Cucumber Quest (Vol. 5 Webcomic, Ch. 4)

The Quartet make it back to the Crystal Kingdom and get some warm clothes before checking in with the other Princess to make certain she hadn’t been accosted by a Disaster master. This princess was aware and had been planning on confront Quakemaster, Almond squeeing over witnessing princess fight possibility. Carrot is wondering at this princess’s ability to overtake this other disaster master, what with being more powerful than the previous, she sticking to her guns and Peridot attempting to act all suave and mysterious has it ruined again by Almond. Peridot reveals how they’re going for the master which edges out even Double Night, so when she biffs off, the group decides to split up their efforts, Almond sticking with her bro, which will also piss off Peridot, since it’d mean she wouldn’t be facing her.

Whilst Cuco and Almond are walking along, they get into a fight about how things went down with the Double Night, Cuco admitting Almond’s blame in this whole adventure, she walking off and Nautilus attempting to lighten her up with a little reminder how she could’ve done better to warn them during more opportune moments, as well and she needed Almond’s skills in order to protect her, so she should get her head straight. They then walk directly to Cordelia and Peridot looking suave, but not for long when Cordelia reads the message Double Night left in her book she’d been planning to call the Forsaken Master. Cordelia realizes her mistake, but next Cuco and Almond are trapped together, she admitting how she still believed the Double Night was attempting to trick him, but not liking how it came out, her words getting jumbled, Cuco understanding, and then the 2 walking through to a lighted area.

They are addressed by a disembodied voice, it going for a specific fear, neither one seemed aware it was going for this, it trying other ways as the 2 remain confused. They begin to crack up and then hear Nautilus, following her laugh, she inviting them to watch an emotionally dippy movie. They must endure a dull new fear on each elevator floor, the creature either getting the meaning wrong, or it not being scary. Cordelia meanwhile doesn’t understand this master’s failure, looking to the end of the book and it basically relating how he was kidding. Peridot hysterically laughing. The Forsaken Master comes out from his shadows when Cuco finds his seam, looking like a cutesy Halloween fella, he running off for sadness none of his levels scared them. Cuco and Almond catch up though and they learn his, odd ass name, his nickname, Besty and this not even being the best part. Nautilus stays positive for him, Besty confessing how he’d truly wanted to do his best for Steve, pff HAHA! Great stuff, this. Then, Besty does the unexpected and asks to be sealed back up again, he wanting to work on his art. Now they must figure out how to turn him back into a seal stone, since he was a bit different the the rest, Peridot revving up to do her usual spell when Almond asked if she had anything to contribute.

It doesn’t take, Cuco asked to try with his fancy wand, everyone impressed with its glow, which brings out what looks like Punisher Pumice’s costume draping upon Cuco, Almond and Peridot realizing they fangirl’d the same show. Besty decides to give them a show since they were going to put him back, so Cuco magics a huge drain, which serves Besty’s purpose, he happily awaying. Peridot reluctantly offers to tell Almond what happens in the new episode when it airs, since she’s bizzy, with evil villain stuuuff. Then, Cuco doubts Besty’s true masterness, remembering Carrot attempting to conquer Quakemaster, Cordelia making this her outro for “tricking” them with the distraction, Peridot wanting to make a playdate with Almond sometime. Cuco, knowing they needed to go retrieve his real wand from those wand cleaner stealers, reminds Nautilus and they all wonder what their motive could’ve been to give him the Pumice wand. Cuco and Almond get on better ground with each other, and Almond reiterates truly being regretful for how it played out, but she’d look out for him, what with actually wanting to be heroic.

Then, an afterward with Besty hoping he didn’t upset Steve, Besty realizing the pit he’d gone through in the drain, went to a button looking headstone. Upon pressing it, the large creature thanks him for being awakened, Steve popping out. He greets Besty warmly, the two catching up on how Besty got there, he confused about the big drain plug, but upon seeing it, they go through, Besty not where he’d started, but def. still on Dreamside. Steve then throws Besty for a loop when he mentions doing eeevil! Then it skips to Cordelia testing 1 of Double Night’s lemon cupcakes, devine-ness being bandied. Double Night then calls Cordelia out on Peridot’s role in all of this, Cordelia admitting she liked the little spunky gal, they having met not long before this whole spell-casting disaster stones began.

Then Cordelia suggests Double Night give the cupcakes to Peridot, she inviting him to watch Punisher Pumice again. The twisty turn being the Pancetta baring her heart to her crush and he collecting stones (1 being her heart) in order to summon Double Night!! Punisher Pumice then turns up to defeat him, but when he aims a shot at her, Pan protects her, this making Peridot glare heartbrokenly with anger at Double Night. AAAWW, so cute! Plus, a twist which has Peridot scream-hooting for awesomeness. This has Double Night questioning what he should be allowing these writers to get away with using his image, he allowing Peridot to accompany even though he was considering different ways to shut them down.

Later, Double Night visits Parfait, he taking care of Tomato’s weirdness. and informing her of leaving for a bit to speak to Quakemaster and another thing… Then from the studios perspective as they’re revelling in how fortunate they added the Nightmare Knight to their story, the lights go out. After which a mini drama from the actor Nightmare Knight and Peridot fangirling to get Bacon’s autograph. Cuco also finally able  to trade his magic wand for the real one, it being a genuine accident. Cuco then offers Nautilus his protection, as well, regardless of she technically their to aid them, Nautilus touched and grateful by his sentiment. After, they begin to think of Carrot and how he’s probably fine since his upgrade, but they’ll be on their way to him next.

And onward the comic goes, and I with it, at least so far to 922. Huzzah! An engaging, wonderful comic!


Jeeves in the Offing

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I’ve noticed a lot of people down on this novel because of a lack of Jeeves, I guess I’ll find out if there is truly a lack of humor, as well.

Bertie begins with breakies with his ole juvie chum, Reggie “Kipper” Herring, Jeeves serving, and Bertie grabbing the phone when ear-balling it. His aunt Dahlia was calling, apparently in London to meet Roderick Glossop, Bertie at first surprised until being told it was for a free meal, and she was picking up her replacement butler whilst Seppings was on vacay. Bertie then relates of Jeeves also going off for R&R the same morning, so Dahlia invites him to Brinkley, this making Jeeves’ departure more palatable, Anatole’s cooking to fortify him. Dahlia already had 5 other guests, Unc. Tom off to be a buddy to an American called Cream, wanting to do some business, which’d save him income tax…

Anywho, Dahlia was keeping Willie and Adela, the man’s son and wife, Bertie thinking the son sounded familiar. Upon hearing Bobbie Wickham was also in stock startled him a tad, a pretty girl, but whilst Bertie’d offered his hand for once, she blessedly refused, and he not wanting to get into why o-t-p. Bobbie apparently was too much of a fireball, which made Bertie wonder what this visit could throw at him. Dahlia throws Aubrey Upjohn at him along with his step-kid, Phyllis, Bertie knowing Upjohn to be the sort one wished not to meet again, as Kipper had warned him years ago, but he insisting on tagging with her god-child, Phyllis. Dahlia planned to use him to give prizes at the local grammar school, she bidding him farewell soon after. (I’ve already come across a short-pip of an entertaining conversation with Dahlia which begins the delightfulness for me, so lets see if it continues!)

Bertie absorbs all the pills to come, returning to Kipper to catch him up, they on Upjohn for a bit, and Kipper meeting Phyllis, a “goofy” girl. After Bertie requires Jeeves to pack for him, Kipper is quietly giggling with jam and toast-filled mouth about how envious he was of Bertie being able to see Upjohn’s face when he read a review of his work, having written about the same school the 2 had been punished to go with Upjohn and eat his crap meals, Kipper having the opp. to review his work and not sparing his feelings Before Jeeves leaves, Bertie was reminded of whom Willie was, his name popular in NY for making scenes in clubs, like a college frat. Jeeves biffs off, and Bertie considers canceling, 3 problem kids too much for the Bertie constitution, but Ana’s food reviving his resolve, even if his hand did shake whilst lighting a ciggy. He’s then disturbed by the phone, Bobbie’s ma on the line, bawling, and asking if it was true what she’d reading the Times, Bertie confused, but then Ma Wickham laughing unstably and making a large thump, her butler coming on to announce her passing out and ending the call. Bertie grabs the copy Jeeves subscribed him to and searches, locating the offensive material in the Engagements column, seeing his name was a part of the same sentence as Bobbie.

Bertie was definitely at a loss for when he’d gotten Bobbie to agree to marry him, so when he arrives at Brinkley next day at noon, he was quite ready to hear more from his affianced. Since no tea was being had outside, he decides to take a wander in the sun, first hearing poetreh being read, then getting greeted by yappy dachshund, Bertie deducing he’d rooted out Willie and Phyllis, she seeming like the type to baby speak, which she did in regards to her pup and Kipper when she received Bertie relaying his best, WIllie impatient for a departing Bertie, so asks if there was someone in particular he was after, not caring where he left as long as he’d done so, but Phyllis providing Bobbie’s location, so Willie offering direct instructions to the lake, Bertie ready to give the boy a lashing of words, but refrains for the auntie, off and view hallooing Bobbie fishing on the pier in no time, she ready for Bertie’s puzzlement and confessing it was a part of a plan to make Reggie sound wonderful.

