Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake Issues 1-6

The first issue of Fionna and Cake begins with a flamed woman telling her story of where she lived; a desolate place and what happens when she kisses rocks. This changed when it rained for the first time and she’s surrounded by the little creatures, who then become larger to protect her, in the end trapping her inside because of their transformation back into their original form. We then see Cake is the one to have come up with this sad tale, which she makes up for by turning herself into the shape of a turd for Fionna’s amusement. Then they both begin wishing differently when Fionna thinks she sees the sun rising in the middle of the night, which turn out to be baby fire lions running away from a giant spider with Ice Queen controlling it. Fionna’s ready to go straight into a fight, but Cake reminds her of the choice of a bunch of different swords Cake had made which she could use at this moment, but since the time the Ice Queen had tricked Fionna with a crystal sword, she doesn’t know how she feels about sword slinging in general anymore. Fionna puts on her newly decorated rain boots and chooses a sword, anyways. Meanwhile Flame Prince takes the Ice Queen on in battle, getting a surprise which has him falling into Fionna’s arms, Cake holding them both up on her back, leaving us with a ‘To Be Continued’. The next story starts with Fionna and Cake doing their version of the Adventure Time team shout-out, this story being about a sweater bandit. Straight to the point, they can’t find their sweaters and come to the conclusion of a sweater “pilferer” and go in search of this thief. On their way, they run into Prince Gumball and then Marshall Lee, the former having noticed his sweater had been swiped, as well and the latter seeing who took them and where he’d gone. The culprit runs off, but Gumball locates the sweaters he’d knitted for everyone and invites them all back for hot cocoa. Quick and cute and on to the next.

The second issue starts with Cake commanding the Ice Queen to release the fire babies. Fionna takes offense on Cake’s behalf when the Ice Queen insults the cat and tries to take a physical swipe at her. The Ice Queen retaliates by ruining Fionna’s boots the same way she’d hurt the Fire Prince. When Fionna uses the sword she’s chosen against the Ice Queen, we learn which was the lucky winner, due to it’s breaking apart upon impact with the Ice Queen’s head. When Fionna gets thrown, Cake catches her and they retreat to the tree-house due to the Fire Prince’s condition. He’s napping in a “fire-bowl” and Fionna taps it, waking him up only to realize he speaks a thick accent of cat, asking for help. After uncovering the reason for his needing to get back home so badly, Fionna goes to change out of her wet clothes, Cake is surprised by Marshall Lee and ignores his question of where Fionna is, stopping for continuation later. The next bit starts with Fionna stankin’ up the place, it being noticed first by Cake, then by Lumpy Space Prince who’s dropped by to share Prince Gumball inviting them to his math lab. Fionna continues to ignore Cake as she advises her to take a bath first, so they all go to Prince Gumball’s lab and soon he’s smelling what’s up. He’s in the process of turning her away after having invited them all so Fionna specifically can have a look at something particular, but can’t have her cooties running rampant, when they hear calls of help and has the culprit running from her smellin’ so nasty. Fionna still refuses a bath and they begin to hear some rumbling when the continuation information pops and so await the conclusion later. Quite enjoyable indeed.

