Cucumber Quest (Vol. 3 Webcomic)

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The shortest one, yet; To pg. 519. 

So, Cuco interrupts the ghosts turning the castle into an easy lounge spot, since Legato wasn’t around. They also confide about how this Legato isn’t the REAL dude, he coming back to announce it was time to begin the show. Legato reveals to being Panpipe, in actuality and he gets his apology from the guy whom has been taunting him since school, both apologizing and moving forward. Cuco and co. find Noisemaster, Almond attempting to rationalize how tired he must be after going through this 99 times, but Noisemaster isn’t wearied and Nautilus had forgotten another important tidbit about how Noisemaster had a partner, Mutemaster, but this all being for nothing since it seems Noisemaster wins with a bomb, but he yields to them like they’d won, turning back into their Disaster stones, then the Oracle admits to helping them, for some ass backwards reason, she taking them all back to her H.Q,

Princess Parfait gives Tomato a fools errand by finding her necklace which she claimed she’d lost, then attempting escape, only to be found by Double Night and she talking to him about her concerns to the point of forgetting whom she’d been baring her soul to, he leaving her after she’d almost requested he deliver a love letter to Carrot for her. As the quartet get ready to leave, Nautilus is gifted with a cell upgrade for Liquus and then Cosmo almost fucks with them, but he de-pixelates and then they realize they’re progressing speedily toward the sun, Nautilus deciding it was a good time to try out her useless spell of ordering pizza when no one else wants it. They float away with delivered pizza, somehow.

A short little story which hopefully I’m following properly, but either way I’ll be going through the whole series, so it doesn’t truly matter since it’s so on point. Continuing on!


Cucumber Quest (Vol. 2 Webcomic)

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Getting straight into it, I hadn’t paid close attention to where the cut off point was between vols, which makes the flow of story a bit easier between my posts, so here it continues! To pg. 407 on Webcomic.

When they land sorta kinda nearby the kingdom, they’re interrupted by a minion of the Oracle with news for them, it also outing the fact of the Nightmare Knight having been released 100 times over the course of blabla amount of years, Cuco not pleased. Princess Nautilus was quite hopeful to discovering a true way to finish the Nightmare Knight off, Chardonnay, the servant having to go after this.

Meanwhile, Carrot wakes up by Crabbro and he’s told where they’d been last, he locating Almond and talking big, but unfortunately unable to back it up. Then, back with Cuco, Saturday pops up as Cuco is complaining about how difficult finding her is, this being in wish formation, because this is the logic they use in order to explain her poofing out of nowhere, she not happy with poofing, either, but giving up the sword when asked, since the one she had was a fake, it not coming out from it’s sheath. They deduce it is the real sword, though and once Saturday realizes they can’t send her back, she’s firing at them when she gets smashed into by a UFO, a man walking out and marveling at the place needing saving. He gets directions to Caketown Castle and biffs off again, Cuco and the princess continuing on to her kingdom. Meanwhile, Almond’s plan fails, Peridot showing up and relishing Almond’s fate, having the squid take action, since she couldn’t, but this fails, and she cries aaall the way home, Almond agreeing to come up with a better plan when Carrot mentions it.

Cuco and Nautilus see the damage the squid had done to her city and castle, the 2 going in and updating the King of their progress whilst he also revealed how Nautilus’ mama was currently captured, and whilst the future wasn’t bright, they needed to remain hopeful they’d discover a way to end the nightmare (Knight) once and for all. They learn why the sword remained in its scabbard, and would now have to get the siggys of all the princesses in the other 5 kingdoms, Nautilus signing since she was there. The king then gives Cuco a magical trinket since he didn’t know how to use a sword, and reveals a spell inside capsules, their uses quite specific, puzzling Cuco, esp. when he ends up with the same pointless spell, and when Nautilus tries, gets another quite pointless spell, which only allowed her to order pizza anywhere when no one else desired them…

After this they continue on their way, upon coming to a dead end beneath the castle’s stone path, Nautilus sending her Liquus to see if they can get through underwater, the 2 being greeted by Crabbro when he’d left. He updates Cuco on Carrot looking for him, Crabbro warning them to be careful if they were planning on taking on the squid, then Liquus calls about there being a way through, and Nautilus confides of not being able to swim, oddly, but Cuco helps with a spell which would act like a scuba diver helmet. They get through without trubbs and even discover Almond’s sword, their entrance definitely noticed by all, since they weren’t covert whatsoever.

