The Code of the Woosters


Bertie rings for Jeeves whilst still under his covers, and upon his arrival, learns the hour was in the morning, Bertie confused due to the fog making it dark. He then sends Jeeves to acquire a tonic due to having overdone the drink the night before, what with his friendly adieu to Gussie before his wedding. Bertie knocks back the drink given him, and after a little time, feels a bit better. Jeeves then states of having a brochure, when Bertie asks, he immediately suspicious, since he knew Jeeves wanted him to schedule an around-the-world cruise for himself and had already turned the idea down. Bertie then explains further, why he had no interest, among them being no more room for educational experiences, which Jeeves had likened the trip being similar. Bertie quickly changes the subj. to Gussie, since sensing Jeeves’ displeasure by Bertie’s excuses. He notes of how well Gussie has been holding up, then gives flashback to when he’d swiped a cop’s hat and had been fined, this judge being Madeline’s father. Jeeves then informs Dahlia having called for Bertie to ring her, he deciding to go visit instead, unaware of what he was about to step into. He walks in to find Dahlia reviewing papers for her magazine, she stating of how busy she was, he unable to join her for lunch for a meeting with a novelist she had arranged, and had wanted him to go view a cow-creamer (giving away this TV show cover). The idea being Bertie was to show distaste for the item so when Tom goes to purchase, he’d get a good price, also giving Dahlia the opening to ask for monetary coverage upon acquiring her novelist. Bertie is then given ideas on different actions to perform and what to say, since the shaking of the head wasn’t doable this day: the drink forbidding it. They then discuss Gussie’s sobriety, yet still having a cool head when asked to make speeches these days, Bertie summarizing Gussie’s history for the latecomers of introduction to him.

Bertie then shares where Gussie was at the moment and the upcoming wedding, Bertie stating he definitely wouldn’t be in attendance. Dahlia also in the same boat since Sir Watkyn had attempted to steal Anatole after she and Tom entertained him, Tom and he having a healthy rivalry over silver. Dahlia then gives a paper for Bertie to pass along to Jeeves for opinion, he then off to sneer at cow-creamer. When Bertie arrives, he was surprised to see the shop-owner attending to Sir Watkyn Bassett, he with Roderick Glossop, whom is first introduced to Bertie, here. When Sir Watkyn notices Bertie, after speaking with the owner, he goes over to him to mention having remembered him, but not his name or the crime he’d committed, Roderick pointing out his rehabilitation must not have been as thorough as Sir Watkyn thought, since Bertie was leaning on Bassett’s umbrella, Bertie attempting an apology, Roderick suggesting they call a cop, Bertie saved by Bassett deciding he didn’t want to mar his day with the trouble, and the two leaving. Bertie then addresses the shop keeper the way his aunt wanted whilst wishing he could leave for another of Jeeves’ tonics, Watkyn and Roderick having taken it out of him. When Bertie saw the creamer, he was questioning why his Uncle would pay for such a dark-looking spirited cow. The owner is surprised by his reaction and suggests Bertie have a look at the stamp to show it was English, Bertie on his way to do so nonchalantly, when tripping over the cat, making him dash out the door like a thief. He runs straight into Sir Watkyn, whom calls to Roderick to get the police. When a cop arrives shortly, Bertie exits quickly, thinking to go to the Drones, but then decides on a Turkish bath. It rejuvenating as wanted and when arriving home, being greeted by a pile of telegrams.

Bertie now had misgivings when receiving telegrams, but upon closer inspection, found all three were from Gussie, which worried him since this involved Madeline’s single-hood. (Bertie even almost complete’s the Latin “A sound mind in a sound body” phrase, missing only the last word.) He felt brought down by the seriousness of his possible predicament, he “sinking into a (c)hair and passed an agitated (h)and over the (b)row. Bertie then discussing with Jeeves how he’d learned of the trouble, he suggesting Bertie write back with his concerns to Gussie for ideas since he couldn’t inquire to the Bassetts. Gussie soon solves it, Bertie receiving word, along with Madeline and Stiffy replying, as well. Jeeves was deciding they should be on their way soon, when Dahlia came to call. Bertie offers her some breakies whilst Jeeves packed for Totleigh Towers, which his aunt was glad to hear, for she was there to insist Bertie do as he was planning, she proceeding to share how his Uncle had set Bassett on the scent of his cow-creamer, buying it before Tom could recover from their lobster-eating. Dahlia then shares her idea of not allowing Sir Watkyn to get away with his underhanded play, planning on swiping the creamer back, and Bertie tasked with the swiping. He was mid-decline, but Dahlia goes for the jugular, knowing Bertie’s weakness, Anatole, she leaving Bertie in a dark mood with his bacon, Jeeves ready for them to leave.

Whilst Bertie drove, he discussed how difficult times were on this particularly lovely afternoon. He has much to say about the devilry of aunts, but moves on to his further adventures with Sir Watkyn, which Jeeves hadn’t been apprised of, he amused upon the telling, but offering his sympathy, since this is coupled with Bertie going to help Gussie, as well of course, Stiffy having a task for him on top of everything. When arriving, Bertie discovers the place fairly abandoned with Sir Watkyn off with Roderick, Gussie walking about the grounds, and Madeline wandering around, but he was content with the solitude, contemplating how much more difficult his thieving would now be with Roderick present. Bertie then spots a room overstuffed with glass cases, he setting eyes, and hands on the cow-creamer once more, upon entering and noting its case was unlocked and open. Bertie hadn’t decided what his plan was, he still surprised by locating it so quickly, and unable to finish thinking of it with Roderick now pointing a gun at him.

Bertie describes Roderick to the butler, at some point as being Dictator-like, he an intimidatingly tall fellow, leaving Bertie speechless for enough time to have Sir Watkyn called, bringing Bertie back to himself with the ludicrous outfit he wore. Meanwhile Roderick’s story of how he’d discovered Bertie definitely made him seem guilty, Bertie making his first word when they began discussing his possible sentence time. Nothing was made of it though, due to Bertie finding his pitch on a level with Dahlia’s, and then Madeline comes in, she immediately making it clear through general chat with Bertie of they knowing each other on a buddy level, Sir Watkyn coming to grips with this silently, but once realizing this was one-and-the-same Wooster, he shares of how he’d known Bertie as a thief, Madeline not believing a word. Finally, Bertie gets his turn to share how many mistakes they’d made with his history and story, moving ever closer to his reason for handling the cow-creamer, Madeline supplying the obvious reason when announcing Bertie’s relation to Tom Travers, Sir Watkyn having true motives dawn on him. Bertie then sends wire to Dahlia of her plan sinking with Sir Watkyn’s dawning of Wooster origins, he then returning to Madeline and feeling dread with the damage to her engagement. She, as her way, supposed he was there for one more moment with her, likening him to a poet whom died for his unmet love. After Bertie confusedly acknowledges the comparison, he mentions receiving a wire from Gussie over some issue he’d had with her, Madeline explaining it had been resolved, Gussie explaining the reason he was so close to her cousin’s eye hadn’t been for untoward reasons. She then mentions how Gussie’s demeanor had changed a bit, he not so much a wilting flower in confrontations or public speaking, Bertie agreeing, but surprised to hear how Gussie had insulted Roderick, he not believing a word and thinking Madeline had exaggerated the scene. Bertie lets it go and moves on to how much full support he gave to their joining souls, believing it should take place sooner than it was, Madeline impressed with his being so big about his unrequited position and positive statements of Gussie and their love, they parting ways so Bertie could take tea and she off to do something house-related, in Bertie’s mind. Before entering, Bertie heard Gussie speaking to Roderick in a way which would suggest perhaps Madeline hadn’t puffed out her story of Gussie after-all.

Bertie goes in to see Gussie has well made himself comfortable, even naming Bertie a “muddle-headed ass” when learning he hadn’t brought the requested book with him. Bertie’s tea at Totleigh Towers isn’t remembered happily, but usually taking tea in the country is a treasured time when Bertie flourishes, but his “sense of ‘ease'” had diminished for Gussie’s odd behaviour, and finally getting his chance to inquire when Gussie and he were left alone, he confirming Madeline and he were good again, and Bertie’s aunt was to be expected later tonight, Bertie completely unaware of this and at first in denial, but then knowing she was coming to make sure he’d go through with his duty she’d appointed. Bertie then asks after Gussie’s new outburst of honesty upon intimidating people, Jeeves being the cause and Bertie getting ready for Gussie’s story-time about his aided epiphany. Gussie begins with his realization of needing to make a speech at the wedding to come, specifically to perform this in front of Roderick and Sir Watkyn. He also confides how he’d learned Roderick apparently had loved Madeline for years and Sir Watkyn approved of them being married. Gussie also mentions Spode’s ambition of actually becoming a Dictator, as his look belied. Gussie going on to mention how the two had become chummy being caused by Sir Watkyn planning on marrying Stiffy’s aunt. Gussie then detours the subj. back to Sir Watkyn’s displeasure of Gussie marrying Madeline, and Roderick making no effort to veil his threats to Gussie, even though Roderick had noted whilst having no intention of trying to win Madeline, he saw himself as her champion of sorts, so his thoughts on abusing Gussie involved on the possibility he ever hurt her. So, of course this shook Gussie’s resolve and the snub he received from Bassett upon learning he’d brought his newts, of which he was experimenting the effects of a full moon on their mating time, didn’t equal happy moments for him. At his darkest hour, Gussie had remembered Jeeves, and hope dawned, Jeeves giving him the idea to see all those he spoke in front of, as underneath him, which made him immune to fear, and the other helpful aid was a notebook which Gussie had listed all terrible thoughts of those he would normally feel intimidation, but when asked where it was, Bertie sensed the damage such a notebook could have, if read, Gussie realizing he must have misplaced it.