The third issue begins with Marshall Lee hugging it out with Cake for forgiveness of whatever had gotten her mad at him, when Fionna walks back in whilst about to say something embarrassing. Marshall Lee then confides he’s requiring Fionna’s help since Prince Gumball is in trouble due to boy’s night not going as planned, which made Fionna feel a bit left out, but then Marshall Lee continues P.G. is trapped in a dungeon and Fionna is the only one who can help him, the whole scenario making Cake none too pleased. Fionna sweet talks her into accompanying her, though and she is attached to Cake in the funniest way on their journey to the dungeon. As they get closer to the area which was blown up to get to the dungeon, Marshall Lee explains the reason they had gone where they had. When he shows her the entrance via hole in the floor M.L. is about to offer a gentlemanly way of getting Fionna to the bottom, but she hops right in with Cake guiding her fall. Fionna is talking about how hungry the place is making her when Cake is swiped and a great one-liner is said by Fionna. After kicking the enemies bones, they feast upon them whilst Marshall Lee looks on in silence and what looks like bewilderment. M.L. drags Fionna to the next room where Prince Gumball is entranced inside the gooey top bit of flan. M.L. explains why he couldn’t save P.G., which again brings a funny one-liner said by Fionna and she goes about helping P.G. by having Cake turn into a spoon. After saving the Prince and he waking, Fionna asks why she wasn’t invited to their boy’s night and the boys come clean. P.G. explains how there’s a legendary enchanted oven he’d been wanting to harness the powers of and he believed he was ready to do so, already having prepared the foodstuffs he was planning on baking, but then he realized the pilot light was out. Fire Prince wakes then and P.G. decides he should go warm up his oven, which offends Fionna, but is quickly extinguished since the Flame Prince seemed to be okay with this demand. When the item he’s baking is almost complete, P.G. informs Fionna how much he owes her and how the product he’s baking is for her, which turns out to be something she can constantly use and it also having the ability to give small wishes, the first of which is for matching shirts which make them look hilariously awesome. We then see Cake escorting all in the baby sling out of the hole, which is where we end for this issue. The next comic starts with Lemongrab going down a Fungeon and has all happy lemons go to the dungeon, then being surprised by Lady Lemongrab with a cake which proclaimed, “Happiest Lemon Day”, which ends the comic; odd one, but I’m looking forward to the next.

The fourth issue starts with P.G. asking Fionna where she found the little flame. She explains the Flame Prince’s situation and then shows what they’d found within the little flame. P.G. explains how grave a situation it was, due to the stone’s fickleness. When P.G. continues with what could eventually happen to the flame, Fionna states they have to help him since he doesn’t even realize what’s going on with him. Fionna goes for a bathroom break and the Prince reconvenes to the kitchen. We see Fionna place her pack down and L.S.P. swipes her wishing gift. L.S.P. speaks to himself of how the item will help him to accomplish his goal of being impossibly beautiful. L.S.P. presses the wish button and we see what he turns into, which makes him tear up by his own beauty. When he shows himself off to his people, they all of a sudden want to bestow gifts upon him, which makes him conclude he could get anything he asks for, but of course these decisions come with a price, which he soon realizes. When he awakes, he’s been trapped within a bubble and Fionna comes from the crowd, looking pissed. She busts through and demands what he’d stolen returned. Then the people begin to surround them, thinking she’s stealing their prince, but she tries to reason with their deeper selves. When it doesn’t do much, Fionna reconstructs his face to look like what he used to, dispersing the crowd. Fionna confides how she would’ve lent the wishing implement to L.S.P. if he’d asked, which he knew, but apparently preferred swiping. Fionna leaves with the words if L.S.P. started doing nice deeds, people would notice his beauty more naturally. We then end for this comic to continue in the next.

The fifth issue starts with Fionna making her way back with her rightful possession and realizing Cake and Gumball are nowhere to be found. Marshall Lee turns up after having a nap and tells her he’s home-bound and to impart to Gumball his words of departure. Fionna then detects Gumball and Cake deep downstairs and how they’d helped the Fire Prince. Cake then confirms how she’d made the outfit the prince is wearing and a matching one for Fionna. Then we observe Prince Gumball has taught Fire Prince an important compliment to use on the Ice Queen when they have a date, since she’s decided it would be a suitable trade for his fire lions. Fionna and the Fire Prince go off to the Ice Queen’s digs, she disguised as a lion and having a penguin answer the door, looking suspiciously at Fionna, which doesn’t last long for the Ice Queen’s entrance, acting sweetly towards the Fire Prince. When they sit at the dinner table, Fionna throws out some meows which translate into funniness and the Prince laughs at her. The Ice Queen then breaks the charade by trapping the prince in ice which is also when Fionna gives up on her costume and attacks the queen. The Queen grabs Fionna’s sword and then pulls at her long hair, when the Fire Prince sets Fionna’s hair ablaze, trying to save her, ending this section until next issue. Then we conclude “Cootie Power” with Fionna and Cake heading towards the rumbles in the distance. They see some sinorses are stampeding in Prince Gumball’s castle’s direction and Cake gets ahead of them, Fionna stopping them with her stank. We being shown what Fionna had been waiting for in order to bathe, the issue ending with the Prince inviting them inside.