Apparently, she wanted her ma to be ready for her “real” marriage wants to Kipper. All this takes them til 5 pm, Bobbie guest-hosting for Dahlia, since her son, Bonzo was sick at school, she off like a flash, and Bertie left to wonder how it was Kipper whom’d tamed her wild heart, his boi not a looker by any means, what with his boxing leftover injuries. He considers how she must’ve actually looked deeper, since Kipper was a golden-spirited fella, she usually after the high society sportos. So, Bertie was plodding his way back when he quite unexpectedly body checks Upjohn, the 2 awkwardly close and practically dancing to stay upright. Bertie calls him out and Upjohn required a reminder of whom he’d partnered with a mo. ago, he uncaring and the 2 walking to tea, the only other attendees, being Bobbie and Glossop dressed and acting like a butler.

Bertie begins by stating normally he’d be well-nerved, but everyone’s got their leak, and mental doc’s wearing butler gear was the one. Bertie jumps like a bean and throws his tea upon Upjohn’s trou, he refraining from cussing, but Bertie able to fill in the blanks with the dirty look given. He then shares with Bobbie how much of a klutz Bertie’d always been, Upjohn getting an apology of which he didn’t accept, since his white flannel most likely were stained forever. Bobbie takes a crack at Bertie which leads to him instead countering with his q about Glossop, she gathering her thoughts on how to explain why he’d wished to do this taking as long as it took Bertie to gobble a cake. She starts with Upjohn wanting Phyl to marry Willie, and she obliging for being dedicated to him. Dahlia didn’t wish for this though, believing him a “screwball”, she inviting Glossop to watch for signs of nuts. Bobbie wants to help Dahlia, so suggests Glossop, Dahlia then having proof if crazy, this allowing Willie to get closer to mental health and away from marrying Phyl. This all takes place under “buttling” cover to save Ma Cream’s feelings. So, when Bertie mentions how he’d found Willie and Phyl lounging with poetry, Bobbie mistakes haste to share of Bertie’s purpose of staying was to make sure Willie didn’t get the chance to propose, Bertie disliking this role, but must swallow for dear ole Dahlia.

Bertie could detect at a “g.”-lance upon his arrival, of Willie regarding him as a “buttinki”, but when Phyl learns she’s late, hops to it. Bertie and she finds Bobbie alone, she relating Upjohn’s plan to go to London, Phyl checking if he’d left yet, and Bobbie deducing Upjohn had most likely read Kipper’s article. As they’re chatting, Ma Cream turns up, she having wrote a chapter and felt breaky time was due. Bertie gives stellar desc. of she looking like Sherlock Holmes (pff, haha!) Bobbie throwing Bertie under the bus by confessing Bertie’s fandom and he killing time for an answer, when Bobbie receives message, most likely from mama. Glossop has delivered it, and as retreating, Ma Cream mentions her suspicion of the man not actually being actual staff, the worry upon Bertie, so he speaks on Glossop’s behalf, Bobbie rallying round, as well. Ma Cream isn’t buying though, she reminding of Unc. Tom’s silver collection, Bertie harking to when he’d stolen the cow creamer for him, then mentioning the gem was in the (Ganymede?) “archives”. Then, when Bertie declares wishing to leave, Bobbie states requiring to see her ma and some host-like structure must be present til Dahlia is come. Bertie then gets Dahlia’s addy off her, so he could update the aged r.

Bertie wasn’t feeling Jeeves’ advice regarding seeing a situation brighter upon new day, it darker, and Willie seeming more hostile every time he runs into Bertie. So, when Phyl announces going off to type papa’s speech, Willie walks the pup, and Bertie grabs one of Ma Cream’s novels, lifted from Dahlia’s library, and is lulled into nap by 2nd chapter. Fortunately, upon waking, is required at the phone, Dahlia calling. She updates on Bonzo’s health, and in return Bertie reveals Ma Cream’s paranoia, Dahlia unconcerned, but not okay with Bertie possibly requiring to defend himself against Willie if Bertie’s presence constantly around him gets his gander, so when suggesting Kipper come tag Bertie out, everyone’d be covered and Unc. Tom’s deal wouldn’t be put in danger. Dahlia giving her blessing to write him on her behalf, Bertie heading toward relief and upon ringing for a shot, gets Glossop. The man doesn’t seem upset with him though, instead confirming Bertie knew the reason for his presence and job title, also divulging not having decided the state of the young man. In any case, he gets to the point of the ring and Bertie embarrassedly puts in his order, Glossop obliging and also returning with a letter from Jeeves regarding WIllie, he sharing with Glossop, which has them haster to the Unc’s collection room, cow creamer the missing link.

Glossop acts bowled over by the realization, Bobbie coming in and overhearing, she brings up Glossop now having a reason for Willie being a nutter. Bobbie discovers the snowball of a scheme she creates with Bertie unshaken by her decision he would look in Willie’s room, Bertie stalking away with what he believed was ice-cold. Upon noting the loveliness of the day and being too chivalrous, since inside readying to snoop, he surprises and is surprised by a maid inside talking of mice being about, the cat she’d brought to catch them being noticed to sleepy state, and Bertie getting the room to himself. He aims straight for the armoire, and as he’s reaching atop it after climbing a chair, hears Bobbie, quite close, asking status, he so overcome, sits upon a chair, and when senses return, Bobbie’d biffed, and Ma Cream comes in, Bertie using the mice excuse and being passive-aggressively made to exit.

Bertie locates Bobbie in his chair with his Cream book outside, she offerring to help him this time by warning of anyone outside by singing, which then gave him a chance to go out the balcony and shimmy down a water pipe, a specialty of Bertie’s, making him more comfy, and not wanting to have his Unc. Tom upset. They go back, and Bertie gets caught again by Ma Cream, he leaving with the advice to sleep, what with his mouse hunt obsession getting persistent. Upon detecting Bobbie at her car, she explains of her ma calling to bad mouth him, and she going off to have a detailed chat with her, now. So, Bertie returns to his book and falls asleep for a couple hours, when waking, sends the telegram for Kipper, and he then seeing him through the front door, getting out from his car.

Bertie greets him with confusion and upon seeing the wrought look upon his face, he relates having seen the engagements column, Bertie allowing Kipper to stay hooked before bringing him in to the fold, the chap not wanting to lose their old buddy-hood, and then cursing Bobbie, name-calling style. Finally, after he suggests he’d propose to Phyl, Bertie lays out his hand, Kipper well impressed with his chick, and getting better news of invitation to dinner and staying awhile, he at first worrying he’d be asked to pull a Gussie and hand prizes out, he quite willing to be the puncher, if WIllie deemed it necessary. Once cleaning up a bit, he’d be ready to keep the lovebirds apart, thinking of Anatole’s goodness.

Bertie rang for Glossop, since he didn’t know which rooms were free, “conspiratorial” looks getting thrown around merrily between the 2, and Bertie having a talk with him later, upon meeting in “his” pantry, he’s praising Glossop’s style and again unshockingly learns Bobbie’d been behind his name. After, he updates him of what’d taken place, receiving criticism on his excuse and Glossop unprepared to supply a better one, the man going forward with how perhaps Bertie was right to try and decline this task, believing now, himself a better choice. Bertie comes round when Glossop muses on stealing biscuits in his school, Bertie also having the feels of brohood.

The 2 then compare the types which they preferred and what was available to them upon nicking some, Bertie the one one to have been caught a single time. He wishes Glossop well on his hunt, then goes to replace Ma Cream’s book back, but instead decides to read a bit more before din din, interrupted by a parroting Kipper until Glossop comes in with drinks, relating of bad tidings. Bertie then listens to what Kipper’d sent by letter to Bobbie before knowing about her plan, and whilst he’d spoken with her in order to keep her from opening it, she does anyways, and gives him a good ole fashioned girl-talk whipping, she now after Bertie and he deciding Jeeves was needed on the case, off to Herne Bay. He doesn’t catch him and leaves a message for a return call, getting it at the Drones, and once finished, Jeeves stating he’d drop all to come to Brinkley and assist. They plan to meet at his apartment and drive up together, Bertie conversing about Poppet the dog’s temperament, and Jeeves confirming he hadn’t come up with a plan, yet, soon spotting Bobbie’s vehicle outside an inn, he deciding to sweetly chat t’were in order Jeeves waiting outside with his Spinoza.

Bobbie is surprised, but listens as Bertie is led to his point, taking a gentle path, so as not to anger her. When he’d finished, she shocks him with an empathetic response, she saying she hadn’t actually meant what she’d berated Kipper with, and was only feeling this for a handful of minutes, Bertie being sure to get the clearest answer, the 2 then moving to how Kipper’d been like every other boy as a youth and their time in Upjohn’s reign. After this Bertie walks her out and he returns to Jeeves in much higher spirits, he relating the now single issue of Willie and cow creamer. Bertie’s parking of his car reveals his Aunt’s return, as well, upon greeting updating her on why he’d picked up Jeeves being useless, now and the story of Bobbie and Kipper. When Bertie asks where Kipper was off hiding, Dahlia confides he was performing his duty, Willie and Phyl. out, so he with them. Bertie then mentions Willie’s thievery compulsion, Dahlia confessing she knew about the cow creamer, since Tom’d sold it to him.

