Diggers (The Bromeliad Trilogy #2)

Picking up where the first left off, months have gone by, the nomes lulled into feeling safe, when Winter hits and the “Great Battle” with a Dragon, Big John occurs. Then, as the first, the story backs up to the beginning where a significant storm is described. The Book of Nome relates how confused the nomes were by the change of weather. Masklin attempts to warn how serious Winter could be, Granny Morkie putting in her two cents, but they not hitting home with Gurder and Dorcas, the meeting ending. Then some information on the new government of the nomes, there no longer being Departments, the factions absorbed, and it becoming about who was a Driver and who were Passengers. Masklin then takes the Thing out to update it of current events, he believing it could hear even if it couldn’t talk back for not being near enough electricity. He speaks of Torrit passing of old age and shared how Granny Morkie was now on the Council due to being eldest nome and no one having the balls to inform her she couldn’t since she’s female, so it stuck. One thing he didn’t share was his argument with Grimma, Masklin now thinking she shouldn’t have learned to read since it seemed to be spurring their argument, this about Masklin believing they needing to get married and Grimma uncertain, she not about to do it only for being commanded. Masklin then worried about the nomes getting too comfortable again, but Masklin knowing it was their “density” to get to their ship. He then slowly realizes he’d been watching a truck drive up the road to the Quarry, Masklin berating the two who were supposed to have been handling the watch, they viewing the human messing with the fence, then Masklin sending a nome down to get what was left.

The Book of Nome mentions this note bearing bad news. Gurder, whilst understanding the words on the page, couldn’t decipher the meaning. The part giving him trouble was stating of the quarry’s reopening. Grimma is able to shed more light on the details since she’d become a better reader than Gurder, to his annoyance. She learns the humans planned on extending the highway by the command of Order. Now, nomes were starting to stress over the possibilities of having to leave already, Angalo one of them since he had started a family. Gurder decides a meeting would be the best way to proceed, when doing so, Angalo mentions a back up in case they had to move quickly, being a barn, but when Gurder responds by reminding they shouldn’t get too excited and trust in Arnold Bros (est. 1905), Angalo finally brings up the questioning of his belief, he only remembering how they’d helped themselves and Arnold Bros (est. 1905) hadn’t done anything. His words eventually have the two digressing into a theological argument which Masklin attempts to end quickly, and after resorting to threat, is finally acknowledged. Masklin then has to mediate the two, the meeting breaking up, and he having to refocus the two dopes, Masklin agreeing another look at the barns would be fruitful, the three walking outside, and then as if by way of divine message, Masklin is toppled by a piece of paper relating to Arnold Bros (est. 1905).

The Book of Nome speaks of when the nomes had asked for a sign which signified Arnold Bros (est. 1905) was worth believing in, they getting it, but then debating whether a sign was the same as a “Co incidence”. Masklin was open-minded and tolerant of the belief in Arnold Bros (est. 1905), and so when Grimma read aloud an article about the grandson of the co-founders traveling to Florida, the deciphering of this came difficultly, due to the words used being hard to grasp. Grimma is first to figure out what the article meant, everyone looking for Masklin’s opinion, but he not present for getting the Thing. He puts it near electricity sufficiently enough to wake it, Masklin asking the meaning of “communications satellite”, the answer a bit complicated, but Masklin getting to an understanding of it to where he suggested the possibility of the nomes being able to hitch on a launch to space so the Thing could get them to their Ship, the Thing stating how difficult this would be, especially with how ill-prepared Masklin was, but he says the right response of one not ever truly being ready and ordering the Thing to help.

The Book of Nome relates of how Masklin decides they should go Home, confiding to the Thing and also wanting this to stay secret for knowing how people would find flaw in the task. Masklin had returned to see Angalo and Gurder fighting over the reality of Arnold Bros (est. 1905), when he’s noticed and brought into the argument, he suggesting perhaps they should go to the airport to have a look, surprising Angalo, but Masklin also suggesting they have teams check the barns in the meantime in case those who were staying behind had to move. Grimma confronts him about how wild of a plan he was attempting, he hoping she’d reveal some inner feelings she had for him, but being let down, and staying strong with his potentially deadly plan.

The Book of Nome gives a dialogue between a nome inquiring about frogs, the other stating to the first, he wouldn’t find the description comprehensible, the first agreeing. The hike to the barn would take many hours, and the few foxes around learned to not mess with the nomes due to their numbers. The first trip would be to store some food, Masklin locating Grimma to announce he was readying to go, she then mentioning what a bromeliad was, and she not looking forward to going back to non-electrical living, Masklin seeing the upside of the community togetherness it had brought, and strengthening them, she not giving in to this, and Masklin going off to speak with Gurder about his choice of spiritual leader being a tad untrustworthy for his excitability, Gurder agreeing, but compromising with having allowed Masklin the physical well-being of the nomes, so should allow him control of the metaphysical, the nomes then getting on their way, debating skipped for time-saving purposes. Then two nomes on watch at the gate, after a great lull, saw and heard a human attempt to open the reinforced gate, relaying this to Dorcas, no one understanding the words of the sign left, but sensing the human would return. Dorcas setts off to share the news when the two on watch interrupt, excitedly reporting of the human being back, everyone hearing an engine getting nearer. After the human came into the shed everyone had currently congregated under the floorboards of, and left, Nisodemus, the new spiritual leader, began speaking against Dorcas, and all those who had gotten them to the quarry. He also laying doubt of the Store actually being demolished, no one appreciating the Outdoors, and the barn not having electricity or floorboards, a big concern. Dorcas asks one of the security guards where Grimma was, she being better at debate. It didn’t matter though, after the rant ended, sleet began to pour, putting moods to an even darker setting. Dorcas beginning to hope for Masklin and Gurder to return, it being three days since they left.

The Book of Nome mentions Big John the Dragon. Dorcas having discovered Big John, keeping him to himself. He locates Grimma to inform her of the unrest Nisodemus was causing, she aware of this, and Dorcas admiring her reading and comprehension skills, she then breaking down due to how long Masklin had been gone and how she’d treated him before he’d left, no one ever having stayed out longer than three days. Grimma then discusses the book she was poring over was pretty difficult to understand, it being about human beliefs, then thinking of the possibility of being able to study humans more closely before the alarm bell was rung again, this time by Nisodemus.

The Book of Nome relates what Nisodemus claims of the nomes having been tricked into believing, and they having been abandoned by their leaders right as Winter came, Nisodemus then stating of having a solution, Grimma and Dorcas in time to hear, but Nisodemus’ plan, whilst being flawed, still spoke to the common, as well as the lesser powerful nomes. Nisodemus planned on building a new Store. More details showed Nisodemus meant they’d put up signs, partially erect a Store, and Arnold Bros. (est. 1905), if pleased, would take care of the rest. Some of the nomes weren’t completely buying it now, and Grimma attempts to push people to their senses. In the end though, the nomes were swayed by Nisodemus. Dorcas was unable to calm Grimma with why they’d preferred Nisodemus’ idea. Dorcas soon enlisted to help make the signs since he had paint, the two security nomes informing him of more signs having been left, he instructing them to bring them back to show Nisodemus. He was happy by the signs, everyone setting about making more (misspelled) signs of their own, Dorcas even adding a chain and padlock from Big John’s shed, but when a human came, the signs were ignored, and even torn off, Nisodemus blaming Dorcas for adding the chain. Dorcas then realized Nisodemus was insane and couldn’t be reasoned with, Nisodemus commanding no one would leave when Dorcas suggested they should do so for safety. Dorcas planned on trying to get the nomes to the barn as he left Nisodemus’ presence, he eventually noticing the bad development of the weather getting worse for snow.

The Book of Nome quotes Grimma on the choices they had being between running or hiding, when asked which they’d act upon, she replies, they would fight. Granny Morkie explains the snowfall occurring was only a sign of Winter having arrived. As she demonstrates to the noobs by walking in it, she relates how this wasn’t nearly as bad compared to what she’d seen. This also meant they wouldn’t be traveling to the barn, since the snow barred anyone from entering the quarry. Dorcas is shown contemplating the half luck they’d had by the snow protecting them, Grimma then coming in to announce how Masklin wouldn’t be able to return even if he’d planned on it, this marking eight days, she having spent much time waiting at the gate lately. She states how once the snow fall finished, the humans would most likely set up camp there, she then suggesting they should fight against the take over, explaining how they had the upper hand since “the element of surprise” was on their side. Gulliver’s Travels is again mentioned due to tiny people overpowering a human, Dorcas concern being the humans fighting back, Grimma stating they’d have to prepare for the possibility straight from the start. Dorcas contemplates they should fight only in self-defense, Grimma agreeing, she then partially sharing her idea on how they’d go about it with the help of Dorcas’ group and the requirement of nails. Grimma then offers another piece of odd information of humans writing about them, referring to Nomes as pixies, she then vowing the fight was so Masklin had a place to return.

Dorcas then goes to Big John’s lair to talk over his concerns, he then thinking of repairing Big John (making it sound like he’s gas-powered). The human returns, as expected, with two trucks. When they stop, it’s shared how the nails came to use, the humans still able to break the padlock, and Dorcas sharing how if they do go to the manager’s office to use the telephone, as one of the protégés suggested, the call wouldn’t go through for the cut wires. The humans look around before all returning to their other vehicle, Grimma planning how to extend their traps for their inevitable return. Dorcas then begins having the group set about removing the battery so the truck couldn’t be moved, he having a plan to use it for Big John, as well as the fuel, which continues to confuse Grimma on the reason they were saving the two items. As Dorcas and she walk back to the bush, they moving in time from being squashed by the battery, he suggests she manage the team, but as she reprimands them, she realizes Dorcas was definitely planning something. She returns to Dorcas, whom was looking at the engine, almost explaining his plans for the items, but back pedals when Grimma thinks he’s planning on driving the truck. Then Dorcas notices the door was a little ajar, he deciding to have a look inside. When his team informs him of the fuel close to overflowing, Dorcas decides to let it do so, Grimma giving him a hard time with his excuse of letting the gas hit the road being dangerous, Dorcas having enough and telling her to “shut up”, explaining how he was helping her, not the other way around and getting a please or thank you once in awhile making it easier to want to assist, Grimma at first angered, then turning red, Dorcas demonstrating his point by asking the boys nicely to locate a large stick, they quickly off to do so.

