A Redtail’s Dream

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It is quite dreamy from the start, showing a meeting of foxes quibbling over whether they have enough snacks for their meeting this time, as well as whether said snacks are gluten free. Bear gets invited and eats the basket, but one of the foxes was smart to get a charm so they had extra snacks, due to the moose asked to bake, did so by making a month’s worth of goods, so they were way safe. Bear was curious where they youngest member was, if he was filling his seat, he learning the group’d given him aurora watching duty, so they didn’t have to hear him whine from boredom. They then digress to the possibility of how simple Puppy’s job was, so he shouldn’t have issue not messing up.

Then a segue to the human cities which were aware how bright the auroras would be and urging people to take advantage of the easiness for viewing. Meanwhile to kids left in charge of their pop’s baking project for the evening festivities, keep taking breaks and get distracted with having to retrieve another of their member when they realize something inside is burning, which they better fix quick or else papa would be pissed. Then they had the task of saving a table which some young kids had occupied temporarily with their loud music and mouths until threats of not being served snacks was made, a member of the baking group standing atop it until a group more suitable turned up. As everyone watches the auroras getting into full swing, Puppy is seen from afar fixing breaks in the borealis, and not happily, it seems.

Next, a young man, Hannu wakes up next to his talking dog, he deciding he must be dreaming because of this and hoping if they’d find food or shelter soon, the dog wondering if he was the one dreaming, but he normally dreamed of food. The 2 are then met by Puppy, whom takes responsibility for what’s happened to them and the town, the spark he’d attempted to reconnect, bringing the 2 into the auroras, along with the town. The only issue now was, the “birds” of the Milky Way had taken the rest of the townspeople and moved them on, Puppy now having to retrieve them and get everyone back into their original reality.

The only other hiccup was, Puppy wouldn’t be able to get them himself, since the birds new him and had banned him for a different transgression a hundred years ago, but he could get the 2 of them thru so they could save everyone. The 2 decide they aren’t going to believe this dumb fox and go for a walk instead, hopefully the surroundings becoming normal as they went, Puppy not being upset, since they had time to dawdle. They soon realizing why when they go through a fog and they see Puppy ahead, he greeting them, and explaining how it was only their town which’d gotten taken into the auroras. Hannu doesn’t wish to fulfill Puppy’s request, but Ville wanting to go, for the food and to save the people, so Hannu agrees reluctantly.

So, when Puppy calls the Bird’s Path, the 2 fall and change, the dog turning into a squirrel, and after a little while a box falls near them as the Puppy had predicted, they having to find the “head” of the town, they having his name and addy. They check the first house they see (beautifully colored and drawn, I’m still googly over it), and notice many of the towns kids sitting inside like it’s a classroom, but it does give Hannu the idea of whom they can give the squirrel necklace. He’s told he must wait til the school day ends, only a half hour away, so he waits amongst the kids, until he realizes the time won’t change, so he uses Ville as a distraction to get into the proper room, and gets revenge on a boy whom was mean to him.

Then, they find the lady they needed to put the charm on, but she was distracted by getting the same looking letter on the wall, so the completed alphabet hung uniformly, even though there were other versions of the same letter which could work, but this woman was o.c.d., apparently. Hannu begins optimistically, but then as time passes loses hope they’ll find the correct page, esp, since the headmistress also was having trubs remembering where she left off, the papers piling high and many stacks laying around. When Hannu reminds the headmistress of the package he had for her, she finally consents to looking at it, finding the letter, and so then puts the charm on, their surroundings change, and Ville’s body changing with it.

Ville isn’t pleased with his snaky form, even though he does have stubby legs, still, and as they’re on their way, it begins to rain, they fortunately finding farmhouse. They only find a cow there, but Ville noticing light across the field, they discovering people there, but also having to deal with running thru vipers, they welcomed upon arrival. As they’re chatting with everyone around a campfire, though, Hannu considers, whom should get the charm. The man they decide upon refuses to do anything or take the charm until the snakes left, so Hannu decides to try and wack afew into the massive rest made the choice to leave, as well.

What ends up changing Hannu’s mind is Ville offerring to attempt to ask how long the snake’s planned to stay, they learning the snakes had an odd idea of getting hit by lightning, they saying it in a dreamier, culty way. Hannu offers to make a lightning rod for the crazy goofs, they quite pleased, so not biting him in return. His plan ultimately succeeds, he gets a lightning bolt and is thrown off hitting the ground pretty hard, then wakes up, the snakes gone, and Kuitunen receiving the charm and promising to speak with a wiser animal to help them out of this if Puppy failed.

The 2 next drop to a new spot and Ville turns into a seal-like creature, and the 2 argue if he happens to be fatter than the normal seal, then a pelican or something lands on Hannu’s head after Puppy isn’t helpful at all, other than letting them know they weren’t spell-protected. After Hannu gets the coughed up charm, they consider how Ville will travel to where they need to go. Eventually, Hannu is just dragging Ville along, resorting to using his jacket under him when his belly was getting scratched, they then reaching town and Ville brings 2 locals attention to them, which Hannu wasn’t interested in doing, hiding the both of them before they could see whom had called. They’re found out, though, but the 2 only help them, so Hannu can’t complain too much, since he’d already complained a little.

They get Ville to their little boat and row to the island where Ville can get fish and Hannu can speak to Asa. Asa is with a seal, as mentioned by her niece and nephew, she not certain they could help her with the problem she was attempting to fix. Hannu believes he can get this bigass fish they’re attempting to kill, stealing a net, and borrowing the 2 sibs boat, Ville finally using his bod as intended. He discovers where the bigass fish would be staying and even has to swim off from it, and by the time he reaches Hannu again, Asa is able to kill-shot it. Hannu returns the charm to Asa and asks for a 20 second head start before she puts it on, getting back to Ville in the boat and hoping they didn’t end up in the lake when the environment switch happened, Ville now a moose.

They must carefully reach shore due to Ville’s form again, almost capsizing them because of his unfortunate weight gain. They reach shore without incident other than another bird giving the charm, but doesn’t communicate well, and Puppy hadn’t turned up, yet. So, as Ville attempts to offer a ride on his back now he was more comfy in his form, but not truly showing it when he gets his horns stuck between some trees, they continue walking through the forest, hoping Puppy hadn’t left them to die. Puppy meanwhile, is hoping the squirrel knocking loudly on the door to the fox meeting place, won’t out his mistake to everyone, so he preemptively takes a shortcut to the meeting place, to beat squirrel to the punch. He creates a different door so the foxes don’t hear squirrel yelling for their attention from behind the magic door.

When Puppy fox starts losing his shit, though, he was in the process of leaving the rest of the townspeople in deathly peril when he’s interrupted by one of the more powerful among the birds, this eagle confronting the pup with what he was about to do to them, and stating his position on blabbing on Puppy if he messed up his mess up any worse. This does the trick to keep him in line, Hannu’s head hurting from the shifting dream world, Ville being forced to stop licking his face, as a moose, it being nasty. They reach a road and decide to follow what Ville believes to be the North star, by an imaginary smell, but it does lead to a fence with a symbol mirroring the one on Hannu’s cap, so they seemed to find the right spot, this time Hannu getting his wish of going in quietly without talking to everyone, Ville reserving the right to approach if they looked chatty.