The sixth issue begins with a story of a cat whom wasn’t afraid of water and was saved by a water nymph. The cat confides in the mortal water nymph there’s a way of giving the girl a way to live forever, but the nymph isn’t interested, knowing the preciousness of life for being mortal. The cat wanted to repay the nymph for her kindness and so decides to locate this treasure for her. When the cat gets into some trouble on the way, the cat is once again saved by the nymph for having been following. The water nymph is injured, though so the cat goes off to repay the debt. Then we switch over to where we left off with the Fire Prince and Cake, who go to help put out the flame which was upon Fionna. She realizes, though she can’t keep everything she holds dear and must let go of one, being some of her hair, which Cake was more attached to since she liked to play with it. Fionna then confronts the Ice Queen on her reasons for hating her, but the Ice Queen sets her straight, it’s for Fionna getting in the way than actually hating her. She goes after the Fire Prince, taking the crystal back, having done so for selfish reasons. The Ice Queen melts, though and Fionna and Cake are now in the position of having to save the fire lions and the prince. Then L.S.P. shows up wanting the wishing device and a fire lion jumps up to him, being absorbed into L.S.P. When everyone is safe, Fionna is repaid by the Fire Prince for saving him and his kittens. Cake has the idea Fionna should use her last wish to become a Fire Princess, but instead would rather wish for food and then we learning it’s all a dream, but from whom, is pretty funny. To read my reviews on Adventure Time.


Bone Sourcebook

The Bone Sourcebook I decided to check out since I was near the start of the series and it probably wouldn’t hurt to get an idea about the characters involved. For instance, discovering the dinosaur in the first appearance issue is actually a reoccurring character which was a dragon whom tends to save Bone from trouble, but not always. Phoney Bone meanwhile is being targeted by a dark force and has the ability to come up with terribly chaotic-inducing scams. Fone Bone, (which I had already figured out from the start), has a major crush on Thorn, to which she doesn’t realize and he can’t seem to profess to her, but has the ability to keep his head in difficult situations and is there to bail Phoney Bone out of whatever trouble he may get into. Smiley Bone is down for any terrible scheme and likes to dress up in costumes with big heads. Mr. Down has a tavern in Barrelhaven, which Phoney continues to try and commandeer, but having his plans foiled by Mr. Down, he also having a romantic interest in Grandma Ben.

We also get descriptions of Ted the bug, (which I didn’t realize had a large part in this series and one of Grand’ma Ben) of course and her ability to run faster than the fastest cow and a strength which belies her size. The Hooded One, who has a indecipherable interest in Phoney Bone doesn’t have many facts known of him, other than he being not the highest in power, being claimed by Lord of Locusts. It continues to describe the Bone’s enemies, including Kingdok and his rat creatures. Then we are given a timeline of the story so far, which one should wait on unless they’ve read at least up to Lonesome Road. After which we get a blurb of Jeff Smith, telling us he’d come up with his Bone characters as a kindergartner even though he hadn’t started to draw them up to four years before the release of this source book. We learn what had inspired him most when he discovered he wanted to be a cartoonist, also at an early age. This is a nice summarization if one needs to get familiarized with the story and characters, but then there’s also the Bone Handbook, which goes into greater detail. Now I’ll be getting back into the swing of Bone.

Bone Vol. 2: The Great Cow Race

For the first volume. The second volume starts with Thorn showing Fone around the festivities of the Spring Fair. Thorn lets us know Fone and his cousins only have a few more days to stay in Barrel Haven, since Smiley and Phoney are almost done washing dishes for the room and board they’ve acquired and in the meantime she wants to show Fone a good time and decides to look for a honey-booth, with the cuter honey-sellers to buy from, pretty much deflating any love Fone was harboring for the moment. Thorn soon realizes what she’s looking for and gets two honeycombs. Soon Fone and the honey-seller are squaring off for a fight when Fone realizes he can make his arm muscle bulge larger than the young man and proposes arm wrestling, happily. Thorn puts a stop to it after though and rushes off with Fone in tow. Thorn gives him a peice of her mind when they’re alone though, expressing to him she’s had enough of his confrontational behavior and can join her when he’s through showing off his masculinity; at least it’s the impression I got.