Once Almond gets the simpleton squid to pick up the barrel trapping them, they’re able to escape, Carrot and the Queen getting caught by the squid temporarily before Carrot saves them both. Before they can leave together though, Nautilus sees Splashmaster’s crown for limbo, which is truly hers, as she’d won it earlier, so due to the squid’s refusal to return it, she invites him to a limbo-than, the whole nine-yards popping out from under the sea, ready for this moment of limbo-dueling.

Nautilus wins fair and square again, since Splashmaster didn’t know how to limbo anyways, but he doesn’t take it well and crunches the fun insta-limbo set. When Splashmaster makes off with Carrot and the Queen, Almond attempts to do the saving, but they couldn’t fight as well underwater, Cuco remembering one of the useless spells he’d collected, making a drain stopper appear. They pull the cork, and Almond’s able to finish the creature off. The oracle makes it seem as though she didn’t actually see the future, but does give them the Splash stone, so they could continue their journey to the next minion in Melody Kingdom.

The Nightmare Knight updates Cordelia on Splashmaster’s failure, but is adamant the hero’s journey will end in Melody Kingdom, she also having Peridot go there, as well. When Peridot also moves this frozen green fella they conquered, she also sees Cabbage still in his cage, she stating the obv of the unlocked cell and they didn’t actually need him there, but he feeling like he was comfy and getting old. After he stays with his new frozen cell-mate, Peridot runs into the Nightmare Knight, whom mispronounces her name, she then biffing off to catch the end of her show, which segue’s to hearing Princess Parfait scream because Tomato was being a dick and playing keepaway with her necklace from Carrot.

Tomato plays the age old classic, an exchange for a kiss, but the Nightmare Knight interrupts by ordering Tomato to get back to his post, he intimidating him before he agreed to go more willingly, Parfait doing the etiquette-remembering and thanks him. Nautilus, meanwhile thought she wouldn’t be allowed to continue with the heroes, her pops surprising her and also requesting she sample some good food to recommend when she returned. When they’re on the Sea Train, they meet with Cosmo again, whom carried snacks. They then learn Cosmo was the driver of the Sea Train, but instead of speeding the sucker up like he said, he activates a bomb, then ditching them, but then Saturday coming back to swindle the train passengers.

Brambleby, he servant begins fighting Almond and Cuco per her orders as Nautilus and Carrot search for the bomb, Saturday done gathering riches before Nautilus shows up, accompanied by bomb. They arrive at Trebleopolis during a birthday bash for their Queen Cymbal, Princess Piano performing in a concert later. The Queen at first didn’t want them to meet up with Piano, since she needed to be ready for the concert later, but it’s given the okay after she’s done the concert and her voice wouldn’t be required anymore. Before she’s to go on though, she gets a package which ends up being a trap for her, someone inside.

Then, when the show is about to start and the quartet sit down, Noisemaster speaks from another area, live and has Princess Piano with him, she bawling and complaining of her makeup being ruined and the weather chill, the crowd in shock. Noisemaster then makes clear his terms and shuts off the stream, he then seeing Double Night (Great idea.), he bagging on Noisemaster’s stereotypical gangsta talk. Noisemaster than must reassure Double Night of his competence, since he’d been the only one to do as ordered. Meanwhile, BLT has broken up, T making B biff off.

