax, so Selitos blinds himself in order to bind Lanre, shadowing his face and banishing him. After Skarpi had finished the story, the kids slowly left and Kvothe goes to thank him, learning Skarpi knew one story which had parts which seemed like their own story. Skarpi shares his rules for stories being requested and his hours, giving Kvothe’s coin back, since he knew he needed it more, then Kvothe mentions of coming back if possible and Skarpi stating he knew he meant it.

Kvothe was extremely upbeat now he knew he could look forward to more stories which not even scoring coin could dampen He also decides to ask for the truth of Skarpi’s story, since he couldn’t get revenge on his friends and family’s killers. When Kvothe wakes, he realizes he’s late for Skarpi’s tale and busts tail to get there, listening from where he currently was in the story. Selitos’ story continued, he having to only punish those who had been wicked from what Selitos saw from this point on. Aleph turns the group into powerful gods, Tehlu the top dog. Then, someone interrupts, it being a Tehlin Justice priest, arresting Skarpi for “heresy”, but he not letting this sway him from insulting him as he extorted money from the owner. He stuns Skarpi on the neck, but he still mocks the priest, then speaking directly to Kvothe, by name without the priest understanding, Kvothe taking his advice and leaves, sticking to the rooves.

When he gets back, he had a releasing cry and then thinks of his family and troup with less pain. He was finally, achfully reawakening from his mental sleep. This allows him to remember some dialogue from Haliax about who their enemies were and how he could hopefully band with them to fuck the Chandrian up. It also has him wondering what was in his parents’ song they would kill to keep quiet. Kvothe then decides to read his book from Abenthy, getting reminded of the good advice he’d left as his inscription.

He goes to pawn his book, impressing the buyer into being true to his word in returning his book, Kvothe readying to make the journey and apply to University. He rips off the shopkeeper a bit, but he may not be able to collect his book back, anyways, so he didn’t have much guilt. He next goes to an inn for a meal and also decides a bath was in order, then comes up with a plan on the fly in order to excuse his walk with only a towel about him and getting some clothes made for himself, returning to the inn to collect his belongings and then realize owning a place like this’d be pleasant. Before leaving to find a ride, he compliments the innkeeper so hard he has him keep his money and invites him to return whenever.

Kvothe spooks himself when he’d become a part of a crowd walking on the street, thinking at first someone was tailing him, but upon recognizing what was bugging him, he felt paranoid, but better for the knowing He walks into a cobblers for shoes, (another word error “tha(n)t”, blah, editor!) and is met with a man nice enough to give him a pair of used shoes, Kvothe leaving him a couple coins in thanks. He net finds a ride, meeting a girl about a year older than him, quite beautiful, the man making clear what’d be expected of him and where he could sleep, etc. Before they leave, Kvothe makes a stop at Trapis’, he recognizing him clean immediately and wishing him well, and the invite of returning (A great homey character, the way real people should be more often)

He’d collected a few more necessities, including a multi-pocketed cloak. When they’d begun their journey, Kvothe didn’t speak with the young lady, Denna until the 2nd night, she playing a confusing guessing game until dinner was ready. Over the next couple days, they got closer, he finding great comfort with her company and beauty. Then a new passenger annoys him, making conversation and flirting with her, as well as having and playing a lute, Kvothe then does the improper and asks to hold the instrument, even playing it despite some protest, but everyone shocked and moved by his talent.

He even receives half his money back what with his help and playing so heartbreakingly. He also gets his goodbye with Denna, not knowing if he’d ever see her again. Once leaving them, he gets his first glimpse of the Archives before Admissions, but needed to hurry, since it was the final day and they usually ended by noon. Kvothe begins his quest to impress whilst one of the men would pick up his pawned book as his letter of recommendation from Abenthy, Kvothe actually having spent much of the morning watching other wannabe students interviews. When he hears what they were going to charge him for admission, he thought he was screwed, but after snapping at one of the professors when he asked about his father, he learns he wouldn’t be charged at all, and breaks down with relief.

Lorren leads Kvothe to deal with the negative admissions fee, so as to keep it less bewildering for the collector, since he’d be receiving an allowance instead, this not having been done before. After Kvothe supplies Lorren with the book receipt and request to buy it back later, he’s pawned to a student to help him with signing up for subjects, as well as Artificing, and finding his lodgings fee. (another word error, “th(r)ough”, seriously, editor, tsk tsk) Kvothe gets a bunk and 3 meals daily for a talent/term, he then meets some other students through Sim, as well as learning the name of the guy in Archives, Wil, they lightly making fun of a noble student, Sovoy. Then, Kvothe meets Ambrose, a righteous prick in Archives, turning Kvothe away, since not being in the book list, he now feeling quite at home for having a new rival to beat down.

Kvothe begins learning the maze-like routes of one of the oldest buildings, Mains when navigating his way to his first class, not bringing anything to write notes what with his stellar memory. He witnesses how the professor dealt with late students, it resulting in a paper prepared for next day, except for the only female student in his class, she only receiving a request to cross her legs before he began. By the end of the 2 1/2 hour lecture, Kvothe had realized he knew everything covered and it was being learned quite slowly, saying so respectfully to the indifferent Hemme, but would discuss further before next class, Kvothe deciding to study at Archives to fill-in his need for new knowledge.

Upon finally gaining access, he realizes it was only to the room story their general texts, the “Stacks reserved for Arcanum, only. He was able to request whatever he couldn’t discover on his own, so signs up for Chandrian related texts whilst perusing other topics, but what he’s given isn’t of the quality he wanted, but soon is found by Lorren, whom leads him to a private study room, asking why he’d requested these subjects, and supplying info himself, also parting some advice on requests, since appearance counted for something, esp. with his age already coloring certain peeps opinions, he on the path to experiencing tribulations enough without adding this unnecessary one.

Next class with Hemme proves he only wished to call Kvothe out for already knowing the lessons so thoroughly, having him take over the lecture, and he jumping to the opportunity, since he was expected not to, and starts his less with explanation and demonstration of sympathy. Which definitely works more in the favor of his popularity, and pisses off Hemme due to feeling the effects of the heat to his sympathetic wax figure.

By mealtime, Kvothe knew he’d get in trubbs, and he did get summoned, which isn’t good due to the late hour. He gets put on the chopping block, since what he’d done was severely frowned upon, but Abenthy had taught him to exercise his wit in argument, so his training to defend himself takes a mo to kick in, he applying a mind trick to calm his nerves and then states the circumstances of his illegal sympathy demo, even able to exaggerate the reasons without lying much and applying a good worried and humble act to round it off. In the end, his offense was switched to a lesser, but whippings still in his future, he having the sense to ask if his demo could also show as proof of his mastery to allow him entry in the Arcanum; it t’was. Regardless of the coming pain, he was much happier when dismissed, his quarters moving what with his acceptance, the students there being insouciant in the Arcanum quarters more than surly, due to his fast exceling.

Kvothe wanders around before his whipping would commence and then was shown where Master Arwyl’s building, Medica was located by Wil, he leaving before the whipping would start at noon; not good with blood spilling situations. Kvothe prepares by taking a perception duller to get through the pain and nerves easier, he then going to Medica to be healed. Whilst there, Arwyl offers he study there, Kvothe taking him up on it.

Next stop, the Stacks, where he found Fela and Ambrose, he making her uncomfy and this reminding Kvothe of how women were treated in Tarbean, making him peeved greatly. So, he makes a nuisance of himself and insults Ambrose’s poetry left out in front of him. When this fails to detour Ambrose’s simpleton mind, he straight up calls him out on his sexual harassment and asks Fela to politely help him about a book regarding females, she finally a bit more off the hook from possible backlash from a bad attitude from Ambrose. As she walks off to locate a book, he notices the drug he’d taken was wearing off,

Ambrose tricking him into paying a Stacks fee and handing him a candle to look by, the room pitch black. He explores the large library finding side rooms and 6 levels above as well as untold number below to his great comfort knowing all the answers were somewhere inside. When he discovers the for plate door, he hopes against hope it’d easily open, but instead he’s found by a couple scrivs, one of which quickly puts out his flame, he getting what Ambrose had done now. They escort him out and Master Lorren is summoned, Ambrose acting innocent, he still reprimanded, but Kvothe getting himself banned. When he goes to meal, he learns why Ambrose is a powerful enemy.