The Book of Nome then relates young nomes asking Dorcas what it was like on the truck, he replying of the fear. When the young nomes and Dorcas see inside this truck, Dorcas has a flash of memory of the first drive, instructing one nome to grab the keys whilst the others looked around, but one nome became too curious whilst mentioning how a knob could be pressed, Dorcas desperately commanding not to touch it, but Grimma could see the results from outside, the truck now slowly moving. Dorcas was shouting at them from inside, they having released the hand brake, and now unable to put it back, the ground looked like the truck was moving a bit too fast to jump, so Dorcas had them all wait for the eventual stop. When it does, the young nomes get out as instructed so they could catch Dorcas, the only girl noticing they could be in some trouble with a light flashing and a rail vibrating, Grimma seeing the train coming down the track and connecting with the truck.

The Book of Nome includes how Nisodemus doesn’t have the verbal support of the nomes about his ability to stop the Order. As other nomes came out to see what had happened to the truck, Nisodemus babbles about how he’d stopped the truck, Grimma setting him straight and making him livid, she sharing the seriousness of Dorcas and groups fate could be, distracting Nisodemus from himself and focusing on the probability of humans coming because of where the truck started from, suggesting the nomes would be able to get to the barn in the current weather. Nisodemus attempts to deflect her words which nomes had trouble ignoring since she wasn’t yelling, like usual. When Nisodemus continued to yell for the nomes to believe and Grimma didn’t argue, they began to look to her for confirmation, she supplying only uncertainty, walking off, and as the car approached, more nomes running away. Afterwards, Nisodemus was the only one missing, they writing of he only being too ashamed to return, what they actually thought divulging a darker, different story. As expected, many humans, including those from the truck turned up, the coming days dark ones since the humans began fixing all of Dorcas’ rewiring and nomes resorted to hiding in fairly plain sight. The nomes started working together again, Grimma suggesting when they could, they needing to move to the sheds, and when it was light enough, hunters needed to be sent out for food for the extreme young and old.

The Book of Nome states of all nomes appearing and the humans regretting this. Then the perspective of a human is given, being distracted from reading by noises coming from the floor and walls, then sees his sammies being transported across the table by little beings, the human showing surprise by getting up, then realizing his ankles were bound to the chair, falling over, his arms getting tied whilst he, at human-speed, determined what was happening. Then nomes feasted on food and drink they recognized from the Store, they then deciding on the fate of the human, discovering a box, and Grimma determining after reading, it was poison. Grimma made clear the box was meant for rats, but they having no conflict with rats because of Bobo, Angalo’s pet rat, deciding to put the box where it’d remain untouched. Grimma then convinces them to show the human mercy, and leave when day broke. The human’s pockets were emptied, the nomes sitting around the human and eating, discussing the possibility of torture, Grimma again resulting to agreement, putting the nome suggesting it on the spot, Grimma then relating how uncivil hurting a prisoner was, the group then feeling sorry for the big lug.

Grimma was considering how unlikely it was for humans to not ever having seen nomes, she then realizing nomes hadn’t attempted communicating before, she being then called to read an article in the newspaper about Grandson Richard, 39 which had to do with a satellite being launched. Grimma then considers this and the unknown messages transmitted, could mean Masklin, Angalo, and Gurder were alive and had gone to Florida, the other nomes sharing looks of skepticism, but no one brave enough to doubt her. Granny Morkie sympathizes and suggest she sleep, Grimma having a dream of Masklin climbing a tree, yellow eyes below him, she then woken (this having to do with Masklin’s gift to her at the end of the story). She was in the middle of planning their next move when Sacco returned, insisting Grimma come with him because Dorcas had hurt himself. Sacco, completely spent, instructs Grimma where to locate the rest of the group with Dorcas before passing out, Grimma then trying to get some nomes to go with her to find them, she working with cowards, but then a few detecting their sense of do-goodery, Granny Morkie among them. By the time they were readying to go out they got more to come through for feeling shame. The group stays together, then decide the most likely place to look was down-wind (or down-A/C if you’re a Store-nome), so they walk to where the field was, Grimma half-seriously praying to Arnold Bros (est. 1905), when noticing a hole in the snow.

The Book of Nome then relates how the nomes realize they had nowhere to stay and must go. Grimma is then shown mentioning to Dorcas she thought his hiding place may be a warren, Dorcas showing appreciation for her deduction, and one of Dorcas’ protégés explaining how he’d noticed the rabbit hole, they believing they’d have to spend the night. Granny Morkie informs Dorcas his leg was only sprained, whilst the other nomes looked around with satisfaction with the quarters, Dorcas group detailing of their rabbit roomies residing further inside, Grimma considering they should leave A.S.A.P., despite Granny Morkie and Nooty smelling fox around. Dorcas then backs Grimma up after Granny Morkie makes going out again sound like a bad idea. They fashion a seat for Dorcas to be carried by four nomes, Grimma thinking how the world did seem the right size for humans, nomes living in their corners. She then thinks of how the nomes may soon have to rough it, giving up electricity, books, and fine dining, she also concluding she’d still wait for Masklin’s return even if they did move. Grimma loses hope and breaks down after this thought, the nomes not knowing what to do, since this was unusual for Grimma, Dorcas the only one trying to show support, Grimma stating how hard she’d worked to keep everyone together and cooperative, but nothing going right, their return Outside not bringing them luck.

Grimma then declares they may as well accept defeat and drop dead, Dorcas bringing to her attention how likely this could happen since a fox, not one of those having seen the nomes before, wasn’t fleeing and seemed keen on eating them, Grimma responding with a growl, she swiping Granny Morkie’s walking stick and hitting it across its nose before it moved, after a second whack and being yelled at, it decides rabbits were an easier meal and runs off. Grimma regains her composure and optimism, the group starting for the office again. Meanwhile, a disk zoomed far overhead, it responsible for the satellite messages and seemingly searching the globe. The nomes waiting in the office were begrudgingly about to send a second search party, they relieved when everyone returned, shouting in celebration. Grimma is distracted by the enthusiasm, even whilst knowing they weren’t safe, yet. She was listening to Sacco’s account of what Dorcas had done to escape being hit by the train, she thinking their bravery was for a useless mission, quoting a Proverb after Sacco learns there wasn’t food left, she having to explain the Devil as best she could, but then Dorcas, looking agitated, confesses they needing to follow him to the dangerous sheds near a cliff where he’d been working on a project. Plus, the sheds themselves lent secluded shelter, but before setting out, Grimma has an idea and asks for paper and Dorcas’ pencil, she proceeding to write a message which conveyed how the human could have lost his life and to stay away from them. Dorcas was now waiting for all the nomes to get safely inside before showing his beloved secret pastime, Grimma getting impatient to learn what was hidden underneath a large sheet. Dorcas finally relents after commanding his workers to retrieve the battery they’d saved.

The Book of Nome then relates Dorcas having introduced Big John and if they must, they should drive. The unknown Narrator (the beloved author) then mentions how books should have soundtracks (Hello, Scott Pilgrim). When Grimma sees Big John’s mouth and convinces herself she wasn’t scared whilst getting over the truck looking like it was going to bite her, Dorcas babbles about Big John’s potential to be driven. After he notices Grimma’s lack of speech, he asks if anything is wrong, Grimma asking what Big John was, Dorcas pointing to the name on the truck: John Deere, he then showing her his teeth, mentioning how it should work, Grimma irritated why he hadn’t told her sooner, he saying it was because there wasn’t a reason, and everyone needed something for themselves. Dorcas then says how he wanted Grimma to warn the others of Big John’s intimidating first impressions before enlisting the others to help get the tarpaulin off. Grimma warns the group and they get the tarpaulin removed, but there was still a panic before two of the nomes climbed atop Big John, everyone slowly coming back to look. Granny Morkie mentions how her father had described a digger, but hadn’t seen one before, she thinking he’d been joking. Grimma began thinking how it was possible the world had been constructed by humans, which was why everything was human-sized for easy use.

As Dorcas is directing the nomes where to place extra bits needed, Grimma is asking him how likely it is he’ll be able to drive them away, he now quite positive, even though he was also uncertain about his assumption about the levers for the mouth getting in the way. He also considered how most would need to hang on where they could due to limited seating. Grimma then offers her help, Dorcas requesting she read the instruction manual since he understood the mechanics, but didn’t know the procedure. Grimma studied the book and wondered if Dorcas actually knew how to drive the digger already and was only giving her busy work, but she got to her task anyways, marveling how nomes banded together when times were likely to become worse. Meanwhile, when morning was breaking the human awoke, freed an arm, and was able to maneuver back into a sitting position, these actions surprising to any nome watching. The human then notices the piece of paper on the floor before calling someone on the phone. Dorcas is now attempting to get the battery to work properly, whilst nomes were designated on steering wheel duty or pedal-pushing. Then Dorcas succeeds to get Big John running, the noise deeply reverberating and loud, until he got one set of the pedal-pushers to stop pushing, then it became a milder vibration. Dorcas breaks to Grimma how she’d be the one instructing the drive since the youngins would have them speeding along, Dorcas wanting the female touch since he’d rather have a leisurely ride. Grimma is thinking of how much better this would go if Masklin were there, Dorcas noting her thoughts after she mentions how they should’ve sent a search party to the airport, he regarding this with the reality of not having nomes to spare, and when Masklin returned, he’d understand. Grimma gets them slowly moving with minor issues at the start, she not caring the doors weren’t open since it was Big John and it could handle it.

