Castle Waiting (Issue #1, Bone Crossover)

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I had said in a previous post how I was interested in reading more from this series, and it looks as if I now have the ability, the first issue having been included in the collection of Bone I have, ha ha! Success!

The story follows a princess, whom runs away from home and holes up in a desolate un-remembered castle. This story, called Solicitine Part One, opens with a goose-looking face-masked doctor ordering someone to be still, the person flinching with fear and getting hurt in the process. Then it’s shown the doctor was cutting a boy’s hair and apparently could not make it through the process without the doctor clipping his ears a bit, the doctor not taking the blame and saying the boy had unusually large ears to begin with. His mother attempts to support the boy by suggesting he do his best to stay still, another goose-fellow, Rackham noting how rainy it was, and Jain would now have to wait longer to get her new room, she complacent with this fact. Jain declares how wet days were perfect for haircut scheduling, and the boy, Pin had been requiring one, the two then discussing how similar he was to his father. Jain is then shocked by a woman whom she didn’t notice at first had facial hair, the bearded woman asking her if she planned on getting her haircut next, Jain having a double-take which the lady states how she’d get a kick out of the face she was pulling if she could see it. Jain recovers and laughs at herself, the woman declaring she must not know of the Solicitine nuns, Jain agreeing, having thought bearded women stuck with the circus crowd.

The woman states of having been with a circus, as well, Jain ready to hear a good story about it as the woman readied to get her hair cut, she agreeable to giving her background, and starting with her home village, in a town where the only pub being owned by her father, Tom Warren, she being christened Peaceful Hortense Elaine Warren, and helping him in the pub when she was learned to walk and could carry drinks. As she got older, she stuck with her idea of taking after her father and planned on running the pub, her mother certain she wouldn’t be allowed for eventually getting married and keeping house, Peaceful certain her husband could keep the house whilst she ran the pub. Her father would attempt to calm her mother down, he believing she was fine where she was and working at the pub would put her out there to potential mates, her mother not thinking her daughter’s plan was realistic. Peaceful certainly had plenty of men flocking to the place, and all of them were happy to socialize with her, the only problem was they spoke to her as a buddy of there girl problems, she helping them out with advice and gathering a loyal following of men who took her advice and found success. Then, one day, Peaceful noticed some fuzz on her face, and it would always grow back, her mother distraught of her fate now sealed on remaining single. Fortunately, the new addition to her looks didn’t stay a surprise to the men who came in, they quickly resuming their usual respects to her, until a couple travelers couldn’t get over seeing a bearded woman outside a circus.

Peaceful was shocked to learn bearded ladies worked in other forums, not having gone to a circus before, she attracted to the idea from this point forward, imagining how interesting it would be to travel elsewhere, she keeping it in mind until overhearing from some other travelers of a show setting up in a town not too far away, she taking advantage of the distance and leaving the same night. Jain is shocked how quickly Peaceful did what she’d wanted, the latter agreeing her resolve may have changed if she’d spoken with her father first, but she had visited since then and they were the same as they had been. When Peaceful gets to the circus and a friendly worker allows her to see a show of what bearded lady they had as their show-runner looked like, she views the woman in a Cleopatra get-up and would have been a hard act to over-run, she also being the owner’s wife. Peaceful realizes she didn’t have a chance, she then introducing herself when the worker asks, she inquiring whether there was other work she could get hired for, Reggie Aleman remembering how his wife had been after him to get a girl to help around with their tent, Peace realizing this could be a good situation for all involved. So, ironically she became a barmaid once more, in the circus, but she moving up quickly enough, the interesting side to her work being to check out the gaming tables, she having a good eye for the gamer’s sleight of hand, Reggie having her start training quite abruptly. Peace was quickly brought in to the fold of the close family relationship people had being in the circus, except for the owner Lint and his wife, she having to stay separated from everyone else on Lint’s orders.

One day though, as Peace was sweeping up outside, she’s approached by Lint’s wife, whom was happily surprised to see another bearded woman around, Peace shocked she spoke English because of her act being Egyptian, the woman stating Lint had made it up for her, she introducing herself as Mabel and confessing Peace was the first bearded lady she’d met, Peace saying the same, and then Mabel deciding they should be best friends, Peace agreeing. Lint then walks up, and acting all high and mighty, attempts to quash the friendship, but Mabel wasn’t going to give in quite so easily to this one, he backing off and instead stating she should get inside a half an hour before customers milled about. From then on, Peace and Mabel, whom she called Nessie, a nickname from her stage name, were thick as thieves, Peace now having a confidante, and when confiding to Nessie of how her work wasn’t as satisfying anymore, Nessie certain it’s because she didn’t have a husband, Peace getting an example how wrong she was when a man walked in asking for her advice. Peace wouldn’t have been opposed to a little courting, though, so when she’d seen Reggie turn away a young man whom had been interested in Nessie, Peace got a little hot over how he hadn’t thought to introduce her, Reggie taken aback for a moment, but then explaining how Nessie was a special sort, Peace noting this, as well.