Back with Almond and Carrot, they decide they must split from the group to do some tasks in order to open the Oracle’s gate, Cuco and Nautilus, waiting there. As they are, Cuco’s losing hope and Nautilus is wondering why he can’t look on the brighter side, when Double Night turns up. He takes a swing at them and opens the gate for them instead of killing them, somehow. So, Almond having returned with Carrot, the quartet go through. They are soon met up by the mayor of the town, she allowing them in her home in order for them to meet the curfew of their area. She was attempting badly to rhyme the story of Legato, when he shows up and takes everyone prisoner.

When it begins to unfold Legato’s plan for them to be a part of his play, which they soon realize has the also trapped princess starring in it, and Cuco asking straight out what the play was about. Cuco surprised Legato wrote the play about his own beauty, and when almost finishing a sentence which was insulting to Legato, he decides the boy’s costume. Then, it seems something in orbit is going to blow up, and this is where, I suppose it stops, somewhere, so I’ll continue to the next, immediateleh!

Cucumber Quest ( Vol. 1 Webcomic)


Now, this cover, isn’t doing the story justice, but it does show you the cast of characters to expect, I suppose, so it serves the general purpose of at least providing a colorful backdrop to which one should expect to find the comic, and it does live up to the perdy color scheme and style. Less necessary, but I’m also appreciative of this comic, so far being the only one which apparently saw the value of having 2 categories on Goodreads, which I appreciate, since I usually have to create a spot for it being a webcomic.

So, it starts with a look at what the “evil” character looks like, and then goes into Cucumber’s entrance, he young enough to be living with his mother, whom also looks young, and Cucumber is packing for a trip for her enrollment to the “best school in the world”, which apparently is Harry Potter-esque, his lil sis, Almond not worried her bro will do well, since Cuco is a study bug. They then get an oddly timed letter from the sibs father, he worried his letter may not reach them, but something of dangerous matters needed to be shared. He had learned the Queen Cordelia, whom resided in Caketown Castle in their beloved Doughnut Kingdom, was planning WORLD DOMINATION and needed Cuco to join his cause.

Cuco is not at all pleased with the idea of ditching his future for his pops, but his mama won’t hear it, she not caring how it sounded when Almond offered to go instead, but believed Cuco could be allowed to reenroll upon completing his kingdom saving mission. His mama was so proud, she praises how well he’d already packed his bag, and shoves him out the door before he can even get his dinner in him. As he’s sitting on the stoop, a magical creature pops up, making sure he was Cabbage’s son, then revealing she was the dream oracle, there to provide some info, but Cuco interrupting thinking she must have the wrong sib, but upon offerring his sis, the oracle dismisses her as not being a legendary hero type due to her sister status.

I’m definitely enjoying the blatant slapsticky comedy. The oracle, upon stating how she knew he’d read the letter, is shown shoving her face against the window as he’d been “reading”. Cuco is nowhere near interested in this quest, obv, since his next suggestion is for the oracle to save the world herself, she being one of its “protectors” and all, but she feigns bad reception and bids him meet her in Gumdrop Forest, to Cuco’s dismay.

Cuco makes it to Caketown by the next day, and is introed to a bunch of bullies, BLT trio, their names those of the letters listed. Then, after Cuco sneaks past them whilst they argued amongst themselves, hears his name, his pops behind bars, he again telling of the danger they were in, but Cuco, not seeing it, everything on the fine-ass looking day side. Cabbage reveals the “Queen’s” plan to resurrect the Nightmare Knight, Cuco disbelieving of this news, as well, and apparently with every right.

Then we’ve got our “Infinity stone” copy, when Cabbage points out Cordelia’s collection of Disaster stones, the last one to be collected, ofc leading to disaster, and Cuco’s mission being to get the Dream sword from the oracle. Cuco again can’t understand why Almond wasn’t perfect for this, she having practiced sword fighting and wanting to become a knight, whilst he didn’t know how to wield a sword, his father shutting him down, since again, no one has known any lil sisters becoming LEGENDARY HEROES, and why start here, ya know? Plus it ran in their manly side blood-line, it skipping a generation sometimes, since Cabbage wasn’t a hero either.