Well, it doesn’t take long for Ville to take over after hearing Hannu’s boring plan to ask boring old man, Pekka, Hannu getting dragged along for trying to stop Ville from saying howdy to some peeps at a bench table. Ville starts whining about food and being t(w)ired, so he sits with the group as Hannu gets buns. They almost get stuck their until Ville convinces them he’s quick enough to carry Hannu on his back and get to their father’s shop down the road, real quick, the 2 meeting “the monster” of the wood, it a wooden looking moose with red eyes and apparently ready to kill, so Ville takes off away from it, but it catching up when they attempt to climb a steep incline. They’re saved by another moose, he helping them to store, and would explain more when they were safer. When they reach the pop’s shop, he states what he needed from them didn’t involve supplies, but to kill the spirit of the forest moose, Hannu not quite interested in taking up the reigns.

A boss of a business, whom was the 2 sibs pops, couldn’t rely on his workers, so he again turns to Hannu for his help. So, he sets him up with a cross-bow and Ville and he are back into the forest to kill the wooden creature moose. When they’re on their way into the woods, Ville attempts the silent treatment, because of what Hannu had confessed about having killed small animals for fun, among shooting non-living things to practice cross-bow when he was younger, Ville upset he’d kill without reason, Hannu reminding him this was long ago and he didn’t do this anymore. Hannu was dozing when Ville unceremoniously wakes him, Hannu annoyed to the point of turning around so Ville wouldn’t be paranoid of being sneaked up on, Hannu getting lucky and spotting the wooden beast, Ville’s instinct to run being whispered quietly in return to hold still so Hannu could get the shot, hoping the beast would take a step and make it perfect.

Hannu takes a shot, but Ville can’t hold it together and dashes off with Hannu still pointed in the wrong direction, he refusing to slow down or stop, Hannu gets knocked off, hard, and as he’s insulting Ville’s back, wooden moose approaches. The spirit moose goes off, as well, Hannu hating he now having to catch up to both, Ville not noticing Hannu’s absence until attempting to cross a frozen lake, he berating his bad doggieness as he runs back, directly at Hiisi the moose, getting himself chased around in the open. Hannu catches up, makes a shot, gets noticed, then falls through a soft break in the ice, going under, making it to the surface, only to go back under and get caught by Hiisi. Ville taking the opportunity to charge at his booty, Hiisi redirects his chase to Ville and they cross the lake, Ville even attempting to lose him by swimming through another area, but Hiisi catching up by running over the water!

Hannu catches up, though, and takes another shot, leading to a fucking great panel! Needless, Ville comes up from underneath the water, where Hiisi had been holding his head under. Hannu sits with him on shore and when Ville shakes off his water, Hannu gets soaked, Ville then quickly getting him back to his boss, where he finally put on the charm, and hardcore, makes Hannu aware of his every intent on making him work the day they all came back to the real world from this, Hannu ofc, understandably protesting. This marks where the dream changes again, and Ville is now a bear, Puppy finally returning whilst Hannu complained of the snowfall. After Hannu threatens to murder Puppy for nearly killing them, he leaves and the bird with the charm comes over, looking simple, the 2 walking toward an area empty of trees and the 2 bickering as usual on multiple subjects. They meet unhelpful dickhead bird, then Hannu loses time after falling on his face AFTER falling asleep. Ville makes them a den for him to rest a bit, to follow, one of the best cuddle buddy scenes with a bear. After Ville has a nap and is waken by smoke smells, he wakes a whippy-armed Hannu and they follow Ville’s smell sensing, hopefully it being more reliable than his direction.

Hannu gives Ville another chance not to buck him off his back, since Ville believes he can get them to where his nose was pointing hella quick. This ofc, leads to Hannu getting fallen on after he warns Ville to watch where he steps with stumps sticking out all over. The 2 walk the rest of the way, the big bon the towns was making having Hannu wonder what they were doing. Instead of learning this, Hannu asks a fella if he’d seen a bear and where, Ville getting caught up in making a bitch notice how he much larger he was than her, now, which has the owner send them off. Hannu clarifies to Ville of not worrying about how “cool” the bitch was, she’d be dead and he’ll be alive long after, so he should chill. Ville wondered how Hannu got along being around people he was jealous of then, Hannu clarifying he didn’t get jels-balls because if peeps didn’t get in his way he didn’t care what they did (Agreed, wholeheartedly). When they finally locate whom they need, she turns them away, saying they had a problem, but they didn’t require their help, Hannu and Ville being stopped by the other bear, saying they truly did need them to do something about their issue, it being the problem of stopping the snow from falling, Hannu straight up saying they couldn’t do anything about this one.

The other bear shares the plan of getting the attention of Kokko , the great eagle, to help the snow stop, since she had some magical skills. So, the request was to have Hannu and Ville go to a manifestation of Kokko’s first tree and collect something which would get the attention of Kokko, making a “stronger connection”. Fear was the reason the other bear wanted them to do this, Hannu annoyed, but then indifferent, leaving after giving Anu the charm, accepting because it was mentioned she must do anything with it. Fun part with the gang of crows which scared Kokko, and when they reach the nest, it’s a bit tricky to reach, then it’s difficult to keep the pieces of wood Hannu drops to the forest floor to pick up upon returning down, but they succeed in getting it to the fire and Kokko appears. She does as requested and they finally change to another dream spot. Hannu awaking to see Ville as a bunny!

Ville is not amused by this degrading new form, Hannu absolutely tickled by his puppy size. When they get on their way, Ville riding on Hannu’s shoulders, he hears something in the distance. They reach the boy, Tuomi, seeing all his friends dead asleep, they learning the kid had no intention of returning home. Hannu threatens him, Ville attempts empathy for his and many other wishing to return home, the boy getting ornery because he didn’t like how he was treated by his ma and sis, he deciding to return when he’s 20, but Hannu takes over when the boy turns away Ville. Hannu blows the loud ass horn and tells the kids how Tuomi was keeping the way home to himself, he getting annoyed and finally allowing everyone to get home, but not before his bunny friend wishes for their death.

When Hannu looks at their new surroundings, Ville has become a winged swan-like creature, they getting the swan charm, and Hannu walking as Ville floated, since he couldn’t fly. Soon, the ground stops, so Hannu gets a ride and soon they are met by a swan, as a rabbit finds a fox hole to the group discussion, he readying to tell the other animals who wanted to know, but they distracted, so the bunny biffs off. Meanwhile the swan isn’t happy of their presence and demanding they go home, but does confirm of more people being nearby who shouldn’t be there, so when Hannu decides they must continue on, against the bird’s wishes, they learn where all the blood came from they’d seen earlier on the land they’d been transported. Ville saves him and is worried of how badly Hannu is hurt, he saying he’s much better than he looked, bleeding a little.