Forge and smelt projects and classes were held in “the Fishery” = Artificery, this Kilvin’s workshop. Kvothe could hear Kil’s pride as he was distracted by some of his projects, specifically his orb lights. By the end of their meeting, he also offered to have Kvothe work with him. Sim points out later, if he wished to become elected to Re’lar, he should kiss the ass of one prof and stick to the one, they and Sovoy and Wil having a drink, but Sovoy bowing out for a date, reasonably. They discuss more on the Masters including Elodin, whom had cracked, but before returning to some of his senses, had also been Chancellor. Whilst the open agreement was for Kvothe to focus on Kil, he thought of Elodin.

During break of story, Kvothe regards why he hadn’t attempted to help Skarpi and how storybook missions went through the typical motions real life didn’t. Due to this, he sought after the name of the wind. Kvothe looked for and attempted to add Elodin’s single class, but it was philosophically unhelpful, like his office. When he does, he risks lateness to his class and Elodin begrudgingly gives him the task of locating 3 specifically sized pine cones. After which he discover’s Elodin’s desire to be unhindered by him, but attempts to see if he’d teach him, even following him to the Univ. asylum. Elodin then shows how he’d escaped his cell, he knowing the name of stone as well as everything else. The last test made it clear Kvothe would be studying Artificing, since Elodin believed Kvothe to be too reckless, whilst Kvothe, in turn not needing a teacher whom was willing to allow a student to break bones for a lesson.

So, despite Kvothe’s rough start, his first term wasn’t shitty. His 2 closest buddies were Wil and Sim and his worse than enemy, Ambrose. The 2 would have spats which Kvothe would come out on top, but had repercussions, fosho. Bast was a mostly fearless sort, Kvothe having stopped his story abruptly. Bast, though had changed recently, due to a fall, a small fear taking root. One form was this specific sort of silence which took hold of Kvothe. He becomes frustrated with an embarrassing story he didn’t know how to approach, Bast suggesting he be vague and come out with it later, Kvothe speaking harshly to him and apologizing after, Bast suggesting he speak of females, a subj. severely lacking in his story, currently. So, Kvothe revs up to oblige with a story of a particular lady.

Kvothe spoke of this lady as if the telling of her must be kept calm, she (h)wild! Before beginning, he prefaces with his tuition for 2nd term being 8 jots more than he had, so he’d need to figure a way to raise it or be homeless again. He coaxes info out of tavern people about money-lenders, he having to travel to Imre.

The quality of people in the eyes of the Uni. was it was Artsy decadent in an “underneath” the Uni’s standards vibe. He locates a young lady called Devi, she spelling out how the loan worked and Kvothe surprised she required blood. In the end, he declines and goes inside a pawn shop, seeing a lute; Barters and bought, he returns to Devi to get a loan of 4 talens, returning to Uni. prepared with savings.

Kvothe’s 2nd term brought a new form of sygaldry requiring sympathy to bond objects together. It could be complex and usually at least he took a month to learn, Kvothe buckling down and getting it done in a week, he having goals and deadlines to meet. Whilst lute practicing, he sees an oddly placed apple near an old grate, someone possibly spying on him. When he’s apprenticed to Manet, he learns quite quickly how to participate in Intermediate projects, but not quite complex, his time short.

Kvothe soon realizes how much his buddies noticed he’d been unavailable to chill with them, he still not having confessed his broke ass state. Once his buddies relate how they’d missed him, Kvothe is touched and upon their guesses, admits to being education overloaded, as well. He then had to rush off to class, Adv. Sympathy where Kvothe would be a part of another duel against the student ranked just below him, this also a perfect bettering opp., which he helped make better for himself with the week sympathy link he’d chosen for himself. After the 2 come close to death, and Kvothe lowers his odds which gets him more winnings, he forgives his buddies for going to Kilvin and having his class canceled so he could rest, but this also makes obvious Kvothe would need a better source of income, he inquiring about what they knew of Eolian, where he’d meet his lady, this place being where all the best musicians were known.

Kvothe’s goal was to impress enough to get “talent pipes” which are recognizable over 200 miles around as proof of your musical worth. Even if one failed to acquire the pipes, playing there could also mean gaining a rich patron. Sim was a bit annoyed Kvothe was as secretive with his music not being ready as his father was with his lyrics. Auri was whom had been listening in on Kvothe’s rooftop practices, he bringing her scraps when he could. She seemed a magical fey creature, he not even knowing her real name, making up Auri himself, but she was the only audience to his practicing so far.

As he’s chatting with the fellas about how calm he looked, he asks about this other guy they continue to refer called, Puppet, they distracted by the tradition of loogying when crossing Stonebridge. When they get to Eolian, Kvothe offers to buy the doorman/owner a drink without knowing who he was, the man figuring Kvothe was part fae. He is more conscious of being careful with how he spoke to the other owner, he being the music side, Kvothe ordering a cider first. After speaking with Stanchion, whom was impressed by his choice of duet and how he’d find his co-singer, he hopes Kvothe lived up to his swagger. Upon seeing Ambrose walk in with a lyre and learn he spouted his lame poetry to it, Kvothe settled on sticking with the most difficult song he knew. It doesn’t take long for him to draw the crowd in with his choice and lute. He’s so overcome with the story sang with a mystery lady from the crowd, he breaks down upon finishing the song with his remaining 6 strings, Ambrose trying to put him off by sympathy breaking his string, being deduced.

The audiences reaction is slow, but obv. Kvothe had nailed it home. He then gets proof upon receiving his pipes, the crowd booming its pleasure. When he’s retrieving the promised drinks for his still affected buddies, one of the more beloved players tips Kvothe a shocking amount. He then finally gets to Denna when he searches for the lady singer in the bar, getting hung up with how to describe her facial attributes, and Bast being quite plain with what he thought of her, a good woman, but not modelesque beautiful as Kvothe implies.

Kvothe makes one helluva gesture by offering his won pipes, she declining rather having him in her debt. He’s then surprised to see Sovoy act so familiar with her, the 2 apparently dating. Kvothe eventually makes him a bit serious with his playful chat with her, he making a reason to leave before too much awkwardness was made. The boys walk back nice and toasty with drink. The morning brought hangover and a healthy lottery time for his Admissions date, Ambrose needing it and Kvothe asking a crazy amount for the trade.

He doesn’t go through with it though, Kvothe making him feel as though he were fraternizing with his lowers, Kvothe selling to a Fishery student for a few jots and a favor for later, his Admissions this term 6 talents. Kvothe goes back to Eolian for his lute, the owners keeping it safe what with his drunken state, he meeting Threpe again, whom wanted to help him find a patron, Kvothe mentioning Denna and he inquiring Deoch whom knew her, but not where she stayed.

After this, he goes to Devi to pay the interest on his loan and asks about what’d happened when someone had reported her. When he sees her copies of Archive titles, she offers a trade in future if he’s interested, he at 15 not knowing if she was flirting. After, he stops at the Fishery to pay his debt, Kilvin asking if he was stopping his work there, Kvothe not having thought anywhere near this, and Kilvin glad. Kvothe then is able to barter room and board at an inn for playing 3 times a week, finally getting a financial leg-up.

14 trips later, Kvothe believed he’d lost Denna again, not wanting to ask Sovoy, ofc. He also learns through Threpe of Ambrose bratting to his papa and making Kvothe black booked by the nobles making a wealthy patron now difficult for him to acquire. They swiftly make a cute lil song for Ambrose, called Jackass, Jackass, it getting to the Uni without trubbs. He then visits Lorren to buy back his book and apologize for being an idiot for listening to Ambrose about the candle. Lorren allows Kvothe to earn his way back into Archives by proving patience and smart decisions henceforth.