Bertie is quite gutted with the thought of how much he’d gone through all for it to be unnecessary, Dahlia thoroughly amused. Bobbie then arrives, not looking chipper to Bertie, a hooded look about the eyes, she wanting to read Ma Cream’s book, Dahlia consenting heartily. Upon Bertie referring to Kipper, she says something so puzzling to them both, it takes a couple sentences to realize the tide had changed, Bertie considering ringing Jeeves and instead wants to locate Kipper, he making it easy and showing up. Bertie and Dahlia have him share the deets, he hedging a little, til letting out with getting engaged to Phyl, but this non-bindingly discussed between them and solely to turn off the Cream, Bobbie coming by as he locked lips with her to make it look authentic. Bobbie was letting Kipper have it agian out of range for Phyl to hear, she not having appreciated the buddiness between them at a previous holiday, Dahlia about to share her opinion when Phyl pops up to join them.

She informs Dahlia of Step-Pop’s call and he’d be back in the evening, he having been seeing his attorney about suing Kipper’s job for their article. This gives ole Kipper a shock, what comes next being a convo filled with the book Upjohn wrote being themed “preparatory schools” and this being repeated by dear, simple Phyl like it explained it all, she then off to fee her puppers, Poppet. After clarifying why Kipper was acting so torn up to Dahlia, she goes off in search of a copy of the article for curiosity, Bertie not understanding this, but distracted by how screwed Kipper was if Upjohn’s suit won and how his career’d be over. Bobbie comes back in stating she’d picked the wrong novel, and when seeing Kipper freezes, Bertie describing it hilariously. Not knowing why, of everything, Lot’s wife’d get turnt to salt.

Bobbie was speaking with stank when interrupted by a haunted moan from Kipper, upon viewing his stricken f., bounded at him like a wild cat to her cub, and inquires what ailed him, with concern. She briefly accuses Bertie of woe-ing her boo, he denying, then Aunt Dahlia returning with results, quoting the entirety, which Bertie delighted in, but Dahlia knowing it to be a brutal account of Upjohn’s book. The conclusion of the article is detailed, but the last sentence Kipper denies writing. Bobbie soon confesses she’d done it, thinking he’d meant to keep it, and she liking the statement of the kind of pig turnt to sausages every Sunday.

Bobbie apologises profusely, Kipper taking it quite well, esp. after Bertie refrains to correct Kipper’s earlier words of he being known as trubs at any future companies. Bobbie then suggests upon Upjohn’s return, he’d be able to charisma-tize him, Kipper deciding a drink t’were the ticket, everyone seal-yelping at Glossop in his pantry, Kipper taking some me-time, Glossop gaining interest of the young man, and learning of Bobbie, Bertie, and his friendship/engagement, Bobbie getting annoyed and bowing out, as well, Glossop speaking with Bertie about noting Kipper’s “neurosis”, and Bertie explaining the reason being a good’n. But, upon stating their posish was stuck, Glossop relates a story which he believed put Bertie’s theory out.

Glossop describing a young couple at first not being consented to marry, until after the boy’d saved his girl’s pop. Glossop states how this was simply an extra idea, but Bertie gives him mad props, definitely spreading the word, he later remembering he forgot to update Gloss. on Willie’s purchase, then not caring to complete his mish. He first goes to spring the noggins of both Bobbie and Kipper’s bowed heads. They q Bertie on how he’d come across the plan, Kipper wondering the strangeness of Swordfish, Bertie maintaining his normalness as a butler.

Bertie was let down by Jeeves take on Gloss.’s plan, he at first thinking it Bobbie’s, Bertie making a date as to get the full Jeeves reasoning, inviting him to watch it go down in a few mins. Bertie still gets the gist of Jeeves’ not liking it for sensing failure, and lack of grace, Bertie becoming defensive and thinking Jeeves jelly. Kipper’d already had courage failure when seeing Upjohn’s shaved upper lip, this a trauma ages old. Bertie sees Upjohn first, he still early, since Bobbie wasn’t with him, yet. Bertie muses how comfy Upjohn’d be upon hitting the cool water, since the day was tropical, he soon interrupted by a sad-looking Willie (Haha!) and Poppet, Bertie hoped would biff off soonish for his part he must soon play. Willie was chatting of Ma Cream telling him about Bertie’s mice obsession, he keeping it cool, Willie coming to the part where his cow creamer’d gone missing, and Bertie thrumming a bit, but still chill, alas-ing not catching the Gloss. in time.

Bertie is smoking the most “nonchalant”-making ciggy, advising Willie he needn’t bother informing his Aunt, since items like these show up again, Upjohn and Bobbie coming by, and Bertie noting to definitely have Gloss stick the gem back. Upjohn currently was in a mood, Bobbie having brought him to see a big fish in the lake, Bertie confirming this, and Upjohn wanting to be near the phone for his attorney’s call. When Upjohn tells of wishing he’d stay’d in, he begins to retreat, but stays a mo. more at their request, Bobbie saying her line, but Phyl then announcing Upjohn’s lawyer was waiting. He biffs off quick, Phyl carrying, Augustus the cat for Poppet to meet. The pup acts excited as Augustus snoozes at Phyl’s feet, and when the pup approaches and gets spat at, he flies at Bertie, and the 2 go into the lake, Kipper grabbing Bertie and at first thinking him Upjohn, whilst Willie’d saved Poppet. Bertie relates how shit had gotten complicated.

Bertie, Kipper, and Bobbie arrive back looking wet to he gills, Dahlia making note and attesting to Willie having looked similar, Bertie changes costume quickly and is met by Kipper and Bobbie after, they not looking as broken as they should, and being told of Dahlia’s new/old plan to have Bertie berate insults at Upjohn, so Kipper can defend him, then allow the 2 speak of his suit against his job. Bertie couldn’t decline due to the Wooster code, but he did walk off silently, going to his rarely visited Unc. Tom’s room of silver. He greets Upjohn reading one of Ma Cream’s novels, Bertie overcome by Upjohn’s looks and the room reminding him of Upjohn’s office from years ago at school. Bertie notes Upjohn wanted him to leave, but he stays strong and is interrupted by Phyl after mentioning Kipper. This has Bertie leaving out the French windows and being met by Bobbie giving him shit for not getting to his part quickly enough, and now must reconnoiter. Bertie sees Dahlia again, she updating Phyl’s status of engagem. to Willie.

Bertie properly empathised with Dahlia as she describes the mo. Phyl’d been taken in being with Willie getting her puppers out of water. Dahlia laments how she now hadn’t been able to keep her promise to Phyl’s ma, and once learning Upjohn’s close quarters, bellows for him, he turns up, and Dahlia lets him have it with her righteous anger. Upjohn takes her abuse up to a point, but then clarifies which Cream bro she was attached to being the prof of romance lit, this being Wilfred and not Wilbert, the playboy, he then shooting off after hearing the phone.

Dahlia blasts off with her dislike of how both bros shared the same nickname, Bertie again mentioning she chuck Upjohn, the idiot out, after she’s noted not having invited him in the first. He comes back in looking much less smug, attempting to get words out. Apparently his lawyer’d rustled up Kipper’s identity and stated how it was either he or Kipper whom’d leave Dahlia’s party, so Dahlia again is given opp. to give him shade, Bertie being tasked with giving hima  ride and Jeeves, filling in for Glossop’s day off, would pack his bags.

Bertie gets Upjohn to the inn, and worries whether Dahlia had calmed. He learns she’d gone to her room for deep breathing of cologne, Bobbie in happiness over Jeeves having taken Upjohn’s speech, this ofc somehow keeping him from suing Kipper’s job. Apparently the idea was, he’d be unable to make his speech and he’d be willing to trade. Bobbie designates Bertie to the task just in time for the call, Bertie losing his nerve when hearing his voice. He goes through much yes and no-ing Mr. Upjohn until Bobbie takes the phone, lays on some honeying foundation to Bertie’s irritating nature. She shows his posish and he relents to her delight, Bertie discussing being in awe of the females with Jeeves.

Ma Cream comes in to tell Bertie of her suspicion of Gloss’d been confirmed, Berite sitting to hear the long tale. She gets to the bit of messaging lady Gloss about their employment of Swordfish, she not knowing the name, proving Ma Cream’s point, but Bertie throwing doubt upon wifey’s ability to remember the helps names, Ma Cream not ending there, but mentioning Swordfish currently in possession of Willie’s cow creamer. She also states of having rung for the cops and expected them soon, and would stand outside the door so no one could mess about inside. Bertie tells Dahlia and Bobbie when they come in, Dahlia bidding he head off Gloss’s return whilst Bobbie’d retrieve Jeeves.

Bertie looks for as long as his tummy’d allow, returning two apprise Bobbie, she updating he’d return’d long ago. Not only this, but also Jeeves figured it all out by having Gloss state his business, and then Ma Cream corroborates with her suspicions of Berite, Jeeves continually reminding this embarrassing status was only known to those at Brinkley, offerring him a drink. Upon reminding him, he takes the hit for his Uncle Tom’s happiness, Berite forgiving his rep again being sacrificed.