(I’m getting mad Monty Python vibes of comedy here) Papa, in his build up to getting Cuco to get going on his mission had shown his cell hadn’t been locked, but he fixes this by reentering and shutting door, Cuco then deducing he could make this mission easier by ridding the other stones right in front of them, but then BLT show up. Cabbage urges Cuco to use his magic, since he’d gotten into school with his talent, but this fails, Cuco upset since he’d been planning on replacing his wand for a better one, but he doesn’t have to worry for long for his lil sis, Almond turns up and saves his butt.

As they’re walking and chatting, Cuco bumps into a lady carrying a huge cake, and it dropped, the 2 bakers out of sugar and needing a knight to collect it from Gumdrop Mtn., Cuco and Almond heading through the forest which surrounds it, the offer being made to collect it for the bakers. Next, though, the 2 kids got 2 extra in their party, the bakers coming along, and then Cuco wanting to go back, since they’d revealed there could be monsters there, but the sugar ofc being too valuable. Then, they run in to the last guy, whom was sent to get sugar, stuck in a tree, but when he falls out,

Almond is digging how this guy was a true non-evil knight, called Carrot. After hearing his story of what had caused him fear, they were a bit puzzled, but then, a bear appears, toothless, and complaining about how the people who came in, weren’t being mindful of the wildlife and fucking shit up. Cuco gets to how they’re “legendary heroes”, this having the bear help them see the oracle. When they do though, she’d given the sword to a different bunny, unable to tell them apart, Almond let down by the oracle’s mistake, then questing them to get it back, the derp. Carrot knew where her hideout was, so they would now have to extend their tasks, Cuco dreading it, but Almond relishing the upcoming fun. So, toothless bear escorts the lady bakers back as Carrot goes along with the kids.

Soon, they reach the sword thief’s, Saturday’s house, they learning where she went, but before leaving, Cuco convinces Almond to check around for treasure, she scoring hard! Cuco discovers the last disaster stone, Almond hella disappointed now since Cuco figured they could use it rather than the sword, but soon Almond and Carrot are in disagreement over it. They’re interrupted by Cordelia’s witch, Peridot, whom starts doing her best made spell, which turns peeps to stone, but this isn’t needed as a threat, which Almond soon makes obv, by simply giving the stone to the witch, which made her look stupid and vowed to revenge upon Almond, she unmoved, and excited to still be going on their quest now, to Ripple Island, Cuco even spotting a wand in among the treasure.

Next, Cordelia is in the middle of berating BLT crew when Peridot returns with the stone and they get their girly squee moment. Meanwhile, the kids and Carrot try to get a boat to Ripple Island and are denied outrightly, but only due to the fact the last ship which tried to get there was attacked by a big ass squid. When they’re back outside and discussing it, they are overheard by a weird little girl, whom has invented a steam-powered ship which will get them across to Ripple Island, free of charge. Cuco does dread how odd this is, but Carrot reasons, what other choice did they have in declining, so they all going. Cuco worries whilst they’re on their way, but the ship is so fast, it seems they’ll arrive at the island before they meet trubs, then they meet trubs as Cuco lightens up, a cyclopic squid smashing their ship and Cuco getting knocked out after seeing Almond in the things grip.

When Cuco awakes, he’s thrust fairly quickly into a situation where he must stop a bunch of crabs from clacking all over a lil girl, he successfully bringing them upon himself and kaplowing them with his wand. He intros himself to the grateful Princess Nautilus and they have a nice lil joke between them involving her name, and then, once he confesses why he was there, she realizes he’s a descended legendary hero, he admitting this is what’s said, and she going on to how she studied the histories in order to help this hero on his quests, she showing how seriously deeply intent on helping she was, a scary fanatic look making the point. She then also gets to show off her history skills regarding the Nightmare Knight, but falls short a bit, after only being able to name Ripple Kingdom’s master.