The Book of Nome relates of no object able to upset their course, since Big John pooh-poohed all blocks. Big John took down the shed door at six m.p.h. and carried it halfway across the quarry before coming off, Big John stopping soon after. Grimma wonders why they weren’t moving still, Sacco apologizing for misunderstanding the speed requirements, and Grimma attempting to adjust her next order when seeing humans approaching Big John. Grimma commands they drive forward, Dorcas halfheartedly arguing to dissuade her, but Grimma unphased since the human had ignored her note, she ready to show them what a real nome can do. As Big John moves, the humans retreat, Grimma aiming for them and instructing Sacco to use the levers for Big John’s jaws since the humans had gone to the office for shelter, Grimma successfully collapsing the structure, and  the humans escaping to view Big John’s teeth as they ran away, close to nome speed. Dorcas informs Grimma where the last human had run, she aiming there next, Dorcas pleading to leave, but Grimma on a mission to avenge all nomes who had been hurt by human ignorance, more humans fleeing from the truck as Big John smashed it, Dorcas not approving of truck-maiming, anything hard to assemble being held at high value, Grimma using nomes again as being more important, but Dorcas not impressed since nomes weren’t difficult to create. Grimma then directs them to the barn according to Dorcas’ memory. The see a cop car coming up toward them, but their turn gets them out of the way. The policemen walking after them, Dorcas impressed by the area they were going being even more open than he’d seen so far. Grimma had them on a steady course in view of the barn, when another cop car began to approach them, so they change course, heading through the fields, but when reaching another road, more cop cars were aiming to box them in, Grimma having the team stop as the sky darkened, and a humming sound grew louder, sheep running away, stopping the cars, and nomes becoming terrified, Grimma is first to decide the darkness was a shadow and they should calm down and get out of Big John, she sharing how she thought they should make themselves more visible to someone, she smiling happily.

The Book of Nome states how their trek had ended with Big John and the nomes ran away, not looking back. Dorcas looked after Big John’s condition after everyone had exited, since he couldn’t grasp what he was seeing outside. Eventually Nooty and Sacco fetch him so he could hopefully explain the machine they saw, Dorcas unable to say, but believing it was what Masklin had been looking for, Nooty stating how a plant-like thing had exited from the flying machine, Dorcas giving in to having them lead him out. Grimma and Dorcas knew what it was whilst the others ogled, it being a branch with a flower with water in it which contained frogs: bromeliad. Dorcas believed Masklin had gotten Grimma flowers, he now only tired and happy, wondering what Masklin had been doing in their absence.

The story continues to be entertaining, the nomes consistently coming together in hard times being another good learning tool, helping one another, even if uncertain and standing up for those whom need it. Final installment, I approach!


Adventure Time Vol.1 Playing With Fire

This volume is in black and white starting with Jake playing ‘Never have I ever…’ with Finn. Then NEPTR has his turn, making it a bit weird with his subject-choice. Then Finn calls Flame Princess over in a special way so she can join their game. Finn’s next turn brings out how little F.P. knows of a place called Carnival Kingdom, surprising the boys. Jake almost ruins the atmosphere with an insensitive question about F.P.’s childhood, but they turn it around with talks of cotton candy, going off to Carnival Kingdom. When they arrive, Finn gives F.P. a choice as to what prize she’d like him to win and she gets all goo-goo-eyed over a cute stuffed animal. Finn then proceeds to annihilate the game, before the game-keeper even has time to finish his line of questioning. Finn is all set in valiantly giving her his winnings when she is so taken with the game, she ignores him and tries it herself, failing immediately, she then goes flame-y after being sweet-talked by the attendant, Finn and Jake watching on, a bit embarrassed by her display of anger, but Finn also reverting back to his undying awe and anime-style serious liking of her. During Finn’s explaining her awesome side, she calms down and is distracted by another area involving someone playing a fire flute.

Then F.P. fakes Finn into believing he’s about to get a smooch when in fact she’s getting ready to tell him of the free fortune-telling. Then there’s a bit of questionable grammar said by F.P. (not sure if it was a joke or not) and she goes in for a reading. At first the fortune is bright, but then it takes a turn, whilst Finn waits with happiness at being referred to by the teller as F.P.’s boyfriend, then he gets grabbed without the princess noticing until the fortune-teller is leaving and she sees his form stuck to the back of his pack. Jake isn’t sweating it, at first thinking Finn will bust out, but then Jake and F.P. track Finn to a forest with trees filled with peeps in bubbles looking like baubles on a Christmas tree, upon realizing Finn wasn’t going to get out of this one without some help. F.P. angrily calls out the dragon who masquerades as fortune-teller and blasts Finn loose from the tree he’s hanging from. Jake marvels at Finn’s diminished size and F.P. seems like she’s going to get personal, but Finn cuts her off and spurns her affection without a thought. Then Jake asks if they should go save the other tree baubled peeps and Finn declines without feeling, which begins to tip them off. F.P. decides they must return and get the real, awesome Finn back. Jake is kewl with little Finn, but F.P. describes all the great qualities Finn has including one which mystifies her. Jake’s about to follow her, but tries one last time to see if little Finn wants to save his soul and confirms his insouciance, so Jake plops him in a skin pocket and is off to catch up to Flame Princess.

Jake discovers her puzzling over some game pieces and trying to figure out what she’s to do. Jake finally figures out what the game they must play is all about with obvious rules. Jake isn’t as good at playing at first, though and F.P. is getting impatient. Jake tries to reason with her, but F.P. figures another way through to the next area whether it’s cheating or not, which Jake decides is the former option. She continues on her “rampage” going through the puzzle cave in a way which is suited to her nature, until she reaches a water area they must get through. Jake tells her she should stay in the cave whilst he and Finn explore the underwater area, she not liking this idea and deciding she’ll do what she wants and follows them down into the water, which doesn’t do her much good so Jake catches her before she drifts off. When Jake resurfaces he, distressed to F.P.’s condition of possibly being dead, which still doesn’t affect Finn at all, he then realizes how terrible little Finn actually is, but F.P. does wake eventually, in a bed, with her father coming in soon after she wakes. F.P., through conversation with her father then wonders how she even got back to Fire Kingdom, her father explaining she willed herself back, something she didn’t know she could do. Her father then tries to explain how F.P. should try to give in to her evil side more than any other trait she may have and then gets distracted by his servants and through his conduct towards them, F.P. decides she doesn’t truly want to be there, then waking again on a shore side.

After a bit of frustration by the water being everywhere, F.P. happens upon a hollowed castle looking bucket and begins making an enormous castle, but rain soon stops her after she’s struck how little time it took to get the castle so large, then locating a wooden opening above her head. She gets helped through by Choose Goose, who is burned with his efforts, but soon tells F.P. how he got there and his mission in getting his pack back from the dragon. After F.P. exposes how the rooms being puzzles worked, Choose Goose shows her all he’d found was a key, which F.P. is able to figure out must go to one of the doors which is hidden by the dark, which she’s of course able to uncover. Choose Goose suggests she flame up the place, but F.P. goes with the patient way and starts trying doors. Soon she uncovers the right door in an unapparent place, going through with difficulty and landing in a strange place, the door disappearing before her eyes. Soon she’s despairing over how she’ll ever locate Finn in such a vast place, but after shouting his name, she hears hers in return and is led by it, luckily.

We have an ethereal moment with Finn’s spirit when F.P. somehow releases him from his little pod. We then get a sign the dragon had been watching close by the whole time, touched by their little display. After the dragon explains why he’d done what he did, he told them his debt to her and can grant one wish, she bursting with something trivial mentioned at the beginning, but Finn reminds her of how they should help the trapped souls, he included. So, in agreement they choose the wish which everyone is uncomfortably put back in their bodies. Finn gets a kiss from F.P. which doesn’t hurt him and is impressed by her control, however recently practiced it may be. They are then all given prizes by the dragon since he’d been planning on releasing everyone anyways also unloading his burden of them onto the trio in returning them to their homes; they do it, though and end the last return with a camp-out. Finn compliments F.P. on her heroic ways and after the boys are sleeping, she’s still thinking of how unheroic she feels, she then sees her father who tells her she shouldn’t be bothered feeling this way anyways and being evil will get her everything and anything she wants, her form changing in the water.

Finn and Jake are then awakened by screams from someone in their town caused by a fire. Finn tries to invite F.P. along, but she plays unconscious and the duo run off to help, with F.P. trying to optimistically believe perhaps she could be a hero in the future, ending the story. I wasn’t impressed at first, also I truly get bored with black and white, but the style was Adventure Time and it was a catching story once I began following it more closely; all in all, a good addition. Then we get a story with BMO beginning with him being left a note not to touch the wall of weapons, but BMO can’t resist a brush mohawked helmet, soon revising the note and adding some sword action to his game-play, but gets the sword stuck and falls trying to release it, falling into Finn’s underwear and at first being surprised, then using them, sumo-wrestler-style in a fight with a worm. BMO doesn’t win this fight though and walks off looking for items to build a kite, making a big ka-boom which one sees shake the whole tree-house. BMO test drives his flying implement with himself attached to it, like a hang-glider. Then notices the worm on the ground, worryingly close to where his kite is attached; and rightly so; BMO goes with the wind into we know not where, being called and seen looking like a felled warrior when someone opens the door to his knocking. A cute one, not a bad way to end the volume.

Adventure Time Encyclopaedia

We discover Marceline is the owner of this book and has given it to Finn and Jake to read and add notes at will, but to be careful not to die since her father was the one to put the text together. We also are given a map of the land of Ooo which puts the layout into perspective. We first begin with a “Compleat Eel-Gutting Guide Booke” which Marcie thinks shouldn’t be in the book at all, but Finn, who writes in blue thinks otherwise, with Jake’s support. We then get a warning page of whom will be safe to read the pages ahead, the norms not included. We then get a step by step description of what will occur if those who aren’t supposed to be reading, continue to do so, ending with transformation into something which was slimy. Then we get some pictures of Marceline and her father, after which we have a table of contents. The Backward Foreward is, in Finn’s words, trippy. When we start Hunson Abadeer’s preface, he describes his earliest memory and the opinion’s of the boy’s and Marcie interjected. We are then given an Introduction to the introduction describing the previous leader of Ooo, who has an entertaining name when said with the land’s moniker, after which he reiterates his words similarly throughout the text.