Next morning, he’s hit with another charge, this time by Ambrose hearing the song, Kvothe getting his charges lowered and writing a public apology letter. Kvothe gets another hit when the owner of his inn is replaced and he’s kicked out, his services ended and all others refusing him, knowing Ambrose was being a dick. He wasn’t giving up easy, though, searching past nightfall until reaching an inn who’d heard of him and didn’t care, Kvothe getting a job by playing an extra day, but he’d still be comfy and fed. When Kvothe wrote his letter of apology, the lengths he went to make it ooze sincerity and even providing revised lyrics aided by adhesive so all the copies made were impossible to lift away was most  likely the helpful tipping point for Ambrose attempting to murder him.

Kvothe had chosen his 3 subjects to focus upon, the Fishery his main source of eventual back up income, he aware of how necessary it was what with his debts still outstanding. Kilvin makes an announcement regarding a dangerous substance now being housed in the Fishery, Manet agreeing to show Kvothe more demos once Kilvin was finished. During his shift at his new home, Anker’s Inn, Denna is finally spotted, Kvothe getting out a bit early so he could walk with Denna. During Kvothe’s flirtatious pageantry, it comes off as mockingly Shakespearean. Kvothe doesn’t kiss her this night for not wanting to offend or embarass, but kicks himself for all the varying choices he hadn’t used.

Kvothe is made to feel guilty for ditching his buddies for Denna the night before, but only lightly, they then saying he should go to her, now, but Kvothe gets a bit annoyed to be told to act a certain way from someone whom was single, so the subj. ends. Denna disappears, though leaving her room unpaid, and Kvothe not listening to the good advice from Deoch to resist searching, since she was a wild’n. After, Kvothe gets his grade form Kilvin, not altogether happy his project wouldn’t be sold so he could make something back off it, but he did pass. After informing Manet, he weasels out the info of another way into Archives, this prompting Kvothe to ask for his project back, Kilvin obliging and warning he must be extra careful due to its shady possibilities and Kvothe using it for his search, he unable to tell Manet how his financial situation made the patience being asked for, impossible to give.

Kvothe made good tips under the table at the inn due to customers showing their appreciation through drinks. This night he shares with his buddies, Denna walking in, heading for him, being intro’d to the boys and leaving her with their blessing, ignoring Deoch’s melancholic wistful look which could be foretelling for him, but was able to ignore, since he was with her. When they settle with a loaf and wine, chatting under a tree, she reveals she did remember Kvothe from their first meeting on the road, Kvothe then asks about her multiple names. She’s vague about it, so convo drifts elsewhere, Kvothe making a date for next day. When he speaks with Deoch after, he warns him about the original sort Denna was and how he should be careful how easily he could lose her, Kvothe acknowledging and disregarding this due to how smitten he was with her.

Kvothe woke early, so he decided he’d start a project which he could finish before meeting Denna later. This plan fails due to a dangerous flammable spill, Kvothe missing his date by a couple hours and getting a bit burned, but saving a fellow student, Fela. He still goes to check if Denna has shown, Deoch filling him in on her being there, but having left with a possible patron. Kvothe leaves even tho, Deoch offers him a drink, he needing to take care of some tasks. When he’d made it back to Anker’s, he realized he liked the way people spoke of his heroism.

Kvothe decides to return to the Fishery and finish his proj. after checking out the damage, a corner destroyed. When Kvothe was readying to test his finished emitters, Kilvin returns and the 2 speak of how badly Kilvin’s burns weren’t, how Kvothe broke the valve to drench himself, and how Kilvin dissipated the fire, as well as returning and berating Kvothe for leaving out his lantern where anyone could get to it, he not too worried over the damage since it’d been long overdue.

Due to Kvothe’s painful burns and no income to throw at meds, his thoughts became pessimistic toward those with money and wishing to stay long enough at Uni to become an arcanist and get into the Archives. One bright side was finally making cash off his emitters selling, but now having to spend it on boots, then deciding to visit Denna, hoping to get out of his dark mood. When he gets to Deoch’s, he learns someone was waiting for him, Kvothe’s expectations ‘dashed’ by Fela, come to thank him for his heroics. She gifts him a well-tailored cloak, Deoch grinning like a goober as he sees Kvothe standing stock still as she draped it on him and he felt her booble upon his arm, but this also marking Denna leaving, Kvothe resisting biffing off after her. He stays for a drink, but Denna doesn’t return, Kvothe leaving well after Fela leaves for a class, and upon getting back to Uni., has a Medica student come with him to check on Auri, she alright, and the 2 getting snacks and a concert.

Kvothe spends quite awhile searching for Denna in his new warm cloak, also spending time on artificing projects which would be a grand bankroll. When he stops at the Eolian, Deoch mentions suspecting Denna’d left town again, the way she do. Kvothe attempts to stay impartial-seeming, when Deoch mentions he not being a threat since he’d already been with her, but because Deoch was good-natured about his honesty and offered to chat with Kvothe over a drink about her, he doesn’t take it personally, and might be able to show insight. He definitely does when it comes to relating to her circumstance due to no one there to have her back and most decent jobs for a pretty girl usually ended up in the wrong way, so if Denna received a gift from a man and he thought it’d get him a better time, she must leave in order to be forgotten by said horndawg.

Kvothe is grateful for his candidness and offers to buy the next round, which is also what helps him get bonked on the head on his walk back to Uni., he hearing a convo which made him figure Ambrose had sent him assassins. He gets himself away temporarily, then using an item he’d been saving for his sympathy lamp project, is successful in lighting the air, blinding one and the other knocking himself out. After getting the one man to tell of why he’d been sent, Kvothe attempts to look for the tracker they’d had to locate him, but he dashes when the 2nd man starts to wake.

After retreating to his room, he uses his hair to confuse the trackers who had a device to detect him. Elodin interrupts his zen mo. of watching the changing, odd pattern of the leaves, he sharing the origin of the name for the square, it translating to “the house of the wind”, Kvothe excusing himself, due to not wanting to listen to Bonkers anymore. When he gets back to his room, he realizes Denna had left him a letter, he unfortunately missing her deadline by a few days, and instead worrying about the stronger connection the killers had with his blood on the man’s knife, he taking more precaution by dumping his bloody shirt in the river as another birdy.

Kvothe awoke with his wound bound and having hastily barricaded himself in a rented room, the hour early, he getting cleaned up and feeling better, ready for breakies and upon the room filling, he overhears a bit of a convo making him believe the Chandrian had been nearby less than 24 hrs ago. He uses the last of his money on supplies for the trip, makes a stop at Devi’s and asks her to spread some rumors after she spouted a few she’d heard about his thief attack, but she agreeing to help get his point across without having to add he’d be like the Godfather similarly, except killing everyone including their dogs, then she properly first aids him, with stitches, and when she allows him to ask for his favor, it takes the possibly access into the Archives to give her pause, and Kvothe doesn’t let her get away with haggling a cent, knowing he’d get the 20 talents or nothing.

Next, he’s after to buy a horse, he feeling he’d go so far as to kill and eat the man if he attempted to swindle him and didn’t want his time wasted what with his sensitive opportunity being missed the longer he took. This is finally what it takes to get a damn fine horse out, Kvothe shocked by how swiftly and low the man dropped his price. He gets on his way, slowly at first so as not to overwork the animal, due to the distance being great, but both definitely aching to go fast af. When they do make speed, Kvothe begins to tire quicker, since not having rode in years + Kvothe stops to speak with a ticker, discovering he’d made hella quick time to Trebon.

Then, he and the tinker have a respectable haggle over the horse and a sky stone which was magnetic and valuable to artificers, they make a fair deal and Kvothe walks the rest of the way in town (the horse hadn’t been purebred, but it was still speedy and driven, so it’s a little sad if Kvothe is thinking he got ripped), which he senses is old school superstition,and when he asks anxiously about a “wedding” with “trouble” occuring, the man wanted to keep it selfishly to himself. He does relent to point him in the direction of an on-looker when he claims to have been a fam. member of a guest. Upon entering the room he finds Denna! The 2 leaving when she’s certain she can walk.