Bertie proceeds by relating how certain situations give one the sense it will stay strong through the years, Bertie sharing one of his own from his school days about his headmaster, and the search of the enticing biscuits. Gussie’s news trumped the terrible feeling he’d gotten when caught, but Gussie was unbothered with his lack of notebook due to his memory retaining all. Bertie was amazed with Gussie not spotting the danger, hr describing Gussie as impulsive and mischievous, in French, in regards to his character. After Bertie inquires how in-depth his writing had gone, he then nonchalantly supplies how interested Sir Watkyn would be when reading it, Gussie’s content exterior crumbling. Gussie is then wondering how Sir Watkyn would take his writing style, Bertie deciding canceling the wedding being within the cards. When Gussie inquires what could be done and Bertie doesn’t know, he gives hope to a “higher power”, Gussie then remembers Jeeves, Bertie thinking even this was beyond Jeeves’ level of ability, he having Gussie walk-through his movements with his notebook, Gussie uncovering when and where it must’ve occurred, then also realizing whom must’ve found it, he being too distracted with convincing Madeline of the fly incident being harmless at the time. Gussie then has Bertie go meet Stiffy in town, where he remembered she was heading, and to watch out for her canine companion, whom has the bite of a snake. When Bertie got to the gate at the driveways end though, he thought how meeting her there seemed the best bet for success. As Bertie contemplated over his discernment of Madeline’s character to consistently listen to her pa-pa, he noticed a commotion escalating in the road. Bertie witnesses a bike-cop off-duty and serene, unaware he was being stalked by a Scottie, the man’s fate decided since he was also steering no-handed, so when the Scottie hit him, he fell straight into a ditch, the Aberdeen terrier looking down at his paw-ie-work.

Stiffy Byng then shows up, Bertie realizing he should’ve expected her, what with Gussie’s warning of the sharp-toothed brute. Stiffy let the cop know what she thought of his fall, which had left him looking like a bunch of mixed diced fruit, possibly shocking her little pooch. The man looks hurt by her words, especially after she addressed her dog as she calls him ugly, the officer then relates of this incident being the second time Bartholomew has targeted him and would be delivering Stiffy a summons. She responds to this with plans to battle it in court and would have a witness, then recognizing Bertie, the policeman commanding Bertie to wait for a subpoena, he then listing his wounds and mental state in his notepad before riding along. Bertie then inquires if she had Gussie’s book, she confirming this, Bertie showing such relief as to belt out a yell which got Bartholomew to bare a look of disdain and a Gaelic response in growl form. Stiffy then states how the writing seemed uncharacteristic of Gussie, believing a better subj. would be Officer Eustace Oates, complaining about how Bart was being unfairly singled out, Bertie describing the face she pulls, a moue –> pout, after confirming Oates did seem set on giving her a summons. Stiffy goes on to mention this would only mean more work for her Uncle Watkyn, whom Bertie learns was still a judge and had only retired from his previous court. Bertie shows sympathy for Stiffy’s situation, but hoping he could edge her back to Gussie’s notebook, she confessing how Bertie’s nicking of the officer’s helmet had inspired her to have the same done to Oates, by Harold, her fiance, she swearing Bertie to secrecy, he asking about the man and learning he was a curate, but after cautioning Stiffy about the immorality of having a curate steal, Stiffy then mentions Bertie’s college buddy being Harold, he finally deducing he was his old friend Stinker, and upon this revelation discovers the likelihood of Stinker making off with helmet in one peace was quite slim, Bertie warning Stiffy of this and she disregarding it, Bertie noting she was set to have it play out, so gives the advice on how to have Stinker get a better chance of success.

Bertie then thinks Jeeves’ idea of an around-the-world trip may have had merit, at the least to shelter him from watching friends get into trouble, but Stiffy grabs his attention again by reminding him of the telegram she’d sent having to do with how she planned on buttering Sir Watkyn up with the idea. Bertie attempts to block any plans for his involvement, but Stiffy knew how to make him listen: Bart’s unleashing working well. Stiffy begins with how Gussie’s engagement had started the difficulty, since Sir Watkyn certainly didn’t obtain a pleasant mood from it, which spurred the secrecy of her own. The idea was to make Stinker attractive enough to her Uncle for him to bestow a vicarage upon him, which then led in to the rest of her plan, Bertie attempting to squash it outrightly, until hearing it involved his stealing Sir Watkyn’s cow-creamer, he letting her finish sharing the dastardly plan, and Bertie turning it down, thusly only seeing disaster if Stinker was involved, he then requesting the notebook for Gussie, divulging the reason why he was invested in it being Madeline’s attachment to him if Gussie left the picture. Stiffy then decides a good old-fashioned blackmailing of Bertie was next on the docket, he surprised, but noting how he seemed to be accumulating those, and all around mealtimes, Spode then greeting him. Roderick informed him of how he’d detected whom and why Bertie was after the cow-creamer, Bertie being closely monitored now, Spode promising to beat him soft if the cow-creamer disappeared, Jeeves then walking up to inform Bertie of Dahlia requesting his presence to converse an important issue, Spode leaving and Bertie preparing Jeeves for a huddle afterwards.

Bertie is dressing for dinner and asking for Jeeves’ thoughts, since he’d told him the latest news on their way back to the house. Unfortunately, Jeeves hadn’t found a remedy, yet, Bertie disappointed, but deciding perhaps a lesson from detective novels could be applied, listing all the facts, Jeeves willing to try, and so Bertie itemizes his terrible multi-pickle, Jeeves interrupting the train of thought with his sympathies and advice on Bertie’s trouser legs being adjusted for stylish length. Bertie then considers Jeeves may only need more time to reflect, deciding his time at supper may allude some hidden answer. Bertie then reminisces on all the previous ladies who had put him in an unsavory position, but Stiffy topped them all, he then remembering his needing to speak with Dahlia and his hesitancy to do so due to she most likely having come before reading his telegram and would have to confess his new position on the matter. Jeeves suggests he dress to the nines for confidence, which works, Gussie then entering. Bertie sees Gussie didn’t yet know of his fate having yet been decided, Bertie trying to give the developments gently, Jeeves retrieving the requested brandy, then he enlisting Jeeves to explain to Dahlia their meeting would have to wait. When Bertie shares the terrible events to come, Gussie is quite overcome, Bertie staying calm, and Gussie soon doing the same, questioning the reasons, when it happened, and if she could be jesting, Bertie sharing all, except vaguely to the first.

When Gussie discovers what Stiffy was asking of Bertie, the latter again had to quash the idea, Gussie attempting a different solution, but Bertie not going to man-handle Stiffy so as to knock the notebook loose, if on her person. Gussie then speaks of how yellow Bertie had become, then warning him a black tie would better suit, due to the white one he wore would bring notice to himself, Gussie leaving, and Dahlia coming in. Bertie starts with an apology for canceling their meeting, moving on to proceed with news, she giving her own first, and Bertie stricken when hearing it involved Anatole, a letter from Sir Watkyn offering a trade for cow-creamer for chef, Tom actually giving the proposition thought. Dahlia then ready for updates on the cow-creamer scheme, Bertie getting Jeeves to bring document of pickle-list, Jeeves then sent for more brandy, Bertie showing her said paper, then explaining the extra details of Spode learning of their subterfuge and Bertie’s fate upon implementation, Dahlia drinking the brandy given, then thinking of how they could detour Spode if a terrible secret of his could be found to coax inaction, Bertie reminding they had no such information, she then leaving due to no other ideas. Bertie hangs on to this line of thought, though, but is talking himself out of it when Jeeves supports the idea, deciding they should look into possible dirt at his gentlemen’s personal gentlemen club, the Junior Ganymede, where the club had a book of everything about employers. Bertie then realizes he could be one of those written about, Jeeves confirming his every tale was listed. After assuring Bertie the book was only available to members. Jeeves offers being able to phone for information on Spode immediately for emergency purposes, he melting away to start his task, informing Bertie of the news of Gussie and Madeline’s engagement being off, then the dinner gong ringing.

Bertie regretted being tortured mentally so as to affect his enjoyment of a superb meal, especially after seeing Gussie and Madeline’s expressions during the event, their only conversation resulting in Gussie receiving two condiments he didn’t ask for, Bertie ready to have dinner finish so he could get the deets from Gussie, but he didn’t get the chance since Gussie dashed off after the last female left, leaving Bertie with Roderick and Sir Watkyn, he leaving soon after, having enough seeing the two speaking quietly and looking at him, he then deciding either Jeeves or Gussie would look for him in his room. When he arrives, he passes time reading his mystery novel, and before being able to fully immerse, is walked in upon by Spode, to Bertie’s amazement, knowing by the look on his face he wasn’t there to apologize. Instead, Spode thrust open his cupboard, thinking he’d detect Gussie, Bertie offering to give him a message, Spode replying of dislocating his neck. Upon further inquiry as to the reason, he learns Spode believed Gussie toyed with ladies hearts and tossed them like garbage. Bertie promised to pass it on and Spode leaves, Bertie marveling of this being so similar to Gussie’s run in with Tuppy. (See? He knows the stories mirror one another! I say this to all those who read Wooster stories and spout how “everything starts sounding the same”, if you’ve been reading the same stories I have, you’d still love them, and would notice the differences, and may have been reading them too consecutively, but I haven’t had a problem in those regards as of yet, and I’m halfway through the series.) Bertie contemplated when Spode had found out of Gussie’s failure to keep Madeline happy, then got back into his thriller, which made hearing Gussie’s disembodied voice call to him, all the more disconcerting as he crawled out from under the bed.