Fone soon steps upon some honey and comes up with a plan to get on Thorn’s good side again. He goes over his plan as he executes it, but soon realizes his folly upon noticing the distance he’s travelled up the tree without making it to the hive, yet. Fone doesn’t understand why he isn’t seeing a swarm when he discovers the location of the honey and a humongous bee walks up and takes his flaming grass like it’s a smoking implement. Back at the bar, Smiley is getting caught up in tasks and being told by Phoney to put out the food which was waiting to be had by a customer. Smiley then relates why he hasn’t gotten to it yet with the knowledge he’s found a couple of guys willing to bet on the race, perking Phoney’s interest. When he’s told of the good bets, he then comes up with some numbers for Smiley to return with to make sure no one bets on Gran’ma Ben, making it plain for Smiley they’re fixing the race so they can win and how they’ll be “splitting” the goods. Then Phoney asks him if he’s ever seen any monsters about asking for him, Smiley giving it a good long think, annoying Phoney. Then Mr. Down makes Smiley get back to work waiting on customers, making sure Phoney realizes he’s keeping his eye on him, then complimenting his chef’s hat in a way which again annoys Phoney. We then see Gran’ma Ben running, training for the race and chatting with a local of how she’s been feeling, soon being approached by more men about whether they thought she looked well and in shape. Gran’ma Ben is soon talking to more townspeople of their lack of faith in her winning and betting on the mystery cow. Then we see Fone coming back to the festival with his huge honey-comb prize, hoping Thorn will be pleased, but sees her sitting off in a quiet spot under a tree with the honey-seller.

We see Phoney taking bets when Fone walks up and almost ruins Phoney’s position of bookie. Then they get into why Phoney has to try and “make a living” in this way, when Smiley walks up in his mystery cow costume, working Phoney up into a frenzy with the possibility of him being seen by the locals before the time is right. Smiley then tries to convince Phoney of his skills as a cow, when Fone asks why he’s dressed up and Phoney comes up with it being a part of a promotion they’re using for the race. Fone isn’t buying it and asks what else he’s been up to, confiding in him of how he’s seen the rat creatures after him, Phoney denying knowing what it’s all about. Then Smiley relays Phoney a message from Lucius which gets him back to the bar quickly enough, but Fone makes sure to inform Phoney he’s going to have to straighten his act before they get back to Boneville. Then it’s night and we see hooded figures walking along, soon they feel they are being followed and one runs off with a child who was with them, soon leaving the little girl by herself, he walking toward a dark figure outlined by the stars, then coming back for her to make her stay in Deren Gard, commanding her not to follow.

Then we uncover what creature the girl must follow. Soon they reach a cave, when he hears something close-by, which is when we see the little girl inside the cave amongst dragons. After, we see Thorn wake up and upon waking Fone, confides in him about her strange dream she had and go on to talk of how Gran’ma Ben had reacted to the dragon, knowing she isn’t divulging everything to them. Thorn then tries to figure out why the dreams she’s having have come back, since she used to have them when she was younger. Fone brings out the map they’d used to get there, after she asked about it and realized she’d drawn it, soon they’re trying to figure out if what her dream showed, was real, Fone deciding they should show Gran’ma Ben since Thorn was too confused to figure out its reality or not. Thorn decides to wait until after the race to confess about it, not wanting to make her more concerned about anything else, soon suggesting they go sleep, but Fone seems to struggle with this prompt.

Gran’ma Ben greets the group the next morning at breakfast in the bar, soon deciding to have a jog to “loosen up”: fifty or sixty miles loose, but then changes her mind upon hearing talk around the bar of her being too old to win, again. Lucius tries to cheer her up, but it doesn’t do much, especially when Phoney chimes in with support, but only makes her suspicious, going back to her room, sending for tea. Phoney makes a mistake when he thinks to offer Lucius a chance at betting against Gran’ma Ben, putting no pressure and informing him he’ll be open for bets until the start of the race, which makes him wonder about Phoney’s reasons, I imagine. Fone is seen trying to ask Thorn on a “walk-around-the-fair-date”, which she has to decline from for already promising Tom the honey-seller. We then see Lucius asking around about what the deal is with everyone betting on the mystery cow rather than Rose. Lucius then plants the fact nobody has even seen the mystery cow and once confirming it amongst themselves of the truth of this, Phoney happens to walk up mentioning the cow again, everyone dead silent, he unaware of the reason, but upon threats to his person, Phoney promises to show the “scary” cow by noon. Thorn is then shown looking for Tom and seeing him with another girl, who looks like a Disney princess, relating to her he was walking with her and she was welcome to “tag” if she so wished, which she didn’t and they walk off.