Nessie soon shares the problem she was currently having with Lint, he having promised Nessie and her father his plan to settle down with her and begin a family, but now he wouldn’t even entertain the idea to speak of it with her, she not even getting a chance to talk with him when the circus closed, since they were occupying separate wagons. Peace convinces her she should insist speaking with him one night, Nessie empowered and planning to do so, but overhearing a conversation between Lint and a girl about his true feelings about her and she only being used for lucrative interests. Nessie, upset goes to Peace, whom was on duty, but directs Nessie to meet her in back, concerned by her pain, and was livid when Nessie confides what she’d heard, Peace declaring Nessie shouldn’t be doing her show, but would think of a solid plan, having Nessie pretend everything was fine until she did. Nessie now comforted, goes back to her wagon, a plan soon coming in the form of two men wanting to speak with Peace one night, they thinking she knew of the Abbess at St. Wilgeforte’s, the two explaining what the convent did. Peace brought this good news to a much elated Nessie, the former planning on they making their escape as the circus moved on, she feeling some guilt for planning to leave again without warning Reggie, like how she had with her father, but finishes helping pack up for Reggie on the day she scheduled them to run off. Peace then joins Nessie in her wagon, she having difficulty leaving her pretty dress, Peace lightening her mood so she’d let it go. Nessie pretends to be sick when Lint runs into her, successfully leaving without suspicion, unfortunately, Peace’s escape had been witnessed by Lint’s dumb girlfriend, but she not speaking up quickly, so they not getting any trouble until later on.

Not a bad beginning, especially upon realizing Castle Waiting follows the progression of a community for about three decades, like One Hundred Years of Solitude, except not as dark and obviously not so many years. This story is based on the Brother’s Grimm story, St. Solicitous. Then, the short of Bone’s and Castle Waiting is next!

The Bones are lost again, Phoney complaining about missing his cash, since all anyone ever used were eggs. Smiley then points out the sign with Castle Waiting on it, Phoney seeing the bright side of royalty of a castle definitely working with more than poultry for bartering. Phoney makes a racket as he insists on speaking with a king, a horse, Sir Chess, the Knight Destrier opening the door and not understanding what he was going on about. Phoney busts in and looks for someone kingly, he asking a beaked fellow, Rackham the Adjutant if he was the one they were looking for and requiring assistance. Rackham allows they could definitely help in some way, then offering tea and snacks, Fone politely grateful, but then getting tickled by polterspritz as Phoney asks for cash so they could return home. Rackham ponders their issue and eventually suggests they could do odd jobs until making enough to get back, Phoney making certain they paid in bills (not of the bird nature, HA! No pun intended), and became quite upset when discovering they also used eggs, since they were in the country. Phoney urges the other two off and running, Rackham wondering if they would have changed their minds if they’d known he was referring to gold eggs, Chess certain it wouldn’t have, they must not liking breakfast-related foods.

Not a bad side-story, at all! I’ll be looking forward to reading more, once finishing my other graphic novel needs. Now to continue with Rose.


Adventure Time Issue #’s 15-18

For the first fourteen issues.