Then we begin the Worthless Inhabitants “Mr. Evil” has given pardon to for his daughter’s sake. It goes to give pictorial identification and then descriptions of the character’s we all know starting with Finn, who may or may not have a secret he may or may not know he has. Then we learn his origins and how he got his name, also giving some cute baby Finn pictures, as well as his phobias. Then Jake, of course is almost immediately insulted in his description, crossing part of it out going on to mention how Jake got his magical abilities and his age compared to Finn. We also uncover what his innerds smell like and his smelling abilities. Princess Bubblegum comes next where we are told about her physical and at times, her evil side. She also knows German, has a degree in glycomics and has a Frankenstein’s monster sort-of-way son. We also become privy to who her doctor is later on. Then we move on to Marceline which covers her likes and dislikes from an interview she gave to a fanzine. We also learn where the two fang-marks on her neck came from as well as the “rumours” about her, which were all facts since they came from her father. Then Ice King is next, which gives information from a VHS tape about his origins and real name. It goes on to describe how he got so crazy and the VHS tapes found were his video diaries he’d started almost from the beginning of his descent into madness. We also get a list of his talents and magic, his beard having its own bit of magic as well as knowing he has a tattoo and has been married before. We are given what his favorite video-game is, as well. After is Lady Rainicorn, which starts with learning where she lives, who her best friend is, what kind of Asian language she speaks (since I, for one, was not sure), and also mentions another magic talent she has as well as how she can fly through certain solids, along with riders. Then Lumpy Space Princess is covered which gives all the details one would expect about this trash-talkin’ princess. There’s even a special part where her story is told in “fairy-tale” format.

Then we move on to the, “Insignificat Inhabitants of the Land of Ooo”, in alphabetical order, starting with Abraham Lincoln and ends with Marcie’s ex, Ash for the “A’s”. B’s start with BMO and ends with Butterfly Bandit, which contains some fun alliteration. C’s begin with Cactus Creatures and ends with Cute King. D’s start with Death where it’s revealed he’d played in a band with Abadeer, and ends with the Duke, Duchess and Marquis of Nuts, which in Abadeer’s own words, “are of any consequence…”. E starts with the Earl of Lemongrab and ends with Ed and Barb, acquaintances of Finn’s. F’s start with Fear Feaster and ends with Forest Wizard. G’s begin with Georgy and ends with Gunter where it describes how evil he/she truly is. First in H is the Hot Dog People and last, also known as, the second in this section are the Hug Wolves. First in J’s are Jaybird and Jake’s brother, Jermaine gets his own little section as well, then ending with Jake’s parent’s, Joshua and Margaret. Skipping K and going straight on to L, we begin with the Lich which gets a page all to himself and ending with the Lumpy Space King and Queen. We move on to Abadeer’s most hated Wizards of Ooo after this, which begins with Abracadaniel, who is also covered in the last section. NEPTR is also mentioned in this area, after which we cover the most hated Princesses of Ooo, starting with Breakfast Princess.

We are then given the possible evil, the snail whom shows up through episodes, may possess. After getting through the alphabetical list, which is filled with short blurbs of the creatures, we have a Zine by the Ice King which starts with character profiles of Cake and Fionna, Marshall Lee, Ice Queen, and others, after which is BMO’s Instructional Pamphlet and User Guide giving one the insight as to how to treat BMO with the respect it deserves. We then move on to the Land of Ooo and You, beginning with a tourist guide made by Princess Bubblegum. She writes of all the different Kingdoms in the land of Ooo starting with Candy Kingdom, then to the Fire Kingdom and then the Ice Kingdom. Lumpy Space is also covered, then moving to the Breakfast Kingdom and covering also a forest and haunted house. We then get Marceline’s travel blog to finish off the chapters. She mentions a Kingdom not covered by PB called Goblin Kingdom, pretty self-explanatory. After is the Lost Texts of Ooo which begins with an excerpt of the Enchiridion. It continues with cut off text of different old legends and also covers some spells of Abadeer’s. Then we get to the chapters which, if one reads them, will die! Starting with a full page introduction which tries to dissuade the reader with big words and imminent death, then going on to a page written by a wizard whom got turned into the page. We also have an unsolvable rebus which will supposedly make one mad, as it had others. After which comes the disclaimer, purely in law-speak and then we get to a part where the book tries to get the reader to stop reading it. This was mostly entertaining, and slightly a chore to get through since it is made up of mostly the descriptions of characters one barely recognizes, but I’ve read almost everything else Adventure Time, so I’m satisfied I at least read it; the pictures were a plus, as well.

Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake Issues 1-6

The first issue of Fionna and Cake begins with a flamed woman telling her story of where she lived; a desolate place and what happens when she kisses rocks. This changed when it rained for the first time and she’s surrounded by the little creatures, who then become larger to protect her, in the end trapping her inside because of their transformation back into their original form. We then see Cake is the one to have come up with this sad tale, which she makes up for by turning herself into the shape of a turd for Fionna’s amusement. Then they both begin wishing differently when Fionna thinks she sees the sun rising in the middle of the night, which turn out to be baby fire lions running away from a giant spider with Ice Queen controlling it. Fionna’s ready to go straight into a fight, but Cake reminds her of the choice of a bunch of different swords Cake had made which she could use at this moment, but since the time the Ice Queen had tricked Fionna with a crystal sword, she doesn’t know how she feels about sword slinging in general anymore. Fionna puts on her newly decorated rain boots and chooses a sword, anyways. Meanwhile Flame Prince takes the Ice Queen on in battle, getting a surprise which has him falling into Fionna’s arms, Cake holding them both up on her back, leaving us with a ‘To Be Continued’. The next story starts with Fionna and Cake doing their version of the Adventure Time team shout-out, this story being about a sweater bandit. Straight to the point, they can’t find their sweaters and come to the conclusion of a sweater “pilferer” and go in search of this thief. On their way, they run into Prince Gumball and then Marshall Lee, the former having noticed his sweater had been swiped, as well and the latter seeing who took them and where he’d gone. The culprit runs off, but Gumball locates the sweaters he’d knitted for everyone and invites them all back for hot cocoa. Quick and cute and on to the next.

The second issue starts with Cake commanding the Ice Queen to release the fire babies. Fionna takes offense on Cake’s behalf when the Ice Queen insults the cat and tries to take a physical swipe at her. The Ice Queen retaliates by ruining Fionna’s boots the same way she’d hurt the Fire Prince. When Fionna uses the sword she’s chosen against the Ice Queen, we learn which was the lucky winner, due to it’s breaking apart upon impact with the Ice Queen’s head. When Fionna gets thrown, Cake catches her and they retreat to the tree-house due to the Fire Prince’s condition. He’s napping in a “fire-bowl” and Fionna taps it, waking him up only to realize he speaks a thick accent of cat, asking for help. After uncovering the reason for his needing to get back home so badly, Fionna goes to change out of her wet clothes, Cake is surprised by Marshall Lee and ignores his question of where Fionna is, stopping for continuation later. The next bit starts with Fionna stankin’ up the place, it being noticed first by Cake, then by Lumpy Space Prince who’s dropped by to share Prince Gumball inviting them to his math lab. Fionna continues to ignore Cake as she advises her to take a bath first, so they all go to Prince Gumball’s lab and soon he’s smelling what’s up. He’s in the process of turning her away after having invited them all so Fionna specifically can have a look at something particular, but can’t have her cooties running rampant, when they hear calls of help and has the culprit running from her smellin’ so nasty. Fionna still refuses a bath and they begin to hear some rumbling when the continuation information pops and so await the conclusion later. Quite enjoyable indeed.

The third issue begins with Marshall Lee hugging it out with Cake for forgiveness of whatever had gotten her mad at him, when Fionna walks back in whilst about to say something embarrassing. Marshall Lee then confides he’s requiring Fionna’s help since Prince Gumball is in trouble due to boy’s night not going as planned, which made Fionna feel a bit left out, but then Marshall Lee continues P.G. is trapped in a dungeon and Fionna is the only one who can help him, the whole scenario making Cake none too pleased. Fionna sweet talks her into accompanying her, though and she is attached to Cake in the funniest way on their journey to the dungeon. As they get closer to the area which was blown up to get to the dungeon, Marshall Lee explains the reason they had gone where they had. When he shows her the entrance via hole in the floor M.L. is about to offer a gentlemanly way of getting Fionna to the bottom, but she hops right in with Cake guiding her fall. Fionna is talking about how hungry the place is making her when Cake is swiped and a great one-liner is said by Fionna. After kicking the enemies bones, they feast upon them whilst Marshall Lee looks on in silence and what looks like bewilderment. M.L. drags Fionna to the next room where Prince Gumball is entranced inside the gooey top bit of flan. M.L. explains why he couldn’t save P.G., which again brings a funny one-liner said by Fionna and she goes about helping P.G. by having Cake turn into a spoon. After saving the Prince and he waking, Fionna asks why she wasn’t invited to their boy’s night and the boys come clean. P.G. explains how there’s a legendary enchanted oven he’d been wanting to harness the powers of and he believed he was ready to do so, already having prepared the foodstuffs he was planning on baking, but then he realized the pilot light was out. Fire Prince wakes then and P.G. decides he should go warm up his oven, which offends Fionna, but is quickly extinguished since the Flame Prince seemed to be okay with this demand. When the item he’s baking is almost complete, P.G. informs Fionna how much he owes her and how the product he’s baking is for her, which turns out to be something she can constantly use and it also having the ability to give small wishes, the first of which is for matching shirts which make them look hilariously awesome. We then see Cake escorting all in the baby sling out of the hole, which is where we end for this issue. The next comic starts with Lemongrab going down a Fungeon and has all happy lemons go to the dungeon, then being surprised by Lady Lemongrab with a cake which proclaimed, “Happiest Lemon Day”, which ends the comic; odd one, but I’m looking forward to the next.