Bertie’s physical reaction to Gussie scaring him left him unable to communicate, Bertie noting Gussie looked like an animal hunted, albeit with tortoise-shell specs. Gussie regards the almost-catch, locking the door for precaution, Bertie upon verbal ability asking what had gone wrong with Madeline, Gussie flinching for the obvious pain of subj., but Bertie unable to let it lie. Gussie relates it had more to do with Stiffy and during the time she’d been singing downstairs, Gussie attempting to implement his ill-thought out plan of checking her stockings, unaware Madeline was obscured, looking for sheet music and seeing the oaf, Gussie so ashamed with the relation, immediately asking if Bertie was gifted in knotting sheets, losing Bertie on the swift change. Gussie explains himself and his plan of borrowing Bertie’s car to first go to London, then perhaps California. Bertie surprised with the news of Gussie actually intimidated by Spode, now. He also learning Gussie had attempted making up at dinner, but Madeline not having it, he then realizing Gussie only needed his notebook back to prove his reasons were above-board, but Bertie losing him with the French of: to understand everything it is to excuse everything, Gussie instead wondering where Stiffy would hide the book, Bertie suggesting her room, Gussie agreeing the idea was sound since Stiffy was in the village for an event with Stinker, but had lost all confidence with Spode after him, Gussie now ready to give it up for lost cause and having Bertie help him knot sheets, but Bertie refusing, to Gussie’s dissatisfaction, but Bertie gives it back by stating of having believed Gussie had back bone, he agreeing he did, but didn’t want it damaged, he throwing Bertie looks before scurrying out, Bertie continuing his book until being aware of Jeeves. He saw a look on Jeeves which implied positive results, remembering what he’d gone through to accomplish this, Bertie excited to hear good news. Jeeves admits his call was fruitful and Spode did have secrets, whilst Jeeves being unable to explain the meaning, he was able to share with Bertie to inform Spode of he knowing the information regarding Eulalie, it lessening any damage Spode could plan for him. Bertie skeptical, but upon assurance from Jeeves if he mentioned this, Spode would falter, Bertie mulled this over, still uncertain, but trusting in Jeeves, then relinquishing the newer news of Gussie’s predicament, Bertie mentioning Gussie would need this information to save his neck. He goes off in search of the Fink-Nottle, only to discover him at home-base, knotting Bertie’s sheets.

Bertie easily sneaks up on him and cries out his indignation of seeing his bed being mussed, scaring the fish face out of Gussie, he explaining to Bertie, in response to his going against Bertie’s wishes, Spode had been awaiting him in his room, otherwise he would be knotting his own sheets, Bertie then trying to quell his fears, Bertie again using French to fill in “Spode, that threat”, he relating of knowing and yet not knowing what would stop Spode, he then hearing footsteps approaching them, and readying for a demo, Spode walking in and devilishly appreciative of seeing Gussie, approaching slowly and ignoring Bertie, focusing on Gussie cowering against the wall, until Bertie makes enough noise and insults to gather his attention, he regaining Gussie’s esteem, Spode distracted, and Bertie continuing his barrage of verbal harassment, he about to end the mystery of what he knew, when he realizes, he no longer knew, Spode ready to move forward on Gussie, the latter again frightened, but then regaining some bravery, he swiping a painting on the wall near him and depositing it on Spode’s noggin, but upon using the soft end, didn’t stop him for long, Bertie having enough time to wrap Spode in the knotted sheet, the man ensnaring himself the more he lunged at the quickly departing Gussie, Bertie wrongly deciding to tap a vase on Spode’s pate, Bertie losing footing and Spode getting hold of his jacket. Bertie thinks quickly and uses his lit ciggy on Spode’s hand to disengage him, Bertie plummeting for the door, only to be met by another body. Dahlia is soon heard cursing, and all three end up rolling near each other, Dahlia belting out her objections since first seeing Spink-Bottle belting down the hall, Bertie knocking in to her, and Spode tickling her ankle, he letting go, and Dahlia asking for details, Bertie starting with introductions, Spode regaining balance and intently staring at Bertie, the look bumping Bertie’s scare list from Jeeves’ temporary replacement and dangerous meeting with butler from #1, to 2.

Spode then demands Dahlia leave for what he planned for Bertie, but Dahlia wasn’t having it, she inadvertently reminding Bertie what he’d forgotten when Spode came toward him threateningly, his pronouncement, stopping Spode swiftly, his attitude changing as quickly. Dahlia is properly impressed with the turnaround, Bertie crediting Jeeves with the useful name, he hinting at his supposition about it, Dahlia back on track with Bertie being clear to swipe cow-creamer, he squashing her plan forthrightly and explaining before this was possible, the notebook needed a change of hands. Dahlia then reveals Bertie may have quite a time locating it, if not properly informed, he effectively staying his action, but Dahlia then allowing he could check if only to busy himself, whilst she thought of a more productive plan. Bertie realized his searching at this juncture was useless and reads more mystery novel, a section inspiring him, he then readying to share his revelation with Jeeves, but first thanking him for his secret weapon. Bertie then proceeds by quoting the desired passage, believing Stiffy would choose where all women chose to hide valuables according to this fiction: top of the cupboard. Jeeves is questioning Bertie’s faithful logic, but he is now on a roll and wishes only to have Jeeves follow loyally, but as he gets closer to Stiffy’s room, his bravery begins to falter, more so to do with Jeeves’ obv. lack of support, and upon entering Stiffy’s room, if it wasn’t where he believed, he’d have plenty of room to search. Bertie was stopped from his task by an unexpected inhabitant, Bart, Bertie and Jeeves hopping upon high furniture before being et.

They each sit in silence for some time until Jeeves supplies not seeing the book in the cabinet. Bertie is exacerbated by currently not being bothered where the book was and Jeeves lack of light bulb on how to extricate themselves off of their high perches. He thinks back to another whom had been in a similar situation, sympathizing with the blast to the ego it dealt, esp. when one’s fam. had origins of somewhat enviable stature. He then voices his disgust to Jeeves, being undermined by a terrier and how Totleigh Towers was verging on becoming similar to a leper colony, but with different species of animal. Bertie then drifts to reminiscing of the time he’d been stuck on a roof for a livid swan and whether they should attempt Jeeves’ remedy for the bird situation, but he noting their lack of raincoat, Bertie suggesting a sheet since it did the trick on Spode. Jeeves doesn’t deny the idea having merit, but wouldn’t go so far as to initiate action, Bertie resorting to tossing a candle stump at Bart for feeling disrespected by the looks he gave, but pup utilized the snack, Stiffy entering after. Bertie notices she wasn’t acting her usual high-spirited self, she not at all bothered by their sitting areas, Bertie asking if she’d leash Bart, and she not open to it for their maledom. Bertie tries a diff. tactic (point d’appui – location troops are waiting before battle), asking after the event she’d been attending. Stiffy relates how it had ended with her engagement to Stinker cut since he wouldn’t pinch Eustace’s helmet. Bertie feigns empathy and mentions how it seemed the notebook no longer mattered for her so it wouldn’t make a difference if she gave it up, she not caring, but needing to oblige later, about to detail where, when she heard a tapping from her balcony, she discovering Stinker, forgetting for a mo. she was unhappy with him, but then treating him coldly until learning he’d done the thieving deed, opening the glass door to allow him entry, but not doing so until Stiffy had sequestered the hound in the cupboard, Bertie supposing the pup had fallen asleep, due to silence from within.

After Stinker comes inside, his clumsiness intact, one could see his conscience was beating him for his crime, Stiffy so pleased she only asked what occurred in the retrieval. He about to oblige when spotting Bertie, glad to hear from Stiffy it wasn’t stress-induced and greeting him heartily, as well as Jeeves, the two climbing down. Whilst Bertie and he made pleasantries, Stiffy was trying on the helmet, once Stinker seeing this, bringing his guilt to his attention again, knocking furniture over until sitting, considering how damaging to his career this could become, Stiffy taking pity once seeing he was upset and he finally giving the story of how he’d acquired the item. Eustace being seen on Stinker’s thoughtful walk, swiping it from the ground where Eustace left it, Bertie taking offense to Stinker not following the “rules” of the game, but Stiffy sticking up for her again-love. The topic of why Bertie was in Stiffy’s room then being touched on, and she realizing he was again at her mercy, sharing with Stinker of the cow-creamer plan being on. Stinker quite happy to hear this, the time being confirmed with Stiffy and she answering for Bertie agreeing to all, upon the two returning to the balcony, he ranting about Stinker being o.k. with him being blackmailed, Jeeves stating Stinker didn’t know, to Bertie’s surprise. Once he accepts this and Stiffy returns inside, he resorts to taking on the character of a book and demanding Stiffy get him the notebook presently, he divulging Jeeves’ deductions as his own, and she betraying the spot-on-ness of it, resorting to syrupy-sweetness so he’d agree anyways, it not working, and so switching to teary sorrow, he explaining his case which sounded reasonable, but receiving no reply other than more bawling, Jeeves then putting in of having figured another option involving she and Bertie announcing their plans of marriage to Sir Watkyn and upon his unfavorable reaction, she confessing it was actually Stinker, making him react more kindly to the lesser of the two evils, Bertie not seeing value in the idea, but Stiffy overly ecstatic. Bertie plainly opposes the idea, refusing to play, demanding for the notebook, but Stiffy one up’s him with sharing to Uncle Watkyn all which had occurred, Bertie stuck and referencing Kipling, again (from Right Ho, Jeeves). Upon leaving to begin his mission, giving Jeeves a look of ‘he knoweth not what he does’.

Bertie expresses how he normally keeps a stiff lip, but his task given truly brought him down. Bertie felt the same as his long ago meeting with the headmaster in late afternoon after attempting to obtain the biscuits not working out, he going in to see Sir Watkyn, whom was currently speaking with Eustace. Bertie became more apprehensive, he asking Bassett for a mo. to chat, the man reluctantly agreeing. Sir Watkyn finishes his chat with Eustace, he leaving, Sir Watkyn then turning his attention to Bertie, sharing of Eustace’s missing helmet. Bertie tries to obtain more details, but Sir Watkyn had bid for more patience, the information coming out soon enough. Bertie gets the Sir Watkyn’s tougher idea of a sentence out of him though, it not being something Bertie wished to experience. Sir Watkyn then gets back to the reason for Bertie’s visit, the latter easing into it after what he’d learned, he giving Gussie as example to the topic of love and also of the algae seaweed, plus newts, Sir Watkyn not following, but Bertie by then getting over his nerves and stating his point, asking for Stiffy’s hand, he taking the news as badly as expected, calling for the butler to locate Stiffy for a talk, and she showing up fairly quickly, asking to confirm Bertie’s statement, she replying to the negative which Sir Watkyn was glad to hear, but when learning it was for the love of a curate, wasn’t fully satisfied. Bassett starts by denying her viability due to youth, but she then listing off Stinker’s good qualities, Sir Watkyn not biting though, so Stiffy returning to Bertie being the man she’d marry, since Bassett believed money was the key, Bertie and Bassett arguing against her reasoning. Sir Watkyn then deciding Stinker was preferable and gives consent, Bertie meeting her outside the office where she remembered Eustace having mentioned he suspected her, esp. with having found her other glove, Bertie then criticizing Stinker, but Stiffy wondering where a good hiding spot for the helmet would be, Bertie ignoring this and asking about where the notebook was, Stiffy giving in and confessing it was in the cow-creamer. Bertie now pondered how he’d get it, until being informed Madeline wished to see him, Bertie sensing the reason, but deciding to consent to the meeting, going off to the drawing room.