When they finally get to where the other people are, they are blissfully alive, Hannu recognizing them as church goers, the leader being the priest, currently sobbing in a corner, the peeps waiting for the swan to do with them what it will, when it was ready, being bizzy bizzy bee. They then learn the priest wasn’t the true leader, they spotting the 2nd swan, the woman they approach recognizing Hannu as a grave vandal, but he only stepping on flowers clumsily. After being reprimanded by the swan to be quiet due to recuperating from the injuries he’d sustained, Hannu quietly asks if she’d return home if they knew how. When she finally decides to help everyone get back, Hannu unexpectedly shows his gratefulness, her turn being indifferent. Hannu and Ville watch the misty departure, and are confused, Puppy returning and misting Ville, Hannu having to stay due to a snafu.

On Ville’s side, he returns next to Hannu, and Puppy shows up seeming uncaring to help Ville, and then gives the excuse of Hannu’s body being “broke”, so as he’s about to let down his last stasis spell, Ville gets aggressive in order to make him stop. When it fails to help, Kokko returns to show she’d been viewing the whole scene and gave Puppy as many chances as possible to be selfless. Puppy still attempts to close the stasis, but he cannot, and next Ville awakes with cat ears after being taken off by Kokko. When Hannu wakes and sees the state of Ville, he’s quite surprised, understandably, since he was his twin minus the ears, but then Kokko turns up to say all they’d have to do is put on the charms and wish to return home, Hannu unfortunately wanting to kill something more, this being when Puppy catches up. As he’s getting into a heated argument with Hannu, whom threatens to kill him and he’s in the middle of responding of stranding them there, his mama turns up, looking frothy pissed. She begins with disappointment and upon hearing what the human had in mind for him, the collective of foxes debated, sure go ahead, but also didn’t believe Puppy would learn from it (Lol, agreed.).

Puppy’s mama, shoves him down to Hannu and Ville’s holding space, and takes away his powers, the playing field, more even. Puppy biffs off quick, the 2 giving chase, tracking him to a tree knot-hole. They attempt to smoke him out with the foxes help, but this only gives Puppy a chance to bite one of them again and blast off out of the tree. He almost gets stuck after following a path into the lake, but swims beyond, eventually the 2 shooting an arrow and making the hit, even though knowing he wouldn’t truly die, they are able to mist out of there, now. When they awake though, Ville is still human, tripping Hannu out and q’ing the swan, whom confirms their truly being awake, and wouldn’t help them, so the 2 go back to town. Ville is nervous due to his human form, and when they are noticed by townsppl, Hannu plays it cool and states Ville’s identity. When one guy asks more about Ville, Hannu staves it off, since he’d already come up with a couple bullshit stories for them to swallow, they making their way home so Hannu can finally sleep, but not before getting yelled at about when he was expected to work the next day.

When they’re readying for sleep after a light meal, Ville’s puppy dreams show Puppy doing chores for other animal spirits as part of his punishment. Weeks pass and Hannu is working as Ville hangs out, the sibs offerring to speak to their pops about giving him a job, since he’s staying for awhile, Ville liking the idea. Later on, when Hannu’s parents visit, he admits Ville had died, since he wouldn’t stop getting pestered, his parents having him stay with him, and Paju declares Hannu needed therapy for his sadistic nature. As they’re readying to leave, his parents offer him a replacement pet, but the Ville decides he wants a turtle, which Hannu relents to considering. So, fricking fun! I truly enjoyed the comedy and myth story created, here, and will be continuing her other stories as they come.


Run Freak Run

Mysterious and fascinating, we follow Alonso and Two through a medieval Spain, the 2 Inquisitors weeding out and purging mythological villains. Meanwhile a young, beautiful lady made a deal with someone whom apparently isn’t trustworthy, since she’s being chased by frogs and a man comes out of the shadows, she pleading for him to honor their deal, but he not interested in a peaceful outcome. This is the reason Alonso and Two have come to this town, she expected to uncover the reason for the girl’s death and to stave off more of a panic by the townspeople who thought she’d been cursed. Two goes to the church, being met by the priest standing vigil over the body, he supportive of her killing the one whom was responsible:

Image result for dana carvey satan gif. Two puts him straight though, this being more likely the work of a witch. I’m quite enjoying the strange dialogue for this odd little “fairy tale of Grimm-style”. When Alonso meets her outside the church, he shares through his recon, of villagers knowing and disregarding of witches living in caves nearby and they’d go investigate for purging. This is also reminding me of Preacher and Constantine, all very good choices to be similar with. Two locates the witch fairly quickly, since he didn’t really hide once she’d gotten inside, he revealed fairly easily why he’d decided to drop the girl was because she’d scorned his proposal after he’d begun admiring her way of killing the “witches” amongst the villagers. Once he decides Two must go though, she breaks it down how shit was not going to go this fool’s way. Alonso then asks why Two had been given this name by the church, she having a smart lil answer to finish the chapter.

The next story begins in a different town, same idea, the Queen has sent them to catch the culprit, but they’ve arrived to late, seeing the carnage in the streets. Two detects some survivors underground and a priest relating of a baby being taken by Satan, the place they would be heading being certain death for the baby, so Two again has Alonso stay behind whilst she takes care of this baby-stealing hell ruler. Then a skip back in time to 3 days previous, when they’d spoken to the queen about the boy infant possibly being an “Echo”, so she giving her permission to go claim him, Two being bidden by the queen to bring her the child directly upon dismissing Alonso literally, and literally dismissing him from life!

So Two is on her merry way, up the mountain, not alone for being amongst possible enemies around every corner. Maybe some exaggeration in this statement, it was a single fur-fur enemy and the King of all hell fire fur-furs, whom welcomed her upon her approach. He asks for leniency toward the young and eager fur-fur whom attempted to assault her, then claims he was going to release the baby when he made his exit, Two not letting this pass without knowing why he’d done it at all. 2 days later, Two is submerging said baby into water with creepy-looking merpeople, she now square with them for having sacrificed, a baby, sort of, the boy would still grow up, but as Mer.

The third is a short story which shows Two lost in the forest and meets a giant whom was king of the birds, asks if she wants to have a bird, and then gets butthurt when she accepts, Two biffing off without a bird, but knowing the giant was a dick. The fourth shows the 2 inquisitors walking through a forest and Alonso first realizing they were being approached by wolf men, Two announcing she’d take care of it. It’s finally mentioned Two has a curse, “of a deadly chain”, literally. So, this allowed her to feel better and it doubled the fun, since the wolf men were taken out, as well. Even the ring leader wasn’t a match for Two’s need to crack that chain, she using this wolf as her ride through the forest, Alonso wondering aloud where she hid her chain, and she keeping this to herself. 😉

The next story starts with Two planning on doing something else with her time than writing a report, Alonso having asked if she’d finish her job before doing so, she not interested and he making note at least she wasn’t well paid for a half job done. It’s next showing Two being the talker to cats, a particular one being quite the runaway sort, they reuniting and Two cold toward him over some grudge from 6 years ago, One talking about reuniting with one of his bros, since he was leader to a bunch of mythical misfits trying to defend themselves against “injustice” and were intimidated by Two coming after them. He also reasoned she should tell him because otherwise she’d have to reveal it to the Queen. Then he warns her of a moose, Destiny whom could destroy cities, she aware and the two parting, since she didn’t reveal to him anything important.