The fourth issue starts with P.G. asking Fionna where she found the little flame. She explains the Flame Prince’s situation and then shows what they’d found within the little flame. P.G. explains how grave a situation it was, due to the stone’s fickleness. When P.G. continues with what could eventually happen to the flame, Fionna states they have to help him since he doesn’t even realize what’s going on with him. Fionna goes for a bathroom break and the Prince reconvenes to the kitchen. We see Fionna place her pack down and L.S.P. swipes her wishing gift. L.S.P. speaks to himself of how the item will help him to accomplish his goal of being impossibly beautiful. L.S.P. presses the wish button and we see what he turns into, which makes him tear up by his own beauty. When he shows himself off to his people, they all of a sudden want to bestow gifts upon him, which makes him conclude he could get anything he asks for, but of course these decisions come with a price, which he soon realizes. When he awakes, he’s been trapped within a bubble and Fionna comes from the crowd, looking pissed. She busts through and demands what he’d stolen returned. Then the people begin to surround them, thinking she’s stealing their prince, but she tries to reason with their deeper selves. When it doesn’t do much, Fionna reconstructs his face to look like what he used to, dispersing the crowd. Fionna confides how she would’ve lent the wishing implement to L.S.P. if he’d asked, which he knew, but apparently preferred swiping. Fionna leaves with the words if L.S.P. started doing nice deeds, people would notice his beauty more naturally. We then end for this comic to continue in the next.

The fifth issue starts with Fionna making her way back with her rightful possession and realizing Cake and Gumball are nowhere to be found. Marshall Lee turns up after having a nap and tells her he’s home-bound and to impart to Gumball his words of departure. Fionna then detects Gumball and Cake deep downstairs and how they’d helped the Fire Prince. Cake then confirms how she’d made the outfit the prince is wearing and a matching one for Fionna. Then we observe Prince Gumball has taught Fire Prince an important compliment to use on the Ice Queen when they have a date, since she’s decided it would be a suitable trade for his fire lions. Fionna and the Fire Prince go off to the Ice Queen’s digs, she disguised as a lion and having a penguin answer the door, looking suspiciously at Fionna, which doesn’t last long for the Ice Queen’s entrance, acting sweetly towards the Fire Prince. When they sit at the dinner table, Fionna throws out some meows which translate into funniness and the Prince laughs at her. The Ice Queen then breaks the charade by trapping the prince in ice which is also when Fionna gives up on her costume and attacks the queen. The Queen grabs Fionna’s sword and then pulls at her long hair, when the Fire Prince sets Fionna’s hair ablaze, trying to save her, ending this section until next issue. Then we conclude “Cootie Power” with Fionna and Cake heading towards the rumbles in the distance. They see some sinorses are stampeding in Prince Gumball’s castle’s direction and Cake gets ahead of them, Fionna stopping them with her stank. We being shown what Fionna had been waiting for in order to bathe, the issue ending with the Prince inviting them inside.

The sixth issue begins with a story of a cat whom wasn’t afraid of water and was saved by a water nymph. The cat confides in the mortal water nymph there’s a way of giving the girl a way to live forever, but the nymph isn’t interested, knowing the preciousness of life for being mortal. The cat wanted to repay the nymph for her kindness and so decides to locate this treasure for her. When the cat gets into some trouble on the way, the cat is once again saved by the nymph for having been following. The water nymph is injured, though so the cat goes off to repay the debt. Then we switch over to where we left off with the Fire Prince and Cake, who go to help put out the flame which was upon Fionna. She realizes, though she can’t keep everything she holds dear and must let go of one, being some of her hair, which Cake was more attached to since she liked to play with it. Fionna then confronts the Ice Queen on her reasons for hating her, but the Ice Queen sets her straight, it’s for Fionna getting in the way than actually hating her. She goes after the Fire Prince, taking the crystal back, having done so for selfish reasons. The Ice Queen melts, though and Fionna and Cake are now in the position of having to save the fire lions and the prince. Then L.S.P. shows up wanting the wishing device and a fire lion jumps up to him, being absorbed into L.S.P. When everyone is safe, Fionna is repaid by the Fire Prince for saving him and his kittens. Cake has the idea Fionna should use her last wish to become a Fire Princess, but instead would rather wish for food and then we learning it’s all a dream, but from whom, is pretty funny. To read my reviews on Adventure Time.

The Island of Doctor Moreau

The introduction may well be a part of the story which tells of the ship which crashes onto an island in the beginning of the year in 1888. An Edward Prendick, the uncle of the one writing the introduction is picked up by another small ship. His story was so wild it made him seem mad and couldn’t remember anything before escaping the Lady Vain, the ship which crashed. The following story was apparently found among his possessions by his nephew. The coordinates recorded proved it led to an island uninhabited and with only a few odd animals residing there. We then discover the Lady Vain began her journey in Africa along with the Captain John Davies and a variety of animals aboard, missing for eleven months until his uncle reappeared where the ship had crashed, the beginning of the tale being his uncle’s recollection.

Prendick first gives a more updated look into what the rumors before had put forth; all men on the dinghy who survived the Lady Vain, had perished, which he clarifies is untrue since he survived, also there were actually only three who made it to the dinghy. Then he describes what happened to a man whom tried to reach the dinghy, not making it back above water, which in his opinion was better for both sides, for not having enough supplies to keep four men alive. They stayed without water upon the little dinghy for eight days, soon having crazed thoughts, when Helmar voiced an idea to the others. Helmar’s idea, whilst agreed upon now had to be acted on, which needed the four to draw “straws” to see who would be the “lucky” one. The strongest sailor aboard had the “honor”, but was stubborn against agreeing, attacking Helmar, the both falling overboard. Not long after a schooner passes by and takes him aboard where they give him some drink and he meets a man he only recalls the eyes of, believing he was having a nightmare, until seeing him again.

Next Prendick is aware, is of the man taking his vitals in a small room, the both staring at the other during this process. The man asks Prendick if he’s alright, he replying to the affirmative, his eyes questioning. The man proceeds to inform him of how he’d been found, stating the captain of the ship they were currently on and how the man, himself was a passenger as well from one of the places the ship had stopped. Noise keeps coming from above them, with Prendick soon hearing someone else insisting on whomever is growling to “desist”. The man who’s been tending to him goes on to mention how he’d injected him and had also recently given him a substance which had made him feel stronger, if not tasting to the consistency of blood. He also found out he’d been senseless for almost two days. He then learns he’ll soon be fed and meanwhile the man wanted to know how he’d been stranded on the little boat by himself, not getting an answer for being distracted with the howling dogs outside and sounding like he was violently responding to whomever he was talking with, who in turn, didn’t sound as if he was speaking intelligibly.

When Prendick returns, the man enquires again, to spur him on with his story, he starting with his name and line of studies, the man seeming interested, but veering his conversation back to the boat, soon satisfied with Prendick’s answer, talking of the city they both knew and then looking in on the cook who was in charge of Prendick’s meal. When the man is on his way out, Prendick inquires of the growling sound, but the man withdraws without answering, returning with his meal and Prendick distracted by his hunger, not questioning again. When he recovers enough to walk around and go above-deck, we learn of the man who’d been nursing him was called Montgomery and lends him some of his clothes to wear for his own were thrown overboard, but Montgomery’s frame was larger and so the clothes loosely fitted. Prendick asks where they were headed and Montgomery supplies the captain plans on going to Hawaii, but will first stop at the island Montgomery resides, once he finished dressing, they both leave the cabin.

On their way out, Prendick is confronted by the strange looking man he’d heard Montgomery talking with earlier, noticing his odd behavior and movements. When Prendick had beheld his face though, it was grotesque and familiar to the point of confusion as to where he could have possibly seen him before. He continues on, seeing some caged animals, then seeing the black-faced man being followed by a red-haired man, he giving him a blow which knocks him over and upsets the muzzled dogs around him, satisfying himself. Montgomery addresses the man as captain, and complains to how he’s treating the black-faced man, him being a guest on-board, the captain disregards his statement, going on to express his regret in ever agreeing to take him or his animals onto his ship, continuing with threats to the black-faced man if he comes a fore ship again, Montgomery seeming to get into a state of a dangerous mood. Prendick tries to defuse the situation, taking the verbal abuse upon himself and being reminded of his unpaid passage on the ship, but at least dispersed the possibility of a quarrel.

Prendick continues to wonder of what Montgomery is all about and why he had all those strange animals with him, especially as he notices how the second-mate also seems sullen to be friendly with him. They were now within a distance of Montgomery’s island and were continuing their voyage closer as Prendick and he discuss London. Prendick was also going to thank the man for saving him, which Montgomery declines with words it was purely chance he was even moved to doing so at all, soon hinting at how he’d become separated from his home of London eleven years previously. He then decides to say no more, which Prendick doesn’t push, since he isn’t curious, soon noticing Montgomery’s attendant once more, leaning nearby and Prendick becoming spooked by his oddly illumined eyes. After, Montgomery suggests turning in, which they both do, going to their cabins. Prendick is awoken by shouts and the throwing of objects, then notices the change of direction of the ship and a wave going over his port-hole. Dressing to investigate further, he goes to deck and is blocked by the captain, who is “throwing” all the animals and soon Prendick, as well, overboard. After thinking Montgomery would be able to accommodate him and being wrong, he begins to despair and once upon the little dinghy, was set adrift, too hungry to feel optimism at his isolation yet again.

When Prendick had calmed, his situation changed as well, Montgomery, once they were setting to leave for the island, made it so Prendick’s dinghy could be towed along with them, due to Prendick’s drifting aimlessly. When Prendick began to stare at the other men who were with Montgomery, he had a feeling of disgust instinctively, not knowing why and as they got closer to the beach another strange person awaited them to help dock them to the shore. When Prendick steps on land, a grey-haired man becomes more interested in him once he uncovers Prendick has gone to university and studied with a man of high repute. Montgomery then asks for Prendick’s help to get some rabbits ashore and once this is done is given some food to revitalize his weakness as they go to the house.