Bloody wonderful, I’m going to miss them once I’m finished. Continual reading in my future!

Cucumber Quest (Vol. 4 Webcomic, Ch. 3)

Nautilus recognizes their pizza homies as the Limbo crew, they now quite a somber group for not being able to continue their limbo ways, Nautilus trying to keep their spirits up. To make matters worse, the next kingdom lacked a princess, so how they were to collect the siggy’s from each kingdom without a princess available makes a quick, pausing hiccup. Meanwhile Rosemaster wants to look her best whilst she speaks with Double Night about her grand plan, which didn’t impress him much. Rosemaster started to yearn for the old days when it was easier to be evil, their first run through their evil plans. She does reveal which in the quartet could actually do them trouble, she digressing about Double Night’s choice of words when harping on all the failures they’d had. She doesn’t mention which of the group would be dangerous, but does vow a good show whilst they played with the children.

Botanica Springs didn’t have royalty the way the rest of the Kingdoms had, they were verging on gangsters. The “King” there was of fashion at their capital, the quartet crashing their style event in order to figure out which “royalty” choice they had to sign the sword. As they each have their own emotion about the loud in style, Cuco deduces how the chat with the Double Knight basically q’d how any of the heroes all these 99 times, had gotten the siggy before them, if they didn’t have a princess, since the beginning. The King of Style picks girls from the crowd as honorary princess of style, Almond among them. Nautilus is currently in a cave-like area with Liquus she meeting Rosemaster and reassuring her how the rest of her group was content, this after insulting her charmingly.

Back at the style show, Cuco is angrily wondering why and how his dad was somehow hosting the contest, he explaining he was only making an income, is all. The 4 girls then start the task, receiving a flower and having to look for the trophy whilst keeping the flower til the end. Rosemaster is learning of Nautilus’ escape and demanding her minions to find them. The style of underwear dude sets her down after they knew they lost the minions, the fella running off and coming back with a stylish outfit, Nautilus learning they were in a dark, giant closet. Peridot then says how she was after Almond, her pop making fun of her for kinda stalking her. After denying it profusely, she lets out with how dumb Almond was for believing the contest was real, reality changing, and Almond looking at Carrot, whom had forgotten why he’d climbed atop an odd looking precipice point.

From his vantage though, he sees Cuco, whom then confronts Double Night, wanting to compromise, somehow. Double Night attempts to relate how complicated the situation truly was, when he’s distracted by Cuco’s wand, but then has a flashback and hardens up, showing he didn’t care by swiping at them and making them fall down a crevasse. Carrot pleads with Double Night to spare them all, and when he awakes, Double Night mocks his emotions, but this also being what saved them. Meanwhile Rosemaster/Thornmaster, is holding Peridot hostage now, she having messed up, and if she complained more, she’d be worse off than jail. Rosemaster shows how upset she is when she’s alone, then being confronted by Glitchmaster, it commending her good work all these 99 times. Glitchmaster wants to confide who is responsible for keeping them back, they having to take him out if they wished to succeed this time.

Glitchmaster then asks she do the job, since it was suspicious of him to even be present, she agreeing what with their recent long time betrayer. Almond is currently at the end of the search, they locating the trophy and a chest, which contained the letter from Princess Parfait. They are then confronted by the Gaurdener, his name depth ofc, confusing the hell out of them, he letting them know they were in the Queen Lotus’ garden. He claims to have frightened the Rosemaster with his power and face, he making the suggestion if they could look upon him they could take the Hocus crocus which was the trophy and also a magic enhancer. Meanwhile, Peridot is complaining hella loudly about her odd cell, so much to the point of wishing for a normal door, at and getting it, magic-style, this magical door still closed, and seeming confused when she asking it to open.

Nautilus helps her, she ofc, salty about it, and Almond with Cuco get back to the Style King and she somehow has the trophy with her. Upon handing it off to a rep for safe-keeping whilst they readied her for the 2nd test, Cuco decides to follow the rep, due to suspiciousness, but gets himself caught after Carrot helps him deduce where they were, after seeing a bunch of odd flowers floating around. Almond comes back thinking she’d be needed, Cuco already having helped himself after Rosemaster minions were body-checking him, but she disappointed with his conquering skills.

They then all trying to catch up to Rosemaster before she got the trophy magic flower, but this doesn’t happen, Glitchmaster attempting to get it off her, but she going rogue and keeping it, glitching his ass out of existence. She then confronts the group, showing off her upgrade, and putting them all down after showing Almond what for when she cuts her off to get to the point, taking her elsewhere to chat. When they arrive, Almond sees Carrot, and Rosemaster does something to Almond which makes her swing at Carrot off a ledge, he falling and talking about his failure to another presence and when he awakes, sees lil creatures eating grass and talking of having Carrot’s letter, the Gaurdener never wanting it but only attempting to divert them from the Crocus, pff, haha.

Carrot reads and is so overcome, his pendant starts glowing along with Parfait’s, he returning to face Rosemaster. She somehow has a convulsive flash to where Glitchmaster airs his grievances with Rosemaster for edging him out, discussing the true nature of Double Night, and how Rosemaster was going to indulge herself before she won. Double Night turns up and shuts shit down, disappearing Peridot, Rosemaster defeated, Cuco deciding they’d give Rosemaster’s stone to the minions, since they hadn’t been tricked into serving her, they liked her.

Then, Double Night is shown with Peridot and she invites him to watch her teen show, Punisher Pumice, a close up look of the episode they watch to follow. Double Night then speaks with Parfait, she thanking him for giving Carrot her letter, then Double Night recalls how they fell into playing the same fight out so many times. A bit more is shown, some side stories are given, and a flashback of Cabbage almost being made to quest like Cuco sheds some interesting light on at least one of an almost-hero’s strange experience with the Oracle.

This is a quite addictive series, and it certainly isn’t taking long to catch up! I’ll be following D.G. Gigi’s work, for sure!

Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit


Bertie was currently bathing and dreading hosting a couple of his Aunt Dahlia’s friends. He wanted to impress, ofc, for this was his beloved Aunt, but she admitted they’d be a bore. Jeeves was currently on holiday for summer, so this only lowers Bertie’s self worth, but then his trusty man walks into his bedroom, he hearing from tub-side, as he drops off a piece of mail, Bertie assuming Jeeves would be going to his club.

Before they parted though, Bertie has Jeeves relate the letter, it being from a Percy Gorrige wanting to be givena  thousand pounds. Jeeves continues once he’s met with confusion, Percy being a step-son to Trotter, the peeps he was entertaining later. The man would put it toward his play, Bertie suspicious, and then confirming with Jeeves his best course being to deny the request. Upon dressing and a revitalizing drink, Bertie felt buoyed. Jeeves then coldly noticed Bertie’s face, he collecting a moostosh. Bertie sticks to his guns and then Mr. Cheesewright arrives.

Bertie was reduced to nerves when it came to certain fellas, Cheesewright one of these bunch, the 2 never having meshed, they being acquainted, since boyhood. Cheesewright no longer worked with the law, but through his uncle, his habit still in this vein, though, which helped put Bertie off. Although, Bertie had a couple, he was able to keep relatively cool, even offering the judgemental fellow a drink, he snooty and giving Bertie a hard time, since they usually bet on their dart tourney at the Drones, and Cheesewright had pulled Bertie’s name, so he usually’d say something about his imbibement habits. Cheesewright goes on to accuse him of also going to Catsmeat’s going off to Cali party, believing he’d have gluttoned the bad stuff more, even considering he’d be off for the same after eyeing his outfit. Upon Bertie setting him straight though, he affects acceptance of a sort, he currently awaiting Florence to show. They almost ready squabble when she arrives, since he’d made fun of Bertie’s moostosh.

Bertie clarifies his earlier description of Florence wasn’t becoming of her actual clever lovlieness, she not short on suitors or eyeballing American horndawgs. Cheesewright berates her lateness, which she doesn’t register, instead keeping her vision on Bertie, which rustles his feathers, and worse when she praises his moostosh, this giving Cheesewright the stick, so Bertie changes the subj. to Florence’s novel, she bringing up Percy’s play, stating how whilst there was small trubs with funding, he’d assured he’d raise the funds. Cheesewright goes into insulting snorts, believing Percy to be incapable, Florence defending his honor, facially and cranially.

As the 2 bicker, Cheesewright hurries the along for his unc’s inability to wait long. Bertie watches the 2 with worry, knowing he could get dragged into their eventual split if Florence looked at him the right way again, he knowing Florence was out of all his leagues, esp. intelligence. This only bode of  being “moulded”, and this wouldn’t do. So, after his smoke and thoughts of never again being forced to read Tolstoy over mystery thriller fic, he goes to meet the Trotters (Like, Only Fools and Horses!). His expectations are met with bores galore, Bertie happy to conclude his evening at the Drones, with “restorative” drinks, Cheesewright interrupting not long after.

Bertie expounds on the Cheesewright and how often he rowed, presently and in college. His physique wrestler-esque and he staring at Bertie in a way which had him cringing. Cheeswright begins with threatening him, then inquires why he’d grown the moostosh, he having to endure Florence chatting nonstop about it, and upon arriving at her doorstep, wishing he’d grow one. Cheesewright refuses and she ends their engagement; a lead-up to this, ofc being listed. Bertie was showing empathy which Cheesewright q’s, since he was suspicious the growing of fuzz was for Florence’s reaction, Bertie attempting to ease his mind and failing, his nerves at him, now, but does throw back some good plausibility.