  • Issue # 15 starts with Finn using Jake-suit mode to defend citizens of Ooo from Magic Man, who is the only one who can’t be hurt by magic, of course. We then go back in time 15 minutes and see Princess Bubblegum is having a tea party. Then Lump Princess goes off on one of her long story tangents and everyone gets a bit annoyed at her continual talking of inconsequential subject matter. Then Magic Man shows up, responding to the last question Lump Princess posits, with Princess Bubblegum calling him out and wanting to know his reasons for crashing her party. When Magic Man starts messing up the party, we see Finn and Jake seated on a hill overlooking the party and Finn wishing he could go, Jake reminding him it was for princesses only. Soon they’re talking randomness as usual and then some specifically named elephants appear. Jake is the first to notice there’s something wrong happening at the tea party and points it out to Finn. Finn then gets Jake to suit him as they do, for the second time whilst Magic Man is setting the “room” on fire, with puns. A water-filled princess washes the burning princesses and Lump Princess is freaking out. The Magic Man is about to take away Lump Princess’ voice when Finn in Jake-suit jumps in to intervene. Finn and Jake fake Lump Princess out by playing dead for a moment when they save her from getting hit by the magic blast, then they realize the magic had affected them after PB asks them if they saw where Magic Man had gone. PB figures out they do still have a way of communicating through pictures and Lump Princess is affected by it’s beauty. PB decides the boys can’t do anything more for now but wait for the princesses to devise a plan, sending them home until being sent for. Finn and Jake aren’t happy about this of course, but they converse pictorially of all the different ways they wished the Magic Man could be dealt with. BMO walks up thinking Finn and Jake are doing emoticons, joining them since announcing his professional abilities in the field. Once going inside, they soon start “talking” of food and once making their “sammitches”, BMO joins them with their meal and confides how eating will make him strong, Finn giving him a thumb-up thought cloud, which I deduced as “awesome”. After, Finn and Jake go back outside and begin practicing what they’d do to the Magic Man with a stuffed dummy which looks similar. After disagreeing over Finn’s fighting skills, he shows Jake what he would do, but the dummy fights back, knocking Finn in the gob. Soon, Finn figures neither of them would be able to take out Magic Man one-on-one, but together, are unstoppable. BMO starts speaking when they were all jumping and saying Adventure Time in signs, he then thinking he broke the no-speaking rule, being horrified. BMO gets the call from PB they’re ready to reconvene and soon is asking Finn again if he knows where Magic Man is hiding, he showing her a map in his pictorial speak. When they get to the Magic Man’s house, they mistakenly go over the plan outside his door, he overhearing it and deciding he won’t give Finn and Jake their voices back, but Lump Princess comes up with another plan and they walk off to discuss it out of earshot. PB approaches with the other princesses, heavily armed and threatening to fire on him unless he gives Finn and Jake their voices back, but Magic Man uses another spell to turn what they’re holding into slithery awesomeness, but in the end Magic Man gives their voices back because another princess punches holes in his roof and he’d gone through a lot already to design his home how he pleased. The story ends in an upbeat way, everyone going back to PB’s for snacks. The next story starts late at night and Finn and Jake are about to go to sleep, it being one of their busiest days, but “rocked it” and know the next day will probably be the same. Then Jake shows some love after lights out, in a not overly weird way. The next story starts with Finn and Jake questing to save BMO. PB soon reveals she may have caused BMO’s defense-mode to turn on for an innocent reason in relation to the party they were going to have later. PB also adds she has a plan to fix the problem, but not without some damage done to BMO’s memory files. Jake wants to save his files for personal reasons, but they try PB’s plan anyways and they catch BMO as he falls, Jake asking his important question involving his selfish reason for keeping BMO’s memory files intact, upset with the answer BMO gives him. This ending the issue, these being as entertaining as ever.
  • The 16th issue begins with Finn, Jake, and the Ice King facing off in large “war” suits, Jake being Finn’s and an Ice penguin being Ice King’s, in order to save Lump Princess from Ice prison. The awesome duo smash LSP out of her ice jail when Finn, Jake and the Ice King fall down a crumbling hole in the ground, Finn wondering why Ice King fell, for his ability to fly; it being simple enough to explain since he thought they wanted him along for bonding purposes. The Ice King then realizes he may have built the place they’ve fallen into with another guy, whom Finn recognizes and the Ice King then launches into his back-story; which he doesn’t remember the most of other than it was “good times” and then informing the boys it was a dungeon for ultimate heroes to try and get through, with prizes at the end, getting Finn and Jake totally ready to check the place out. Then the Ice King offers his help to get through it, but Finn points out how he isn’t a hero, but the Ice King believing otherwise and when Jake asks how he believes he’s hero material, the Ice King launches into the idea of how he isn’t “kidnapping princesses”, but rescuing them. The Ice King is so good at embroidering a tapestry of heroic-ness and making Finn and Jake feel badly for having messed up his plans all the time, they agree to teaming up so Finn can do what he was born for. They start walking and Finn finally has a chance to use some items he carries in his back-pack, when they reach the Ice King’s Hall of Just Ice. When Jake opens the door, they fight and easily win an ice sculpture monster. Then they have to fight some eyeballs, after which the Ice Queen is defeated by Ice King, with only a little stick figure creature to escape after years of being a part of the Ice Queen. Then the Ice King bring them down again with talks of not being able to remember things from his past, but distracts them with looking through the Ice floor for treasure, not seeing anything. Finn then sees a huge monster and we end there until the next issue. The next story starts with PB having nothing to do on opposite day, which should mean she should be totes busy, but isn’t so far. Then she gets a bit existential before the Ice King pops up and demands she be his bride; and she agrees! He’s so surprised, he continues to be sure she’s sure and then whisks her off to his Ice palace. PB then is shown on a throne deciding what she wants at the wedding. They make it as far as the vows, but the wedding is started so late, PB is able to take back her agreement as the clock strikes the allotted time. The author of the previous totally gave PB a persona which is nothing like how she is, but the story moved along alright. I’m hoping the next one’s better, though. It begins with Finn and Jake being surrounded by ninjas and taken to Ninja Island where they’re told how the Ninja princess has been kidnapped by the Ice King. They’re given a Ninja Fire manual and go after Ice King, who, once found, kicks the boys butts. Finn and Jake think they’ve found the Ninja princess, but it turns out to be Gunter. They learn that the Ninja princess had escaped long ago and was unnoticed by her people due to her awesome ninja skills. A weird and pointless, but pretty good mini.
  • The 17th issue we see Finn still didn’t actually see the monster whom dwells under the ice, so Ice King uses his ice powers and looks for compliments which aren’t forthcoming due to his consistently using them. Finn still doesn’t see anything below and they begin walking away, when the monster finally pops up. We see the moniker she is given, comic book-style and then as Finn and Jake fall, Finn comes up with a comfy idea for landing which Jake is in agreement upon; a pretty funny way, considering. They then are ready to fight the monster, but Finn is surprised to discover a chainsaw arm on the beast, which the Ice King believes should have been a normal possibility, but he saves Finn from becoming sushi himself. Unfortunately for Finn, he gets covered in fish guts twice, which he finds upsetting, of course, but Jake reminds him of how his horoscope somehow predicted the happenings. They explore underwater in a usual way and uncover a chest. When they open it, the Ice King pulls out a photo of what must be himself and a lady, which to him was great treasure, but to Finn, was a disappointment. The Ice King then informs them the next dungeon which will be coming up, which Finn is excited to see since it’s Marceline’s dad’s design. Jake does the honor of opening the door to detect Peppermint Butler inside, who has apparently been changed in some way, climbing the walls away from them, but the boys aren’t surprised by how Pep-Butts seems to get himself into this kind of situation. He’d started writing a message on a stone which the trio then decide to finish, adding their own style to the dark message. Then they travel through a corridor which closes up behind them, Finn and Jake complimenting the style so much Ice King feels a bit put down by their being underwhelmed by his dungeon. Even more so when they run into the first monster, impressed with its hardcore-ness. So far the two “monsters” they defeat, are both vulture in nature, but in different styles. Finn gets the feeling the dungeon might be too easy again, but Jake feels he’s earning the prize when a giant fist from the wall punches him in the face. Which is the beginning of the “boss” monster which knocks out the Ice King, so Finn and Jake begin fighting it, but then Jake gets taken out of the fight. Finn gets mad and takes off his beanie to get down to business, which we don’t distinguish the details of until the next issue. The scene after beginning with a recap of the picture of the Ice King and an extension to the message on the back of the frame. The next story starts with Finn and Jake visiting PB’s lab, she wanting to ask a favor. She then shows them her silly-string theory device and how she is unsure of the results, which of course fascinate the boys. She asks them to guard the machine whilst she looks up some facts in her library, not wanting sabotage before the science conference. They of course accept, with funny one-liners to boot. Finn becomes hungry and Jake suggests noshing on the string theory experiment, which doesn’t take much convincing with the possibility of helping PB’s experiment along, but upon blowing a bubble, Finn has changed the innards of the silly string to a universal degree. Jake begins seeing the innards of the bubble becoming populated, when an evil princess smashes through the wall and threatens to mess PB’s equipment up, starting with the Bubbleverse. Jake decides to look for help in the Bubbleverse whilst Finn tries to use the weeping blade to defend the orb attached to his face. Then the evil princess gets schooled by her mama, which Finn realizes Jake was actually a Yermamasaurus from inside the Bubbleverse which can shape-shift. The Yermamasaurus also shares with Finn about how he can get the Bubbleverse off his mouth area by doing a Peter Pan, the fairy part, anyways and the Bubbleverse changes; this was an entertaining one.
  • Issue 18 shows us what Finn had in mind to stop the big ‘ole monster whom popped up in the last issue. His plan is to slice off parts of the monster, which doesn’t do much since it can regenerate limbs. Finn resorts to picking up the guys and trying to wake them up so they can help him, since he seems to be out of ideas. Finn’s recourse is to using the Ice King’s powers since he realizes he can move him to freeze objects. Finn is then able to revive the Ice King after he freezes the monster, focusing reviving Jake after taking a ribbing when he’s unable to speak for being lip-locked with Jake in the kiss-of-life. After the monster is destroyed, they expose the treasure which was inside its body, which also didn’t impress them, identifying a strange exit from the dungeon, or possibly an entrance to “Skullberg”, as Finn supposes. The Ice King then sets him straight, letting them know it was the entrance to another guy’s dungeon, with the name of, Lich Land. Finn wants to rid it of it’s evil connection to the Lich, but Ice King advises against it, the boys set on going now. When they enter, Finn is decidedly changed and Jake has some worrying alterations, as well. Jake sniffs out a remnant of the Lich and after destroying it, being evolved into a helmet. Then we see Finn and Jake, again looking different and believing they’ve been taken back home. We then see Finn has Jake’s powers and instead of going back through the door yet, they decide to go after the Lich. Finn uses his Jake powers and it’s well taken care of without either of them going far. Then we see where Ice King ends up, which is into a room and his old flame is bound to a wall. He’s able to release her easily enough and then we see what’s actually going on, the boys didn’t seem to go anywhere, but other things were coming in, with them all hallucinating something else. Which will be ended in the next issue. The next story starts with Finn and Jake spying on something and how uneventful it can be, since it’s usually the waiting game. Then they see some why-wolves and decide to stop them from turning PB into one of them. They stop them and confess to PB of their counter-espionage, then getting the why-wolves side of the story. It’s much more scientific than Finn had expected. The boys are still suspicious though, so even though they’re conducting experimental research and then go to a conference, once denied entry they watch from outside what’s happening within. It ended with a total criss-cross espionage resulting in a surprise ending. Quite entertaining. Here’s the Summer Special.