As Kvothe handles paying off the inn owner, Denna waits outside, complaining of people asking what’d occured, and Kvothe holding back, in respect. They catch a ride to a farm they both ‘happened’ to want to visit, Kvothe considering how much truth he should supply, in case he sounded mental. When they must walk again, Denna shares deets on her possible patron, he acting a bit shady, but with moolah, he having sent her to this wedding, whilst also “testing” her in odd ways. The more she told, the more he was convincing himself it could be the Chandrian, she not truthful about her scrapes and bruises, but Kvothe knowing to let it lie.

The farmhouse was burnt crispy, but not completely, Denna’s belongings possibly safe inside, but still unobtainable.Then, when Kvothe handles a rusted spout he remembers how his parents and troupe had also been around rusted iron which hadn’t been old, Kvothe hinting at what he thought the wedding had been hit by with reciting the kids poem, Denna understanding. Kvothe was able to now accept more how he hadn’t made up the magical creatures he met those years ago. Kvothe then helps Denna search for her Master Ash, ending at a river to bathe and rest and a verse made up from a song not shared.

They run into a pig, the herder not far, Kvothe making buddies by picking up his accent and inviting him to dine with them upon asking for a piggy to roast, Schiem agrees to Kvothe’s benefit, since hopefully he knew something of the wedding party. Once they’d had a drinkypoo and the pig was ate, some, Kvothe sees Schiem’s ignorance of the wedding may allow him to entertain convo about it objectively, he quick to bad mouth the farmer whom’d built the burnt house, and apparently atop a graveyard.

The farmer had discovered a hidden room of stones as he dug the foundation of the now burnt place, and whatever was inside was a surprise for his bride. Kvothe then learns Schiem had also seen blue flame the night before the wedding (editor missed a misspelling in our friend S(c)heim). He leaves after his story, Kvothe wishing to revisit the farm to confirm what Schiem had said about barrows, realizing he’d been wrong, but a hill fort had been, he suggesting they build a bonfire up on the tallest hill so not only Ash can locate her, but so Kvothe could look around, since it had a clear view of the surrounding area.

They make their camp and Kvothe builds a fire and cooks up food, as it gets darker, Denna sees a blue flame in the distance. Kvothe notes the direction and they discuss why the Chandrian had attacked the wedding, he realizing they tended not only to go after the main source, but anyone else who knew (his troupe). As Denna slept first, Kvothe suspects he should’ve left a message for those at Uni. Then Denna nightmares herself awake and Kvothe passes out. When she hushes him as he wakes, she points out some odd noises, intimidating ones. They hide on top of one of the greystones and realize what they’d attracted was breathing the blue flame.

Kvothe has a small aside with the boys about questions regarding his story so far, Chronicler not having any for the terms Kvothe set, he let down by this and continuing. The draccus-cow-like creature was harmless to them, technically, being vegetarian, it gulping crispy logs off their bon, until it’d eaten them all and laid down for a nap in the coals, Kvothe giving Denna his cloak and watching she didn’t fall off the stone whilst she slept, the next day bringing “tragedies”. Kvothe was woken by Denna in the morning, the 2 climbing down and he finding a draccus scale and giving it to Denna, he then remembering where he’d left his fire marker and thinking it could’ve been Ash’s, they off to locate it. What they found was wreckage, Kvothe thinking the Chandrian even though it didn’t make sense, but it not looking like the draccus’ work, either. Denna’s ready to leave, esp. with the dead person found, and then hearing the draccus return, the two discovering a narrow and slowly widening “crevasse”.

After a short wait, the draccus retreats again, they settling for lunch, to wait whilst the distance lengthened between them. They wondered about why the draccus seemed to eat certain trees, after looking around more, seeing the farmer’d been making druuuugs! Denna takes a bit, and Kvothe quickly has her stop, it being poison, having her consume some charcoal in case she’d ingested any. After calming down a bit for the possible death, Kvothe and Denna decide to gather the resin to sell 2 an apothecary could be helpful to them both, the 2 scraping up what they could, Denna’s high kicking in slowly enough and Kvothe warning her what signs to notify him of, she then bringing up this must be why the draccus kept returning, Kvothe realizing it’d do terrible damage once it began withdrawing, now contemplating ways to kill it, he discovering a bucket of resin to add to their wad, then the draccus comes back. It attacks a 100 y/o  oak and Kvothe knows he wouldn’t be able to kill this strong creature unless they overdosed it and sell the body, and wanting to get Denna back to Trebon so she could get help if need be.

Kvothe sets about calculating a dose to kill the animal with, so they didn’t waste what they could sell, next luring the draccus to them. It takes longer than expected, Denna showing slightly worrisome signs, but Kvothe quite content when she fell asleep leaning on him. When she awakes again to cuddle up proper, she confesses how Ash’d returned after the massacre and had Denna state she wanted him to hit her to make her unharmed presence wasn’t questioned too much, Kvothe admitting too late of being her hero when she’d playfully asked, she asleep.

The draccus then cock blocks Kvothe’s sweet mo, but at least the plan to get it to swallow the resin worked seamlessly. The only issue now being if it turned around and saw the festival flames coming from Trebon, it bolting as soon as it turns, Kvothe carrying Denna off the stone, and leaving her the water, biffing off after the draccus due to the damage expected. It’d made it to town, some building burning, Kvothe coming up with a plan including sympathy to help douse the flames and direct the draccus to where he was, on the church roof and using the large iron wheel pasted to the front, he having it fly at the draccus, but whilst it stopped it, Kvothe had gotten himself knocked out in the process.

When he wakes in a bed at an inn, his injuries cared for, a maid girl comes in and he gathers his pack to ask the inn owner about his “cousin”, he not registering he’d guessed the maid’s name earlier. He again must threaten the inn owner to take his money and give him supplies, when the man insists he was to wait for the constable for questioning. When Kvothe gets back to where he’d left Denna, his stuff was there, but she’d left. He leaves a note and supplies, in case she returned, he then dark tempered and waiting a day before he left.

The fuzz has their chance to speak with him, they telling of how well they’d made out from the “demon’s” damage and how it’d seemed he’d killed it with praying, Kvothe taking advantage of this budding rumor and asking them to spread the word for whoever knew what the farmer’s treasure was, to come visit. One unfortunate aspect was the dumb people had burnt the draccus corpse, forget about the pay out and dissection possibilities. A 13 y/o girl comes by, describing a fancy box with paintings on it. Kvothe deduces what the girl had actually seen was the signs of the Chandrian on a piece of china, and she feared their wrath for what she’d seen and Kvothe comes up with a nifty little ruse to de-stress the poor dear, the results being how his heroic-persona budded.

Before leaving the inn-owner gives him more wine, on the house, per request and he learns Denna’s survived, having shipped out yesterday, and upon getting to Imre, pays his loan, so he only had a small debt left. Then, he handles the sorry’s and edited explanations to professors and most of the truth to Sim and WIl, Denna ofc, nowhere to be found. A few days later he is surprised to run into her, since they’d almost knocked into each other. She also on the arm of a handsome, wealthy-looking fella, Denna and Kvothe speaking cryptically about what’d happened after they’d separated. Kvothe hopes she’d give him another chance, she providing hope to get the chance at lease, the 2 leaving for an appt.

When he meets Wil and Sim, (“…sun shines th(r)ough the square”, no?) they speak of Denna and then are interrupted by Ambrose lifting Kvothe’s lute, he attempting to play it as he sang his return blast song about Kvothe, and then tosses it back, it breaking, and Kvothe not recollecting how he named the wind. It brings more attention to Kvothe than Ambrose, whom was injured. Sim and Wil quickly take Kvothe to Kilvin’s office, explaining what’d happened. Kvothe was still caught up in his wrathful feelings and whipped up insides, he couldn’t speak, but understood what was being said around him, Elodin coming in and fixing his wind-swept equilibrium.