The 6th chapter prefaces with a story of father and daughter deer telling how far back it had been for the ways to be the way they are, because it’d been so long and then the two plot to kill Gaiae. Next, Two is fighting a witch whom won’t listen to reason… The witch continues to fight with her spell, this all because the Cardinal had needed, reluctantly, Two’s help in disbanding the coven and capturing one alive. Two plays dead and then the witch attempts to morph into a raven, Two grabbing at her and she stuck and insulting her, so Two gives her the pan, as it were. Two still gives her one more chance to work with her, but the witch ain’t having it, so Two performs the password into the circle and the witch is upset with how easy she’d gotten away with it.

Two speaks with her sisters and they must help her out, since next Two is back at the castle with news for the Cardinal of having exactly what he needed. The Cardinal is at first unimpressed by not having what he’d asked for, a living witch, instead of what she brought, but Two describes it was the source of their power, so the Cardinal can’t help but be curious for a look-see. It’s ofc, a trap and the witches are ready for him.

The merpeople are discussing the baby being accepted by Poseidon soon, which would then allow them to truly make him one of them. The Queen meanwhile, was disappointed with the results of her astronomer being unable to locate the baby, she giving him supposedly the lost finger of Solomon which would allow them to gain more clarity, somehow. Welp, it does something, and the monks take down the coordinates specified. The Queen then designates Inquisitor Six to be the one to make the trip to the location given. Next, Two is summoned to the Queen, she currently dealing with a deal with a demon and thinking she could get out of providing her side, which was to give up Alonso.

As Alonso is saying goodbye to his family and preparing to finish some work, he’s interrupted by moidering-doers, the Queen currently putting down Two for having a beautiful name and her looks not suiting it. She then reveals her plan and order to keep Two in front of her until her order to kill Alonso was finished, but it’s not long before Two goes off anyways, and the Queen sends the guard after her, knowing the danger she’d put everyone in, if not being Alonso. Meanwhile, Alonso attempted to save his family, they inside their burning home, but Two seemed to arrive too late. The Queen gets updated by her guard of everything going accordingly and Inquisitor 6 would have the baby by tomorrow. Six having slaughtered the merpeople and taking the baby back (ribs, BBQ sauce; yes, I did.)

Next, The Fur-Fur speaks to a minion about having things working out to where Gaiae shall soon be dealt with, and Echo-One, the kitty will be the bestest than the rest-est. Then, Two is being surrounded by the same killer guards readying to finish her off according to their orders, Two not wanting to deal with them, but ofc, she about to give it, when stopped by a birdie, it being her witchy friend. One reveals his role to her and updates Two on Six locating and returning with the baby boy, Two needing to step in line or witches will become a joke to children. Two is bid by One to help them, stating his case and how it would benefit all of them to get rid of Six and the Queen, Priscilla the witch diving them into the depths of the underworld so Two can learn the secrets to defeat Six.

They take the plunge, and whilst this occurs, One is being bid by an underling to allow him to take out the Queen whilst they waited, One being convinced and allowing him to attempt it. Two goes unconscious and wakes in the air, falling with Priscilla, she confident One would protect them as they fell to where they needed to go, Two not so sure and wishing she’d do some kind of magic to slow their descent. When they land they begin sharing why each of them was in a foul mood, Priscilla pissed off at Two for beating and humiliating her and how she’d been punished by her clan, Two exchanging the deets on her friend, Alonso and his fam. The two not having to discuss this much since they were finally led to the secret keeper.

They keep company with a huge eye ordering mushroom people to do its bidding, the 2 ladies debating whether to run away as the creatures begin to attack, Pris, changing her mind as they approach a cliff, but Two bumping her off and the two again, plummeting. Pris helps Two survive and she attempts to do the same when they surface out of water, Pris not waking, but the keeper of secrets showing herself. She bids the creature save Pris and relinquishing whatever the keeper saw fit, she giving Two an acorn in order to defeat Six and then helping Pris by allowing the 2 to fly away. Inquisitor Six has given the baby to the Queen and she gifts her a huge sword capable of killing immortals for her loyalty to the crown.

The final chapter begins with Two waking with Pris unaware of her death, One interrupting them to tell of the flying pigs having gone to wage war against the Queen without waiting for the secret way to kill Six. One isn’t holding out for this to kill their dear sis, since she was strong af, and now had a weapon impossible to defend against. One though, still thinks there’s a chance if Two can figure how to use the acorn against Six, and Two agreeing to help if they do it the way she feels, One agreeing and so all they’d need to do, is leave her on top of the palace and she’ll handle it, per usual. Two starts taking out guards like a champ, and totally unimpressed with the blood spillage, as well. When she reaches the Queen and Six, the former again attempts to insult her intelligence for following One and how she’d die today, regardless. Then a flashback, when Two had intervened between a nun teaching a child by smacking her face for breaking the cross of the Lord, and it being Six, Two not able to communicate with her for she sounding like she’s singing: “La la laa!”-style.

When they go back to current, Two is finished giving Six chances after she swipes at her with the sword, complaining how her sibs are nutso and would’ve been happy with better fam, esp. with how she was now the “normal” one. As she continues to try and talk sense into Six, Pris comes back to defend her, grabbing the sword and Two taking opportunity and knocks her out. Then, Two warns the Queen she should biff off before she comes after her, and so she goes to collect the baby so to selfishly kill him so no one could have him, Two catching up before she can do anything, and Two testing the acorn out on her after she’d gotten the baby. Like a proper fairy tale, she gets taken out in a weird ass way, One then turns up to congratulate her and tell of the good things the baby would grow up to do and defend their people. Two isn’t certain she trusts One to truly care for the baby properly, wondering aloud if he’d be better off dead, Pris then shows up to help Two biff off with Six, if she wanted, One attempting to convince her they didn’t have to run at all.

Two has her own ideas though, excluding One because of how unstable he seemed with the power he’d acquired and having similarities to the changed Queen, so vows to keep the boy hidden and declared if One attempted to find him, he wouldn’t be a threat, anyways, but Two would hide the boy well, enough to avoid this, apparently. This outcome, though was agreeable to the Fur-Fur One had been serving, since he stated how pleased he was with this outcome, One stating how whilst Two leaving hadn’t been planned, he’d continue to execute what his lord had in mind, and upon picking up the Queen’s crown, it’s shown how he’ll continue on with a darker role in this world, taking on a similar facial structure to the Queen a bit, as well.

Two weeks later, Pris and Six walk to where the nekkid giant sat, Pris explaining what Two’d had in mind for the baby, the giant agreeing and renaming the child, similar to another fairytale, the boy would have protection as long as he was within the boundaries of the giant’s land. When Pris and Six locate Two napping and wake her, she responds to Six’s new word in her vocab, the way one would expect with the ever-typical attitude she has and they chill for once. I enjoyed this little fairytale, violent, black and white comic. It’s cute and I’d look out for more by the author and artist, it being semi-similar to the style of Live Forever.