Then, she reveals more of how she’d washed up on the Island, being from Ocean Kingdom, this as they’re waiting to be seen by the crabs owner of the resort. Meanwhile, Almond was threatening the squid Splashmaster, she currently captive, and then the Nightmare Knight showing up to get the squid’s report, so he goes through showing off his captives, a Queen, which was supposed to have been the princess, and Almond, the legendary hero’s sis, this not pleasing him, either, tasking the squid with taking out Cuco when he showed. He was currently not being able to be candid with his mother as he’d called home to supposedly catch her up, but she not actually wanting to be worried about their dangerous adventures, so he hangs off a little deflated. They then see the owner and he’s looking a little dippy, but he’s quite a large crab, the princess’s reunion with him also deflating since he declined to help them, but would toss the 2 back to where the princess’s home was, Cuco not realizing he actually meant it.

This is where the story ends, I believe, so I will continue to the next, since this is quite addictive, and cutesy and if you’re looking for some light comedy, is perfect!



Amya is one engrossing webcomic, about Faye, a mute girl, whom goes on an adventure, ofc! But, to begin, she makes a late start, her maid having her dress and run an errand with her, since she was told to keep her eye on her. She doesn’t do this as Faye notices a book cart, and then is reunited with an acquaintance from way back when, Accel, the 2 of them leaving quickly, since he was afraid to be noticed by guards. Later, after they’d both been knocked out and captured, Accel reveals how his grandfather had it out for him for some reason. It’s cutesy drawn and black and white, which usually makes it difficult for me to follow, but it’s fun. When they attempt to escape he sees she can cloak herself all invisible and whatnot. Accel has to make a deal with his bounty hunter and it gets him off the train with Faye.

They end up staying the night in Erishore, the 2 learning there’d been murders taking place in the area, Faye writing her fear down, but the 2 staying in separate inn rooms. When it’s close to morning, Accel hears something outside his room, he meeting his neighbor next door to go with him to investigate, see a monster sucking a man’s life out. Kaden, the neighbor, shoots at it, but misses, the 2 pursuing, and Faye helping with her magic, Accel then getting Faye back to bed, she deciding she’d be staying with him the remainder of the night.

In the morning, Faye sleeps in whilst Accel goes for the breakies, seeing Kaden, and asking to lookout for Faye whilst he took care of seeing the apothecary. When he learns how much the burn potions would be, he attempts to get her to lower them, she also having fought the weird monster thing at it always returning, so this time most likely would be no different. She does offer cream and bandages for free, though. Meanwhile Faye comes down and Kaden starts babbling, When Accel returns, he confesses the Seraphine being after him, as well, he having stocked up on supplies and whatnot.

They then get on their way and are met by a trio of other travelers, they inviting them to their camp for a meal, due to how they’d been up at arms at first. Upon reaching camp, they meet the rest of their party, one of them offering a job for them if they were willing, since they were all heading toward Deepwall. As Accel helps one of the men nearer to where they’d met, the other half realize whom Faye is and decide it’d be best to move on, Kaden insisting they would wait, in the end, everyone at camp moving onward for the others to catch up later. Then when they pass a caravan, one of the men asks to speak with Faye privately, she accepting and he also confessing they’d met before, they agreeing to speak more later.

They continue on and reach their next destination,Felix having reserved an inn room, and would first reconnaissance with the rest of his team before they settled in. Faye takes a stop at a book shop, per usual, then goes to meet the others at the inn, she being told she had her own room. When she gets to the room, she finds Felix, whom had known her before, he stating she didn’t have to return home if she didn’t wish, also making clear she didn’t have a choice but to stay, since they could use her for the betterment of the country. Faye doesn’t allow him to boss her around though, she jumping out the window.

Kaden returns in time to see her, and defends her against Felix when he follows her out of the window. When Felix is confronted by one of his own, he warns her to stay out of the way, as well, his master plan not involving what she’d been recruited for, helping the Fae. After Felix magics himself out of there, they meet up with Accel, whom has news to share, the seraphine, isn’t after him afterall. Kaden then catches Accel up on what’d happened with them, they gaining another traveler and heading out. They reach an I.D. check and Faye sees her father, he stating he’d reward her friends for helping her back. They are lead by her father to the train, where he will meet them later, and walking in with the seraphine, whom apparently was there to protect Faye and not kill, like they’d thought. Accel hadn’t wished to escort Faye to his father’s home, but Faye’s father was insisting, she passing him a note before being led out by her father for a private chat.