Adventure Time Vols. 1-14

This is so much like the show, it makes me go, “Daaww!” when I read it. The humor and it’s cartoon quality is the perfect distraction for when the series goes on break.

  • BMO is found cooking at the beginning of the 5th issue and is excited to show Finn and Jake what he’d baked, but how they’d have to share it, so the boys decide they’d rather compete for the whole cup-cake. BMO comes up with the idea of whoever can run in the most straightest line for the longest will win, and then begins continuing to build creepy Finn and Jake robots. Meanwhile Finn and Jake turn their run into a walk and then start running into obstacles of the hilarious nature which only comes from Adventure Time watching and or reading. Then they run into a strange guy named Adventure Tim. They have some weird adventures together and at the end wonder what Princess Bubblegum’s invention was, which I suppose we’ll be learning in the next issue, since BMO had received a message from her about needing their help for it, but since they were on “important business” needed a rain check. After, is a cool short which is melted clocks and Escher-like, then a mini of the Ice King getting intimidated by the Vampire Queen. This was a good set of stories.
  • The third issue starts with the Lich destroying Earth. Finn and Jake are surprised at not being dead and seeing the Lich, Jake reveals the Lich must have sucked the Earth into his bag. Finn is then found in a Jake-plane coming down to where Bubblegum and the others are stranded. Then they have to figure out a way to overpower the Lich, which Finn figures they should form teams to do, since they didn’t have enough crystals to protect them from the Lich’s mind control. Then Finn decides they need to join forces to take the Lich out since their divided teams didn’t work. They succeed, but now can’t find the land of Ooo and we end the segment. Then we get a mini-comic with Breakfast Princess having a hang-out sesh with Lumpy Space Princess set up by Finn because he knows they don’t get along well, she saying it’s because Lumpy makes too much drama. Lumpy Space Princess is getting tired of waiting for her and decides to snack on a piece of bacon from Breakfast Princess’s bacon field and catches her in the act. She educates Lumpy Princess how families live on the bacon and she’d made one family lose their home, so Lumpy Space Princess takes them home for feeling so bad at not knowing what she’d done. Lumpy Space Princess does a decent job of caring for them and visits them when they are able to go back to their regrown home, the ending of which is pretty funny with the breakfast microbes’ makeover appearances and personalities. The mini, is a one-pager with Finn as the fall-guy. I’ll be curious to see the conclusion of the main story.
  • The first issue begins with the smiling snail waving at peeps and supposedly being responsible for releasing a dangerous and evil skeleton-looking guy. Five days later, Finn and Jake are practicing battle “burns” when they hear an explosion, upon investigating they see the Lich going after Tree Trunks, Finn and Jake go after the Lich once it starts heading for Candy Kingdom and Finn tries out one of his battle burns on him, which doesn’t do anything other than get the Lich to warn them to prepare for the end of their world, so Finn and Jake get to become “one” again Jake-suit-style and super-duo the Mother which fails and they end up in the Lich’s bag. There is also continual reference of needing to save Princess Bubblegum and, “everyone else in Candy Kingdom”, not naming names, ha-ha. They then meet Desert Princess, whom they share the same goal with and shows where she got her moniker, but unfortunately won’t help them escape their current holdings, which the princess believes can’t be done. Then we skip to the Ice Kingdom and see the Ice King working on a novel about Cake, Jake, Finn and Fionna, when it gets blown away and the Ice King is sucked out by the Lich, which is where the story is to be continued… *Sighs* The reason I hate comics segmenting stories, only so I can forget it enough when I need to start it up again, oh well, this is Adventure Time we’re talking about so, I can’t complain to it’s wild acid-like trip. We then start up a story with Princess Bubblegum being interrupted by Tree Trunks about an order she thought was canceled for Cinnamon Bun’s party, but Princess Bubblegum shares with her how she canceled because she preferred a mysterious cider, literally from the sky. Tree Trunks goes off, a bit disappointed, but comforting herself with the fact some critters still liked her cider. Then she sees a disturbing figure and sees it heading where she gets her apples from, so follows it, sensing this must be her competitor and once she discovers and tastes some cider outside the mysterious figure’s home, soon gets pulled inside by Cinnamon Bun. Then the plot thickens when Tree Trunks learns Cinnamon Bun didn’t make the cider, but was on a juice cleanse. Then we uncover the nasty reason of where the different flavored cider is coming from also getting a cleaned up ending with everyone, including Finn, Jake and Princess Bubblegum at Cinnamon Bun’s party and inadvertently tasting where the flavor came from; icky.
  • Issue #2 begins with the continuation of the Lich’s goings-on, showing him heading for Marceline’s “lair”. We then see Finn and Jake feeling quite down for not being able to save the world in the time amount Finn would’ve predicted “normal”, then once Finn hears the Desert Princess’s story of how she’d gotten there, and the possibility of her being more than one of the candy citizens, but not believing in her own supposition, Finn decides he agrees with her way of seeing it, in his usual way. Then we are subtly reminded by Marceline how she’s still being attacked and go back to her side of the story. Marceline seems to get overpowered and meets Bonnibel on a beach where she might know a way off the island they’re stuck on and how Marceline tries to prove some of her transformations could be helpful. Then we skip back to Finn and Jake who see the Ice King and decide to “mess” with him. In the process they run into Lump Princess and then finally decide to dig their way out and head to the bottom of the bag, which sucks them in as they try to figure a way out. We then see Marceline and Bonnibel on a makeshift raft with Marceline using one of her shapes to help sail. When they reach land they run into Lump Princess who’s crying about how Finn and Jake were dead, ending this installment. We then begin a story starting with Finn and Jake singing about laundry. When they check on their load, Finn notices everything has turned red, caused by a sock Jake loved, but hardly wears. Then Finn remembers how Marceline could probably suck the red out of all of his reddified clothes so they go off to ask her for assistance. She makes them do chores in return and poor Jake’s sock changes color as well. Then we get a one page mini of Marceline after a show, which was entertaining as well. Damn, I love Adventure Time in both it’s forms.