Scurry: The Drowned Forest

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Wix has escaped temporarily, has a bad dream about Titan, and then meets a moose whom wakes him for warning the dangerous spot he’d chosen to sleep. The moose, Atlas offers to give him a ride to “the Refuge” and then Wix can decide if it’s worth continuing on to the mountain, he making the wise choice and joining the moose, not noticing the forest mice watching. Meanwhile, Pict has been granted permission to ask the king if she can cross the lake to get back South, this king, apparently in a bad mood over all the leaking sounds he either imagines partially or hears too well, this hopefully not coloring any decision he has to make regarding Pict’s request. With a little bit of a tiff between a raven and the beaver whom’d led Pict there, the king only focuses on the idea of more workers to help build the dam higher and leak-free, this giving him reason to grant her request, maybe fortunately.

On the way to the Refuge, Wix recognizes the spot they were going to be sent to, he searching for the rumored truck, but not seeing it. At lease he hadn’t wasted a trip trying to get the rest of the way there on his own. They then are confronted by wolves, Atlas has to tear at one before they back off after they get all balls deep about the woods now being theirs, and Atlas holding his own, the leader having the pack consume the weak and still conscious wolf, leaving them as the leader Erebus again promises to meet them again with the rest of his pack. Meanwhile back at the colony, Resher breaks the news of everyone on the team of Wix and Pict were killed along with the 2 and they should prepare to make the trip to the city, but Orim, Pict’s papa, still wishes to wait 4 days, since Wix’s body hadn’t been accounted for and he preferred giving the allotted time agreed upon before making more disastrous plans, but his cough getting worse and he collapsing after the meeting ends.

A flying squirrel attempts to save Wix from Atlas as his little fellows of mice attack from the ground, wrongly believing the moose was a wolf. Then one of the loopy mice recognized Atlas and has the others stop, since their attack was a failure anyways. Minka, the leader believes he recognized Wix for a mo. then directs them to where the Guardian of the forest used to stay. Then back at the Colony, Umf reveals they’d put off his trip to the city, and he was way alright with this, the wolves currently cleaning the area of the cats. The only other rat in the place confides to Umf of something he needed to discuss and show him, as well, he leading him away. Pict is considering still leaving whilst it was raining when her companion had came over to hear how her meeting went, and after they part ways she discovers something about the ravens she gets caught overhearing and seeing. she gets whisked away once more only her companion seeing this.

Atlas and Wix meet some knowing foxy ladies about the 2 travelers roles and then continue on to the dam. As they get closer and Pict is sacrificed to another when the raven settle her in more shallow water, before she’s et, the dam breaks and water spreads through the area, Atlas and Wix close enough to be effected, as well. Atlas is seen by the wolves and they plan to locate him again when the water settled down, Wix being found by the foxes and clearly being discourage with his mission to save Pict. What gets him moving is knowing Pict is now closer because of the flood, but still in danger, the foxes arming him with a stick-like sword, they referring to him as a knight. They then lead him to where she is, as she’s attempting to readjust her bearings and her wannabe-murderer behind her.

Wix is there to divert his attention in time, but his sword breaks upon the fella’s head, a stone thrown by Pict not quite doing it either, but when she’s endangered, Wix stabs him in the eye. but he still after him, the duo finally able to teamwork him to fall into the water. It isn’t long before the ravens threaten them, but the beavers interrupt and make war upon their asses. The beaver King is dead, so another beaver took over and planned a smaller dam elsewhere, inviting Pict along, but she sticking with her plan of getting back to her papa. Pict and Wix go downriver as instructed by the beavers Pict more worried when Wix shared how the truck hadn’t been where they’d been told, hoping they returned soon. It’s revealed the ravens have paired up with the wolves, they readying to take over.

This, I believe concludes the 2nd book, I’ve been guessing. This last bit seems like it’ll be a doozy, so I’m looking forward to finishing this baby up. Much fun, though, worth it for the style, if nothing else; I’ve seen the complaints on story, but I find it minor differences of opinion. When the 3rd book comes out, I’ll stick a review of it along with the other, since I know I’ll be reading it.


I’m on a webcomic kick, now and this one is Alice-esque, mixed with a bit of Death from Discworld, but not actually death. Quite dreamy artwork and it’s soothing to look at and read. We get a nice nod to Bill and Ted, as well when she chooses a game to play with Death and it happens to be a classic. Non-Death cheats here too, but claims the piece on Nadia’s board was actually showing where her iguana friend, Mr. Bojangles was and how he was attempting to save her. When Nadia cheats right back, tho, Non-Death is amused in an unhumorous fashion and bumps her off a cliff-like farewell.

This wakes her up, she realizing she may have changed her reality (something mentioned in the comic, obv.), then deciding to look for Mr. Bojangles when she sees bunches of bugs crawling around in (maybe) her room and eating it as they scuttled. This is one layered little story and it’s fun following along with the preeetty pictures. As Nadia learns more from her sometimes monster-looking friends, she discovers her current reality is colored by her nightmares and dreams, and its originality was scary af. I also enjoy the french and spanish phrases peppered in, even though I’m nowhere fluent in either, it makes another point in this odd adventure.

Nadia gets a chance to confront Non-Death again and he reveals something pretty fucked up about her parents. When she and Non-Death face off over it, something odd happens and they both defractalize, she surviving and some of her weirdo friends meeting up with her, and Mr. B introing more buddies she doesn’t rememy but know her from “before”. Mr. B then instructs how Nadia can bring things into being by thinking of it, so I’m uncertain how it plays out since the last post is in mid-fight scene. One day, perhaps, but this is 7 years later, so, here’s to hoping!

A Small Revolution


Webcomics certainly are easy to snowball, they all having authors and artists who list off all their faves. This is another discovery which was worth the checking. The story begins with a little girl, Florence and the kind of world she lives in which doesn’t bat an eye at orphans on the street, some having breathing problems whilst others have trouble not smoking (like Florence). She has the goal of saving every orphan and she does help one, Auguste, whom didn’t have scavenging skills as honed as Florence, but she being among some hard-ass kids like herself, as well.

She decides she wants to fight alongside Dominique, Auguste’s older bro, but he has her stay at their base, she seeing the bloody aftermath. She meets the president and the ending is quite dramatic. Lovely little comic. Check it out, I’ll definitely be looking forward to more from her.


Live Forever

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This was a great little webcomic, which I happened to discover through a link from another webcomic. This story is blatant with it’s themes of grief and how to deal with illness and death of loved ones. It was an exciting, roller coaster with a toothless vamp and some crazy psychic kids, and of course, the main character, a little girl, whom loves being musical, and doesn’t give a shit whether she takes out someone who gets in the way of her bull-headed idea of gaining vamp blood and getting a serum to living forever spurned from the abrupt death of her fatally ill mother. The art was perfect for the subject, since most of the characters were pleasing to the eye and backgrounds held up with them, as well. I’m now addicted to Raúl Treviño.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Year Seven)

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Snape joins Voldemort with the other Death Eaters at Malfoy’s home to discuss Harry’s next move, false news having been created to mask Harry’s actual plan. Lucius has gotten out of prison by this point and had to relinquish his wand to Voldemort to use on Harry (an even more unnecessary “that” being added to a sentence, Rowling? Jeez..). A professor of Muggle studies is killed after Voldemort seethes and makes fun of the Malfoys’ relative, Tonks marrying Lupin.