Wil and Sim takes him to his room, he not stirring til next day when he gets word of his hearing and charbes, Ambrose going for the rule which could get Kvothe expelled, but he also bringing up charges of his own. A small victory was getting cash out of Ambrose, but this time Kvothe was expelled and would get whipped, but Elodin saves him with the vote to repeal and raise Kvothe to Re’lar; boom diggity, Elodin offers to explain, Kvothe’s progress being given because of his “prowess”. (I can only “hope beyond hope” this phrase becomes more popular than hoping against it…bleh) Now he’d been graduated to Re’lar, he’d get some secrets revealed, the one hidden behind the door in Archives not one of them.

Later on with Sim and Wil drinking in the Eolian, he shares of he still going to be whipped. After, he meets up with Auri, she giving him a wood ring which keeps secrets, also inviting him to dinner. When they’re nearly done, Kvothe asks what he’d been wanting for quite awhile, Auri surprising him with a joke answer about the Underthing. He marvels at the areas Auri takes him, caught up in her excitement for showing off her large home, Kvothe forgetting to ask about the Archives entrance, temporarily.

Kote’s story is interrupted by customers, his usual crowd coming in and getting comfy, asking about Chronicler, and Kvote coming up with the reason for coming, taking down Bast’s will. As Kote does his customer serving, he comes back to hear Chronicler bumbling through one of his Kvothe stories, Cob annoyed and taking over the telling (It as first a bit unclear he still didn’t know Kote was Kvothe.), half the story unheard due to Kote’s walking in mid-way through the convo. Soon, another new customer, a grungy looking mercenary walks in and unintelligible. Chronicler soon recognizes him as one of the men who’d mugged him, Bast failing to get Kote to heed his warning, Chronicler soon discovering, as Cob had said, the mercenary t’weren’t right in the head-zone, since they soon see him nonchalantly slicing open his finger without a normal response. Once the group sees the mercenary wasn’t distracted, Bast knocks into him and as he’s attempting to knock him out, everyone moves away, smartly, Shep acting heroic and paying for it.

When the mercenary’s attention comes back to Kvothe, he chucks a bottle at his face, it shattering and Kvothe using the liquid for sympathy purposes, but nothing happening, Bast coming to help him, and then scrambling to move when the smith’s prentice, Aaron, swings an iron rod, this doing the trick. As townspeople gathered and slowly left again after the constable and priest’d done their duties, Kvothe, Bast, and Chronicler waited for Aaron to biff off, Kote asking what he’d thought it was he’d killed, the boy deducing it was a demon by how Kote had reacted, not choosing the sword above the bar. Aaron leaves upon Kote admitting he was correct to assume this, and Bast declares how Aaron’s clarity has worried him for some time. When Bast then helps Chronicler with his odd wound from the creature, he warns Chronicler not to ask about the failed sympathy, Kvothe upon returning with ingredients for the salve, also continues his story about what was uncovered beneath the Uni.

Kvothe starts with the next day of whipping, buying a fine-ass lute, a couple shirts, bottle of his blood (Presumably paying off his loan.), and a dress for Auri. The night’s following this, explored with Auri in her home. The names of certain spots making him puzzle why she’d chosen them. Kvothe then discovers a decaying door with a passage which soon had him slithering on the stone base, he finally locating what he’d wanted in the Billows, and asking Fela to meet his friend in Archives. She agree, and is surprised to see Kvothe, but is soon leading him around sharing how many times the books had been re-catologued or put in the wrong spot on purpose due to the former being cause by Master Archivists having their own belief of the best system, and the latter being for scrivs at warring factions with each other. Kvothe was drinking in the info drop. Denna would see Kvothe on and off, she always introing her new fella, Kvothe despising them all and they in kind, but also with severe intimidation being felt. Denna reserves a spot for Kvothe always and this also concerns them. He’d also sometimes chat with Wil and Sim about her, she being “cruel”, but like an animal, not having stank behind it. A side-note, Ambrose eventually does cause Kvothe to leave, but he doesn’t go further in deets.

This is where Kvothe chooses to stop the story, leaving it as “groundwork”, he rattling off some stories he planned to share the next day, Chronicler realizing he was being dismissed, Bast soon following, Kvothe doing his tasks in silence, thinking of the past. Meanwhile, Chronicler was barricading himself, uselessly inside his room as best he could, awaking with a hand over his mouth. Bast reveals himself, he having Chronicler speak quietly, since Kvothe had stellar hearing, but the 2 of them needing to speak. Bast letting him in on his plan for Kvothe, since he felt he’d been losing himself lately for stagnation, so Chronicler was perfect to remind Kvothe of his true self, Bast also relating how Chronicler was copying this for him, as well, but Chronicler was to steer him toward the positive, don’t allow him to wallow in the darker side of his stories. When Chronicler uncomfortably states he is solely taking it down and didn’t feel right to direct him, Bast making clear by threat, whom was in charge of him. Bast’s simple reason for threatening so much unpleasantness so thoroughly was solely for his old “Reshi”, Bast leaving him after he made sure Chronicler didn’t desire anything before sleep. The last is of the 3 sorts of silence which was in the inn, one of fear, another of the lack of natural sounds, the 3rd and most silent, of Kvothe, the inn being his and housing the others and describing the kind of silence it was classified under; deadly serious and sharp.

One helluva story, definitely desire to continue, draws one into the multiple stories and leaves one wanting more. I slightly want to resist going on to the sequel until the 3rd is out, we’ll see.

Lazarus Churchyard: The Final Cut

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Immediately reminiscent of Transmetropolitan, Lazarus Churchyard watches a lady looking like a fella get fucked at the bar whilst someone else bleeds from their mouth, perhaps from drugs. Lazarus meets up with a skull-headed fella offering to kill him and get him wasted whilst they discussed the details. This dude offers a high quality death, Laz being for centuries old and wanting to go feet up by now. the deal was he must locate a missing scientist whom had the most knowledge about datasea, a VR which apparently was exploding some people’s heads. On top of this, the scientist was already dead, Laz taking the job from PJ Proby, whom was with Isis-Elek.

As PJ takes him through the Headquarters, he states how there was a VR “heaven” for those they couldn’t move forward with their projects without. PJ then shows Laz’s incentive, the machine scary-looking. Laz is attempting, a quiet lie-down when he must kick some hindering asses who’d walked themselves in (Holy fuck, the violence!). He’s escorted by PJ to another fella, whom updates what’d occurred to those programmers who’d gone searching for Bruckner. Then, Laz deduces they planned to stick in in the datasea, he pretty much only needing to go in and wonder to himself why he wasn’t seeing the heaven-like program, Bruckner interrupting his thoughts and taking him to a different part of the sys, assumably, “to talk”, which she does.

Once they see what PJ had done, she helps him back into his body and Laz spares PJ, for a short time until deciding to let Bruckner mess with him, instead. By the end of it, Bruckner accidentally screws him over, destroying the kill machine before Laz can do the deed. Laz has been stuck underground for more than 2 months, and when he breaks surface, a hoor greets him looking to party! She immediately leads him along, she catching Laz up on what he’d missed, the police disbanded and everyone living it up, since Isis-Elek blew. Laz knocks her out when he denies her further advances. She wakes up in time to explain her lil “pet”, it killing her, then apologizing and offering to explain, Laz curiously allowing this, and by the end of the monster’s diatribe, dreams of whether crazy ho’s deed for the club was lying around.

He discovers it, since he’s now owned the club over a year. He’s convinced by the monster book to tell his origin story, involving a 12-year-old looking plastic girl called Lucy. One of the scientists gets creepy screwy with her and by the end, she’s burned in a bed, but survives, even after being dumped in the sewer, she developing a way to cry for help, her message becoming the name of the club. Once she was found round about 40 years later, they put her down properly, making Laz much more durable than his predecessor.

Laz enters his club to be met by Angel Hellequin, whom Laz was excited to get drugs from as she attempts to catch up with him, he sprouting big breasteses. As he’s investigating his other bits in the bathroom, the toilet is inquiring about his pooping needs, on the wall, graffiti, “women need men like fish need bicycles.” He goes upstairs to consider how to reverse his lady bits when a vengeful lady, Justine comes in, Laz getting scary tits, not amused by her, at all. She ignores this to mention how Isis-Elek was still active and she’d joined, planning on keeping him captive within their experimental fancy, but he’s saved by Angel, more IE crew waiting downstairs.

