Shade’s Children

I read this book, I believe, in junior high. It’s one of those novels which sucks one into the story and doesn’t let go until the end and then leaving the reader wanting more. It’s about a group of kids, set in the future, when all the adults are gone. Poof, gone; Plus this set of teenagers are trying to survive in a world run by machines when at 12 years old one might as well kiss life goodbye because by that age one is old enough to become a drone of some kind or food.

So there’s a rogue group who are trying to change things and Gold Eye, the main character is rescued by them and starts going along on missions where he learns more about life, love and growing up.

I really enjoyed this book and if readers have previously liked any of Nix’s other works this one should be added to the list. As well as if one starts on this: I started with this book, it will be appreciated and the addiction to his work most likely will continue. After reading this, whilst also reading The Seventh Tower series (also very good) check out my review for The Abhorsen Chronicles.


The Abhorsen Chronicles


I’ve read this series before and have enjoyed it thoroughly.
Sabriel: This book is filled with mystery, suspense, action, and adventure. Sabriel is a gifted girl who becomes a talented Abhorsen; someone who uses some form, commonly bells, to control the dead. (It’s a wild ride and I love it every time I read it.)

Lirael: I didn’t remember this book when I started it for the second time, so reading it from a fresh perspective helped me realize this story focuses on Sabriel and Touchstone’s son, Prince Sameth and their daughter Lirael and how they’re both trying to learn how to become what they are destined to be. There’s a plentiful amount of action and, what I’ve come to realize are magically controlled zombies. There are so many twists in this captivating tale, I can’t wait to see where it will turn next.

Abhorsen: This story leaves off where the second one ends. It focuses on Lirael and Sameth’s journey to stop a rogue necromancer and save Sameth’s friend Nicholas Sayre, who unknowingly gets caught in the middle of the war between the dead and the Abhorsen. This story is a fitting conclusion to the trilogy. It wraps up, but not to the point the reader won’t want to continue with the series. I can’t wait for the next book to be released.