The 12 Labours of Gastrophobia (Gastrophobia #1)

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It doesn’t take long for this cute, funny webcomic to be seen as hella snarky and sharply toned personality to shine through. This book has 12 episodes and each one is a great time with the view of a mother-son team kicking some ass and fumbling their way to success, sometimes. The first story had them going after a humongo-lion looking cheetah and ending with them not receiving the reward on it, due to its state. The second was a story of Phobia (mama) looking for her bro when they were both quite young and locating him at the bottom of a long ass plummet down a hole, Hydra also waiting for her. In the end, this tale being for Gastro (son), she scares him since he’d been so unceremonious with how he woke her.

The third was a Bambi-like story where he wants revenge on she, whom killed his mother, so must become a “monster” in kind, with an open ending. There are also short one-offs, but the longer story after has to do with Phobia’s relative haunting Gastro over how she’d dined and dashed a ton of inns, ending with another look see at grown Alcides, Phobia’s baby bro. The next episode has to do with Gastro being responsible for cleaning out their hut since he’d packed it with trash from the city thinking it could be useful, and also thinking directing the river through the hut would be the best way of cleaning it. The more I read, the more Gastro reminds me of Steven Universe.

The fifth episode had the two going after a minotaur and Gastro ending up without his horn because the minotaur didn’t get bored. Phobia meanwhile, doesn’t see the value in replacing it anyways, since their family were warriors and Gastro was destined to be one, as well. They then walk into Horsetown where a new resident horse gives Gastro the opportunity to get some kind of magical request and in the end gets his horn replaced with a mini harp.

There’s even a nod to The Time Machine HG Wells-style, which then transforms into the Phobia episode where it shows how she got kicked out of Amazonia. The crossover comic with Chris Hastings was funny and the humor stays strong throughout. They have a bake-off Iron Chef-style, which the results are just as unfair.

The last story has Phobia adopt a puppy for Gastro, it not being a large beast, but still had a good sense of the hunt. Another fun go-back is the ever-changing story of whom Gastro’s father is, Zeus, but the form he takes being different in the tellings. This is bunches of fun and I’ll enjoy reading them til there are no more.


Bone: Disney Adventure

The Bone comic which was within the Disney Adventures Vol. 4 is one titled “May the Force be with You”. Thorn calls to Phoney and Fone to remind them it’s their turn to do laundry and Fone lets her know they are aware, Phoney calling fluff by replying they’ll “get right on it”. Continuing their walk away, Fone asks if Phoney notices the country lifestyle of their surroundings they are currently residing in, which Phoney includes shoveling cow barns, he preferred the “bustle of…Boneville”. Fone reminds him of how he worried about money and now he doesn’t have the option, should relax and give in to fate, Phoney arguing there are more powerful forces than fate they’d be dealing with, soon discovering a treasure map.

Giving the perfect forum for Phoney to rub in how Capitalism is at work. They follow the map, Phoney determined to see it to the end with the ultimate hope of returning to Boneville in high acclaim. Phoney’s efforts, though greedy, also ended them up in a huge nest, with mama bird soon coming back. They try not to move and Fone gets gobbled for Phoney’s suggestion which has Phoney go after the big bird with threats to her unborn if she doesn’t release Fone from her gullet. His child endangerment seems to do the trick, with the angry mama spitting Fone out and ready to claw them, the both jumping out of the nest and rolling the rest of the way down the steep briar patch.

They fall in to the right area, next to the tree described upon the map, Fone being surprised of its reality. They follow the instructions and Fone detects a shovel nearby. Phoney continues with how Capitalism is a “force in its own right”, and “a power that be”. Fone, who’s doing the digging, hits something after this revealing conversation. He pulls up a bag and uncovers “a bunch of dirty clothes”. Soon they realize it’s Phoney’s dirty clothes which leads to Phoney thinking Thorn must have set this up, whilst Fone replies it’s that or the “powers that be” wished they’d get the laundry done. Which ends the strip; this one being hella entertaining and on to the Holiday Special Premiere Edition.

America (The Book) & I Am America (And So Can You!)

Preface to my short blurb review: I read this well before The People’s History of the United States, and this book is meant to be a humorous overview of what every American typically knows of history and politics, so I’m still glad I read this and would still read more from Stewart in the future because of his smart, funny take on politics; same goes for Colbert.

This is very similar to a history textbook, with a subtle side of The Daily Show humor. Entertaining, but definitely not meant to be read in one sitting. Enjoyable way to read about American history.

When I started this book, I thought, ‘I like Colbert, I’m going to try it.’ At first it was kind of slow going, but once I got a few pages in, I started to understand the humor. There are so many side notes that I found it hard to want to read all of it, but once I got past the thought, I realized how funny this book was. He also talks about his personal life along with childhood pictures and more of the like, but not enough to digress from his main point. I’m looking forward to reading more of Colbert and Stewart if more becomes available.