They mess with the barman, though and it starts a fiery bar-fight. Laz is almost tricked into believing he’d killed his last ex, which leads to a memory when he’d been getting a beating by a trio of brothers. He turns the table on ’em once they want to set him up for bonfire status, taking out all 3 due to they not being bright boys. 4 centuries later, an old woman watches the news and is eager to implement revenge.

Laz is then shown viewing a lady’s man-like body lying on the bar, he recognizing the name on the knife after the body was removed, an Inspector Sleep arriving and impressed Laz’d be so calm as death approached him. Laz finally becomes impressed when Sleep starts throwing punches at him, they making ouchies and realizing this fool was reinforced not as strongly, but still impressively, as himself. He beats him til Sleep flees, Laz’s boobies gone by now, he knowing Sleep’d be back if his final shot hadn’t killed him, which he realizes is the case when the fool comes back in a fly ship with guns strafing.

This doesn’t save him though, Laz shooting him in 2, but fella survives, so Laz has his barman store him in the cellar. He then has the ship take him to it’s home base in Spain. When he meets the Lizaran organization mostly nakie weapon-toting crew, he tries out his memory-gathering skill, realizing the old woman had been pretty much leaching off of the fam’s parts as well as empaths. Laz doesn’t make her feel placated when noting how stingy she’d been when giving her 3 sons a single grave. He continues with how she’d done terrible things to the empaths for her own longevity, he reaching her, and she ready with a bomb about to go off, it decimating the area to rubble and sand, Laz wandering his way back quite nakie, himself.

30 years have passed and Laz is in Iceland talking of his mother to a stripper. Laz’s hometown is in Germany and his pop was a perv from London, he reminiscing how his parents had met and they being the perfect fit for each other, but his pops being found by a London cop ready to kill his girl and him. He makes it back to her in time to plant lil Laz in her, then croaking, Laz telling this sad, disgusting love story to a dead girl.

Fucking grand! Ellis is the bomb!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Year Seven)

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Snape joins Voldemort with the other Death Eaters at Malfoy’s home to discuss Harry’s next move, false news having been created to mask Harry’s actual plan. Lucius has gotten out of prison by this point and had to relinquish his wand to Voldemort to use on Harry (an even more unnecessary “that” being added to a sentence, Rowling? Jeez..). A professor of Muggle studies is killed after Voldemort seethes and makes fun of the Malfoys’ relative, Tonks marrying Lupin.

Harry was currently at Privet drive unloading his school trunk and packing a backpack with all important items. He also has 2 articles, one Dumbledore’s obituary and the other an interview with Rita Skeeter about her biography on Dumbledore’s life and how dirt-filled it truly was. Vernon was flip-flopping with whether he truly believed he and his family were in danger, but Dudley was scared enough to want the magical protection offered them, so they’d be escorted to a safe spot. Dudley surprises all relatives with his concerns for where Harry was going, but everyone’s farewell being fairly underwhelming, but Dudley shaking his hand in the end being the most contact made through it all.

Moody was whom Harry thought would be escorting him, but it turns out to be Hagrid along with his buddies and others, including Mood himself. This doesn’t help much though, since they were met with 30-odd Death Eaters flinging deadly curses at all of them, Harry being repeatedly reassured by Hagrid of having everything handled, thusly Harry’s sidecar detaches from the motor-bike and during all this, Hedwig has been shot and was limp. Harry blows up his sidecar, supposedly with Hedwig still inside, he now seated with Hagrid as a Death Eater recognizes Harry to be not a poser, the 3 disappearing. Voldemort soon joins them, but not before Harry crashes the bike into a pond. The 2 make it to their Portkey to the Burrow and the only others to show up so far is Lupin and George, whom lost an ear. In the end, everyone returns except for a dead Moody and a biffed off Mundungus.

Harry wanted to leave them for fear of endangering them further, he getting a vision of Ollivander at the bad end of Voldemort’s rage, Hermione desperate he attempt to shut his mind from this. Mrs. Weasley attempts to learn what Dumbledore had ordered Harry to do, which also includes Ron and Hermione dropping out of school to help, but the most she gets is agreement to help tidy and do chores she had for them for the wedding. They weren’t able to recover Moody’s body, so the funeral was on hiatus. The trio found time to talk, Ron suspecting Moody may have survived. They then discuss Hermione’s acquiring Hogwarts library books on horcruxes, when Mrs. Weasley interrupts, mega-pissed the three were sitting around rather than helping her with chores. When Fleur’s family arrives, the trio get only one chance to speak, Mrs. Weasley still thwarting their plan-making and she putting together, what Harry hopes would be a quiet birthday the day before Fleur and Bill’s wedding.

Harry gets a good amount of birthday prezzies, he particularly taken with Ginny’s snog gift. Scrimgeour crashes to speak with the trio about Dumbledore’s will and the unique items he’d left them. Harry receives his first won snitch and was supposed to get Gryffindor’s sword, Hermione got a book, and Ron was gifted a contraption which put out lights. Harry figures out a clue on how to use the snitches memory ability, but it isn’t easy to decipher from there, Hermione confesses she not having heard of the book she’d be given, to Ron’s surprise, since he knew them as children’s tales.

Harry was disguised as a cousin to the Weasley’s after they’d acquired some hair from a local redheaded boy. Luna and her father had been invited, he acting and looking as eccentric as his daughter normally would. Then, after Harry discovers Dumbledore’s family had Godric’s Hollow in common with him, they discover Scrimgeour had been killed and the Ministry “fallen”, them’s coming. (Decent dramatics by this point)

The trio escape by disapparating as Death Eaters break up the party, Hermione providing the boys with less conspicuous attire. They are followed and eventually attacked again by a couple Death Eaters. After the trio defend themselves and flee to Harry’s inherited property, he gets a vision of Voldemort punishing one of the Death Eaters who had attacked them, by ordering Draco to torture him.

They learn R.A.B. was Sirius’ brother after Harry discovers a part of a letter from his mother. They also realize they’d handled a locket during past clean up of Sirius’ home, they off to Kreacher’s quarters. They discover nothing and when Harry summons Kreacher to grill him, they learn Mundungus had filched it all. Kreacher relates what he remembered of the locket, then Harry nicely orders him to retrieve the real locket and Mundungus to meet them back there, taking a tip from Hermione and even gifting the fake locket to Kreacher as incentive and appreciation.

The 3 are up to day 3 of waiting for Kreacher’s return when they see 2 robed men standing outside for quite some time, but not going any further, everyone inside attempting to quell nerves and boredom. Harry is first to see a figure enter the house, it t’were Lupin, they catching up. By the end, Harry had insulted Lupin in order for him to hopefully go back to Tonks, they learning she was up the duff and he was plagued by his status and how it’d effect his newly made family. Harry then reads an excerpt from Skeeter’s book after Lupin runs off, pissed. Kreacher returns with Mundungus, whom reveals he’d practically gifted the locket to Umbridge.

Harry brings back a Daily Prophet with news of Snape securing the title of headmaster, Ron and Hermione shocked. Harry then renews his idea of implementing the plan they’d worked out for 4 weeks. They each obtain a Ministry employees hair and polyjuice themselves for entrance purposes. Hermione and Harry meet Umbridge in the elevator after Ron was tasked with stopping a flood in a particular office. Harry is then separated from Hermione when Umbridge uses her for a court proceeding and he’s left with the new Ministry of Magic, Thicknesse, not being conspicuous and parting ways with him before covering himself with invisibility cloak again and creating a distraction which allowed him access inside Umbridge’s office, he not having learned from his Hogwarts snooping to leave his cloak ON when he’s searching, again scrambling to cover his ass up as Thicknesse enters.