Harry was currently at Privet drive unloading his school trunk and packing a backpack with all important items. He also has 2 articles, one Dumbledore’s obituary and the other an interview with Rita Skeeter about her biography on Dumbledore’s life and how dirt-filled it truly was. Vernon was flip-flopping with whether he truly believed he and his family were in danger, but Dudley was scared enough to want the magical protection offered them, so they’d be escorted to a safe spot. Dudley surprises all relatives with his concerns for where Harry was going, but everyone’s farewell being fairly underwhelming, but Dudley shaking his hand in the end being the most contact made through it all.

Moody was whom Harry thought would be escorting him, but it turns out to be Hagrid along with his buddies and others, including Mood himself. This doesn’t help much though, since they were met with 30-odd Death Eaters flinging deadly curses at all of them, Harry being repeatedly reassured by Hagrid of having everything handled, thusly Harry’s sidecar detaches from the motor-bike and during all this, Hedwig has been shot and was limp. Harry blows up his sidecar, supposedly with Hedwig still inside, he now seated with Hagrid as a Death Eater recognizes Harry to be not a poser, the 3 disappearing. Voldemort soon joins them, but not before Harry crashes the bike into a pond. The 2 make it to their Portkey to the Burrow and the only others to show up so far is Lupin and George, whom lost an ear. In the end, everyone returns except for a dead Moody and a biffed off Mundungus.

Harry wanted to leave them for fear of endangering them further, he getting a vision of Ollivander at the bad end of Voldemort’s rage, Hermione desperate he attempt to shut his mind from this. Mrs. Weasley attempts to learn what Dumbledore had ordered Harry to do, which also includes Ron and Hermione dropping out of school to help, but the most she gets is agreement to help tidy and do chores she had for them for the wedding. They weren’t able to recover Moody’s body, so the funeral was on hiatus. The trio found time to talk, Ron suspecting Moody may have survived. They then discuss Hermione’s acquiring Hogwarts library books on horcruxes, when Mrs. Weasley interrupts, mega-pissed the three were sitting around rather than helping her with chores. When Fleur’s family arrives, the trio get only one chance to speak, Mrs. Weasley still thwarting their plan-making and she putting together, what Harry hopes would be a quiet birthday the day before Fleur and Bill’s wedding.

Harry gets a good amount of birthday prezzies, he particularly taken with Ginny’s snog gift. Scrimgeour crashes to speak with the trio about Dumbledore’s will and the unique items he’d left them. Harry receives his first won snitch and was supposed to get Gryffindor’s sword, Hermione got a book, and Ron was gifted a contraption which put out lights. Harry figures out a clue on how to use the snitches memory ability, but it isn’t easy to decipher from there, Hermione confesses she not having heard of the book she’d be given, to Ron’s surprise, since he knew them as children’s tales.

Harry was disguised as a cousin to the Weasley’s after they’d acquired some hair from a local redheaded boy. Luna and her father had been invited, he acting and looking as eccentric as his daughter normally would. Then, after Harry discovers Dumbledore’s family had Godric’s Hollow in common with him, they discover Scrimgeour had been killed and the Ministry “fallen”, them’s coming. (Decent dramatics by this point)

The trio escape by disapparating as Death Eaters break up the party, Hermione providing the boys with less conspicuous attire. They are followed and eventually attacked again by a couple Death Eaters. After the trio defend themselves and flee to Harry’s inherited property, he gets a vision of Voldemort punishing one of the Death Eaters who had attacked them, by ordering Draco to torture him.

They learn R.A.B. was Sirius’ brother after Harry discovers a part of a letter from his mother. They also realize they’d handled a locket during past clean up of Sirius’ home, they off to Kreacher’s quarters. They discover nothing and when Harry summons Kreacher to grill him, they learn Mundungus had filched it all. Kreacher relates what he remembered of the locket, then Harry nicely orders him to retrieve the real locket and Mundungus to meet them back there, taking a tip from Hermione and even gifting the fake locket to Kreacher as incentive and appreciation.

The 3 are up to day 3 of waiting for Kreacher’s return when they see 2 robed men standing outside for quite some time, but not going any further, everyone inside attempting to quell nerves and boredom. Harry is first to see a figure enter the house, it t’were Lupin, they catching up. By the end, Harry had insulted Lupin in order for him to hopefully go back to Tonks, they learning she was up the duff and he was plagued by his status and how it’d effect his newly made family. Harry then reads an excerpt from Skeeter’s book after Lupin runs off, pissed. Kreacher returns with Mundungus, whom reveals he’d practically gifted the locket to Umbridge.

Harry brings back a Daily Prophet with news of Snape securing the title of headmaster, Ron and Hermione shocked. Harry then renews his idea of implementing the plan they’d worked out for 4 weeks. They each obtain a Ministry employees hair and polyjuice themselves for entrance purposes. Hermione and Harry meet Umbridge in the elevator after Ron was tasked with stopping a flood in a particular office. Harry is then separated from Hermione when Umbridge uses her for a court proceeding and he’s left with the new Ministry of Magic, Thicknesse, not being conspicuous and parting ways with him before covering himself with invisibility cloak again and creating a distraction which allowed him access inside Umbridge’s office, he not having learned from his Hogwarts snooping to leave his cloak ON when he’s searching, again scrambling to cover his ass up as Thicknesse enters.

Harry makes his way out with no discovery before learning what they had on Arthur. He makes his way to the courtrooms where a shit ton of dementors were chilling in the hall with the accused muggles, he making it inside the courtroom Hermione sat in with Umbridge, they seeing the locket around Umbridge’s fat neck. Harry throws caution to the dogs and stupefies the old hound so as to snatch the locket, Hermione making a replica so she wouldn’t immediately notice, and saves the half blood witch on trial for being muggle-related. The trio along with the muggle bunch escape, but Harry notices an odd sensation after they apparate since by the end it was becoming obvious what they were doing.

Hermione conducts first aid on Ron’s arm, they now stuck in the forest where the World Cup had been, Yaxley having seen the trio’s hidey hole she setting protective charms about them whilst Ron recovered. They then fool around with the locket to attempt opening it, none succeeding and so Harry resigns himself to keep watch with Hermione off and on. Harry gets another vision, he still having given up Occlumency despite Hermione harping on how he should still at least attempt to bar him mind and instead chooses to get pounded by the scenes, he rather preferring sharing the visions with his buds (he’s tho thmart!), overcome with whomever stole an item from Gregorovitch which Voldemort was now after, Harry recognizing the face in his memory, but unable to currently place it. (This seems to be a going theme and mystery style of Rowling’s, which I’ve grown tired and yet accustomed, *sigh*)

During their passed off time wearing the horcrux and negative moods because of it, they hear Dean Thomas with Tonks’ pops and some goblins (Rowling, you suggesting a Goblin language be named, Gobbledegook??…) eating nearby their camp, learning Ginny had attempted to lift Gryffindor’s sword, the goblins confiding the one protected in Gringotts being a fake. Ginny did get one helluva punishment, though, according to the goblin, they also discussing whether Snape or Harry was the baddie, as well as The Quibbler now being the one spot for real news. They move off and Hermione grabs the frame of Phineas Black to inquire about the sword, which reveals why they needed it to destroy horcruxes. They end the night with a blow out of a fight between Ron and Harry, the former off to his family and Hermione brokenhearted by Ron making her stay seem like betrayal of him.