Bertie walks in to see Madeline glumly playing the piano, he feeling as if he should be running far away, but instead greeting her with an unsettled, “What, ho.”, Madeline not being able to get beyond saying his name a couple times, but finally spitting out how due to her engagement with Gussie ending, she’d be able to accept Bertie’s offer, he willing to fight for the old chum by letting her know she hadn’t done Gussie any favors, Madeline interrupting him repeatedly what with knowing Gussie’s true unfaithful nature, Bertie attempting to get his defense out, but giving up, and stating in French: to understand everything is to forgive everything, Madeline telling Bertie of his sweetness in trying, but how his role would be to aid her in forgetting Gussie’s charm, then planning on informing Sir Watkyn, Bertie exclaiming to refrain, what with once already close to the groom’s hat moments ago, and sharing with Madeline only the part where Stiffy was getting approval for her own marriage to Stinker, Madeline then realizing the improbability of Gussie being after Stiffy. Bertie then has Madeline’s attention so as to recount what had occurred, Madeline skeptical and planning on verifying all of it with the notebook in the cow-creamer, Bertie playing “Happy Days Are Here Again” single finger-style, but Bertie still suspicious of something going wrong, he correct when Madeline returns without notebook and was unable to detect the thing, now not so ready to believe it was true, she confirming Bertie’s assumption, he unable to reason why Stiffy would lie. Bertie leaves Madeline to contemplate when hearing loud noises near his room and seeing Roderick pounding on Gussie’s door. Bertie, feeling like he’d been bullied by both Bassetts and Byng, and deciding to take his frustration out on Spode. After getting his attention, Bertie exasperatedly asks why he was trying his patience by going after his buddies, Spode extracting the notebook where Gussie had written of Spode being a “pompous ass”, when Bertie takes it with a shout of happiness, he letting Spode know he was commandeering the document and Spode should leave, he doing so, and Bertie knocking on Gussie’s door, having to convince him it was truly him since he thought it possible Spode could throw his voice, he finally opening the door and giving him the book to show Madeline, Bertie returning to his room to see Jeeves going about his business, he deciding to forget about the uncomfortable posish he’d put him in, and instead updating him of their plans to leave tomorrow for his tasks being complete. He then recaps Stiffy’s results going off without a hitch, and Gussie was currently showing the reality of the notebook to Madeline, but then Gussie walks in to share the wedding being canceled again.

Bertie had trouble believing the update, until finally requesting brandy from Jeeves, Gussie not taking the news lightly, either and whilst Bertie couldn’t understand it, he didn’t question. He did however, object to Gussie hanging himself with the knotted sheet in his bedroom, after which denying Gussie, getting further detail on the canceled marriage, Sir Watkyn opposing to newts being housed in the tub, Gussie explaining how his tank had broken. Bertie then hears the rest of the reason Sir Watkyn was set in his feelings having to do with seeing them in the bath and informing Gussie of letting them down the drain, Gussie insulting him no end, and more so when Madeline had been bid to go to bed. Bertie was going to try and help solve the issue when Gussie adds he’d insulted the cow-creamer, Bertie then coming up with a plan which involved the passing on of the theft of cow-creamer. Bertie has Jeeves agreement with Gussie’s power with cow-creamer in hand, but he sharing how Eustace had been added to the creamer’s guard, Jeeves reminding Bertie of the Stoker potting shed incident. Jeeves applying the same tactic to a different aim, this being Eustace’s helmet, rather than a lady. Gussie brightens with the plan and Jeeves informs Bertie of how Eustace had ended up pointing the finger at him, whom he believed had committed the crime for Stiffy, Gussie returning only to inform of Eustace being on his way to him soon, but upon hearing how Gussie had relinquished his notebook to Sir Watkyn, Bertie saw the plan as bust.

Bertie then attempts to think of a plan at Gussie’s insistence, he figuring if Sir Watkyn was about to bathe, as a robe implies, he wouldn’t be immediately reading the notebook, esp. since he’d automatically stuck it in his pocket, and would’ve legged it to the, in French: bathroom, leaving the room empty for Gussie to regain said book. Gussie then hopes to have Bertie do the deed for him (needy bastard). Gussie finds bravery in Madeline’s photo, but doesn’t get far, reporting back to Bertie of Spode giving him trouble. Bertie losing his patience, showing his face, and urging Gussie on his way, whilst Spode attempted to have Bertie compromise by allowing some type of violence upon Gussie, Bertie staying firm. As Spode shares a couple of the gems Gussie had written about him, Jeeves comes back with the brandy and states his tardiness was caused by helping Eustace with a bloody accident, whilst defending the cow-creamer from thievery, Spode lumbering off and Jeeves detailing how Eustace was taking a smoke break outside the room, when hearing noises of cow-creamer molestation, and once going in to confirm cow-creamer’s disappearance and hearing a figure exit through the window, he follows, and a second figure punches him in the face (Bertie’s confusion in learning there were two figures, making him name them Pat and Mike, a recurring pair of names, but Jeeves settles on A and B), Bertie naming Stinker as culprit, and the first perpetrator Eustace believing to be Bertie. This news entertained him a bit since knowing Eustace had already planned to shake-down his room for his helmet, and was describing how he’d act when nothing was found when Dahlia hoofed in tossing the cow-creamer at him to hide.

This development threw Bertie to the point of duck noises, pleading with Jeeves with eye contact for assistance, he getting his shot, as needed. Bertie then describing himself, in French, as a “valiant knight”, but feeling like he should conk his aunt with the last readily available object not destroyed already, Dahlia unaware and sharing her good luck despite the man in blue being so near. Bertie then gets his chance to inform the dear soul of how hot Bertie’s lodgings were, she cooling with the news, and making plain the boys would be responsible for the revisions of tactic, neither able to oblige, Bertie instead suggesting it go in a suitcase for the simple reason being sick of looking at it, Gussie entering and looking for cover once again, this time from Sir Watkyn, he having read the notebook, and how Gussie had temporarily escaped him, Dahlia losing her patience and ready to throw him out, but once she hears of Gussie’s plan to go out the window, she ready to oblige him, Jeeves making it more motivational with the suggestion of Gussie taking the suitcase with him since he’d be borrowing the car, Bertie and Dahlia properly amazed by the simplicity, everyone pitching in to get Gussie down, and nothing going wrong in the course, Dahlia leaving to hear how the “enemy” was making out. Bertie was now visibly relieved and ready for Jeeves to finish packing for their departure next day so he could retire, Jeeves then detecting the policeman’s helmet.

Bertie, now hardened by his experiences, took this with the first instinctive step of locking the door, Jeeves reprimanding him for his terrible hiding spot, but Bertie making him aware this one was because of Stiffy, he then going off on a tangent regarding the fates of all who came into contact with any offspring of the Byng/Pinker union, he getting back on track, but not before Stiffy makes an appearance. Bertie again teaching her the error she made by presuming the helmet would be safe in Bertie’s care, she then believing Bertie would take the heat, but he again having to inform of how serious Sir Watkyn was taking the matter and once she tried to tell of Stinker’s sensitivity compared to Bertie’s and it fails to hit, she reminds him of the Code of the Woosters, Bertie’s resolve weakening, and finally giving in to her, she supplying moral support of the ability to discover a fine hiding spot and leaving the two, happily. Bertie is ready for the old fate to be sealed when Jeeves shares his fresh idea of tossing the helmet out the window and quickly, since footsteps could be heard coming their way. Dahlia, Sir Watkyn, and Eustace Oates come in, the relative sharing of Sir Watkyn’s intentions, Bertie chortling, aunt following suit, and confiding how Sir Watkyn was about to make a fool of himself, the news of his whereabouts when cow-creamer was stolen, only temporarily pausing him, Bertie then having Jeeves call Spode for back up. This gives Sir Watkyn pause, but sticks to his assumption as Bertie and Dahlia continued to suggest other wild possibilities to who took the cow-creamer, Bertie hitting a nerve when mentioning his Uncle, and so, Sir Watkyn leaves the cow-creamer’s current residence for the mo, to focus on detecting the officer’s helmet, Bertie relishing how ridiculous their search made them look, Sir Watkyn stating how he must apologize, and Bertie letting him stand through a rant he only wished he could’ve remembered, due to it being his top work, but during his wind down, Bassett seemed to lose interest, opting his attention behind Bertie, where the butler stood with the helmet upon platter.

Bertie marvels at this butler’s ability to ooze in like fog, then conscious of the other’s reactions, describing what each looked like. Oates first to move, grabbing his helmet with mother bird emotion, Sir Watkyn inquiring where it had been located, the butler letting out with having seen it dropped from Bertie’s window, Sir Watkyn dismissing him and ready to get Bertie. Dahlia comes to his rescue though, when blurting of how the butler seemed to be setting him up, Bertie letting her run with it, and she ending by an attempt at claiming to having solved the issue. Sir Watkyn doesn’t follow her suggestion though, he staying fixed on Bertie’s guilt, and his resolve to have the culprit serve time, Dahlia still working to change his mind, but only gets Bertie his last night’s stay in his room rather than at the station. Oates was ordered to take watch below Bertie’s window, to his disappointment, and Sir Watkyn asks to speak with Dahlia for a mo, the two sauntering out, and Bertie locked in. He considers soberly his soon-to-be prison life, he settling on detecting a bar of soap to chuck at Oates to buoy his spirits when he heard the doorknob, Jeeves outside and Bertie sketching the events up to then. Jeeves remarks his sympathies, Bertie then learning of Spode having gone for a walk so wasn’t available for the now useless eyewitness of alibi, and also found Stiffy in a funk over her forbidden love, Sir Watkyn not open to Stinker’s proposal due to his part in aiding the cow-creamer swiper to safely allude justice. Bertie empathizes with Stiffy’s situation, asking if Jeeves had any ideas to fix either Stiffy, Gussie, or his own plight, Jeeves having none of the above, only an inkling for Bertie which needed more time for development.