Harry makes his way out with no discovery before learning what they had on Arthur. He makes his way to the courtrooms where a shit ton of dementors were chilling in the hall with the accused muggles, he making it inside the courtroom Hermione sat in with Umbridge, they seeing the locket around Umbridge’s fat neck. Harry throws caution to the dogs and stupefies the old hound so as to snatch the locket, Hermione making a replica so she wouldn’t immediately notice, and saves the half blood witch on trial for being muggle-related. The trio along with the muggle bunch escape, but Harry notices an odd sensation after they apparate since by the end it was becoming obvious what they were doing.

Hermione conducts first aid on Ron’s arm, they now stuck in the forest where the World Cup had been, Yaxley having seen the trio’s hidey hole she setting protective charms about them whilst Ron recovered. They then fool around with the locket to attempt opening it, none succeeding and so Harry resigns himself to keep watch with Hermione off and on. Harry gets another vision, he still having given up Occlumency despite Hermione harping on how he should still at least attempt to bar him mind and instead chooses to get pounded by the scenes, he rather preferring sharing the visions with his buds (he’s tho thmart!), overcome with whomever stole an item from Gregorovitch which Voldemort was now after, Harry recognizing the face in his memory, but unable to currently place it. (This seems to be a going theme and mystery style of Rowling’s, which I’ve grown tired and yet accustomed, *sigh*)

During their passed off time wearing the horcrux and negative moods because of it, they hear Dean Thomas with Tonks’ pops and some goblins (Rowling, you suggesting a Goblin language be named, Gobbledegook??…) eating nearby their camp, learning Ginny had attempted to lift Gryffindor’s sword, the goblins confiding the one protected in Gringotts being a fake. Ginny did get one helluva punishment, though, according to the goblin, they also discussing whether Snape or Harry was the baddie, as well as The Quibbler now being the one spot for real news. They move off and Hermione grabs the frame of Phineas Black to inquire about the sword, which reveals why they needed it to destroy horcruxes. They end the night with a blow out of a fight between Ron and Harry, the former off to his family and Hermione brokenhearted by Ron making her stay seem like betrayal of him.

The two hoped silently Ron’d return, but this doesn’t occur, Harry reminded how Ron had assumed Harry had a ginormous master plan (the fuck?), and he seeing if Ron’d go to Hogwarts again, his name not appearing on the Marauder’s Map. After some more move-abouts, Harry suggests once more they go to Godric’s Hollow, Hermione agreeing this time. They prepare with Polyjuice disguises and see the graveyard first. They visit Dumbledore’s family graves, Hermione locating another symbol on an unrelated grave, and they take a moment to visit Harry’s parents, leaving with Harry at least getting to see where they were.

After suspecting they were being watched, the quickly leave and somehow spot Harry’s first home. Bagshot finds them and leads them back to her place, he nicking a pic of the man whom had stolen from Gregorovitch and then Bagshot becoming Nagini before Voldemort was to arrive. The two barely escape, but Harry’s wand is broken and loses the pic in their haste, Harry stuck in Voldemort’s thoughts most of the night.

Harry was starting to annoy himself at Dumbledore, rather than try solving the snitch and discover his next move. Hermione helps a bit by showing a copy of Rita’s book to Harry, he finally learning the man in the picture was Grindelwald. He and Dumbledore became buddies after he’d been expelled from Durmstrang. Harry has a flip out and Hermione recognizes he being mad Dumbledore hadn’t shared more with him. After they move, Harry sees a doe patronus which leads him to the Gryffindor sword, Ron saving him from drowning and Harry suggesting he destroy the horcrux. It gives Ron a good psychological beating, but he succeeds. Hermione gives Ron a more unceremonious welcome, but they settle after Ron explains how he’d used his deluminator. Since he’d also been able to swipe an idiot’s wand from a watch group for muggles, Harry was able to practice doing small spells, the results unappealing. Later on, Hermione decides she wanted to visit Luna’s father because of Grindelwald’s sign, Harry uncertain, but acquiescing, and upon being received, are greeted hesitantly. When Harry does finally get to his point, Luna’s papa reveals it’s a sign of the deathly hallows. Harry soon blunders to the knowledge Luna wasn’t there and her pop had informed the Ministry, Hermione devising and implementing the trio’s escape plan.

When they’d disapparated, Ron supposed the Death Eaters had Luna in Azkaban, but she’d be fine for now. Harry then considers if his defense would include the acquirement of the magical items of the Deathly Hallows. Ron and Hermione think he should focus on the horcruxes, but instead he dedicates his time in attempting to open the snitch, thinking the stone or ring could be inside. The one thing to get his thoughts away from this is Ron’s found pirate radio stating, they learning Ted Tonks was among the murdered by Death Eater recently. (Rowling’s way of allowing each character intro whom is speaking on the radio is goofy.) Hagrid was now an outlaw, as well, because of a Potter Party, the doofus, and the last dumb move Harry making being to say Voldemort’s name, they found out hella quick.

The trio are captured with Dean Thomas, Hermione having puffed Harry’s face up, Greyback and crew unable to identify them, yet, until discovering Gryffindor’s sword, they deducing Harry and Hermione’s identities. When Bellatrix sees the sword, she tortures Hermione on where they’d gotten it, thinking they’d stolen it from Gringotts. Meanwhile, Dobby apparates and saves Ollivander, Luna, and Dean, this getting attention, Ron and Hermione having to overpower Wormtail, but this ultimately killing him. Voldemort is finally summoned once the goblin confirms the sword counterfeit, Ron attempting and failing to save Hermione, but not being quick enough to dodge a knife and get kilt.

They have a quick burial and funeral for him in the garden of Bill and Fleur’s, Harry then speaking to the Gringotts goblin and Ollivander before Harry sees Voldemort claim the Elder wand Dumbledore had been buried with. Harry was torn by his decision to hang back rather than fight, in the meantime the goblin agreeing to help them in return for Gryffindor’s sword, Harry not specifying when, but would do the exchange. Lupin visits to announce Tonks and his son, Ted being born, and Bill warning Harry about dealings with a goblin being a sensitive thing if treasure is involved.

Hermione had been chosen to Polyjuice as Bellatrix what with having a hair of hers on her robe and also having the wand, but she having trouble controlling it. They still go through with their plan, Harry under invisible cloak with goblin and Ron disguised with face-feature changes, they running into Travers in Diagon Alley. It only gets worse from here, since he’s also going to Gringotts and it seemed the goblins were aware of Bellatrix’s stolen wand. They make it to the vault without being caught, though, instead now had to worry about making the contact with the treasure. This soon doesn’t matter, since it ends with all of them in contact with it, but Harry obtains the cup, but loses the sword, they escaping on the nearly blind dragon (yay!) and landing themselves in a lake some distance from the bank. Harry soon sees the results of Voldemort learning of Gringotts and his questioning whether his other horcruxes were safe; The trio soon aiming for Hogsmeade.

Upon arrival, they’re immediately known to be there due to a nifty alarm charm, Death Eaters looking around and almost catching them early upon arrival. After dementors are added to the search party, the Hogshead’s owner saves them by letter them inside the bar. Harry figures out he’s Aberforth, he feeding them and attempting to convince Harry to get far away as possible. Instead, he’s convinced somehow into detailing most of what’d happened to Ariana. She’d killed their mother accidentally after being abused by some boys in some way to make her ever use magic, it going wild within her and when she was 14, had an unfortunate episode resulting her mother’s death.

Aberforth was made to continue school by Dumbledore, he taking care of their sister until Grindelwald distracts him. Aberforth confronts Dumbledore about containing his ego in order to take of their sister rather than go off and gather a following in their new wizarding regime. The 3 end up fighting, Ariana attempts to help and 1 of the 3 kill her. Harry puts in his 2 cents when he mentions the horcrux charm he’d drank, the torture making him say when he felt worst about and his greatest fear, Neville then being brought when Aberforth acquiesces to helping them enter Hogwarts.

