Alpha Flag

Delta 00

A wonderful webcomic and original beginning! Much loving what I’ve read so far about the main character, whom we know is a diver and is shrouded in mystery by how he’d been “separated”, and looking to reclaim the pieces he’s lost so he can learn more about his past, which is quite odd by this point, the 3rd section of the story. The 2 go in search of more “aspects” of the diver, they next tracking a gull with the same vibrant colors as Charlie, shown above. Upon catching the bird, they realize what must be done with certain aspects in order to get reincorporated, Diver not exactly thrilled with the thought. As this happens, Charlie notices they’re being watched by another, they tracking this fella by footprints left behind.

As the diver practices summoning his absorbed aspects, a loose one comes to call, Charlie seeing this by the compass which pointed to them when they were near. He finally reconnects his speech and the two can properly communicado. They discuss which aspect they’d go after, Diver naming Victor, the stalker, whom they soon learn is their Empathy, which explains why Diver was willing to reabsorb by any means possible without thinking of the living aspects possible feelings. He directs them to where they can locate Quebec, Victor not believing they could handle knowing which aspect it represented. He biffs off after giving the sword aspect back to them, not revealing himself again until they catch Quebec, also revealing some other aspects to be wary of, a female being one of these.

The break in between has related-short stories, containing Charlie and another with him, Diver and a couple polar bears, the story revealing a background of his mother and an experience they shared, hers occurring when she’d been a girl. When the main story continues, Charlie reasons the chick whom had been shooting at their shared reindeer aspect, may or may not actually be dangerous, since she hadn’t aimed at them, afterall. When they reach the house Victor describes, Diver passes out upon touching it and when regaining reality, Charlie asks about the strange holes all over him, Diver not knowing what they represented or how he got them.

Then another aspect, Uniform pops up, a fox willing to help catch Quebec with them, Diver understanding since this one represented Intuition. When Charlie fails at first to catch Quebec, Uniform offers to reincorporate with Diver so they could use their instincts properly, together. The final page posted shows Uniform succumbing to recorporation, and me hoping this comic doesn’t die like so many others waiting decades for the artists to hopefully feel well and are able to finish their fucking awesome stories.


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