Fone is reading a book in the woods and is chatted up by Ted, popping out of nowhere. Ted gets right to the point of Fone needing to be straight with Thorn instead of mooning about in the woods because of her. Ted guesses his timid reasonings and suggests he write her instead. He isn’t for it at first, but Ted convinces him and he tries his hand at some love poetry. Ted goes off, promising to return and then we see rat creatures hiding behind Fone in the foliage. They argue how they’ll eat him after debating whether to bring him back to Kingdok instead, settling on their tummies. They creep up and Fone gets some rhyming advice from one without considering who’s doing the helping, at first. We then see Phoney approaching the barn with the mystery cow, the betters following him. After Phoney warns them to stay quiet, they being loudly threatening anyways, they hear a loud noise, we then see who’s making it, within the barn. Phoney still offers the chance to take a look, but with it seeming too life-threatening a risk, no one partakes, instead going off to locate good seats before the race starts, Phoney hearing the bell chime, which signified the start of the race being close at hand. Phoney then makes sure Smiley is ready to begin for the race, as well. We then see Gran’ma Ben approaching the starting line with Thorn calling after her. She wishes her luck and then asks Lucius if he’s seen Fone, which he hadn’t since breakfast, which makes Thorn wonder where he is, knowing he wouldn’t miss the race. We then see Fone’s pack and letter still in the woods.

When the race is about to start, Phoney gets Smiley ready to move in for the starting line, knowing no one else will be getting a close look at his grunge-y looking cow costume. Phoney confirms once more with Smiley he knows what to do and then goes racing back to his betting booth to see about any last takers. Lucius walking up to take a bet for Gran’ma Ben to win, which surprises the hoo-hah out of Phoney since he won’t be able to pay off Lucius’ bet compared to his own. He high-tails it back to Smiley to be sure he tries to win the race instead, which panics Phoney so badly he tries to step into Smiley’s suit so they have double the running power, but doesn’t get fully into the suit before the race is on. Apparently Gran’ma Ben and the mystery cow are neck to neck before entering the woods, meanwhile Thorn is still worrying about Fone as she watches the race. We then see Fone is having a race of his own, keeping ahead of the rat creatures, definitely giving them a good work out in the hunt of him. Soon though, he falls down a sharp decline, cuddled with one of the rat creatures until hitting a tree, Fone hanging onto the one, until the other falls onto his compatriot, making them all fall into more branches near the bottom, giving Fone his chance to make off into the woods and running into the possum kids, warning them of who’s chasing him, they all hiding until they’ve passed, which soon have the kids upset they didn’t help Fone in some way, coming up with a plan and one returning to update their mother what’s happening.

Meanwhile, the mystery cow is ahead of Gran’ma Ben and she’s decided to try and get a closer look at them, but the mystery cow falls over a ledge in their haste to get away, falling amongst many rat creatures and soon they’re running away from the horde, Fone behind Smiley now and when catching up to them, Smiley’s surprise Fone’s running the race with them. We then see the two possum kids revising their plan upon seeing Fone’s cousin is with him, then realizing the big stampede which was heading towards them, not only including the cows. When mystery cow collides with a rat creature, stopping both in their tracks, Gran’ma Ben sees them entangled and gets extremely steamed, everyone screaming to get away from her screaming, charging at them all. Soon, Lucius and the others all see the insane sight heading out of the woods, surprising everyone. Gran’ma Ben ignoring the Bones and everyone else, getting ahead of them and winning the race, watching the others pass her and ready to exact revenge upon the Bones.