Cheesewright decides he’ll judge this new evidence, Bertie feeling worried, changing venue to the sitting-room where Jeeves was finishing a phone call. Bertie soon thanks Jeeves for handling Gorringe, whom was on the phone. Bertie brings more concern to his 11 pgs in the Ganymede club books, pleading for Jeeves to rip them out, and then learns more about who was listed in his stories with him. After, Jeeves remembers Florence’s request for Bertie to call her back, once on the line with her, she confides having to research a grungy night club, Bertie having Jeeves make a reservation for a table away from the band, Jeeves having confirmed rightly.

Bertie kept his handful of memberships to different nightclubs about town, but’d fallen out of taste with it, the one he was taking Florence being the kind she’d requested, flashy. When meeting up with Florence at nearly midnight, she was in a damp mood, Bertie readying to warm her heart toward her beloved once more, he directing chat to her book, she ready to tell why she was having her main character go to a nightclub being caused by love woes.

They then move to her staying at Brinkley and meeting the famous author, Morehead, and they eating kippers and drinking whilst doing so. Bertie eventually brings up Cheesewright and how he was in similarity with her main character’s feelings. It’s then when it’s shown how uncaring Florence currently felt toward Cheesewright, then the subj. takes a nasty turn about marriage and Bertie, they getting raided, and Florence bouncing when hearing the process Bertie confided. He then trips the officer in hot pursuit of her and gets himself well knicked.

Bertie spends the night in jail, pays his 10 pounds to society, then totters home, Jeeves found and debriefed on his disliked experience of jail, the judge, a comedian in his own right, which Bertie also doesn’t get pleasure from, mostly in roast-style. He then goes about ordering a ginormous breakies and despaired over Jeeves having to add this tale to his others in Ganymede, this being confirmed regretfully by the man, he also restating there wasn’t any juice on Cheesewright in there, and then leaves on the behest of Bertie for his breakies.

Florence then calls up and was caught up on what had happened and why, to Bertie, she thanking him and then letting him know the judge he’d encountered was Cheesewright’s unc, Bertie properly amazed, as well as by Florence having gotten back with him. She also decides Cheesewright must not learn of their chat or nightclub for his crazy jealousy, he even having bent on growing a moostosh, so Bertie agrees as he notices Cheesewright in the room.

Bertie thinks fast and begins referring to Florence as Catsmeat, til ringing off, restating whom he’d been speaking with, and Cheesewright not poisoning him with his stare for this ofc, he asking instead where he’d been the night before, proceeding to explain how his unc’d mentioned him at lunch and he’d been with Florence, Bertie playing this off as if it’d been possible, Gadsby, his alias, was his look-alike and could’ve been responsible for his unc’s confusion.

This leads to Cheesewright q’ing whether it actually had been Florence in the club last night, Bertie in support of this, as well as when Jeeves comes back with his elixirs for both boys. Bertie declines his in performance for calming Cheesewright, and when he’d drank the stuff, he’d become much more forgiving toward him, the 2 parting on relative good terms, Cheeswright following Florence to Brinkley when his stash came in properly.

Bertie was on his best legs the next days to come with Cheeswright gone, up until getting telegrams from his dear Aunt Dahlia, he properly paranoid by them after his cow-creamer debacle. He knows he must take it and open, so discovers it’s the Aunt, their message convo. insulting and warm, to end with, anyways, and he learning she required him quickly to cheer up a bloke with whiskers, and upon prompting for more info., receives a blast with why he was to do as he was told.

Bertie responds with he’d be thinking it over, due to complicados of his own. His main concern was Cheesewright’s presence, Bertie not able to avoid this for long, since Dahlia calls in the evening, and eventually comes out with the woeful man being Percy Gorringe, he having raised the moolah for the play, but was broken-hearted over Florence marrying Cheesewright. He was worrying about him, too, but Anatole’s cooking ultimately decides him, he apprising Jeeves and tasking him with the necklace pick-up, Dahlia had requested.

When he drives down to Brinkley and delivers Dahlia’s necklace to her, they speak of his unc’s sympathy pangs toward Percy, since he’d sacrificed Anatole’s cooking for his emo needs. Dahlia chucks a book at Bertie’s face when he begins singing because a phrase reminded him of some similar lyrics. They get back to her theory she couldn’t get Trotter to sign was because of his mother, whom was also staying with them,

Percy interrupting to inquire after Florence, and upon being intro’ed to Bertie, shows he hadn’t forgiven or forgotten being spurned his money. This doesn’t concern Dahlia though, she focused on the Trotter she wished to buy Milady’s Boudoir, so Bertie is sent out after Percy, he not looking for him much when he runs into him on the garden path. For some unknown reason, though Percy was in grand attitude, speaking of the sunset and then quoting a poem he’d written of the same subj. matter, revealing how he’d been inspired by Cheesewright. Bertie could relate, he also bringing up how he knew Dahlia had blabbed about his feelings and being upset it Florence was marrying an idiot like Cheesewright.

Bertie then hears how the telegram Percy had delivered was of Cheesewright breaking off with Florence and she biffing off, Percy doing the same for energy, and Bertie a bit unnerved only for Florence not seeing Percy in this way, he knowing Florence going backwards in love was more her style. He then speaks to the horse herself, she confirming Percy’s words and Cheesewright apparently gone so far as to bribe people at the night club for info about who was there the night they’d been out and knew Bertie had reserved a table. When he nervously inquires if Cheesewright’d mentioned him, Florence gives him the bad news of she believing Cheesewright’d promise he’d break 5 spots on his spine, now.

Florence biffs off and whilst Bertie hates to be late for an Anatole meal, he was flummoxed by Cheesewright. Then, he calms himself with knowing Cheesewright wouldn’t be at Brinkley at least, hastening to his room, Jeeves then informing him of Cheesewright’s presence and wishing to see him. Bertie was well shocked, esp. after learning Cheesewright planned to meet with him after din din, Bertie not impressed with his inelegant etiquette. So, whilst Bertie’s first meal on his stay at Brinkley wasn’t the best, the menu consisted: Le Caviar Frais (The Fresh Caviar), Le Consommé aux Pommes d’Amour (with the apples of love), Le Sylphides à la crème d’Écrevisses (with the crayfish cream), Les Fried Smelts, Le Bird of some kind with chipped potatoes, and Le ice cream.

To top it off, it tasted like nothing spectacular because of Cheesewright’s presence. He didn’t make it easy on anyone, since he sat in silence, not chit-chatting. So, by meals end, Bertie high tails it outside, thinking he heard a baying, not waiting for this Cheesewright to catch up, the night being zen if not for this. He runs into Unc. Tom, he having a breath of a walk in the night, inquiring of Bertie’s quick exit and sidetracking on Dahlia’s acting peculiar. He decides to return to his room when his unc continues his walk, readying to read most of his “sleuth” fic when Cheesewright comes a-callin’. Bertie makes clear he wasn’t opening up for the fella, since he’d threatened assault, so Cheesewright rattles and cusses for a bit before learning. Jeeves then knocks, Bertie requesting whisk. and sod., and upon his fetching, next arrives Dahlia, she needing Jeeves touch of genius before her rep lost all goodness.

Dahlia confides her worry for her hubby, Tom, she interrupting herself in order to give Bertie what for on his moostosh, she then resuming with how she hadn’t asked Tom for money for Morehead being in her mag, she instead having pawned her pearl necklace and now sporting a fake, Bertie flabbergasted. The terrible part of this news was Tom’s buddy whom’d be visiting knew jewelry, as well, so would looky loo her neck gear, Bertie seeing the issue. Jeeves returns, Bertie gives his aunt first dibs of drink, then relates the prob. and Jeeves shows his passing interest with jewelry and diamond detection, then once upon learning Dahlia’s issue, must take a mo to pace.

Aunt Dahlia can’t quite get over Jeeves’ choice of descrip., “disturbing”, which bothered her despite Bertie’s attempts to soothe. She begins to come around with reminders of how often Bertie’d been saved, Jeeves then returning with the idea stemming from Shakespeare, she getting it burgled, so the jeweler had nothing to verify, Bertie disappointed, esp. when being offered his services as thief to Dahlia by Jeeves, she all for it. Bertie not, ofc, but they’d covered all the possibilities for a relatively easy thieving scheme, so he agrees, Dahlia readying her item within her room. Bertie fetches the ladder and promptly enters the wrong window, identifying Florence’s vocals of confusion, she flood-lighting the room. (Wow! First misspelling, “farily” Ch.13, psh!)

Bertie cannot believe how Dhlia got her instructions wrong, but Florence acts pleased to see him, and when she suggests he’d been planning to kiss her, he tries to steer her away, it ofc not working, and so he gives her the desired snog, reluctantly, she then confessing Agatha’s view of Bertie needing to have been committed long ago, puzzling Florence. Bertie takes ample offense to this, esp. with entertaining her spawn, Thos., (and the 2nd error “w(h)ere they stood”, tsk editor!) and Florence continuing about how she’d been curious of his progress, since finding him with a book she thought he’d been buying. When she learns about his current reading choice, she’s quite stink-faced over it. They’re soon interrupted before Florence could share what she believed he should be reading, Cheesewright announcing himself. He insists on delivering her mail to her face, they now having to discover a hiding place for the Bertie.