The two hoped silently Ron’d return, but this doesn’t occur, Harry reminded how Ron had assumed Harry had a ginormous master plan (the fuck?), and he seeing if Ron’d go to Hogwarts again, his name not appearing on the Marauder’s Map. After some more move-abouts, Harry suggests once more they go to Godric’s Hollow, Hermione agreeing this time. They prepare with Polyjuice disguises and see the graveyard first. They visit Dumbledore’s family graves, Hermione locating another symbol on an unrelated grave, and they take a moment to visit Harry’s parents, leaving with Harry at least getting to see where they were.

After suspecting they were being watched, the quickly leave and somehow spot Harry’s first home. Bagshot finds them and leads them back to her place, he nicking a pic of the man whom had stolen from Gregorovitch and then Bagshot becoming Nagini before Voldemort was to arrive. The two barely escape, but Harry’s wand is broken and loses the pic in their haste, Harry stuck in Voldemort’s thoughts most of the night.

Harry was starting to annoy himself at Dumbledore, rather than try solving the snitch and discover his next move. Hermione helps a bit by showing a copy of Rita’s book to Harry, he finally learning the man in the picture was Grindelwald. He and Dumbledore became buddies after he’d been expelled from Durmstrang. Harry has a flip out and Hermione recognizes he being mad Dumbledore hadn’t shared more with him. After they move, Harry sees a doe patronus which leads him to the Gryffindor sword, Ron saving him from drowning and Harry suggesting he destroy the horcrux. It gives Ron a good psychological beating, but he succeeds. Hermione gives Ron a more unceremonious welcome, but they settle after Ron explains how he’d used his deluminator. Since he’d also been able to swipe an idiot’s wand from a watch group for muggles, Harry was able to practice doing small spells, the results unappealing. Later on, Hermione decides she wanted to visit Luna’s father because of Grindelwald’s sign, Harry uncertain, but acquiescing, and upon being received, are greeted hesitantly. When Harry does finally get to his point, Luna’s papa reveals it’s a sign of the deathly hallows. Harry soon blunders to the knowledge Luna wasn’t there and her pop had informed the Ministry, Hermione devising and implementing the trio’s escape plan.

When they’d disapparated, Ron supposed the Death Eaters had Luna in Azkaban, but she’d be fine for now. Harry then considers if his defense would include the acquirement of the magical items of the Deathly Hallows. Ron and Hermione think he should focus on the horcruxes, but instead he dedicates his time in attempting to open the snitch, thinking the stone or ring could be inside. The one thing to get his thoughts away from this is Ron’s found pirate radio stating, they learning Ted Tonks was among the murdered by Death Eater recently. (Rowling’s way of allowing each character intro whom is speaking on the radio is goofy.) Hagrid was now an outlaw, as well, because of a Potter Party, the doofus, and the last dumb move Harry making being to say Voldemort’s name, they found out hella quick.

The trio are captured with Dean Thomas, Hermione having puffed Harry’s face up, Greyback and crew unable to identify them, yet, until discovering Gryffindor’s sword, they deducing Harry and Hermione’s identities. When Bellatrix sees the sword, she tortures Hermione on where they’d gotten it, thinking they’d stolen it from Gringotts. Meanwhile, Dobby apparates and saves Ollivander, Luna, and Dean, this getting attention, Ron and Hermione having to overpower Wormtail, but this ultimately killing him. Voldemort is finally summoned once the goblin confirms the sword counterfeit, Ron attempting and failing to save Hermione, but not being quick enough to dodge a knife and get kilt.

They have a quick burial and funeral for him in the garden of Bill and Fleur’s, Harry then speaking to the Gringotts goblin and Ollivander before Harry sees Voldemort claim the Elder wand Dumbledore had been buried with. Harry was torn by his decision to hang back rather than fight, in the meantime the goblin agreeing to help them in return for Gryffindor’s sword, Harry not specifying when, but would do the exchange. Lupin visits to announce Tonks and his son, Ted being born, and Bill warning Harry about dealings with a goblin being a sensitive thing if treasure is involved.

Hermione had been chosen to Polyjuice as Bellatrix what with having a hair of hers on her robe and also having the wand, but she having trouble controlling it. They still go through with their plan, Harry under invisible cloak with goblin and Ron disguised with face-feature changes, they running into Travers in Diagon Alley. It only gets worse from here, since he’s also going to Gringotts and it seemed the goblins were aware of Bellatrix’s stolen wand. They make it to the vault without being caught, though, instead now had to worry about making the contact with the treasure. This soon doesn’t matter, since it ends with all of them in contact with it, but Harry obtains the cup, but loses the sword, they escaping on the nearly blind dragon (yay!) and landing themselves in a lake some distance from the bank. Harry soon sees the results of Voldemort learning of Gringotts and his questioning whether his other horcruxes were safe; The trio soon aiming for Hogsmeade.

Upon arrival, they’re immediately known to be there due to a nifty alarm charm, Death Eaters looking around and almost catching them early upon arrival. After dementors are added to the search party, the Hogshead’s owner saves them by letter them inside the bar. Harry figures out he’s Aberforth, he feeding them and attempting to convince Harry to get far away as possible. Instead, he’s convinced somehow into detailing most of what’d happened to Ariana. She’d killed their mother accidentally after being abused by some boys in some way to make her ever use magic, it going wild within her and when she was 14, had an unfortunate episode resulting her mother’s death.

Aberforth was made to continue school by Dumbledore, he taking care of their sister until Grindelwald distracts him. Aberforth confronts Dumbledore about containing his ego in order to take of their sister rather than go off and gather a following in their new wizarding regime. The 3 end up fighting, Ariana attempts to help and 1 of the 3 kill her. Harry puts in his 2 cents when he mentions the horcrux charm he’d drank, the torture making him say when he felt worst about and his greatest fear, Neville then being brought when Aberforth acquiesces to helping them enter Hogwarts.

They go through a hidden tunnel behind Aberforth’s painting of his sister. Neville catches them up a bit on Snape’s disciplinary Carrows Death Eater professors, he also finally gets positive feedback form his Gran once she escapes and goes to ground so as to stay hidden, since escaping the Death Eaters’ attempts at using her as leverage on Neville. When they reach Hogwarts about 20 more peeps greet them uproariously. They’d made the Room of Requirement their safe haven, the Carrows unable to reach them. They were catching up when Harry learns Voldemort had discovered another horcrux destroyed, the group of kids desperate to be a part of helping overcome Voldemort, but Harry attempting to keep Dumbledore’s secret, Ron and Hermione then considering they could use their friends’ help without revealing the true nature of why, so Harry begins asking them questions about Ravenclaw items.