Prendick follows the llama to its enclosure and this is where the grey-bearded man and Montgomery decide where their “uninvited guest” will stay, knowing he’s a man of science, but not knowing if he can be brought into their confidence, they decide, and Prendick agrees to whatever it is they land on, being he’d stay in a room of Montgomery’s. Prendick is shown to the room, with the only other door locked for convenience and then upon Montgomery leaving the room we hear the name Moreau for the first time, being called by Montgomery, which Prendick seems to recognize, but forgetting where he’d heard it before. Prendick continues to ponder about the attendants with their odd voices and speech when Montgomery’s attendant comes in with refreshments and getting a closer look at him, reminds Prendick of where he’d heard of Moreau before, which was in a pamphlet to do with horrific research with animals, having his laboratory closed and being no longer able to work in London. Prendick then figures out the reason for the animals would be for operating upon, also having smelled antiseptic, but still not sure what reason there could be for this.

Later, Montgomery brings another meal, informing Prendick he’ll lunch with him, but Moreau would have to take a rain-check. Once Prendick mentions his recognizing the name, Montgomery confirms if he knew the name in some way, he’ll most likely be able to deduce some of the secrets they’ve kept from him. Prendick then goes straight into asking about Montgomery’s attendant and why he looks the way he does, Montgomery not realizing it was so obvious the attendant had odd attributes. Montgomery doesn’t confirm or deny anything, but also not giving any indication he realized the strangeness of the attendant, Prendick not wanting to call him out on his trying to deceive him, so they finish their meal, whilst listening to the operation of the puma in the other room, hearing its screams. The loud pain of the puma continues and Prendick soon leaves the house in search of more quiet accommodations.

Prendick makes his way into the strange tree-bespeckled forest behind the home. He locates a comfortable place to rest and begins to meditate, wanting to think more on the oddness of Montgomery’s man, but unable to for the tranquility of the environment easing his mind. After a small amount of time dozing, he notices a man drinking from the nearby stream and walking like an animal. When Prendick moves to get a better view, he’s heard by the man, who slinks off back the way he’d come, the both staring at each other for a prolonged period before and whilst his retreating. Prendick’s calm state now being ruined by this meeting, he starts to comfort himself with the idea the man most likely wasn’t a savage since he’d been wearing nice enough clothing and drifts to other thoughts. Prendick makes his way across the stream in the opposite direction of noises which sounded like the puma. Prendick notices an odd looking fungus and then a torn apart rabbit and thinks of the strange man he’d witnessed earlier. He then decides to head back to the house when he sees three human figures in a clearing. One being female, this group was only adorned with loincloths and had disturbing facial structures.

Prendick wasn’t noticed and believed it was because one of the men was speaking to the others, soon all three are chanting and getting charged up. Prendick decides to make a calculated exit away from the trio, coming to the conclusion of though they were human, they seemed to have hog-like attributes. When Prendick believes he can move more quickly, he then notices the man he’d seen at the stream was following him. Prendick faces the fear of confrontation and approaches him, asking who he was, but only receiving a non-related answer as the man moves away from him. He then decides to leave him be since night was falling and he’d rather be back at the house with the noisy puma than stuck in the dark forest. Soon though, Prendick begins hearing and feeling as if he’s still being stalked, but unsure of whether he’s being paranoid, realizes this distraction of listening for the noise of pursuit had turned him around, but also begins noticing the crash of waves. Though now being definitely followed, Prendick arms himself with a rock and makes a run for the area of the house, the creature following him now seeming to have dark intentions. Prendick, having the opportunity to defend himself and making good a blow to the body which falls face down in the water, he then hearing his name being called, goes into the house.

Prendick gets closer and hears Montgomery shouting for him from his room and when Prendick responds, Montgomery mentions how they’d remembered to check on him only half an hour earlier and couldn’t believe he’d gone exploring without informing them, now concluding he must’ve met some of the “curiosities” in the woods. Prendick insists on knowing what kind of creature had been chasing him, despite Montgomery’s deflective answers and being supplied with the name of the creature, which doesn’t contain much of an explanation and after Montgomery offers a sedative to help Prendick sleep, which he willingly accepts, he next waking well into the day. He partakes of the food he observes on the table in his room and Montgomery checks on him only long enough to relay he was quite busy and leaves him, Prendick noticing he’d forgotten to lock the door and also after recognizing a human was this time groaning and crying nearby, prompts him to go out into the normally locked yard and sees a brief as well as confusing sight before being thrust back into his room by Moreau. After hearing a broken conversation between Moreau and Montgomery, Prendick figures he’s in more danger than he considered.

Prendick is now putting together, with the fact he’d seen a human being the subject of Moreau’s experiments, the creatures he’d been running into must be apart of Moreau’s pastime, as well. Prendick makes a feeble weapon from a bit of chair and when he goes to the door and discovers Montgomery coming to lock him in, runs toward him swinging his non-threatening weapon and running around a side of the house, Montgomery yelling and chasing after him, seeming to be trying to explain. Prendick runs off in a right angle from where he previously explored, noticing he was no longer being followed and resting in “shelter of a cane brake”. After some time he hears Montgomery shouting his name faraway northward of him, which sets him into figuring out his next course of action. Realizing his pathetic weapon against the firearms of Montgomery and Moreau had the baring of uselessness he then notices his hunger, recognizing the futility of his trying to escape, but once hearing the sound of baying, sets off towards the noise of the sea.

After crossing some thorny brambles and across a stream, Prendick waits an hour to be certain of no more pursuit, thinking of the lengths he’d go to in taking his own life rather than giving up, believing he’d go through with it at the moment if he weren’t so curious to reveal how this weird situation would play out, then he sees “a black face watching” him. Prendick recognizes him from the day they docked. The creature soon tries to speak to him and then Prendick figures out he’s confiding in him how they’d met, he agreeing. The creature notices the number of fingers on his hand, which Prendick doesn’t know why he’d be so interested about as of yet, but distinguishing not all Beast People have all their fingers. Prendick then asks where he could get food, the creature leading him to the “huts”. Prendick tries to ask questions to help him learn more of the creature and the island, but doesn’t get much further than knowing the creature had been on the island for three fingers time, not giving a clues as to whether it was months or years, so Prendick gives up, realizing the creature seemed bored and leads him to where the creature called home, it smelling like an ill kept “monkey’s cage.”

When they’d arrived, Prendick is startled by another mutilated being, in similarity of action to a sloth, his guide having disappeared for a moment, giving him a chance to appraise his surroundings, the creature reappearing to beckon him into a lean-to where another creature awaited to meet him, Prendick for a moment thinks of fleeing, but decides to follow through with his “adventure”. Prendick enters and takes the coconut given him by his guide, trying to act calm whilst feeling dread. The guide soon is excited to make it known Prendick is a man, exactly like he, being told to be silent by another voice not seen. The voice enquires whether Prendick will be staying which he confirms, then being told he’ll have to learn the “Law”; it being a simple one if one’s not a baby or animal then proceeding to chant more requirements of etiquette. Prendick is fighting not to laugh or show disgust, copying the group, then chanting another bit of mysterious bunch of rules about whomever they follow. After this, his guide mentions how Prendick also has five fingers like himself, bringing the creature Prendick couldn’t see clearly forward enough to get a look and feels his talon-hoof, horrifying Prendick more, also seeing his face was hard to identify most any features.

After, Prendick is witness to a repetitive confirmation of the creatures being forced to deny their animal instincts, all the whilst Prendick bewildered, but trying to match the group’s fervor of the litany. It’s interrupted when some of the group go outside and Prendick hears a yelp from a stag-hound, still inside the hut. When he does finally go outside to see what the excitement was about, he sees Moreau come out from the trees. Prendick estimates his best route of escape, but when Moreau cries for the creatures to catch him, Prendick still has a few seconds before they realize they are meant to stop him, but soon Prendick does have to fight back to make his way out and when he gets to a steep slope and hears his pursuers following, he also believes he hears Montgomery, who was with Moreau, shouting for him to run for his life. He gets away a bit further before falling down a precipice and minimally injuring himself, hoping he’ll run in to the sea in the direction he chose so as to have a proper way of drowning himself if necessity called for it. Prendick discovers a stream which was boiling hot, but also detects the ocean, as well, now not feeling so desperate as to end his life, but also realizing he’s unequivocally on his own, for not being able to trust the Beast People.

Prendick makes his way down to the beach noticing the small crustaceans who moved out of the way as he walked along. When he reached the shore he then considered how he’d be able to circle around to go back to the main house where Montgomery and Moreau stayed to locate a weapon of some kind whilst they were out, considering this a good possibility and began walking in the direction he believed it would be. After walking a short time he sees Montgomery and Moreau, plus some others break through the foliage on to the beach far ahead of him, stopping him in his tracks. When the group sees him, they advance in his direction, pushing him to the only area they weren’t blocking him from, into the ocean. Montgomery gets close enough first to ask him what he’s doing. Prendick threatens he’s going to drown himself, Montgomery then asking why, Moreau having come close enough to hear, as well. Prendick explains he refuses to be tortured by them, knowing they would eventually try to experiment on him and not wanting to be turned into one of the Beast People. Prendick goes on, soon speaking to the Beast People themselves about how they are perceived by Moreau and Montgomery, now they trying to drown Prendick out so the Beast People wouldn’t be able to hear the possibilities of revolt Prendick tried to make them realize. Moreau then forces his peace in, expressing to Prendick he can say what he wishes after, he consenting. Moreau continues with bad, schoolboy Latin, trying to get his point across and convince Prendick to come ashore so he can explain more thoroughly and if Prendick does go any further in the water he will be eaten by sharks. They come to an agreement involving Prendick having two of their revolvers, with them going towards the trees and waiting at what Prendick might deem a safe distance to come in from the water, after a short time of quibbling about how it would be done and getting a few more answers to Prendick’s questions being given in relation to why they had chased him so relentlessly, Prendick follows them and they go back to their compound.