They settle him within a cupboard and Cheesewright places her mail on a surface indicated, everyone “stiffly” speaking. Cheesewright broaches the subj. of his telegram first, saying how he’d immediately shaved his moostosh upon learning of Bertie at the club, he insulting her by claiming she hadn’t written her last book, and attempts to specify further, losing his train of thought, so Florence states he should make like his thought, and biff off, but he relocates the R word, and even mentions his paranoid fear, but walks himself into bad territory when Florence confirms her plans to attach to Bertie, he violently shuddering enough to shower himself with hat boxes, Cheesewright discovering and withdrawing him by his ear.

Bertie attempts good humor, but it isn’t met, Cheesewright preferring to take it outside Florence’s room. Bertie uses this to his advantage, but soon realizes the much needed ladder wasn’t at the window any longer, he then curbing Cheesewright with he being the chosen Dart member, which pauses him. He’s soon reasoned into staying his spine-cracking hands and Bertie’s allowed to retire to his room, finding Dahlia waiting and sputtering at him, Bertie feeling the tides should have him in this state. SOon after Dahlia puts forth her q’s, Bertie adds his side, Dahlia then getting his hang up. She was also updated to the status of the ladder: missing, Unc. Tom then entering before Dahlia could curse.

They team up with a natural excuse, Tom revealing he’d discovered a ladder and believed a thief group was on the premises. The mys. solved, Dahlia felt better, she able to set up the paranoia to her needs. Unc. Tom throws them a loop though, upon stating where he’d moved the valued items, they then hoping Jeeves knew combo locks, he locating them like a demon and confirming he didn’t have the skill of the backwoods, this giving Dahlia the hopelessness of what was to come, and once Jeeves learned who they were expecting, reminds Bertie Lord Sidcup was Spode of Totleigh Towers, they in the clear for knowing his secret, so he’d hold his tongue about the necklace if it was to be kept.

Bertie awakes late per usual, and after breakies notes Dahlia’s behavior had improved, she informing how Jeeves had brought her into the fold regarding Spode’s other business. Before leaving so he could finish his morning toilette, she commends him for keeping a steady front when it came to his fiancee, Florence and her thoughts as to when and where’d they marry, knowing he’d have a decent chance of getting out of it, like always, but also considering if he did have to sign the love contract, at least he’d be without assault upon his bod. Jeeves then updates Bertie of Ganymede’s lunch being moved up a week to accomodate a butler, Bertie ofc “right-ho”-ing.

Jeeves aways and Percy moans, his outlook having switched again. As he’s confessing his reason and approaches having asked Florence’s hand, Bertie gave buddy support response, and Percy isn’t amused, since he’d lost her to Bertie. What truly confuses Bertie, is when revealing he’d been bought off Cheesewright for the Darts tourney, he then reacts with aflutter. Ofc, he’d have liked to biff off immed., but Dahlia may need back up and Bertie had a strong sense of loyalty. A plan involving perhaps Jeeves seeps in, he making a quick dash to where he’d parked to see if he could catch him in time.

Bertie was currently relying on Jeeves still possessing Thos’ cosher, he catching Jeeves looking like a bohss and would’ve missed him if he’d been a few seconds longer, Bertie getting straight to the point with short preface. Jeeves offers to return with it, but Bertie worries about length of time without and Cheesewright’s desires for him too strong. Jeeves is soon agreeing with Bertie’s surmising and metaphor, adding more than enough on his own to make Bertie wonder his intent, stopping him and deciding to carpool, wanting to feel safer sooner than later.

They do as expected, retrieve the cosh, Jeeves going to his club, and Bertie eating at the Drones, then returning to Brinkley, upon getting back, first seeing Dahlia. She was frustrated with Spode being held up by her hubby showing off his silver for so long and she not getting the chance to speak with him privately, yet. She’s reminded of Jeeves and his advicing through chit-cat with nephew, but is despaired by his absence, Percy interrupting before Bertie could relinquish with the time he’d return. Percy nags Bertie about his health what with having gone to the city in such warm weather, he then relaying his mama’s desire to speak with Dahlia after she berates him for interrupting. Dahlia agrees to see the woman later and leaves to vulture her hubby, Percy sharing how much Cheesewright wished to see him, fetching him, and Bertie ready with his blackjack.

Bertie with cosher, was ice steady, he taking Cheesewright’s threats with ease. He finally produces the little weapon to Cheesewright’s frozen stance, but Bertie begins setting a scene, and Cheesewright catches him off guard with a lunge in mid-sentence, getting the weapon, but Bertie instinctually mad quick retreating, keeping the mini couch between them, after jumping to the far side initially with adrenalin (fucking hilarious!). Bertie tuckers Cheesewright out, they being discovered by Dahlia’s butler, Cheesewright getting more pissed as their exchange was only leading to the fact of his coming through for the bell having rung at the door, Bertie explaining and referring to him as a dance partner (great fun!).

The butler fetches a blond female, she bowling Cheesewright over with her looks, fosho! She announces whom she is for the butler’s benefit for Dahlia. Bertie understands the value she brought to the mag with Morehead to talk it up. She surprises the mute Cheesewright more, when she recognizes him, and after Bertie offers to show her in to his Aunt, she declines in preference to a walk, Cheesewright getting his words out and offering a look at the place, she accepting and the 2 biffing off. Bertie goes off and lounges to sleep, awaking abruptly for recalling the dropped weapon, aiming on reclaiming it for obv. safety precaution. He goes to where it’d flown, near Unc. Tom’s safe, cosher not there, and safe open.

Bertie locates pearl necklace, though and locates Dahlia in her room with Agatha Christie novel, she looking much more chipper, Bertie expecting a happier blow up upon his good deed reveal, but Dahlia cuts him off with her good news, first. She goes on about waiting, she following them to the safe once Tom’d remembered, he getting a phone call and Dahlia talking Eulalie but Spode having sold his share, Dahlia then noticing the cosh.

Bertie guesses rightly, she using it on Spode before he got a close look at the necklace. Dahlia is in mid-celebration of getting her necklace, when Bertie asks about the one he’d grabbed. After a bit of a recap of Dahlia’s events she figures the necklace was Ma Trotter’s, she having Bertie return it to the safe. Bertie goes of to do this as Mr. Trotter comes in, Bertie hoping the safe was still ajar. It was, but before Bertie could place necklace within, the man sees the door open, wacks it shut before Bertie’s bulbous eyes, and necklace stays out of its needed setting.

Bertie knew his fate, jail by inspector, he getting accused of thievery. He rushes back to Dahlia, Ma Trotter just then leaves and he sees Dahlia’s mood change again, she revealing Ma Trotter wanted Anatole in exchange for her hubby being allowed to sign. Dahlia’s too caught up with this prospect to listen to Bertie’s trubs the first time, catching it after he gives it a 2nd go, then Tom comes in. He updates them of Ma Trotter discovering her necklace missing, Bertie declining the offered drink Tom planned on getting for himself, leaving.

Bertie calls for Dahlia’s butler when she mentions not having Jeeves available, they learning he’d come back, and send for him, Bertie telling his problem first and Dahlia allowing she’d be second. Jeeves suggests Bertie secret the necklace to Ma Trotter’s room during din din, but then decides it’d be easier for him to shimmer past unnoticed, he then hearing Dahlia’s, letting her know she could get Trotter to go against his wife by relating to hubby she knew he’d declined the honor of knighthood, which his wife yearned for him to receive, this making his acquiescence guaranteed. Due to his turning in early though, she planned on dropping her know-how after breakies.

Next morning, against the grain of Bertie’s normal rising hour, he was at the stairs at 9, wanting to see Dahlia’s victory firsthand. Cheesewright and Morehead were there and readying for a row on the lake later, Bertie showing his cosher again and Cheesewright updating his stance of no longer needing to break Bertie’s stance in multiple spots, he also having gotten over Florence. This froze up Bertie, a bit, he chasing after Morehead, and Bertie left with Trotter complaining about the French cooking giving him pubic pain and being married meaning the loss of one’s power over one’s spirit, and next the room fills with the rest of the houseguests and hostess, Spode’s 7 foot frame walking in and delicately relating what he remembered, Dahlia brushing it up to “giddiness” on his part, then giving Bertie a piece with lighting his ciggy inside, it stanky. As he stands by the window, all hear Ma Trotter quake over some fool being knighted, she then deciding hubby should decline, if ever offered, Dahlia losing hope, but gaining Ma Trotter’s pearl necklace when her butler delivers it to her.

As Bertie listens to Dahlia’s suggestion as to how it’d gotten in her butler’s hands, she is moved to ring for the cops (after it’s been found, mind you…), Dahlia a bit miffed Trotter would accuse her butler of swiping it, the man relating he’d discovered it in Jeeves’ room, he having found it in the hall. Trotter requests for Jeeves, Bertie ready to reveal everything in case Jeeves got the axe. When he’d arrived, though, Ma Trotter gets her reason of why Jeeves’d kept it, saying it was fake pearl, bringing about silent shock, Trotter denying this and accusing Jeeves of being drunk, his verbal agility put to the test, and this obv. not the case.