  • The 4th starts with Marceline thanking the little sand and ice Finn’s and Jake’s for keeping the Lich busy whilst they battled it out. They meet Bubblegum back on the planet where they see the place is covered in sand. Finn then agrees to locate Sand Princess, who disappeared and would restore the planet to how it should be, also taking on the task of restoring Breakfast Kingdom as well, to Jake’s lazy dismay. Then we see the Ice King has to do with the Sand Princess’s disappearance. Finn gets the Ice King to release the Sand Princess and she comes up with an idea to get the sand off of everything. One hiccough occurs when the sand princesses don’t want to jump in the hole, which was the other part of the plan, because they had a crush on Finn. Finn obliges to their request and the end consists of a new land being added and Finn acquiring a new friend in Sand Princess. Then a mini of young Marceline, which is cute. Then we get a strange one about bears and their leader, Party Pat coming up with a way to eat dip which he makes especially for their party. Main story was better, but it’s still cute-sy.
  • Issue 12 begins with Lump Princess spying on the gang and thinking they were excluding her from all the fun they were having, so she forces BMO to include her in the game, even though it’s only three-player. When she tries to get the group’s attention, she soon realizes she isn’t actually a player, but is in the game. To entertain herself she makes up a story, starring herself and a surgeon, she chatting to the ‘GO’ sign next to her. She doesn’t see the guys come back and so gets BMO to extract her from the game and steals the duo’s snacks before heading out. We then see a doughnut creature carrying a piñata horse, Manfried with a message for Finn and Jake, but the doughnut drops him on the way, breaking him, which he survives, but is technically fine when doughnut guy sticks some of his sugary stuff to glue him back together, which is when they see Finn, Jake and Marceline running to detect Ewlbo. Manfried shouts the message to them as they pass and Finn comes up with a plan to draw Ewlbo out, which the group agrees should work. It draws the wizards out, as planned and as Marceline checks them in for the contest, she runs into one who vandalized herself, giving him rightful retribution and ready to check-in more. After getting through her wizard line and not obtaining Ewlbo, we move on to how Jake is getting on. He’s playing his own game of cards which gets the wizards who have come to reveal their true names upon his winning, which doesn’t do him any good, since Ewlbo isn’t hanging about, so we move on to Finn’s ploy, which would have worked if anyone had known of or was Ewlbo, but no one has any information. Then Truth Field Projection Princess gets Finn to reveal an embarrassing fact about himself since he was under her spell, which is when Jake and Marcie come by to see how he had done. When they realize he didn’t have any luck either, BMO starts dragging Jake away and so the other two tag with him whilst he runs along, destination unknown, but ending with Marcie trying to wake them up for having arrived some place which stumps her as to what to do, which is where we end until the next issue. The mini comic has to do with the Ice King passing out free comics and entrancing everyone into not being disturbed, which annoys Finn due to having lots of interesting ideas to share and so when Jake picks up a comic and Finn decides to see what it’s all about, they begin to fight to be able to read it. When it gets destroyed, they come up with a plan to get everyone to stop reading the Ice King’s comic, which involves making their own, much cooler comic to get everyone out of their trance reading. Jake doesn’t know how to make a comic, but fortunately Finn walks him through it, actually showing how to make one, for anyone interested in doing one themselves. They finish making their comic and begin distribution of it which does exactly what it’s meant to, even when the Ice King comes back with more copies of his own, everyone being too interested in Finn and Jake’s comic to pay him any attention, pissing him off to no end, which is the end; a good issue, can’t wait to see the continuation of the main story.
  • The 10th issue is a choose your own Adventure Time, so this should be interesting; also since this happens to be the comic which was given on free comic book day! We uncover what kind of comic this is by the Ice King announcing it when BMO asks what time it is. This comic has no problem breaking the fourth wall, but they only say it once at the beginning and the rest is shown through magic! Then, Ice King breaks down who’s in charge from then on when Finn tries to punch him and can’t. Then we get pointed at when the Ice King mentions who is now in command of their little lives, but fakes us out when it’s supposed to be Gunter, who disappeared at the perfect moment and they now don’t know who has control; ha-HA. In the end, we get to see the Ice King get what he deserves. Then the Ice King agrees to confess to them the reverse spell, if they accede to being his best friends. Not agreeing makes getting to the Ice King’s truth much easier, but then we wouldn’t see the “hell” he put’s the boys through before confessing to them what’s up. We then choose either PB or Marceline to help, but Marcy’s not home. We have a short ending after PB can’t help and the other timeline has Peebles taking the Ice King into custody for princess-napping too much. The Ice King then reveals to them where he discovers the spell and Jake proclaims they must away to the Ice Kingdom, whilst after making the boys toot in the other timeline they go to Adventure Tim for help. Then in the Tim timeline they try to overload us and under load us with too many options, which they continue to do so, or we can decide to give up control without a fight. The other option has Peebles casting the spell again, but on us and the Ice King says he’s learned his lesson and won’t cast spells similarly to this one anymore, but we all know how he is, and completes the choosing story; much more fun the second time I read it. The next comic shows Ice King and Gunter watching an infomercial in which the Ice King wishes to do some purchasing, but Gunter makes him aware of their lack of space to store his wannabe new baubles. The Ice King decides it’s time for his version of a yard sale. Finn and Jake both see things they want and Jake’s discovery makes the Ice King nervous, not wanting to sell, but Jake confirms it’s incapacity for blowing anything up, he then using his personal “butt batteries” and it seeming to work fine after. We then see the Ice King was reading a bedtime story to an Ice Prince, who wonders how any of this is happening at all if the world had been blown up, but the ending is funny so I won’t give any more details, what with being quite descriptive already. Great issue.
  • The 8th issue starts with Jake opening the door to discover bad robots who hurt him and Finn and PB ask him to hold them off until they can arm themselves. After doing so though, they realize their weapons aren’t going to defeat as many of the robots as there are, so PB directs them in a back-up plan. They escape inside Jake and he runs into Choose Goose after they learn the robots have destroyed Candy Kingdom. Unfortunately Choose Goose doesn’t help them and Jake comes up with another plan when he sees the robots coming for them. He heads them off whilst Finn and PB run for cover at Marceline’s old abode, which they ascertain when Jake joins them. Then they swear to give all they have to making the sweetest time machine they can, but not before Finn receives one awesome token from PB, then leaving to fix the future. After they leave, Peebles is found by BMO in an awesome robot suit and they both beat up robots until Finn and Jake fix the future, getting the continuation in the next issue. The next story has us follow Hot Dog Princess and her wish of having her beloved bun back as her birthday wish, which PB grants. Peppermint Butler then accompanies Hot Dog Princess to the land of the dead to collect her prince, they run into a big duck-billed baby on the way and when they reach another area of the land, they run into a skeleton-looking fellow who updates them where Bun Prince is, but Peppermint Butler must pay the price, melting him into bones. When Butler confirms he’s alright, they continue on to regain Bun, but when Hot Dog sees him finally and he blows her off, she’s a bit ticked off, leaving the story slightly open-ended with Butler’s declaration of finishing what they’d started. An interesting installment, indeed.