In the end, Luna leads Harry to the Ravenclaw statue where one of the Carrows catches him, touching her V (haha) tat. She’s knocked out by Luna’s curse, Harry then cursing her bro when he insults McGonagall. She then helps the two game plan the way to get students out of the castle and overthrow Snape before Voldemort comes, and Harry could search the grounds. Snape gets in McGonagall’s way, but flees by chucking himself out a window when she receives help from other professors. They soon are enlisting the help of other professors to protect the school temporarily from Voldemort, whilst getting everyone to meet in the Great Hall to give those the option to stay and help who were of age. Upon Harry getting back to the Req. Room, most of the Weasleys arrive, they surprised when Percy shows up as they’re trying to get Ginny to leave, but instead agreed to let her stay in the Req. Room, Voldemort now at Hogwarts as Harry’s looking for Hermione and Ron in the loo.

As McGonagall describes what would happen, Voldemort’s voice echoes through the hall to maintain resisting wouldn’t do any good and he didn’t desire offing anyone, he only wanted Harry. Since Voldemort wasn’t actually there, after dumb Pansy attempts to get Harry chucked out, McGonagall has them all leave with their Houses, she having to remind Harry of looking for the horcrux, since he’d been plagued with where Hermione and Ron could be. He comes to a lightbulb moment though, on whom to ask what had happened to the diadem, getting his answer through Nearly Headless Nick, he speaking with the Ravenclaw’s House ghost, Helen Ravenclaw, she stealing the diadem from her mother and how the Bloody Baron had killed himself because he’d stabbed and killed her.

Finally, she admits hiding the diadem in Albania, and Voldemort had brought it back to Hogwarts when he’d interviewed for a job. Harry is met by Hagrid (I realize now Harry could’ve been using “Tom” as his choice to call him the whole time to mock his name for himself, in a way, as Dumbledore had.), the fight being on by this point, since it’d reached midnight. Harry realizes where he needed to go, also spotting Ron and Hermione who’d gone to the Chamber of Secrets, Ron speaking Parseltongue by memory and stabbing the Cup, Harry ecstatic. Ron and Hermione give each other a good snog until Harry thrusts them back to Erf. They have the Room of Requirement become the place with everyone’s hidden treasures, Harry locating the diadem, but foiled by Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle.

Crabbe curses the place with a fire monsters thingy and Ron and Hermione have to save the 2 burkes, Crabbe getting himself kilt, but Harry also catching the diadem as it’d been falling down from a victory throw of treasure by the creatures. When they escape, Harry sees the diadem crumble, since the fire had been cursed and fortunately did the trick in destroying the horcrux. Then, as the twins and Percy are fighting Death Eaters in the hall they’d come in from, an explosion kills Fred. Harry helps Percy stow him, everyone then continuing fighting Death Eaters except for the trio, Harry looking into Voldemort’s mind upon Hermione’s request. He sees Voldemort chilling, knowing Harry’d pursue him for Nagini, he commanding Malfoy’s Pops to get Snape.

The trio use the invisibility cloak due to how many faculty and students were fighting Death Eaters, Hagrid getting swept away with giant spiders as his bro searches for him at the castle windows. They retreat toward the forest, Harry too desperate by the dementors approaching to summon his patronus. Luna and 2 others save their asses and they reach the Whomping Tree where they’d get to the Shrieking Shack, Harry overhearing Snape speaking with Voldemort about the uprise and the Elder wand not impressing him like he expected. He concludes it’s because Snape had killed Dumbledore, meaning he’d have to kill Snape, leaving before he’s truly dead and giving Harry time to collect Snape’s memory.

Voldemort speaks loud-speaker style again to them about allowing an hour to help the injured and gather their dead, and if Harry didn’t reveal himself, he’d kill anyone to get in his way. Ron and Hermione encourage Harry to ignore Voldemort’s terms and focus on a new game plan at the castle. They see the Weasleys at Fred’s body, along with Tonks and Lupin’s, Harry too distraught to see who else hadn’t made it because of him. Instead he makes his way to Dumbledore’s office, which still contained the Pensieve, believing Snape’s memories could be no worse than what he’d currently experienced and having a temporary escape. He sees Snape as a boy confronting Lily about her magic and how Petunia had been a prude from childhood, and Snape’d struggled controlling his emotions around the close-minded Muggle, Petunia.

James and Sirius had taken a disliking of Snape from their first meeting on the train, Lily torn from the start on liking and disliking both Snape and James. Later on, after Snape’d heard part of the prophecy, he’d met with Dumbledore, whom had shown contempt of Snape for the first time because of his love for Lily and disregarding her new family. Snape is shown attempting to heal the injured Dumbledore after he’d worn Slytherin’s ring. The 2 discuss how this’d kill Dumbledore in about a year and how Draco’s task of murdering him should go to Snape as Voldemort had dictated. Dumbledore eventually shares with Snape how Harry’d have to be killed by Voldemort before Voldemort could die, because Harry carried a piece of his soul. The last memory is of Snape preparing to leave Gryffindor’s sword for Harry to find.

Colin Creevey dies, Harry seeing this after noticing how little time he had left, using his invisibility cloak and passing Neville and Oliver Wood carrying him. He leaves the castle without speaking to anyone, making the leaving easier, but does run into Neville again as he’s gone back out for more bodies. He made sure Neville knew to kill Nagini, he going invisible again and not stopping even when he sees Ginny helping someone. He learns how to open the snitch and gets the Resurrection stone, he seeing his parents, Lupin, and Sirius, they walking with him to Voldemort. 2 of the Death Eaters unknowingly lead him there where the rest of the followers, plus a bound Hagrid, whom is aghast Harry’d come. Harry was apparently thinking of Ginny kissing something of his (“—-“, not a period.), then gets the green flash.

Harry wakes up feeling alive, but meeting a quite dead Dumbledore, he believing Harry wasn’t quite corpse. Dumbledore also reveals how Grindelwald had killed his sis. After some time, they reach the subj. of Harry having the option to live, he ofc choosing accordingly. Voldemort had collapsed, as well, he delegating the task of checking Harry’s vitals to Narcissa, she asking after Draco, they then all heading for the castle with Harry playing dead, and Voldemort having Hagrid carry him. Voldemort does his voice boom trick and tells of Harry’s kaput inaccurately, then threatens death to anyone who didn’t kneel before him.

Ultimately, there’s a revolt and Neville kills Nagini with Gryffindor’s sword, Harry getting under his invisibility cloak. Once Harry’s given shield charms to those on his way to Voldemort, Bellatrix is taken out by Mrs. W and Harry extrapolates how Voldemort wasn’t true owner of the Elder wand, he having deduced Malfoy should’ve gotten it, but when Harry’d taken Malfoy’s wand, ownership should be his, now, the wand doing his bidding and Voldemort’s death being his own fault. It takes a few beats before everyone celebrates, Harry getting his 2 buds to accompany him to Dumbledore’s office as he explains Snape’s memories and his plan. Harry leaves the fallen Resurrection stone where he’d dropped it in the Forbidden Forest, he fixing his wand with the Elder wand and deciding to return it to Dumbledore’s resting place, Ron shocked, but Hermione understanding, ofc.

19 years later, Harry and Ginny are taking their 3 kids to the station, Longbottom’s a Herbology prof, Draco married with a son (obv), and Ron and Hermione with their 2, Harry not having been bothered by his scar since, and quelling the fears of his youngest if he were chosen to be Slytherin, mentioning how he’d get a choice, in the end.

Decent enough, I’ll still check out The Tales of Beedle the Bard.