When Prendick and Moreau had taken sustenance, Moreau begins to explain, but not before making clear he would thereafter be done explaining himself and Prendick could threaten suicide for whatever reason with no batting of the eye from Moreau, even if it did put him out in some way. After he had made Prendick confirm the creature he’d heard in the adjoining room was a puma, he explained the nature of his work, without Montgomery since Prendick didn’t want to be stuck in a confined room with the both of them. Moreau assures Prendick how the creatures he’d met had not been human, but only had experimental surgery done on them. Moreau also mentions how these surgeries were done in more barbaric ways in the past with dwarves and how Siamese twins could also be included, then relating how Victor Hugo wrote of it in, The Man Who Laughs. Moreau then goes on how one could theoretically transplant tissue, blood or reconstruct the limbs of the animal, he claiming to be the first in taking part in these surgeries, but then says others have applied this technique as a last resort and without being medically trained, unlike himself. When Prendick points out the creatures were able to speak, Moreau regards most animals, with the allowance of the surgeries, could be taught to speak. Moreau also answers why he’d chosen to model the animals new forms to humans, he claiming it was purely by happenstance, also revealing he’d tried other forms.

Prendick voices how he still doesn’t understand why he had to go to all this trouble and how he can defend his reasons for putting the creatures through pain, Moreau believing Prendick to be a materialist due to their differing viewpoints on the idea, trusting Prendick’s empathy being a part of his relating to animal instincts, viz. sin. Moreau proves his point by stabbing himself in a part of his thigh which doesn’t feel pain and explains why humans a different concept of pain, ending with how pain and pleasure is felt by humans as opposed to animals. Moreau also divulges how he no longer felt empathy, wanting only to understand the malleability of the human reaction. He then goes on to list a couple of his creations which didn’t turn out well or last long in the living after he’d changed them. Then he had his first minor success with a gorilla whom he’d eventually introduced to the Kanakas who lived in the huts on the island and were intimidated by Moreau’s pastime, but when they realized the changed gorilla wasn’t a threat, they began to teach it more human knowledge until one day a couple of the Kanakas were teasing the gorilla-man and it’s first nature came out and it climbed into a tree, where Moreau saw them and berated the gorilla-man for reacting so. We then learn what had happened to the Kanakas who were no longer living on the island and how the last of them was killed by another creation of Moreau’s, a creature unfinished and taking whatever life it ran into. Now Moreau is unrelenting in his goal of making a creature as close to human as possible, believing the puma to be his breakthrough. He also mentions how the creatures he’s turned loose are released from his efforts due to their not living up to his ideal of humanity for them, but how Montgomery has taken some interest in a few and even getting them to work for them. The other creatures though, Moreau realizes they’ve made some fashion of a religion or law, but doesn’t see it as a viable human characteristic. They end their conversation for sleep soon after and Prendick is exhausted by all he’s learned, locking his room and soon sleeping.

Prendick awakens early to check his room to be sure he was locked in from every possible entrance than he is brought breakfast by a creature now known as M’ling, Montgomery following after, Moreau being too busy with the puma to join them. Prendick asks about the Beast People’s inability to harm both Moreau and Montgomery, it being a part of Moreau’s surgery and hypnotism they are unable to go against the teachings they try so hard to uphold. Prendick then learns more about the characteristics of the island which moves on to how many of Moreau’s creations currently inhabited the modest surroundings which is followed by a slightly more detailed account of the creatures attributes, not being able to go too far into depiction since every creature varied in its body type, but also due to Prendick’s lack of practice and eye for the process.

Prendick then describes of being a scattered writer and losing his point, moving on to Montgomery showing him where he’d run through the boiling waters the day before. They then begin to run into the larger of Moreau’s creatures, catching a small one which was similar to a rabbit, Prendick noting it could fit into a park of society to replace the rabbits who dwelt there. They then saw the Satyr and Apeman who both passed and regarded Montgomery with respect as they strolled by, Montgomery commanding them they needed to start respecting Prendick the same, the two conversed with each other remembering how he’d acted unlike either Montgomery or Moreau the day before when he’d been chased by them into the ocean, but Montgomery maintains they must do so irrespectively, the two creatures then considering Prendick had five-fingers like the Apeman, Montgomery and Prendick moving on until Montgomery notices a torn apart rabbit, being disturbed by this sight Prendick offers he’d seen a similar sight when he’d arrived on the island and was followed by a creature whom sucked water. Montgomery continues to be affected by this knowledge and decides to confess to Moreau of what they’d seen, coupled with the remembering of teaching their servant how to skin a rabbit for Montgomery’s meal, Moreau takes this news seriously and thinks of a way to prove the creature he believed had done it could be shown as evident.

At noon Prendick, Montgomery, Moreau, and M’ling  go into the forest so they could have a meeting amongst the Beast People, Moreau blowing upon a horn to call them. As the large group of creatures joined where the four were standing, they grovelling their way closer, Moreau notes four were missing and were late in coming to them, the Leopard Man trying to sneak up behind Moreau, but when they arrive, Moreau makes them all speak the Law until reaching the one he wanted to speak of, halting their chant. All the creatures chanted what happens to who breaks the Law, which was to “go back to the House of Pain”, so the Leopard Man, who Moreau knew was the culprit, leapt up and attacked Moreau which ended with Moreau firing his gun. The Leopard Man escapes, running off with everyone pursuing him, it becoming a longer chase as Moreau deduces the Leopard Man had begun running on all fours. As they get closer in capturing the Leopard Man, Prendick realizes and begins to pity the Leopard Man’s situation, he knowing he’ll be going back to a place of torture if captured and Prendick knowing the poor creature was following his animal instincts and so Prendick puts him out of his misery. When Moreau sees this he commands the other Beast People to carry the body to the sea, Prendick apologizing for his hastiness, but actually not feeling badly at all. Prendick concludes his fear for the Beast People then turned into a fear of Moreau due to his inexplicable reasoning for continuing to do his “work”. Prendick then considers elaborating more on the subject.

Prendick had stayed for around two months before all he could feel toward Moreau’s experiments were negative in nature. By this point he also had a falling out with Montgomery due to his affinity for the Beast People and then we hear of a terrible catastrophe which tainted his viewpoint of his environs. Prendick describes the circumstances before the calamity started, he divulging of it being early in the morning and being awoken by a trio of Beast People transporting wood. Moreau then comes out and greets Prendick on his way to his “torture room” and after entering, hearing the puma start to scream again. Not long after, Prendick is confronted with a terrible sight as the puma came straight at him and during his fall, breaks his arm, staying collapsed as Moreau doesn’t stop to help him, but hurries after the puma which was quickly escaping. Montgomery then comes out at first not noticing Prendick being hurt, since he’d found a way to gain his footing again, but soon realizes how Prendick is holding his arm, then binding it and leaving a revolver for Prendick since he planned on going after Moreau in case he needed his help. Prendick is left at the enclosure until late in the day when Montgomery returns, too out of breath to describe what has happened so far, asking for a drink. When he’d caught his breath he began to relay his story of not discovering Moreau, but a trail of blood up until reaching rocky ground, then being joined up by M’ling and soon after seeing a couple of Beast People acting oddly, then deciding to check the huts. Upon reaching them he sees two Swine People who had blood-stained mouths and acting charged up after which they attacked Montgomery, he shooting one and M’ling taking down the other. After running into one more Beast person, they both head back to the enclosure, Prendick asking what this meant and Montgomery not being able to answer.

When Montgomery continued to do nothing constructive, Prendick convinces him after they’ve eaten, to go and look for Moreau again since he wouldn’t have stayed missing this long without some kind of tragedy befalling him. As they begin walking through the forest M’ling is first to hear others approaching and when the other two stop, they all hear what they’re saying, but Montgomery interrupts them and so the group quiets and the three show themselves. Montgomery is also first to ask if what they were saying was true, no one speaking at first for guilt, but then confirming their words, asking Prendick’s group if the Law would still be valid. Prendick then takes over by confirming it would be and the belief they thought Moreau was dead a mistake, making them believe he was elsewhere and still watched over them. The Beast People were then told to lead them to Moreau’s body and upon seeing it, they are helped to bring the body back to the enclosure and Montgomery with Prendick, put the rest of his experiments out of their miseries, M’ling going off with the Beast People.

After the dirty work was complete, they washed off and sat down in Prendick’s room to figure out what they would do next, Prendick realizing how deeply ingrained with Moreau’s philosophies Montgomery was. Prendick tried to come up with a way of dealing with Moreau’s body, what would become of the both of them and what they would do about the rest of the Beast People, Montgomery getting exasperated and demanding Prendick have a drink, he declining, Montgomery drinking alone and wondering what he would do with his life, feeling he was an outcast amongst “normal” society by this time. Montgomery then remembered how well M’ling treated him and decided he wanted to give him a drink, Prendick trying to stop him since M’ling was still an animal, but Montgomery had become ornery and loud, deciding to do what he wanted. Montgomery goes out, calling for M’ling and when he comes with some others, Montgomery gives him the bottle and jogs off, the others following, soon he leading them in an insulting song against Prendick.

After this, Prendick retreats back indoors and begins contemplating what he’ll do next. He comes up with a plan for himself, believing it was too late to save Montgomery, then after an hour he hears Montgomery and company making noise outside near the beach. He doesn’t give this notice and continues searching for items he would need for his sail the next day, but then he hears a gunshot go off with a ruckus of voices before, he deciding to investigate. What Prendick had been hearing was a massacre with Montgomery in the middle of it, a few of the Beast People being victims, as well and the rest running off when Prendick is seen. Montgomery is badly injured, Prendick making him comfortable before checking on another Beast creature which Prendick had to put down. He then realizes the enclosure was on fire and he had caused it, noticing also his only way off the island was gone along with any useful items he was planning on taking with him from inside the house. As dawn approached and any survivors of this unseen attack died, a few Beast People come out of the woods and approach Prendick, not seeming friendly.