  • The sixth installment starts with Princess Bubblegum conducting one of her experiments and finishes her time machines, when Finn and Jake pop by and she’s able to show-off her endeavor. They immediately take the piece for a ride into a minute before and are all pleased by the experience, testing it once more, but then Jake get’s button-pressing happy and Bubblegum makes a royal decree on how their future usage of the machine will be; I rhymed accidentally on purpose. Jake finagles a way to get around the rule, though and waits for the right time to press the button by himself, sending only himself back in time so he can win rock, paper, scissors and go out and discover some emergencies they can get into so they can use the machine more. At the end of this part, the princess smashes the machine, but Jake comes in later and is thinking of repairing it, which we won’t be privy to until the next issue. The next story has Jake and BMO making a video for Finn to cheer him up for not being able to get past a level in his video game and LSP doesn’t want to be the character assigned her and the Ice King wants to change the movie’s whole theme. By the end, it didn’t matter because BMO did something which any gamer would have sulked over and probably would want to die after it was done, but Finn remembered the bright side because of Jake’s grammatical change in the sentence used. A quick and entertaining story.
  • The seventh starts with Finn and Jake getting buff because of the time machine button they still keep pressing and when they look for BMO to see if he’ll get a buff bod from it too, they see their house seems to have gotten quite messy in their “absence”. Then Finn comes up with the plan to get PB to fix the situation caused by their tom-foolery, but whilst they’re on their way, Jake not only turns into a different form, but the environment also seems different, once noticed by Finn. Then a robot which looks a lot like Finn starts shooting at them and their renewed resolve to find PB persists. When they do, she scares them with her Robot-welding mask and realize she’s been promoted, which they should have been aware of already. PB, who is now QB, helps them timeline the past 15 years, they not remembering for having pressed the button and time-skipping to their future bods and reality. After getting updated, Finn promises to help defeat the robots. Unfortunately, Queebles shoots the declaration out of the water when she reveals to them it is what they’ve been doing for the past 15 years and it hadn’t been doing much except getting them into a stale-mate with the robots and the time machines they had, plus the ones QB had invented won’t work, so now Finn and Jake are stuck there forever; or at least until the next issue. The next story has Peebles philosophizing with BMO about time travel and each page has an apology to Kurt Vonnegut and Ray Bradbury, respectively. The next story has us follow Finn and Jake and Peebles doing boring things, in the words of the narrator. We then get back to PB talking to BMO about time travel and another apology to Larry Niven and a final apology to Michael T. Gilbert (no clue who they are, most likely will research). We then get a mini-drama with Lump Princess in woe of her existence. Then we see Jake waking Finn and informing him of what he’d seen PB do to the time machine and what Jake had done after she’d left, bringing Finn to show him the results. When Finn relents in Jake pressing the button to the time machine one more time, Jake shows him what happens now instead of what’s supposed to happen, which Finn thinks is awesome, but they both go to NEPTR to see if it can be fixed. NEPTR succeeds in fixing it, plus keeping the awesome “toots”. Then Finn and Jake are covered by cardboard boxes once pressing the button again and when they break free of them, they have their awesome bods again, ending the issue.
  • Finn and Jake are trying to confirm their current time and whether they’d made it to their own time, whenever it is, starting the 9th issue. They then realize they’ve gone far back in time and so go back to the machine to go forward a bit. After hitting the button again we go back to the original pilot episode of Adventure Time, which obviously isn’t forward. Finn then decides he’ll take the lead on the time machine this time, but before going, leaves a note explaining what had happened to his sleeping bag he’d lost years before. They go a bit more forward and run into BMO to determine what time it is, ha-ha. They apprise BMO of what will happen if they don’t destroy the robot-thems and BMO agrees they need to beat them up. After completing their task, but still remembering the future which will not be and having the older bods, they go to see Peebles to consider if she can help them not get senior-ized earlier than before. PB fakes them out by expessing to them they can’t be fixed and then rescinding her statement. They get their old bods back and all the time machines disappear and after PB goes to Royal Court, Finn takes a gem to the bank to save for 15 years, but when they get back home, they see their evil robot selves are back and whilst Jake takes care of them the second time around before they turn evil, Finn goes after BMO to state to him what’s up with them. Then they end with Peebles and Finn playing video games on BMO. Cute story. The next story starts with Finn and Jake competing on who will catch the biggest fish, Finn taking the lead, but soon the fish tries to take out Jake’s fish and then Finn himself, but then Jake pulls out an even larger fish scarfs Finn’s fish and then it’s on again. Finn not giving up in getting the biggest fish, but then the fish starts to head for Candy Kingdom and they go off to kill it and get eaten. Then, after defeating the fish as posing as bait, they take the credit equally, but confide in PB in confidence they’re each solely responsible for the catch, leaving PB showing a dubious look at them both.