Bertie, believing time was of the essence, thought perhaps he should adopt Stoker’s plan to knock out his guard for escape, Jeeves in mid-decline when he reports of Dahlia and Sir Watkyn heading his way, Bertie hoping Jeeves would consider the desperate plan. Dahlia enters alone with news of his freedom, but not looking gratified, she confessing it was in exchange for Anatole, Bertie aghast and unwilling for such a future to be lived, he instead agreeing with aunt upon his release to have a menu of his choosing, coming up with the particulars right then, nixing her idea of having, in French, something like, ‘flowers of cream of zucchini’ in preference of his ‘eaten apple of love’, the rest of the menu including fresh caviar, little devils, and chicken with other oddly placed words (me, wishing I’d learned French, if only to understand the nonsense). They call Bassett back in, gladly surprising him with the news of declining his insulting offer. They each then remember a dish for Bertie’s list, Dahlia adding ‘Nuns of the Mediterranean Sea fennel’, and Bertie wanting ‘Saddle of lamb with lettuce in Greek’. Sir Watkyn is properly steamed and decides Bertie will go to the station to spend his night, he rudely calling Jeeves over to get Oates, and he being informed Spode was on his way to speak with him, Sir Watkyn annoyed by the timing. Spode enters and confesses to the helmet crime, Bertie and Sir Watkyn agog, he then excusing himself and Bertie dismissing Sir Watkyn after he’d apologized, he then wondering how this had happened, calling to Jeeves with the supposition he’d done something, and Jeeves allowing he’d spoken with Spode and the likelihood of getting away with it, for Sir Watkyn marrying his aunt.

Bertie attempts once more to plead with Jeeves for details about Eulalie, since he’d used it to get Spode to cooperate, but doesn’t succeed, he then getting as comfy as he could manage between the knotted sheets, discussing how unfortunate it was for Stiffy and Gussie, Jeeves then sharing how Bertie could bring Sir Watkyn to court for wrongful arrest and defamation of character, plenty of testimony and witnesses to support this. Bertie wonders whether he should take such lengths, Jeeves giving him the idea of how if only posed to Bassett, may make him open to Madeline and Stiffy’s betrothals, Bertie so elated he gets Bassett immediately and give his demands. The wishes are granted, Bertie even getting his fiver fine back, he ready to settle for sleep when he hears a sneeze through the open window, Sir Watkyn having not informed Oates of the events (or Jeeves, depending on how it’s seen, since Watkyn had already asked, but I supposed hadn’t confirmed he still wanted this to be done), this making Bertie quite content. Before ending his night though, he tries again to have Jeeves speak of Eulalie, bribing of going on the cruise around-the-world if he spilled, Jeeves considering carefully, then giving the deets on Spode’s involvement with a women’s underwear design business, this possibly ruining his reputation as wannabe Dictator, Bertie properly satisfied and Jeeves letting him know the cruise tickets already being reserved, he leaving Bertie, and Bertie reflecting on all those important, now being happy, drifting off to a revitalizing sleep. I believe I’ve been losing my ability to praise properly for doing it so often, this one on par with the rest. To the next!


Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Year Two)


Harry’s Uncle is woken from sleep by hooting sounds from Harry’s room, his Uncle complaining in the morning and Harry explaining Hedwig wouldn’t do so if he could let her out at night, Vernon knowing what it would mean if he allowed this. Dudley states his indifference to the subject, as well as hunger through belch form, he then requesting bacon by demanding Harry to pass the frying pan and Harry responding for Dudley to say the magic word, everyone reacting with surprise, fear, and anger, Vernon having been treating him like a ticking time bomb whom could activate at any time. Harry missed Hogwarts with an aching passion, Vernon having locked up all of Harry’s magic-related belongings, being unable to practice Quidditch or do his homework. We are then recapped of Harry’s past and physical descriptions of he and the Dursley’s, we also learn of Voldemort mysteriously losing his powers after being unable to kill Harry. Vernon then mentions again of the dinner party to come which was supposed to help him land a deal for his business in drills, Harry realizing no one seemed to remember it was his twelfth birthday. Vernon proceeds to run through the plans for the night, Harry’s job being to stay in his room and pretend to not exist. After, Vernon goes to pick up his and Dudley’s dinner-wear and Harry goes outside, missing his buddies.

We then recap Harry’s last year at Hogwarts and his run-in with Voldemort, Harry realizing he was zoning out and looking at a bush which was staring back, Dudley then appears and taunts Harry with the knowledge of he knowing it was his birthday and asking why he was gazing at a bush, which prompts Harry to make up the reason being to decide what spell was best to set it aflame, startling Dudley to trip back and after egging Harry with the start of another unkind comment, is scared when Harry makes up magic words, his Aunt setting him chores after chucking the half clean frying pan at his head with the extra threat of not being fed until his tasks were complete. Exhausted after finishing, it takes him until early evening, Harry getting a disappointing dinner and is commanded to go upstairs. After one more unfinished threat by Vernon, Harry silently enters his room to fall on his bed, but sees it being occupied by a guest.

Harry is almost startled enough to shout out, but resists, he knowing this was the creature he’d seen in the bushes. The creature formally bows, Harry noting the pillow-case he wore, he greeting the creature, and the elf in return speaking in normal-squeaky pitch, Harry sure it would be heard below, the creature stating it had been wanting to meet him. Harry tries to convey of the inconvenient timing for the visit, he being glad to meet Dobby, but attempting him to cut to the chase for his visit, Dobby unsure where to start and Harry offering Dobby a seat, which brings the elf to a loudly bawling state, Harry attempting to calm Dobby, he making light of how wizards must not have been kind to him often, Dobby almost agreeing and so having to punish himself with a few head butts into the window, Harry grabbing him and setting Dobby back on his bed, the abrupt reaction waking Hedwig, whom screeches. Upon further inquiry, Harry discovers Dobby has come without informing the wizard family he serves and would be punishing himself severely later for this transgression. Harry attempts to offer his assistance in escape for Dobby, but it’s useless, Dobby relating of his visit to Harry being to warn him not to return to Hogwarts, this after gushing over Harry’s kindness in wanting to help him. Harry attempts to learn more about the dangers Dobby hints of, but Dobby obviously has rules to which he can’t overcome in regards to the details.

Dobby hints at whom it could be, but begins beating himself again which brings Vernon to the room with more threats, and afterward Dobby confessing to having stolen Harry’s letters and would only give them back upon his word of not going back to Hogwarts. Harry refuses, so Dobby apologizes regretfully for what he was about to do, he running out of the room, Harry following quietly. Dobby releases the cream pudding in the kitchen, (unlike the movie where it lands atop the guests), Harry getting caught and made to mop up immediately. What gets the guests out of the house is a barn owl delivering a letter to the female guest’s lap, she deathly afraid of birds and fleeing out, the husband not amused. Vernon enters the kitchen with the letter, it being about the non-use of magic by minors and in front of Muggles. Vernon then goes about sequestering Harry in his room, only allowing bathroom breaks twice a day, food to be given through a door flap, and his windows barred. Harry descends into a troubled sleep, awakened by rattling bars, he seeing Ron outside his window.

Harry opens the window, unable to communicate his confusion of how Ron was there and what was happening. Ron takes over with questions of why Harry hadn’t answered his letters and then relating how his father had heard about Harry’s warning letter since he works for the Ministry of Magic, Harry attempts to convey the complexity of his situation when Ron interrupts with how easily they were going to liberate him, Harry having digressed of Ron giving a message to Hogwarts about his incarceration for him. George and Fred then help Harry get his gear, stored under the stairs, with lock picks to aid them after they wrench the bars off the window with the car, the Dursleys undisturbed by the noise, so far. Whilst Harry passed the belongings he needed within his room, Fred and George retrieved his Hogwarts trunks downstairs, all going accordingly, until Hedwig screeches for being left behind and waking Vernon whom crashes through the door and seizes Harry’s ankle, the brothers pull Harry into the car, they shooting off into the night as the Dursleys watched, Harry finally able to release Hedwig so she could fly with them, then Harry explains what he had gone through during the summer break. The boys considered Dobby’s message and honesty, Harry and Ron instantly thinking of their main enemy, Draco when provided with the idea of who could have it out for Harry. George and Fred then speak of their father having brought up Draco’s father, Lucius and his involvement with Voldemort. The twins then profiling the kinds of families who own house-elves, they being rich, and usually manor-owning.

After seeing the likelihood of Malfoy being behind Dobby’s visit, Harry questioned whether he should’ve believed Dobby. Ron then explains his concern and the lengths he’d gone to when Harry didn’t answer his letters, they then discussing Percy’s strange behavior lately and how they’d successfully swiped the car, now hoping they could return it before their mother noticed. Harry also inquired of the Department their father worked, it involving the “misuse of Muggle artifacts”. The twins share of how fascinated their father was of Muggle items, the illegality of his hoarding of non-magical items driving their mother up the wall, they almost home by this time, and it nearing dawn. Harry then lays eyes on Ron’s family home for the first time, it looking like it was held together with magic due to the angle of its standing. Ron was excusing the state of the house, but Harry returned with how great it was, the boys then discussing how they’d explain Harry’s presence when they’d sneak him in and up to the second floor, so they could go down for breakfast when the Weasley boys’ mother is seen marching right at them, she not happy for her worry, the boys not having a chance to explain, since she was still in the process of sharing what she’d witnessed of their being gone, and all which could’ve gone wrong, the threat of she bringing all this to their father’s attention when he returned from work, she then greeting Harry and inviting him in for breakfast, he nervous, but reassured by Ron, he experiencing his first wizard home. As Mrs. Weasley cooked breakfast she still muttered her disbelief and displeasure of the boys’ actions, but lost steam when George mentioned the Dursleys weren’t feeding Harry regularly, Ginny then stepping downstairs and retreating quickly when seeing Harry, Ron introducing her and how she’d been talking about him a lot during break.