Spode looks at it and agrees its worthlessness, Percy coming clean when his mama is accused of shorting her hubby the money for her bro. Percy confesses to needing it for the play of the lady he lurved, Florence looking upon him differently. Trotter wishes to leave quick as possible, his abdomen being mean to him and wanting a doc, Dahlia’s hope to sell diminishing. Bertie yells for Jeeves, whom offers one of his specials to Trotter, and upon hearing it’s close proximity, follows Jeeves, Dahlia close being for support and chat, ofc, Bertie now alone with Florence.

Bertie uses the same tactic offering items as with Trotter, she declining and confessing her upset about her feelings budding toward Percy, he making the getting to the point easy by offering to end their engagement, and get right with Percy, she so happy she hugs him, and Percy walks in to see. Florence, fortunately is given time to explain what she’d been doing to Bertie, the 2 accepting how chivalrous he was, but wouldn’t be able to guess to look at him, Florence then wondering how they’d live according to her lifestyle needs, Percy reluctant to reveal he had a back up income as a detective author, which Bertie enjoyed, his pseudonym, Rex West, and Bertie fanboying asking a q about his current story, Florence then showering some love for jonesing on his literariness. Before the 2 could tottle off to talk of his current proj. though, Bertie gets Percy’s autograph, then sits for more sausage and bacon, Dahlia returning and looking much better, Trotter in recovery, Bertie catching her up, and Jeeves relaying Trotter’s readiness to deal, Dahlia off like a shot. Bertie then, after contemplation decides the moostosh was too dangerous for him to keep, Jeeves obv relieved, and thanking Bertie.

Perfect and hilarious good fun, as usual! This one gave me the good imaginings to the point of LOLing for quite a while through a few sentences. Wodehouse is the man.

Cucumber Quest (Vol. 3 Webcomic)

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The shortest one, yet; To pg. 519. 

So, Cuco interrupts the ghosts turning the castle into an easy lounge spot, since Legato wasn’t around. They also confide about how this Legato isn’t the REAL dude, he coming back to announce it was time to begin the show. Legato reveals to being Panpipe, in actuality and he gets his apology from the guy whom has been taunting him since school, both apologizing and moving forward. Cuco and co. find Noisemaster, Almond attempting to rationalize how tired he must be after going through this 99 times, but Noisemaster isn’t wearied and Nautilus had forgotten another important tidbit about how Noisemaster had a partner, Mutemaster, but this all being for nothing since it seems Noisemaster wins with a bomb, but he yields to them like they’d won, turning back into their Disaster stones, then the Oracle admits to helping them, for some ass backwards reason, she taking them all back to her H.Q,

Princess Parfait gives Tomato a fools errand by finding her necklace which she claimed she’d lost, then attempting escape, only to be found by Double Night and she talking to him about her concerns to the point of forgetting whom she’d been baring her soul to, he leaving her after she’d almost requested he deliver a love letter to Carrot for her. As the quartet get ready to leave, Nautilus is gifted with a cell upgrade for Liquus and then Cosmo almost fucks with them, but he de-pixelates and then they realize they’re progressing speedily toward the sun, Nautilus deciding it was a good time to try out her useless spell of ordering pizza when no one else wants it. They float away with delivered pizza, somehow.

A short little story which hopefully I’m following properly, but either way I’ll be going through the whole series, so it doesn’t truly matter since it’s so on point. Continuing on!

Cucumber Quest (Vol. 2 Webcomic)

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Getting straight into it, I hadn’t paid close attention to where the cut off point was between vols, which makes the flow of story a bit easier between my posts, so here it continues! To pg. 407 on Webcomic.

When they land sorta kinda nearby the kingdom, they’re interrupted by a minion of the Oracle with news for them, it also outing the fact of the Nightmare Knight having been released 100 times over the course of blabla amount of years, Cuco not pleased. Princess Nautilus was quite hopeful to discovering a true way to finish the Nightmare Knight off, Chardonnay, the servant having to go after this.

Meanwhile, Carrot wakes up by Crabbro and he’s told where they’d been last, he locating Almond and talking big, but unfortunately unable to back it up. Then, back with Cuco, Saturday pops up as Cuco is complaining about how difficult finding her is, this being in wish formation, because this is the logic they use in order to explain her poofing out of nowhere, she not happy with poofing, either, but giving up the sword when asked, since the one she had was a fake, it not coming out from it’s sheath. They deduce it is the real sword, though and once Saturday realizes they can’t send her back, she’s firing at them when she gets smashed into by a UFO, a man walking out and marveling at the place needing saving. He gets directions to Caketown Castle and biffs off again, Cuco and the princess continuing on to her kingdom. Meanwhile, Almond’s plan fails, Peridot showing up and relishing Almond’s fate, having the squid take action, since she couldn’t, but this fails, and she cries aaall the way home, Almond agreeing to come up with a better plan when Carrot mentions it.

Cuco and Nautilus see the damage the squid had done to her city and castle, the 2 going in and updating the King of their progress whilst he also revealed how Nautilus’ mama was currently captured, and whilst the future wasn’t bright, they needed to remain hopeful they’d discover a way to end the nightmare (Knight) once and for all. They learn why the sword remained in its scabbard, and would now have to get the siggys of all the princesses in the other 5 kingdoms, Nautilus signing since she was there. The king then gives Cuco a magical trinket since he didn’t know how to use a sword, and reveals a spell inside capsules, their uses quite specific, puzzling Cuco, esp. when he ends up with the same pointless spell, and when Nautilus tries, gets another quite pointless spell, which only allowed her to order pizza anywhere when no one else desired them…

After this they continue on their way, upon coming to a dead end beneath the castle’s stone path, Nautilus sending her Liquus to see if they can get through underwater, the 2 being greeted by Crabbro when he’d left. He updates Cuco on Carrot looking for him, Crabbro warning them to be careful if they were planning on taking on the squid, then Liquus calls about there being a way through, and Nautilus confides of not being able to swim, oddly, but Cuco helps with a spell which would act like a scuba diver helmet. They get through without trubbs and even discover Almond’s sword, their entrance definitely noticed by all, since they weren’t covert whatsoever.

Once Almond gets the simpleton squid to pick up the barrel trapping them, they’re able to escape, Carrot and the Queen getting caught by the squid temporarily before Carrot saves them both. Before they can leave together though, Nautilus sees Splashmaster’s crown for limbo, which is truly hers, as she’d won it earlier, so due to the squid’s refusal to return it, she invites him to a limbo-than, the whole nine-yards popping out from under the sea, ready for this moment of limbo-dueling.

Nautilus wins fair and square again, since Splashmaster didn’t know how to limbo anyways, but he doesn’t take it well and crunches the fun insta-limbo set. When Splashmaster makes off with Carrot and the Queen, Almond attempts to do the saving, but they couldn’t fight as well underwater, Cuco remembering one of the useless spells he’d collected, making a drain stopper appear. They pull the cork, and Almond’s able to finish the creature off. The oracle makes it seem as though she didn’t actually see the future, but does give them the Splash stone, so they could continue their journey to the next minion in Melody Kingdom.

The Nightmare Knight updates Cordelia on Splashmaster’s failure, but is adamant the hero’s journey will end in Melody Kingdom, she also having Peridot go there, as well. When Peridot also moves this frozen green fella they conquered, she also sees Cabbage still in his cage, she stating the obv of the unlocked cell and they didn’t actually need him there, but he feeling like he was comfy and getting old. After he stays with his new frozen cell-mate, Peridot runs into the Nightmare Knight, whom mispronounces her name, she then biffing off to catch the end of her show, which segue’s to hearing Princess Parfait scream because Tomato was being a dick and playing keepaway with her necklace from Carrot.

Tomato plays the age old classic, an exchange for a kiss, but the Nightmare Knight interrupts by ordering Tomato to get back to his post, he intimidating him before he agreed to go more willingly, Parfait doing the etiquette-remembering and thanks him. Nautilus, meanwhile thought she wouldn’t be allowed to continue with the heroes, her pops surprising her and also requesting she sample some good food to recommend when she returned. When they’re on the Sea Train, they meet with Cosmo again, whom carried snacks. They then learn Cosmo was the driver of the Sea Train, but instead of speeding the sucker up like he said, he activates a bomb, then ditching them, but then Saturday coming back to swindle the train passengers.

Brambleby, he servant begins fighting Almond and Cuco per her orders as Nautilus and Carrot search for the bomb, Saturday done gathering riches before Nautilus shows up, accompanied by bomb. They arrive at Trebleopolis during a birthday bash for their Queen Cymbal, Princess Piano performing in a concert later. The Queen at first didn’t want them to meet up with Piano, since she needed to be ready for the concert later, but it’s given the okay after she’s done the concert and her voice wouldn’t be required anymore. Before she’s to go on though, she gets a package which ends up being a trap for her, someone inside.