  • The 11th issue has a guest artist (as they all do), at the beginning with Princess Lump (reverse it), is freezing her lumps, then the actual story begins with Marceline who makes a knock knock joke before going inside to talk with Finn and Jake. They were watching a race-car vampire movie, but were ready to play video-games when Marceline asked. Then BMO surprises the guys with their most favorite game ever, Punch Guts III and sucks them into his brain frame making sure to warn them they’ll die in real life if they don’t win the game. They start and immediately get to level 5, where they’ve been shrunk and are now inside the Prince who’s trapped and they are falling towards his stomach acid. They meet up with the virus boss, who Marceline decides is adorable, but kills quite easily, then they kill all the little baddie viruses, which is when they start questioning why the game is so easy so far. They go through all kinds of levels reminiscent of 80s “vidya-games” to get to the final boss. Marceline keeps accumulating lives and when they get to the boss, “pings” him with a touch and they win the game, then noticing someone, who is closely named to elbow, having hacked the game and upon returning to reality is told by BMO forcefully, the game was perfect, with a no-arguments sort of attitude. They then realize BMO isn’t acting like his normally unusual-usual self and follow him to his next scheduled meeting. After witnessing his strange behavior with another appliance, Marceline breaks down the possibilities of what has happened to BMO not being an accident, ending there until the next issue. We then have an unrelated Adventure Time comic to end the issue; I enjoyed the first story, foshow, the second was philosophical and good for those who need to expose a deeper meaning in their comic-reading.
  • We begin the 13th issue where we left off in the last and learn there are an abundance of robots milling about and probably not the kick-back kind. Finn and Jake are up to the challenge though, since they had a nice bed-time rest and are ready for the adventure these robots may give them. BMO begins receiving an update along with the other robots and Marceline takes Finn and Jake for a better look at what is happening. BMO reboots, but not for the better, supposedly now Ewlbo having taken over. Marcie tries to intimidate him, but it doesn’t work and so Finn and Jake team up to try and hack into the robots themselves, which Marceline tries to help them with. Jake gets them to a new spot to initiate their plan, recovering a computer to use, but Marcie soon realizes Finn and Jake have no clue how to hack anything, so she takes over. At first Finn and Jake aren’t impressed, but then Marce brightens the resolution and they get starry-eyed with inspiration to hack databases the first chance they get, which is when Marcie notices a suspiciously named file and opens it. Then they get their Tron moment, entering the program and meet Ewlbo in “computer-land”. Ewlbo then shares his history and we then get his true moniker, which got changed because of the two programs which merged and made all of the robot’s change. Ewlbo’s plan was to use a robot body and help them overwrite the program, believing he could control the merge, but Marceline knew better and it was proven after Ewlbo ignored her warning, which we get to see more of in the next issue. The next comic has to do with Finn and Jake trying to distract a visitor whom loves to eat delicious things and so Jake distracts him by turning himself into a burger to get his attention away from Candy Kingdom. His plan seems to have worked, but when PB and Lady come by to congratulate him, Lady ends up nibbling on Jake. The next comic has Finn and Jake run into a magic hat reminding me of the sorting hat of Harry Potter, giving Finn a title which doesn’t impress him much. Then his royal adviser lists all the things which need doing, since Jake has decided to postpone their adventures so he can focus on the duties Finn didn’t want to handle due to the kind of royalty he’d been bestowed with. In order to make the meeting Finn must attend and not choosing the right mudflap for his carriage, he now proposes they run to the meeting for being late and making the Kingdom of Rad Hats look bad if he doesn’t stick to his schedule. It ends with Finn busting into the meeting and upsetting Lump Princess for uncovering Finn’s new title, which is where it ends until we finish the story in the next issue; not a bad grouping of stories, I still can’t wait to see where it goes.
  • The 14th issue seems to be much longer than any of the others and continues where the main story left off. We learn Ewlbo joined with all the other robots becoming a ginormous one which the trio must defeat since he’d lost memory of his objective in the transfer. The robot mashing then divulges he’s decided to take his creator’s name since he’s overwritten him as Marceline and Jake try to attack him. They guess the robot’s plan and try to focus on not hurting their robot friends who have been taken over by Ewlbo. Jake saves Finn from being squished by Ewlbo and does so in a clever way, which is explained by side-note at the bottom right of the page. Then Ewlbo makes “a big mistake” in Finn’s terms, since he’s caused Jake to fall down a precipice sort of dealie and also has an originally-plastered sad face to go with it. Marceline then tries to campaign whatever part of the real Ewlbo to take control, but is fooled and then told the creator of the program has been deleted. Ewlbo seems to have won and been fully taken over, but then Finn pulls one more switch-eroo which shows Jake being the one to end the robot’s rebellion and putting the trio back into the original game they’d been playing at the beginning of the story. They then employ a cheat code to get their robot buddies back to normal. Everyone was coming back to their robot senses when Ewlbo pops up again and shows they aren’t the only one’s who can cheat in this game, but the trio gets the robots to go into transformer-mode once more to fight off the bad guys made by the bad guy. During the battle Finn and Jake keep trying to impress each other with every bad guy taken down. They then begin dismantling Ewlbo’s pixels and tossing them down to his bad guy minions after discovering the fly-mode in their robot-selves. They are finally finished with the game when, after checking if BMO is alright, he asks if they’d like to play some video-games, which of course, everyone says, “yes!” They then run into the original creator and he’s fine since the virus hadn’t dumped the trash and they end with having the opportunity to explore the big universally large game together, which brings all those past video-games some know and love melding into one; I enjoyed this one, dramatically funny. We then move on to the second half of Princess of Rad Hats which leaves off with Finn being seated in alphabetical order with the other princesses, which put him between Flame Princess and another, when the Ice King crashes through the window. He apparently wanted the opportunity to have the new princess be kidnapped like the others and the fact it was Finn and he wasn’t a girl princess made no difference to him, but when he was about to take Finn away, Jake shows up and tries to talk sense to him, but the Ice King, whilst realizing the strangeness of the situation, must stick to his princess kidnapping ways, regardless of the princess’ boy or girl-ness. Finn is in the midst of feeling sorry for himself when the princesses come to rescue him and show him how being one of them is actually as good and so Finn decides to be the “BEST PRINCESS EVER”, but the hat called Cloche, isn’t impressed with his capabilities and when Finn realizes the only way he can end being a princess is to be fought by Cloche, upon her attack, he feigns defeat and she becomes the new princess, to his relief and PB’s disgust, since he apparently hadn’t learned anything from her advice. Jake gets the last word by giggling at a joke he’d helped create near the end, as is their way; another good issue, I’ll be pleased to read more.