After they ate, Fred attempts nonchalance of going to sleep, their mother nixing the wishful plan with chores, she offering Harry welcome to sleep, but he quite awake and curious of Ron’s de-gnoming chore. As the boys walked to the garden, Ron shows Harry a real gnome, the little fella sounding adorable with his demands to “gerroff” him. Ron then shows the simple process of de-gnoming involving a lasso motion as the boys chucked them out of the yard, making them dizzy so they wouldn’t know how to return. When they hear their father enter the house, they return, Mr. Weasley looking worn out. He begins to share what his night had consisted of when his wife accuses him with the enchanted car, he acting guilty. Mrs. Weasley gains momentum especially when he halfheartedly shows disappointment of the boys taking the car, Ron having Harry retreat with him to his room, they passing Ginny’s room on the way, she quickly shutting her door, and Ron remarking how odd her quiet, withdrawing behavior was, they reaching Ron’s room, Harry surveying his belongings and posters of Quidditch players plastered all over his walls, Ron shy about Harry’s opinion being unimpressed, but Harry blurting of his room, and his home being the best he’s experienced, Ron going flush.

We then share the other oddities Harry experiences at the Weasley house, from ghost in the attic to periodic explosions in Fred and George’s room, all of these happenings normal for the household. The main strange occurrence being how everyone treated him well: Ron’s mother overfeeding him, his father wanting him to sit by him so he could relate all kinds of Muggle appliances and government jobs: post workers, specifically. Ginny still had trouble keeping it cool when Harry was around, he kindly ignoring her clumsiness due to her severe embarrassment. One morning the boys receive letters from Hogwarts detailing the place and time they’d be going back, Harry also having the list of required textbooks, most by Gilderoy Lockhart. Harry then learns Ginny will be starting Hogwarts this year, and the group talk about how expensive Lockhart’s books were, Ron then getting a letter from Hermione about meeting up at Diagon Alley. The boys then practiced Quidditch later, Percy still keeping to himself which had Fred wondering what was going on with him. On a Wednesday they get up early, Mrs. Weasley waking them for their shopping day in Diagon Alley. Harry was offered to use the Floo powder first, but didn’t know how to go about it, Mr. Weasley becoming sidetracked upon knowing Harry’s route last year, but interrupted by Mrs. Weasley, and Fred showing him how it’s done.

When Harry does get his turn after tips from Mrs. Weasley and Ron, he still ends up in the wrong place, a strange shop, the view outside not Diagon Alley, and as Harry attempts an exit, he sees Malfoy walking in with his father, he hiding in a cabinet and viewing the two waiting for the clerk. As they stand there, Draco finds a way of complaining about Harry which his father was apparently used to, advising Draco should keep his dislike in check due to Potter’s celebrity. Then the shopkeeper appears, assuming Lucius was there to purchase, he setting him straight about his visiting to attempt to sell due to some possessions he didn’t want to be caught with if the Ministry raided his home. When Draco chimes in about a possible gift for himself, it leads to a conversation about Hermione being the reason he didn’t get good grades: teacher’s pet. As Lucius and the shop owner haggle, Draco gets unnervingly close to opening Harry’s hiding spot, but being called back, Lucius ready to leave. When they do, Harry times his moment to exit, and views his surroundings, all the shops Dark Arts related, he “hoping against hope” he’d make his way to Diagon Alley (I’m disappointed in Rowling for joining the ranks of Dan Brown to make one of her characters hope against hope).

Harry is surprised by an old witch talking to him which he’s glad to be interrupted by Hagrid, and the two easily getting to Diagon Alley whilst Harry related how he’d gotten lost and why he hadn’t responded to Hagrid’s letter, they then being spotted by Hermione. Soon the Weasleys had found him, the boys jealous of Harry having gone to Knockturn Alley, and Hagrid bowing out, having business elsewhere. Harry spills on who he’d seen whilst there, Mr. Weasley wishing to catch Malfoy with contraband and Mrs. Weasley warning him to watch himself, the group going into Gringotts where Hermione’s parents were exchanging some money for the proper currency for Hogwarts, Mr. Weasley delighted with meeting some Muggles and seeing their ten pound notes. As Hermione stayed with her parents, the Weasleys and Harry are taken to their vaults, Mrs. Weasley taking everything inside theirs and Harry embarrassed and attempting to hide the amount inside his own. Percy goes off by himself upon the group leaving the bank, Fred and George off to greet a buddy, Mrs. Weasley taking Ginny to get a secondhand robe, and Mr. Weasley inviting the Grangers for a drink at the Leaky Cauldron. Harry, Hermione, and Ron go off window shopping, Harry buying them all ice cream, seeing Percy with his nose in a book, then going to the bookshop to discover Lockhart would be signing his autobiography, Hermione squealing with excitement.

The line out the door consisted of women Mrs. Weasley’s age, she also further up near the front of the line, Harry, Hermione, and Ron meeting her there. Harry is then spotted by Lockhart, whom saw the celebrity photo-op and jumped at the chance of getting front page coverage, plastering a smile on his face and suggesting Harry do the same, not letting him return to the Weasleys though, upon he attempting this, instead being steered by Lockhart to stay with him as he made a speech to his fans of how he was presenting his autobiography to Harry, as a gift and announcing his post as teacher of Defense of the Dark Arts. Harry then gets all of Lockhart’s collection of books, he walking off and giving them to Ginny, Malfoy then piping up how Harry must’ve enjoyed the attention, Ginny sticking up for Harry and Malfoy embarrassing her by stating how Harry had what looked like a girlfriend, Ron walking up and getting a bit of talk-back from Malfoy, as well, he ready to throw down, but Hermione and Harry stopping him. Mr. Weasley walks up and suggests the group go outside due to the crowd, before being able to, caught by Lucius whom couldn’t resist but take a dig on Weasley’s obvious struggle with financing his children’s school books and the company he kept, the Grangers also present. Mr. Weasley doesn’t take his words lightly, body-checking Lucius and knocking books on top of them both, Hagrid breaking their fight up, they leaving for the street, the Grangers heading for the pub to get to Muggle territory, the Weasleys and Harry off using the Floo powder, Harry knowing now it wasn’t his preferred traveling choice.

Summer ended in a flash to Harry, whom was having the most idyllic vacation, but he had conflicting feelings since he also loved Hogwarts, only tainting this with the thoughts of how the Dursleys would welcome him when the next vacation began. Mrs. Weasley made the children’s final evening home a memorable one with a wonderful dinner menu, the evening topped with indoor fireworks and hot cocoa before sleepy-time. Next morning the family rushed about at dawn, getting ready for the trip to the station. Mr. Weasley having magic-suped the small car to fit all luggage and comfortably seat the clan, Mrs. Weasley none the wiser. The group didn’t make it to the station quickly, since three of the siblings had to run in the house for last minute forgotten items, everyone’s frustration rising. Mr. Weasley attempted to convince his wife to allow him to fly the car with invisibility, but she refused, they making it to the station with five minutes to spare to get to their platform. Harry and Ron were last to go, and didn’t make it, the carts crashing into the wall. They get attention from many Muggles due to the resounding ruckus, but discuss their options, having missed the train. Harry didn’t have any “normal” cash, Ron wondering how his parents would return from the platform. Since the barrier remained closed, Harry suggested they wait at the car for Ron’s parents to return due to still getting stares, Ron now excited since they could use the car to follow the train to Hogwarts, his parents able to teleport themselves home.

Harry now more eager by the idea, they return to the car, shoving luggage and Hedwig quickly in, Ron starting the invisibility device and have them in the air when the cloaking fails, Ron gunning the car into the clouds. He dips them below cloud level to locate the train, Harry detecting its whereabouts and Ron noting the direction as they follow above the clouds. The longer the ride though, coupled with the heat and thirst, begins to wear down the fun, the car even whining which added to their nerves, but when darkness comes, Harry spots Hogwarts, the car crapping out whilst they were over the water, Ron maneuvering the car as well as possible, until letting go of the wheel to attempt using his wand, Harry taking after George of the Jungle when the car was aimed at a tree. Harry grabs the wheel to steer them clear, but they hit hard, Ron’s wand suffering damage along with Harry’s head, the abuse not quite over when blows to the car begin. Ron suggests fleeing, but the tree opposed this, the car starting up, allowing Ron to back the car away from the tree, the car then ejecting them and luggage out on to the lawn, before driving off, Ron shouting after it for its return, knowing his father would be angry with him, but the two walking off with their luggage to the front door, Ron noticing by peering through a window the Sorting Hat was placing new students.

Harry then notices Snape was missing from his seat, the two considering aloud whether he resigned, Snape speaking up of he being curious as to why they hadn’t been on the train. Snape then leads them indoors to his office where he shows them a newspaper stating of the car having been seen in flight. He then declaring he would be summoning those who were responsible for deciding the boys expulsion. First McGonagall arrives, Ron and Harry getting the chance to explain, Dumbledore entering after. Harry explaining to him his side, the boys safe from being expelled for now, but they needing to be aware of how serious they were of receiving it with any other troubles which could arise, both of their families being sent letter of their bad deed. Snape attempts to impress Dumbledore with the fact of the rules being broken which would support expulsion, but Dumbledore reminds Snape of the boys being in McGonagall’s house, making the decision hers, he then relaying of returning to the feast, Snape in tow, whilst McGonagall looked at the boys sternly. In the end, they each receive a detention, and wouldn’t be joining the feast, McGonagall magicking sandwiches and iced pumpkin juice to be dined upon there, before going straight to their dorm. They discuss the good fortune they had, but also needing to be careful what with the odd closing of the barrier at the station. When they arrive at the portrait for their dorm, they realize they hadn’t gotten the new term’s password, but Hermione arrives just in time.