Then, when the show is about to start and the quartet sit down, Noisemaster speaks from another area, live and has Princess Piano with him, she bawling and complaining of her makeup being ruined and the weather chill, the crowd in shock. Noisemaster then makes clear his terms and shuts off the stream, he then seeing Double Night (Great idea.), he bagging on Noisemaster’s stereotypical gangsta talk. Noisemaster than must reassure Double Night of his competence, since he’d been the only one to do as ordered. Meanwhile, BLT has broken up, T making B biff off.

Back with Almond and Carrot, they decide they must split from the group to do some tasks in order to open the Oracle’s gate, Cuco and Nautilus, waiting there. As they are, Cuco’s losing hope and Nautilus is wondering why he can’t look on the brighter side, when Double Night turns up. He takes a swing at them and opens the gate for them instead of killing them, somehow. So, Almond having returned with Carrot, the quartet go through. They are soon met up by the mayor of the town, she allowing them in her home in order for them to meet the curfew of their area. She was attempting badly to rhyme the story of Legato, when he shows up and takes everyone prisoner.

When it begins to unfold Legato’s plan for them to be a part of his play, which they soon realize has the also trapped princess starring in it, and Cuco asking straight out what the play was about. Cuco surprised Legato wrote the play about his own beauty, and when almost finishing a sentence which was insulting to Legato, he decides the boy’s costume. Then, it seems something in orbit is going to blow up, and this is where, I suppose it stops, somewhere, so I’ll continue to the next, immediateleh!

Cucumber Quest ( Vol. 1 Webcomic)


Now, this cover, isn’t doing the story justice, but it does show you the cast of characters to expect, I suppose, so it serves the general purpose of at least providing a colorful backdrop to which one should expect to find the comic, and it does live up to the perdy color scheme and style. Less necessary, but I’m also appreciative of this comic, so far being the only one which apparently saw the value of having 2 categories on Goodreads, which I appreciate, since I usually have to create a spot for it being a webcomic.

So, it starts with a look at what the “evil” character looks like, and then goes into Cucumber’s entrance, he young enough to be living with his mother, whom also looks young, and Cucumber is packing for a trip for her enrollment to the “best school in the world”, which apparently is Harry Potter-esque, his lil sis, Almond not worried her bro will do well, since Cuco is a study bug. They then get an oddly timed letter from the sibs father, he worried his letter may not reach them, but something of dangerous matters needed to be shared. He had learned the Queen Cordelia, whom resided in Caketown Castle in their beloved Doughnut Kingdom, was planning WORLD DOMINATION and needed Cuco to join his cause.

Cuco is not at all pleased with the idea of ditching his future for his pops, but his mama won’t hear it, she not caring how it sounded when Almond offered to go instead, but believed Cuco could be allowed to reenroll upon completing his kingdom saving mission. His mama was so proud, she praises how well he’d already packed his bag, and shoves him out the door before he can even get his dinner in him. As he’s sitting on the stoop, a magical creature pops up, making sure he was Cabbage’s son, then revealing she was the dream oracle, there to provide some info, but Cuco interrupting thinking she must have the wrong sib, but upon offerring his sis, the oracle dismisses her as not being a legendary hero type due to her sister status.

I’m definitely enjoying the blatant slapsticky comedy. The oracle, upon stating how she knew he’d read the letter, is shown shoving her face against the window as he’d been “reading”. Cuco is nowhere near interested in this quest, obv, since his next suggestion is for the oracle to save the world herself, she being one of its “protectors” and all, but she feigns bad reception and bids him meet her in Gumdrop Forest, to Cuco’s dismay.

Cuco makes it to Caketown by the next day, and is introed to a bunch of bullies, BLT trio, their names those of the letters listed. Then, after Cuco sneaks past them whilst they argued amongst themselves, hears his name, his pops behind bars, he again telling of the danger they were in, but Cuco, not seeing it, everything on the fine-ass looking day side. Cabbage reveals the “Queen’s” plan to resurrect the Nightmare Knight, Cuco disbelieving of this news, as well, and apparently with every right.

Then we’ve got our “Infinity stone” copy, when Cabbage points out Cordelia’s collection of Disaster stones, the last one to be collected, ofc leading to disaster, and Cuco’s mission being to get the Dream sword from the oracle. Cuco again can’t understand why Almond wasn’t perfect for this, she having practiced sword fighting and wanting to become a knight, whilst he didn’t know how to wield a sword, his father shutting him down, since again, no one has known any lil sisters becoming LEGENDARY HEROES, and why start here, ya know? Plus it ran in their manly side blood-line, it skipping a generation sometimes, since Cabbage wasn’t a hero either.

(I’m getting mad Monty Python vibes of comedy here) Papa, in his build up to getting Cuco to get going on his mission had shown his cell hadn’t been locked, but he fixes this by reentering and shutting door, Cuco then deducing he could make this mission easier by ridding the other stones right in front of them, but then BLT show up. Cabbage urges Cuco to use his magic, since he’d gotten into school with his talent, but this fails, Cuco upset since he’d been planning on replacing his wand for a better one, but he doesn’t have to worry for long for his lil sis, Almond turns up and saves his butt.

As they’re walking and chatting, Cuco bumps into a lady carrying a huge cake, and it dropped, the 2 bakers out of sugar and needing a knight to collect it from Gumdrop Mtn., Cuco and Almond heading through the forest which surrounds it, the offer being made to collect it for the bakers. Next, though, the 2 kids got 2 extra in their party, the bakers coming along, and then Cuco wanting to go back, since they’d revealed there could be monsters there, but the sugar ofc being too valuable. Then, they run in to the last guy, whom was sent to get sugar, stuck in a tree, but when he falls out,

Almond is digging how this guy was a true non-evil knight, called Carrot. After hearing his story of what had caused him fear, they were a bit puzzled, but then, a bear appears, toothless, and complaining about how the people who came in, weren’t being mindful of the wildlife and fucking shit up. Cuco gets to how they’re “legendary heroes”, this having the bear help them see the oracle. When they do though, she’d given the sword to a different bunny, unable to tell them apart, Almond let down by the oracle’s mistake, then questing them to get it back, the derp. Carrot knew where her hideout was, so they would now have to extend their tasks, Cuco dreading it, but Almond relishing the upcoming fun. So, toothless bear escorts the lady bakers back as Carrot goes along with the kids.

Soon, they reach the sword thief’s, Saturday’s house, they learning where she went, but before leaving, Cuco convinces Almond to check around for treasure, she scoring hard! Cuco discovers the last disaster stone, Almond hella disappointed now since Cuco figured they could use it rather than the sword, but soon Almond and Carrot are in disagreement over it. They’re interrupted by Cordelia’s witch, Peridot, whom starts doing her best made spell, which turns peeps to stone, but this isn’t needed as a threat, which Almond soon makes obv, by simply giving the stone to the witch, which made her look stupid and vowed to revenge upon Almond, she unmoved, and excited to still be going on their quest now, to Ripple Island, Cuco even spotting a wand in among the treasure.

Next, Cordelia is in the middle of berating BLT crew when Peridot returns with the stone and they get their girly squee moment. Meanwhile, the kids and Carrot try to get a boat to Ripple Island and are denied outrightly, but only due to the fact the last ship which tried to get there was attacked by a big ass squid. When they’re back outside and discussing it, they are overheard by a weird little girl, whom has invented a steam-powered ship which will get them across to Ripple Island, free of charge. Cuco does dread how odd this is, but Carrot reasons, what other choice did they have in declining, so they all going. Cuco worries whilst they’re on their way, but the ship is so fast, it seems they’ll arrive at the island before they meet trubs, then they meet trubs as Cuco lightens up, a cyclopic squid smashing their ship and Cuco getting knocked out after seeing Almond in the things grip.

When Cuco awakes, he’s thrust fairly quickly into a situation where he must stop a bunch of crabs from clacking all over a lil girl, he successfully bringing them upon himself and kaplowing them with his wand. He intros himself to the grateful Princess Nautilus and they have a nice lil joke between them involving her name, and then, once he confesses why he was there, she realizes he’s a descended legendary hero, he admitting this is what’s said, and she going on to how she studied the histories in order to help this hero on his quests, she showing how seriously deeply intent on helping she was, a scary fanatic look making the point. She then also gets to show off her history skills regarding the Nightmare Knight, but falls short a bit, after only being able to name Ripple Kingdom’s master.

Then, she reveals more of how she’d washed up on the Island, being from Ocean Kingdom, this as they’re waiting to be seen by the crabs owner of the resort. Meanwhile, Almond was threatening the squid Splashmaster, she currently captive, and then the Nightmare Knight showing up to get the squid’s report, so he goes through showing off his captives, a Queen, which was supposed to have been the princess, and Almond, the legendary hero’s sis, this not pleasing him, either, tasking the squid with taking out Cuco when he showed. He was currently not being able to be candid with his mother as he’d called home to supposedly catch her up, but she not actually wanting to be worried about their dangerous adventures, so he hangs off a little deflated. They then see the owner and he’s looking a little dippy, but he’s quite a large crab, the princess’s reunion with him also deflating since he declined to help them, but would toss the 2 back to where the princess’s home was, Cuco not realizing he actually meant it.

This is where the story ends, I believe, so I will continue to the next, since this is quite addictive, and cutesy and if you’re looking for some light comedy, is perfect!