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A funny webcomic which grew on me pretty dang quick. This takes place in a world where peeps don’t get the usual 7-8 hour healthy amount of sleep, but rely on tabs to keep them up and ready to do their jerbs. One guy, Drew can’t take the tabs so usually ends up taking power naps and seeing some weird shit in the process in-between the weird shit people have now begun to get used to as daily life expectations. He starts with a wannabe date with a co-worker whom had the early morning end of 2, so by the end of their date, he was hella asleep, she annoyed and biffing off before any fun could be had. He then takes a job where he can sleep and have weird ass nightmares involving 2 fellas looking like Hellboy, the smaller a Pesci-sort as well as teaming up with other dreamers, apparently to fight monsters, but the damage sustained, possibly being just as dangerous as Life. Drew decides this is good for his R.E.M. and swipes the spider which helps put people under, using it to calmly go into beddy-bye, ending the 3rd chapter and making me interested in seeing where this crazy ride goes. Worth it, so far!


Live Forever

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This was a great little webcomic, which I happened to discover through a link from another webcomic. This story is blatant with it’s themes of grief and how to deal with illness and death of loved ones. It was an exciting, roller coaster with a toothless vamp and some crazy psychic kids, and of course, the main character, a little girl, whom loves being musical, and doesn’t give a shit whether she takes out someone who gets in the way of her bull-headed idea of gaining vamp blood and getting a serum to living forever spurned from the abrupt death of her fatally ill mother. The art was perfect for the subject, since most of the characters were pleasing to the eye and backgrounds held up with them, as well. I’m now addicted to Raúl Treviño.