Hermione launched into questioning where they had been and the talk of what had happened, surprised to learn they having flown to Hogwarts not being a rumor, she ending with a tone similar to McGonagall’s, so Ron cuts her off so they could learn the password, but she wouldn’t have been able to continue her questioning anyways, since as soon as the portrait had let them pass, it seemed all of Gryffindor house was waiting in the common room for them, cheering and giving kudos to Harry and Ron, only Percy looking annoyed. Ron was made aware of this by Harry, so they begin to make their way to the dorm rooms, marveling at the greetings they had received, and happy when their other roomies, Neville, Seamus, and Dean came in, still showing disbelief by their one of a kind arrival. The next morning, the boys met Hermione in the Great Hall, she still a little cold due to their bad behavior, Neville showing up to wait for owl deliveries of items he’d forgotten at home, Ron properly dreading opening the letter he’d gotten upon realizing it was a Howler, Neville urging him to get it over with since it’d be worse if he waited, Harry wanting to know what it was, but Ron instead working up courage to open it rather than answer, Harry understanding by witnessing it. After it was over, Ron was quite embarrassed, and Harry ashamed he’d helped in Mr. Weasley now having an inquiry from work for his magicking Muggle items.

Meanwhile Professor McGonagall was passing out schedules, Harry seeing their first class was Herbology, and when the trio had gone out to the Greenhouse to be met by Professor Sprout, she was accompanied by Lockhart, she seeming unusually annoyed as she instructed the students to Greenhouse three, they not having been inside the more interesting and dangerous greenhouse. As the three begin to walk with the rest of the class, Lockhart blocks Harry from joining and gives him a lecture on how he understood why he had flown the car being caused by his front page picture in the paper, Harry was shocked by how off he was, but joined his friends as Sprout spoke of the class preparing to re-pot Mandrakes, Hermione getting Gryffindor ten points for answering what they were for, as well as the next question, they then getting a demonstration of what they’d be doing, Harry surprised to see a green baby attached to the fronds of the plant, the three friends making up a third of their group, being joined by a Hufflepuff boy, Justin, as he shook their hands and offered individual knowledge of each one of them, he then speaking of Lockhart being quite impressive. The class had quite a time attempting to re-earth the little suckers, but Harry wasn’t exactly at ease in his Transfiguration class either, his previous year’s knowledge having seeped out over summer.

Harry didn’t do well, but Ron was worse off with his damaged wand, after class his mood not improving despite it being lunch, since their next class after was Defense Against the Dark Arts. When they’d finished eating and walked to the courtyard, Hermione read whilst Harry and Ron talked Quidditch until being stared down by a small boy, Colin whom finally got the nerve to ask for a signed picture when Malfoy walks up behind him to scoff. He again insults Ron to the point of getting him to draw his broken wand, but Lockhart interrupts with the nose for someone asking for signed pictures. Lockhart offers to jump in with Harry and sign it as well, Malfoy withdrawing, and everyone going off to classes. Harry is leached upon by Lockhart giving more unwelcome and off the mark advice since they were both heading for his class, Harry choosing a seat in the back before Lockhart gave out his lengthy personalized quiz, ridiculous questions relating to himself and spanning three sides of paper. Hermione was the only one to ace the quiz, she also scoring another ten points for her house. Lockhart then reveals the Cornish pixies as their study subjects, he letting them loose and they immediately having Neville in the air by his ears (memorable scene in the movie), other pixies throwing out books through the back window, and everyone taking cover, Lockhart playing it cool by instructing the class to capture them and showing them how, his spell doing nothing, so takes cover like the rest until the bell for next class rings and everyone hastily leaves, Lockhart commanding the three to handle capturing the rest before shooting out the door, himself. Ron was enraged by his ineptitude, Hermione trying to stick up for him, but Ron declaring the great deeds Lockhart spoke of in his books seemed to only be stories.

Harry now spent much time avoiding Lockhart, he not so readily able to do the same about Colin. He was pleased to make it to the weekend, the trio planning on a visit with Hagrid, but Harry was unexpectedly awakened by Oliver, the Gryffindor Captain. He found out they had practice, Oliver explaining this was a new training plan since no other team would be training this early in the season. He writes a note to Ron, then Colin runs after him with a picture he’d taken of Lockhart whom was talking about Harry, this time when asked, is bluntly rebuffed to autograph it. After Harry attempts to leave him, Colin puppy-dog’s his way after Harry, since not having seen a Quidditch game before, and only left him alone from his incessant questioning to locate a good seat whilst Harry changed. Oliver launched into a tactical speech when all were present, but few, if any were truly absorbing his words for sleepiness, George asking a smart-ass question which Oliver responds to by informing how terrible their defeat was last year, Harry feeling responsible for having been unconscious and unable to help their team to victory. The team finally gets to the field, Harry spotting Hermione and Ron in the stands, he informing them of practice only having now gotten started. Fred was first to hear a loud clicking which was coming from Colin’s constant picture-taking. Harry denies knowing him, but admits the boy is in Gryffindor when Oliver gets suspicious of what House he’s from. George then shares how Slytherin didn’t need spies since some were currently walking on to the field, Oliver going off to meet them to learn why they were there, the opposing team captain deciding there was enough space for both. The boy then hands a note written by Snape for the Slytherin team to be allowed to practice so they could train their new seeker, Draco. The team also shows the latest model of Nimbus they’d received as gifts by Draco’s father. Tensions heighten when Ron and Hermione join them and Malfoy calls her a Mudblood, everyone responding with rage, and Ron hitting himself with a wand blast when aiming at Malfoy.

Hermione and Harry decide to guide him to Hagrid’s, for being the closest, Colin getting in the way once more when attempting to get a shot of Ron belching up slugs. They had almost arrived when Lockhart was seen exiting Hagrid’s, Harry deciding to hide until he was gone. When they get inside, Ron is given a bowl since it was about waiting for the slugs to stop being regurgitated, Harry and Hermione learning how terrible a name Malfoy had used, Hagrid also taking it seriously. They discuss Lockhart, as well, his reason for visiting Hagrid being to instruct him on how to remove kelpies from a well, Hagrid then showing them what he’d been growing: humongous pumpkins for Halloween. Hagrid had obviously been helping the growth of his pumpkins illegally, since he’d been expelled from Hogwarts for unknown reasons and wasn’t supposed to use magic. After the trio return inside for lunch, McGonagall approaches Harry and Ron to give them their detention tasks, Ron polishing silverware and Harry getting stuck with Lockhart to answer his fan mail. Lunch is tainted by their news, and soon enough it’s time to do their time, Harry goes to Lockhart’s office, immediately being put to write the addresses for envelopes. Later in the night, as Harry is still writing addresses, he hears an odd voice speaking death threats, Lockhart not hearing, but surprised four hours having passed, dismissing Harry. A half hour after, Ron is back and Harry describes what he heard, Ron confused as to how it could’ve been overlooked by Lockhart.

In October, certain students and teachers visited Madame Pomfrey, the nurse for her immediate remedy for colds which left smoking ears for awhile after, Ginny among them. It would rain days at a time, but practice wasn’t postponed in these instances, so Harry was covered in mud and water, it seeming pointless due to the effortless speed the upgraded Nimbus gave to their opponents. During his walk back, Harry speaks with Nearly Headless Nick, whom was dealing with his own injustices for being denied entry into the Headless Hunt, since his head hadn’t been completely detached. Harry was in the middle of explaining his reason for being down, upon request, when Mrs. Norris makes an appearance, Harry not having time to retreat before Filch saw the mud he’d tracked through the hall, he leading Harry back the way he’d come to Filch’s office where Harry saw Fred and George’s file cabinet of mischief along with other cabinets of various students. As Harry awaited Filch to write his punishment on the official form, Filch is distracted by a loud bang from above them which gets him out of the room before finishing, he believing the poltergeist Peeves was making the ruckus, Harry not fond of the ghost, but relieved by his good timing. Harry does the honest thing though, and waits for Filch to return, he noticing a letter on his desk which seemed to be a beginner’s guide to charms. Harry quickly returns the letter to envelope when he hears Filch returning, but forgets to put it back close enough to where he found it, Filch noticing and putting the letter in his desk, Harry denies having read it, but Filch shows his anger and embarrassment, letting Harry go without reprimand, Harry taking the opportunity and dashing out. Nearly Headless Nick stops him to learn if his plan had worked, he having convinced Peeves to drop the cabinet they’d heard, Harry thanking him and wanting to assist with Nearly Headless Nick’s problem with the Headless Hunt, Nick realizing Harry could by attending his 500th death-day party and relate to the man in charge of the Hunt Admissions, Sir Patrick, of Nick’s scary magnificence, Harry agreeing even though the day coincided with Halloween.

Harry then mentions the trio’s invite, Hermione intrigued with the prospect, Ron not as impressed since he was overloaded with homework and had other unfavorable tasks to deal with. Harry then plans on sharing the letter in Filch’s office, but is distracted by Fred and George’s experiment with a fire lizard and some fireworks. When Halloween arrives, Harry is second-guessing his hasty decision to attend Nick’s death-day after seeing and hearing the festivities for the school feast, but Hermione insists on they keeping their word, walking past the Great Hall, to the dungeons. The path was lined with black candles with blue flame, Nick greeting them at the entrance and the group hearing strange music and then seeing through guests dancing and chatting. Hermione spots Moaning Myrtle, relating to the boys the trouble she’s been making in one of the girls bathrooms, it now being out of order, they instead checking out the buffet, which consisted of rotten or charred food. When they were turning to walk away, Peeves gets in their way, having overheard what Hermione had said about Myrtle, calling her over, and Hermione making nice, but Peeves egging on a disaster, Myrtle not taking Hermione’s hopeful compliment well, especially when the boys halfheartedly agree, Myrtle crying her way out as Peeves antagonizes her. Nick approaches after, the group having to lie about having a good time and he preparing for his speech, when Sir Patrick makes his lively entrance, Harry doing as Nick asked and being called out by Sir Patrick, Nick then attempting to give his speech, but being overshadowed by Patrick’s flash game of Head Hockey, the trio taking this moment to ditch, but as they return upstairs, Harry hearing the death-threatening words again and has Hermione and Ron following him up to the Great Hall, and then to the first floor, where Hermione is first to notice a message written on the wall, and Ron spotting a stiff and unmoving Mrs. Norris, Harry tentatively suggesting they should help, but unable to retreat like Ron wishes when the feast had obviously ended, students heading their way and noticing the message, Malfoy spouting of Mudbloods being next and looking exhilarated by the scene.