Prendick masks his fear of their coming by using Moreau’s way of dealing with the Beast People, making them bow to him and reminding them of the Law. Once Prendick realized they would listen to him, he commanded them to take the bodies and dispose of them by sea, which they did, Prendick then being approached by a Hyena-Swine Man. He tries to command this Beast Man to bow down as well, but the Hyena-Swine asks why he should, so Prendick shoots to kill, but misses and the Beast Man runs off, Prendick not wanting to risk another shot and missing again. He dismisses the Beast People and wanders off to think of what he will do now he had no safe place to rest. Prendick continues to contemplate his fate, wandering back across the beach when he’s approached by a lone Beast creature he’d commanded over earlier, but was so paranoid of it turning on him, draws his weapon until he is certain the creature won’t attack, but demanding the beast leave him alone, he resisting Prendick’s request at first, until Prendick threatens to throw a stone at him, finally leaving him. As the day grew hotter, Prendick approaches some Beast people basking in the sun on the beach, expressing to them of his hunger, one of them responding their was some food in the huts, Prendick goes off and eats some of the fruit, then erecting a small barricade which would serve noisily enough to allow Prendick enough time to defend himself if need be, then drowsing sleepily after being up twenty-four and some odd hours.

When Prendick awakes, he hears Beast People outside and his barricade gone, but his gun still in his possession. He then realizes there is something lying next to him and reacts repulsively until he figures out it’s the creature he’d turned away the day before, also figuring if this creature was acting so loyal to him, then he’d be safe enough amongst the other creatures. The Dog creature seemed satisfied Prendick planned on killing all the others who no longer believed there to be a master and Prendick confirms this whilst also relating to him whomever he chose to be spared, would be, but the Dog creature seemed happy they’d all be punished in general. When they exit the hut and walk among the Beast People, the Ape Man chittering of the House of Pain being gone and the Master no longer there, as well, Prendick startles them all by revealing of their being wrong of this, the Master being unseen and the House of Pain returning, so all of those who didn’t abide the Law would regret it. He continues to confirm these “facts” as the Beast People aired their doubts, soon convincing many of it being true and the others at least to be wary of it’s truth. All then leave, heading towards the ravine as the sun fell which began Prendick’s next ten months among the Beast People, some warming up to him whilst others going about their business, Prendick consistently being careful of the Hyena-Swine sneak-attacking him, also sensing he’d gone mad with blood-lust and was impossible to catch for scenting Prendick’s approach to his lair.

Then as time passed, the Beast People begin losing their Human-isms and reverting to their animalistic state. Prendick found himself then spending more alone time at the site of the burnt down enclosure of Moreau’s, it being safest if he wanted the Beast People to stay away from him. Then as more time passed, the Beast People’s surgeries began wearing off in small ways, showing more signs of their animal side, but not fully ever being “normal”, since two animals were blended together and even Prendick began looking oddly and still maintained the hyper-alertness in his eyes even after escaping the island. As the year passed, Prendick would see few ships sailing by, but when he did, had a bonfire ready to light, but most of those who passed were aware of the island’s reputation for volcanic eruptions so ignored Prendick’s sign of life and when Prendick then was ready to try and make a raft, realized he had no rope or anything similar to bind wood together, feeling clumsy, but since healed felt dismayed at his impuissance. At one point he succeeds in putting something together, but it falls apart before he can set it off at sea, he feeling quite down about his short-comings as a carpenter.

One day, the sloth creature had woken Prendick, well past being able to speak by this point, it makes noises implying for Prendick to follow him and when reaching the trees notices the Swine-Hyena had killed his Dog creature and was still reveling in the flesh. When the creature noticed him and didn’t run in fear, but only growled with threat, Prendick whips out his gun, the creature springing at him as he fires, Prendick succeeding with his aim this time, but also aware if the Swine-Hyena was confident to attack him, more would come. Now the Beast creatures had fully lost their Humanity, Prendick considered how he would’ve gotten rid of them, but he didn’t have enough cartridges for his guns and didn’t want to set all his luck on traps. Prendick then tries to make another raft, but realizes he had no way of transporting water on it until he had a day of rapture. He sees a sail and immediately sets his fire, not knowing until the next day whether the little ship had seen him, but then realizing they were getting closer, even though the ship seemed to shift oddly in opposition to the wind. Prendick tries to get their attention, but is ignored, the schooner getting closer to shore, then Prendick realizes why he wasn’t noticed, the two men inside being no longer of this world. He dumps the bodies and some of the Beast creatures come to figure out what he’s up to. Prendick boards the little boat and aims it toward a different area of the island so he could fill the barrel within with water, catches some rabbits and gathers some fruit for his trip.

Prendick stays at sea three days and nights, reflecting on all he’d gone through and not missing the company of men. He is found on the third day by a decent sized vessel and when he tries to relate his story to the Captain and first-mate, being met with signs of he being crazy, he from then on keeps his story to himself, feeling as ostracized as he’d felt on the island with the Beast People. He also maintained a fear of people soon reverting to an animal state, but a mental specialist who’d known Moreau helped Prendick with these thoughts. He then mentions after his fear would come and go, he knowing people weren’t going to regress into an animal, but after wanting to live in a place of solitude. After a short sojourn in the city of England, he finally escapes the oppressiveness by locating a spot in the country, studying and experimenting in chemistry and studying astronomy on clear nights, Prendick feeling a peace of mind and ends his narrative. An oddly satisfying read; dark, but exciting.

Adventure Time Summer Special

The Summer Special starts with Finn and Jake lost in the desert with Jake believing Finn is reading the map wrong, but Finn claims otherwise and so points the right direction and Jake slings him in the direction of a cave, where a Troll Guardian is standing outside. They realize it’s the right place, but they can’t pay the toll so are turned away. They decide to put up a lemonade stand for travelers to raise money, but their lemonade was not of a cool temperature and so money was returned soon after raising it. The Ice King shows up asking for lemonade, but Finn and Jake refuse to sell to him and in anger the Ice King freezes the stand for being denied the lemonade, which then Finn realizes their efforts have been turned into icy pops, ending up with them selling and so don’t even need the treasure for cashing in with the pops they sold. The next story starts with Jake frying some eggs and singing a song about it. Then he sees a pigeon near him, which Finn explains he found in an unlikely spot in his unmentionables. Jake asks why he’s holding the bird with tongs which is explained with the facts of the creature possibly being diseased. Finn figured the bird could stay a couple days, roommate-style, since the little guy wouldn’t leave.

After a couple of weeks, some of their articles have been going missing, Finn not having his pants handy and Jake bereft of his teapot. They they see the bird is using their belongings as bathing material and isn’t helping around the house either, which spurs Finn into deciding the bird should go. The bird then speaks, to their surprise, but turns into something un-bird-like, at the same time. Jake figures out the creatures origin and Finn begins fighting it, but Jake informs him the only way to beat it is through a voting system, which the creature had to obey, getting him to leave. This was also a good mini-story. The next one starts with Marceline reading and notices PB walking by. Curious, she follows her not making herself known. She follows PB to a crystal-heart tree hidden through a cave, for an experiment. PB tries to snap one off, but in her efforts, Marceline gets some entertainment from her failure.

PB then sleeps over for another try later. Whilst she sleeps, Marceline successfully gets one of the tree limbs broken off and leaves it next to her, then leaving, her job complete. Which was a sweet one in its simplicity. The next story is a Fionna and Cake mini, starting with Fionna kicking debris off of the dirty yard as Mr. Stumps complains about its mess. Cake claims she can clean it up and proceeds to eat the mess up, with Mr. Stumps in agreement to it’s cleanliness afterwards, awarding them some cash. Fionna plans on using the money to attend a Heroes and Adventurers Caucus for souvenirs, but then the money bursts into flames. She runs quickly to get her ticket, but then is shown a sign which excludes her from attending, this doesn’t stop her from trying though and so disguises herself into looking like Finn; I won’t even go into the ending, but it was cute as Bonkers. I’ll be happy to start the Fionna and Cake series.

Adventure Time Annual Issue #1

The annual issue starts with an alphabetical rhyme which take Finn and Jake through different parts of Ooo and end up at a radio station. It was a quick and fun read. The next story is with Finn and Jake playing a game called Cave of the Game-Sword. Finn gets through and sees the sword, when he reaches it, it says he’s won the game. Then it tries to get Finn to make the sword his best bud and to forget BMO and Jake, which totally ruins the win and he goes back to Jake to inform him of what he thought of it. The next story is a rap-style story of Finn and Jake going to a party and how Jake is almost carded, for being a dog, but it ends positively. The next story starts with the Ice King and Gunter doing a D&D-like quest. Finn and Jake are the bad guys in this one and Ice King tries to defeat them with his penguins. When he succeeds, Gunter takes the glory and the Ice King shouts of betrayal. Ice King is properly prickled by this and Gunter stays victorious. The next story starts with Jake being a musician and then zombies begin to attack, when he’s woken by Finn with a poke to the ear. The goal for today is to climb the tallest mountain in Ooo, but Finn gets tired before even starting and then a cloud which seemingly turned his back-pack into a life-form, asks if he would rather be carried. Jake asks why he’d want to do this and the knapsack says it’s to return the favor.

After making some headway, soon they run into ski ninjas fighting surf samurai’s for some reason on the mountain, which Finn doesn’t get to see for being attached like a backpack to his backpack. Jake doesn’t help the matter by divulging of it’s once in a lifetime awesomeness. Then they move on to witness Yeti congressmen having a meeting and Finn is having a conniption for not being able to see anything still. After an avalanche comes down whilst a goat-cheese race was in progress, so it took Jake a bit longer than normal to dig Finn out for eating cheese, as well. When they reach the summit, Finn is so mad at not having seen anything the whole trip, he whacks the sack with his stick of forgetfulness and also gets a swing at Jake too. The next time Jake wakes up Finn has planned to climb up the mountain again, but his idea is spoiled by his beanie trying to eat his face; an exceedingly good story. The next story begins with Lemongrab going to the beach, catches a lemonopus and makes lemon pie. There are more animals who get turned into snacks as we go through the story and then Finn and Jake show up, Finn getting a bit defensive to what they’re doing to the wild-life, but once seeing lemonade, joins their picnic. Funny, but disturbing.