Ozma of Oz

ozma of oz

I took a short break, but couldn’t resist trying to continue these fanciful stories. I think I need a novel which narrates a foreign land whilst I read other more grounded novels, it tends to help me keep the circle of books going and this story is quite entertaining. L. Frank Baum certainly answered the call to the children for more stories of Oz. (Which I plan on trying to explore more of, but only Baum’s and a select few prequel/sequels.)

It begins with Dorothy and her Uncle on their way to family in Australia, but Dorothy discovers herself separated from him whilst trying to locate him during a storm and falls with a chicken coop into the sea where she lands on an island with the chicken, Bill, from the coop (this is where I start remembering everything from Return to Oz I saw incorporated in the story. It’s fascinating and coming back to me and I’m enjoying every part of it). Although after, it becomes its own story again. Dorothy meets the princess of Ev, Ozma, Scarecrow, the Cowardly Lion, and the Tin Woodman return to aid her and the princess of Ev to release the rest of her royal family from imprisonment.

Dorothy travels to the Nome King’s realm and has to guess which ornaments are the Queen and her children. After all that fun we then get to return to the land of Oz temporarily with Dorothy before she is wished back to Australia to her Uncle so he doesn’t die (which I’m assuming is possible due to his hinted advanced years) from losing Dorothy overseas. For my review of, The Marvelous Land of Oz.