They go through a hidden tunnel behind Aberforth’s painting of his sister. Neville catches them up a bit on Snape’s disciplinary Carrows Death Eater professors, he also finally gets positive feedback form his Gran once she escapes and goes to ground so as to stay hidden, since escaping the Death Eaters’ attempts at using her as leverage on Neville. When they reach Hogwarts about 20 more peeps greet them uproariously. They’d made the Room of Requirement their safe haven, the Carrows unable to reach them. They were catching up when Harry learns Voldemort had discovered another horcrux destroyed, the group of kids desperate to be a part of helping overcome Voldemort, but Harry attempting to keep Dumbledore’s secret, Ron and Hermione then considering they could use their friends’ help without revealing the true nature of why, so Harry begins asking them questions about Ravenclaw items.

In the end, Luna leads Harry to the Ravenclaw statue where one of the Carrows catches him, touching her V (haha) tat. She’s knocked out by Luna’s curse, Harry then cursing her bro when he insults McGonagall. She then helps the two game plan the way to get students out of the castle and overthrow Snape before Voldemort comes, and Harry could search the grounds. Snape gets in McGonagall’s way, but flees by chucking himself out a window when she receives help from other professors. They soon are enlisting the help of other professors to protect the school temporarily from Voldemort, whilst getting everyone to meet in the Great Hall to give those the option to stay and help who were of age. Upon Harry getting back to the Req. Room, most of the Weasleys arrive, they surprised when Percy shows up as they’re trying to get Ginny to leave, but instead agreed to let her stay in the Req. Room, Voldemort now at Hogwarts as Harry’s looking for Hermione and Ron in the loo.

As McGonagall describes what would happen, Voldemort’s voice echoes through the hall to maintain resisting wouldn’t do any good and he didn’t desire offing anyone, he only wanted Harry. Since Voldemort wasn’t actually there, after dumb Pansy attempts to get Harry chucked out, McGonagall has them all leave with their Houses, she having to remind Harry of looking for the horcrux, since he’d been plagued with where Hermione and Ron could be. He comes to a lightbulb moment though, on whom to ask what had happened to the diadem, getting his answer through Nearly Headless Nick, he speaking with the Ravenclaw’s House ghost, Helen Ravenclaw, she stealing the diadem from her mother and how the Bloody Baron had killed himself because he’d stabbed and killed her.

Finally, she admits hiding the diadem in Albania, and Voldemort had brought it back to Hogwarts when he’d interviewed for a job. Harry is met by Hagrid (I realize now Harry could’ve been using “Tom” as his choice to call him the whole time to mock his name for himself, in a way, as Dumbledore had.), the fight being on by this point, since it’d reached midnight. Harry realizes where he needed to go, also spotting Ron and Hermione who’d gone to the Chamber of Secrets, Ron speaking Parseltongue by memory and stabbing the Cup, Harry ecstatic. Ron and Hermione give each other a good snog until Harry thrusts them back to Erf. They have the Room of Requirement become the place with everyone’s hidden treasures, Harry locating the diadem, but foiled by Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle.

Crabbe curses the place with a fire monsters thingy and Ron and Hermione have to save the 2 burkes, Crabbe getting himself kilt, but Harry also catching the diadem as it’d been falling down from a victory throw of treasure by the creatures. When they escape, Harry sees the diadem crumble, since the fire had been cursed and fortunately did the trick in destroying the horcrux. Then, as the twins and Percy are fighting Death Eaters in the hall they’d come in from, an explosion kills Fred. Harry helps Percy stow him, everyone then continuing fighting Death Eaters except for the trio, Harry looking into Voldemort’s mind upon Hermione’s request. He sees Voldemort chilling, knowing Harry’d pursue him for Nagini, he commanding Malfoy’s Pops to get Snape.

The trio use the invisibility cloak due to how many faculty and students were fighting Death Eaters, Hagrid getting swept away with giant spiders as his bro searches for him at the castle windows. They retreat toward the forest, Harry too desperate by the dementors approaching to summon his patronus. Luna and 2 others save their asses and they reach the Whomping Tree where they’d get to the Shrieking Shack, Harry overhearing Snape speaking with Voldemort about the uprise and the Elder wand not impressing him like he expected. He concludes it’s because Snape had killed Dumbledore, meaning he’d have to kill Snape, leaving before he’s truly dead and giving Harry time to collect Snape’s memory.

Voldemort speaks loud-speaker style again to them about allowing an hour to help the injured and gather their dead, and if Harry didn’t reveal himself, he’d kill anyone to get in his way. Ron and Hermione encourage Harry to ignore Voldemort’s terms and focus on a new game plan at the castle. They see the Weasleys at Fred’s body, along with Tonks and Lupin’s, Harry too distraught to see who else hadn’t made it because of him. Instead he makes his way to Dumbledore’s office, which still contained the Pensieve, believing Snape’s memories could be no worse than what he’d currently experienced and having a temporary escape. He sees Snape as a boy confronting Lily about her magic and how Petunia had been a prude from childhood, and Snape’d struggled controlling his emotions around the close-minded Muggle, Petunia.

James and Sirius had taken a disliking of Snape from their first meeting on the train, Lily torn from the start on liking and disliking both Snape and James. Later on, after Snape’d heard part of the prophecy, he’d met with Dumbledore, whom had shown contempt of Snape for the first time because of his love for Lily and disregarding her new family. Snape is shown attempting to heal the injured Dumbledore after he’d worn Slytherin’s ring. The 2 discuss how this’d kill Dumbledore in about a year and how Draco’s task of murdering him should go to Snape as Voldemort had dictated. Dumbledore eventually shares with Snape how Harry’d have to be killed by Voldemort before Voldemort could die, because Harry carried a piece of his soul. The last memory is of Snape preparing to leave Gryffindor’s sword for Harry to find.

Colin Creevey dies, Harry seeing this after noticing how little time he had left, using his invisibility cloak and passing Neville and Oliver Wood carrying him. He leaves the castle without speaking to anyone, making the leaving easier, but does run into Neville again as he’s gone back out for more bodies. He made sure Neville knew to kill Nagini, he going invisible again and not stopping even when he sees Ginny helping someone. He learns how to open the snitch and gets the Resurrection stone, he seeing his parents, Lupin, and Sirius, they walking with him to Voldemort. 2 of the Death Eaters unknowingly lead him there where the rest of the followers, plus a bound Hagrid, whom is aghast Harry’d come. Harry was apparently thinking of Ginny kissing something of his (“—-“, not a period.), then gets the green flash.

Harry wakes up feeling alive, but meeting a quite dead Dumbledore, he believing Harry wasn’t quite corpse. Dumbledore also reveals how Grindelwald had killed his sis. After some time, they reach the subj. of Harry having the option to live, he ofc choosing accordingly. Voldemort had collapsed, as well, he delegating the task of checking Harry’s vitals to Narcissa, she asking after Draco, they then all heading for the castle with Harry playing dead, and Voldemort having Hagrid carry him. Voldemort does his voice boom trick and tells of Harry’s kaput inaccurately, then threatens death to anyone who didn’t kneel before him.

Ultimately, there’s a revolt and Neville kills Nagini with Gryffindor’s sword, Harry getting under his invisibility cloak. Once Harry’s given shield charms to those on his way to Voldemort, Bellatrix is taken out by Mrs. W and Harry extrapolates how Voldemort wasn’t true owner of the Elder wand, he having deduced Malfoy should’ve gotten it, but when Harry’d taken Malfoy’s wand, ownership should be his, now, the wand doing his bidding and Voldemort’s death being his own fault. It takes a few beats before everyone celebrates, Harry getting his 2 buds to accompany him to Dumbledore’s office as he explains Snape’s memories and his plan. Harry leaves the fallen Resurrection stone where he’d dropped it in the Forbidden Forest, he fixing his wand with the Elder wand and deciding to return it to Dumbledore’s resting place, Ron shocked, but Hermione understanding, ofc.

19 years later, Harry and Ginny are taking their 3 kids to the station, Longbottom’s a Herbology prof, Draco married with a son (obv), and Ron and Hermione with their 2, Harry not having been bothered by his scar since, and quelling the fears of his youngest if he were chosen to be Slytherin, mentioning how he’d get a choice, in the end.

Decent enough, I’ll still check out The Tales of Beedle the Bard.