Then we see Gran’ma Ben making her way through the woods with the Bones, Thorn, and Lucius; Phoney, “drippings with goo”, making him silent for the ride. We learn after Phoney got an old fashioned “licking” for his trouble-making. Smiley and he soon figuring out they will be dividing their time between doing chores for Gran’ma Ben and Lucius since she paid off Phoney’s debt and with the time to be decided upon, at the two’s discretion; Phoney, of course making a stand, but being quieted due to their still perilous journey back, not knowing where the rat creatures had run off to. Soon they get to talking about who will protect them if the rat creatures do come back and possibly are watching them right then, when they hear rustling in the trees, Lucius taking a closer look, not seeing anything and so moving on to their destination, being the farm. Fone keeps watching and soon sees the dragon looking at them from the bushes. A little further ahead, the Hooded One is shown watching them from above, in a tree. We then see a rat creature, during the day, ahead of the other and calling the “all clear”, both worried as to what Kingdok will have to say of their failure in capturing Fone again.

One makes clear to the other no one will find out and they would hide for a few days until everything calmed a bit. One of them freaking out repeatedly and babbling of how much had gone wrong until the other shouts for silence, then commiserating on their hunger. The conversation goes on for a bit, soon ending with the one’s favorite food item and annoying the other making the first pay for his big mouth, then taking a nap. We see Gran’ma Ben and group have returned to the farm after and Lucius gauges the damage done to the farm-house. Gran’ma soon confides in Lucius why she’d decided to rescue the Bones from their disastrous fate, being the only connection between her and the rat creatures. Soon they discuss the natures of the three, she trusting Fone Bone wouldn’t lie, Phoney is definitely a trouble-maker and Smiley, a simple lad. Lucius soon makes his worries known to Rose and she quells his nervousness for her by mentioning to him she won’t have to fight the rat creatures alone if they do come back earlier than judged since the dragon has returned. Lucius then has his supposition confirmed Fone actually does know of the dragon, as well as Thorn, Rose then hinting at the other part of the truth being not yet safe for Thorn to learn. Rose decides they should wait and figure whether the rat creatures are solely after the Bones and meanwhile Lucius and she will have fun using Phoney as a work horse, but will first rest whilst it’s still safe during the day. Fone gets first watch since he’d been able to get a few winks on the ride and soon goes off a ways to try and finish his love note. Then we get a little poem which shows the little possum kids playing. We also see the start of work and how Lucius gets nailed in the head with a plank by one of the Bones.

Lucius soon asks Smiley’s help to secure the rope which was keeping him from falling to his death, wondering what had kept Smiley, he alluding to how he’d been thinking of how vast of a fix-up job they were embarking on for the farm-house, perhaps needing to upgrade some more and wanting him to wait to share his opinion until hearing his plan out, but the dragging out of it is putting Lucius in a murdering mood. Smiley sharing his plan, but soon getting to reminiscing about his job in Boneville, making Lucius keep him on track with handing him enough shakes for the shingling, but is flustered to the point of being the cause of his own falling off the roof, which Smiley watches, being so distracted he’s unable to light his cigar for the fascination of it, but upon the crashing of his body on the way down and it becoming quiet, he lays back on the roof and accepting his current surroundings will suffice in the absence of Boneville, thus ending the second volume. It’ll be a treat to start the third. By this time it is also possible to read Bone Sourcebook.

The Abhorsen Chronicles


I’ve read this series before and have enjoyed it thoroughly.
Sabriel: This book is filled with mystery, suspense, action, and adventure. Sabriel is a gifted girl who becomes a talented Abhorsen; someone who uses some form, commonly bells, to control the dead. (It’s a wild ride and I love it every time I read it.)

Lirael: I didn’t remember this book when I started it for the second time, so reading it from a fresh perspective helped me realize this story focuses on Sabriel and Touchstone’s son, Prince Sameth and their daughter Lirael and how they’re both trying to learn how to become what they are destined to be. There’s a plentiful amount of action and, what I’ve come to realize are magically controlled zombies. There are so many twists in this captivating tale, I can’t wait to see where it will turn next.

Abhorsen: This story leaves off where the second one ends. It focuses on Lirael and Sameth’s journey to stop a rogue necromancer and save Sameth’s friend Nicholas Sayre, who unknowingly gets caught in the middle of the war between the dead and the Abhorsen. This story is a fitting conclusion to the trilogy. It wraps up, but not to the point the reader won’t want to continue with the series. I can’t wait for the next book to be released.