Then a backstory for Vincent is given, whom resorts to stealing when his sibs are being poisoned for lack of food, and the mother already having lost a child a year back. The man he steals from offers him a position which could help his family indefinitely, he deciding to take it, but his mother not wanting him to leave. Which leads into the next backstory of Lenna, she training with her bow and arrow, not impressing her trainer, but she being better than shit, and also being discriminated against for being a certain race.

I believe this is where the novel ends, but I will be continuing, because this story is strong, mysterious, and addictive. Don’t usually care for black and white comics, but I’ll add it to my short list of good’ns. Sally forth!

Best at Winning, Worst at Love (Gastrophobia #3)


To start this volume, Phobia and Gastro end up in a snake pit somehow, and she makes a snake rope out which Gastro slights, like a little smartass, as usual. He then goes over the dumb reason which had gotten them there, then bringing up how she’d gotten stuck in a pit with hydras when she was small, but this turning into a story about how she lost her ability to shoot an arrow straight after her head injury from the fall. She lets slip how an idea from her father had her practice winning, which upsets Gastro and meanwhile Philia was in a cave hiding when some fellas from the future come by and cause a cave in, they now having to charge their cell so they can use their teleportation app.

Philia’s back story is quite ridiculous, in an appropriation to the wild story’s winding. By the end of the episode, Gastro forgives his mother for keeping the identity of his father from him and a great song in the tune of Cyndi Lauper’s Time After Time is pretty funny, as well. After this, a nice little back story of Klepto and Mania’s first meeting is shown; He’s responsible for releasing a strange hellbeast-looking bug Krphxyzwlps. which then goes off in search of him when he’s not there to witness it’s resurrection after a half year baking underground, plant-style.

When Krphxyzwlps has his triumphant reunion with the imprisoned Klepto, he refreshes the creature on how he’d been responsible for his death, but since Krphxyzwlps didn’t have his anger glands, he couldn’t care less, and he was mostly fully formed except for this and being a bit shorter. Once Klepto reminds Krphxyzwlps they couldn’t go back home and on top of it, he was dating the Amazon lady whom had killed Krphxyzwlps, the buggy believes the dynamics between Phobia and he will change because she doesn’t own him anymore.

Krphxyzwlps breaks him out with some fancy disguises involving every girl Klepto had a crush on, the end; But much better when seen, ofc! The next story has to do with someone who’s doctor-esque, and Phobia has a crap ton of snake bites all over her legs, concerning Gastro. When they go to the doc, he starts hitting on Phobia, she reeeeally not playing hard to get, he bandages her up, and Gastro is plain about what he thinks of the guy. After he stares into Gastro’s eyes though, he comes around, the doc then showing them his plan to be like the dude from Tusk, but for mermaids.

Gastro takes the opportunity to remind Phobia of what doc was planning when he gets dunked in his fish tank after falling in when Mania knocks his ladder over. She knocks over his hut, but he survives and has eyes on making Phobia a mermaid, somedaaay! The next story has the princess from pretty ponies land sending a letter to Gastro to be friends, and so he and Phobia ride back with the messenger and run into a lady attempting to help her ex-boyfriend, oddly enough (this being Krphxyzwlps, in disguise). Klepto is caught by a giant up in the clouds, and the trio: Gastro, Phobia, and the ex-gf are arguing over the pronunciation of Krphxyzwlps, Gastro having a blast messing around.

After this, it’s revealed how both the crazy ex-gf and Krphxyzwlps were one and the same, the other growing and separated from the host, tumor-like. Phobia doesn’t wait long before taking care of the duplicate Krphxyzwlps, but the call out to Phil Hartman being imagined as her voice is what makes it for me, and I wish I’d known sooner so as to put the two perfect ideas together! Oh well.. This story ends with Gastro writing to Princess Star Butt about learning of a love triangle and his fave color, the messenger horse demanding he settle down so he can sing him to sleep, with My Little Pony theme tune. The next story is funny, but I don’t get the ending. The story after has a great plot twist and funny payoff. After this comes a story about ants! Yay? Sort of, it’s our main cast in ant bodies, except for Krphxyzwlps, which leads to a fairly shticky final joke.

The next one has the cuckoos returning, one in particular wanting to fight Phobia for being bested by her and needing to save his ego for his own sake. During their swordplay, Phobia begins to get mixed signals and thinks she’s getting flirted at, giving him a lil snog. This shames him to know she thought he hadn’t been blatantly obvious with wanting to beat her at fighting, biffing off as a bird. The lady Krphxyzwlps ends the story with news of being engaged to Klepto! Yay!

Phobia isn’t sure how to take this, since she’d been trying to be her friend this whole time and then claimed Klepto and she had been dating since they were young’ns. She quickly forgives upon realizing Krphxyzwlps wanted her to be BFFs with her. Then a time jump to Gastro at 13 and Phobes in denial she’s 33, he wanting to marry Princess Star-butt for being in lurv and I suppose exchanging love letters for 5 years. Quite a series and I’ll be looking forward to seeing the 4th season finished and put in book form!

The Meek

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I first read Mare Internum, an ongoing webcomic and love it, still can’t wait to read more, so in the meantime, I’ve decided to read this. A story about a 15 yr old nekkid kid, Angora running off from a bunch of half naked fellas in the forest. Whilst this could go in a mad dark direction, girly runs off and meets another fella, Pinter whom was in the middle of getting some jars of yummies most like, and he’s able to fistycuffs first fella until they’re discovered by their work-lead and has them focus on their job rather than chasing a naked girl with jars, since Pinter asked her to save the rest.

She escapes though, and mentions how she was on a mission to locate “the center” given by her grandfather which she didn’t know how to complete, yet. She requests help from Pinter, whom she rediscovers camping in the woods. Then the 2nd chapter shifts to the emperor and his family. His wife’s unfortunate death leading to some crazy powers which he uses against a bystander in the parliament.

Then a couple new characters are intro’d, Soli and Alamand, they infiltrating an old man’s home for his research notes, not realizing they were his own and library books from the fancy shmancy library. Soli ends up taking a hit whilst trying to help a boy leader extricate his kid workers from a arrestable situation, she being found unconscious.

Meanwhile, Angora and Pinter have a new dude added to their party when they learn he’s looking for his wife, whom was wounded. Angora eventually realizes Pinter had a problem with booze and refuses to go back the way they’d come for the sake of the new dude. The new dude’s wife is a cunt and tries to assault Angora believing she’s a witch and utter nonsense, besides. Angora and Pinter end up fucking off without the two, she now having to help Pinter for getting a bit of a booboo.

Rana falls in love and when her father returns, learns she’s to be married off, so she confirms with her lover of agreeing to having the emperor diiiiiie. Draaama! and this is where it has stayed on hiatus… It’s an easy, fun, dramatic, comedic read and I’m looking forward to more.


The Tales of Beedle the Bard

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I was at first enjoying the reviews of the stories by Dumbledore, but some of them seemed a little lacking in substance. As a heads up, this review is vague only due to believing, most will know the t.o.c. has the titles, so: first tale was definitely better than the second, since the first at least had a magical object assaulting one’s senses, whilst the second was just a bunch of people walking to a pond which didn’t do anything important, but bring said people together. Okay, kewl. The third story is bewildering in plot, mos def. The fourth was most entertaining, Babbity Rabbity being an Animagi. The Tale of the Three Bros, is ofc a good’n, since it was also in Deathly Hallows, and is one of ’em. Overall, it was alright, better, because it’s quick.