Filch is next to view Mrs. Norris, he horrified, and spotting Harry, believes he’d caused her death, spouting threats, but being cut off by Dumbledore, whom has Filch, Harry, Hermione, and Ron come with him to Lockhart’s office. Dumbledore starts studying Mrs. Norris along with McGonagall, and Snape, Lockhart not helping with his idle chatter of his ability to help if having been there sooner to apply the counter-curse, Harry hoping Dumbledore didn’t believe Filch’s accusation for knowing his education at Hogwarts would be over. Dumbledore though, seemed to be testing different spells on Mrs. Norris, and interrupts Lockhart sharing another story of his bright, helpful ideas when they learn Mrs. Norris wasn’t dead, only Petrified. Filch was still convinced Harry caused her fate, Harry having to defend himself even after Dumbledore shares it was far too advanced for a student. Snape piping up with asking why he hadn’t attended the Halloween feast and after not at least going in to eat, Harry struggling with a good excuse since he had led Hermione and Ron upstairs because of a voice only he heard not sounding applicable, he deciding to answer with they being sleepy, but Snape seeming dubious to they going to bed without supper. Snape then offers a punishment to Harry which would make him be forthcoming with the truth (I grew up with people of similar model), but Dumbledore, even if believing Harry wasn’t confessing all, wouldn’t punish him unless he were proven the culprit, Snape quite displeased. When Filch was ready to melt down again, Dumbledore reminds him Professor Sprout could get the ingredients necessary to make a potion to revive her, Lockhart offering to make it, but Snape stepping in with he being the Potions master, Dumbledore then allowing Harry and friends to be dismissed, they hurrying out, Harry asking if he should have been truthful and discussing what the message on the wall could mean, Ron supporting Harry’s decision and the message about a chamber sounding familiar, but the group ending it there once Ron explained what a squib was in reference to Filch, they not wanting to run into Snape in the hall, and going off to bed.

The next few days, students were still gossiping about it, Filch not helping by standing vigil at the scene of the Petrifying, the message not succumbing to cleaning. Hermione was acting oddly by reading constantly and not being receptive to conversation anymore, Harry learning why the next week when Justin, from Hufflepuff acts strangely by walking back the way he’d come rather than greeting Harry, the latter going into the library and asking Ron if he’d seen Hermione, she making herself known and seeming ready to speak with them, albeit not looking pleased at the moment. She begins by stating her frustration over the book Hogwarts: A History being unavailable and she having to leave her copy at home because of all the Lockhart books, she needing it for the bit on the Chamber of Secrets. Ron changes the subject when asking Hermione for a look at her homework, the two squabbling over it as the trio walk to their only ghost taught class. Everyone who attended was consistently bored stupid, but Hermione came up with a decent idea by asking their history lecturer about the Chamber. Professor Binns skirts the answering by replying he only entertaining (except not to the students, ha-ha) definite truths, but Hermione again interrupting with how the “legend” could be based on truth, Binns finally giving in once he saw how much interest the class was showing for once. Binns goes over the general history of Hogwarts beginnings before sharing how the legend began with Slytherin supposedly adding a hidden chamber none of the other founders knew about. After the telling, Binns reiterates its nonsense, Hermione asking of the sort of “horror within” mentioned inside the Chamber, Binns responding of it supposedly being a monster only the heir to Slytherin can control and would be the cause of expelling all unworthy students from Hogwarts. Once Binns had enough of the theories on how Slytherin could have hidden the Chamber though, he continues his mind-numbing lecture.

Harry sensed a rumor must be going around of he possibly being the Slytherin heir. When they reach the corridor where Mrs. Norris was found, Harry decides a quick looky-loo couldn’t hurt, he spotting some scorch marks, Hermione noticing a clutter of spiders fighting their way through a crack in the wall, Ron relating a story of why he hated spiders, Harry then remembering the water on the floor before, and the group then entering Moaning Myrtle’s territory after Hermione reminds them of no one likely being inside for the Out-of-Order sign, once within, noting its somber atmosphere. Hermione goes to speak with Myrtle whom doesn’t take the boys’ presence sitting down. Ha,ha. She gets more upset when she thinks they’re talking behind her back when Harry was mouthing for Hermione to ask about if Myrtle knew anything about the Chamber, etc. When Hermione does finally get the question out, Myrtle hadn’t noticed anything out of the ordinary the other night due to being upset over Peeves, she again getting worked up over being reminded she was dead, leaving the three wet with toilet water from her exit. The three are heading out when they’re found by Percy, he not amused at all and taking on his mother’s tone. Ron and Percy argue over how upset all this is making Ginny and they should be currently at dinner, when Percy ends the fight by taking five points from them, thinking it would be a good incentive for not getting a P.I. state of mind. When they were back in the common area, Ron was annoyed over his homework igniting by his wand, and Hermione frustrated over whom could be causing all of the trouble. Ron passive-aggressively mentions Malfoy, Harry supporting the possibility. Hermione then shares an idea which would give them the proof, it being to charm themselves into looking like Slytherin students and get Malfoy to confess without knowing. Hermione then admits getting the recipe could be difficult since the book was most likely in the Restricted Section of the library. The three then discuss how they’d manage obtaining permission, it not ending in agreement.

Lockhart stuck to reading aloud and acting out the more “exciting” scenes since live examples didn’t work out so well for him, Harry normally getting dragged in to play the minor roles. The latest call up would’ve been met with firm refusal if Harry didn’t have an ulterior motive this time, so he played along and when the bell rang to end class, Hermione, Ron, and Harry wait for everyone to leave before approaching Lockhart, Hermione asking for him to consent permission for she to be allowed access to the restricted book, Lockhart readily agreeing when she mentioned it regarding one of his books. Lockhart then offers Harry his vast knowledge on Quidditch if he so chose, essentially making it seem Harry was inept at the game, Harry not responding other than a vague growl. The three spoke of how lucky they were Lockhart hadn’t noticed the book they were after, Ron bad-mouthing Lockhart, and Hermione vehemently defending him again. They head straight to the library, Hermione having trouble letting go of the celebrity professor’s note when the librarian reaches for it, but Ron has her let it go, knowing another autograph would be a dime a dozen for Lockhart. The librarian retrieves the book for them, and they head out, trying to look nonchalant. They set up in Myrtle’s bathroom, knowing no one would bother them, the book’s illustrations and spells immediately made clear why it was only upon request. Hermione discovers the page they needed, Harry attempting optimism the artist was exaggerating the looks of pain during transformation. Hermione began listing off the items they needed, some easy to acquire, others not so much. Harry voiced his doubts on the amount of ingredients needing to be nicked, Hermione stating her views on not ever wanting to break rules, but believing uncovering the culprit threatening the Muggle-born an important issue, and if they wanted to back out she’d return the book. Ron was surprised Hermione was basically giving permission to be bad for once, and would go through with the acquisition as long as the part of the people they took wasn’t toenail related. Hermione, pleased with Ron’s decision, then calculates how long it would take to ready the elixir, it being a month, Ron complaining how terrible acts could occur in such a span, but supports the plan when Hermione gives him a scathing look, he then suggesting Harry could make this easier if he could set up a fall for Malfoy during their game the next day.

On the morning of the match,Harry thought about how Oliver would take another loss which made Harry uneasy, as well as the prospect of facing off with a team on speedster brooms. He gets up and goes to an early breakfast, seeing the other members of his team already there, everyone quiet. the student body and staff beginning to take seats on the field, Harry receiving wishes of luck from Ron and Hermione as he entered the locker room, and everyone getting ready, Oliver making his speech, talking up their team’s talent and relentless practicing, he then ordering Harry to stay on top of getting the Snitch “or die trying”. They go onto the field and the game begins, Harry quickly getting higher than the others, Malfoy mouthing off and humming-birding around on his broom. Harry then quickly maneuvering around a Bludger which barely misses him, and when George whacks it at a Slytherin, it again re-aims at Harry, this continuing to recur, Harry flying off in another direction where Fred gives it a whack, but it still going after Harry. The Slytherins were in the lead now, Fred and George sticking to Harry to swat at the Bludger. The twins finally get Oliver’s attention to call a Time-Out, they sharing why they weren’t able to back up another team mate, they believing someone had tampered with the Bludger, but Oliver knowing the Bludgers had been in a professor’s office locked up, and nothing was amiss with them before. Harry insists Oliver command George and Fred to let him deal with the Bludger himself since he didn’t have a chance getting the Snitch with them hanging about him, Oliver eventually agreeing and the game continuing. Harry shoots off, dodging the Bludger and presumably looking ridiculous whilst doing so, after awhile of this, Malfoy makes a smart remark and laughs so hard he doesn’t notice the Snitch by his ear, but Harry had, he not moving in time to dodge the Bludger, and feeling his arm break, but then lunges at Malfoy, fighting the pain, Malfoy looking scared for the quick confrontation, swerving out of the way, Harry feeling his grasp on the Snitch as he balanced on his broom, no hands, and heading for the earth, close to unconsciousness, but realizing Gryffindor had won before passing out, awaking on the ground with Lockhart above him, he moaning and protesting loudly, Lockhart conveying his conviction on fixing Harry’s arm, Harry firmly stating his not wanting this, and shouting at Colin of not needing “photographic memories”Eduardoof this moment, but after Lockhart did his worst, Harry didn’t feel his arm anymore, and Colin was on a picture-taking rampage. When Harry looks, he slowly understands his bones weren’t there anymore, Lockhart playing it off like this sometimes occurred, Ron and Hermione taking him to Madam Pomfrey’s hospital wing, she enraged by they not having come to her as soon as it happened, the growing back of bones taking more time, and painful, he having to stay the night, and Hermione still sticking up for Lockhart’s mistake. When Pomfrey leaves, Ron brings up the look on Malfoy’s face when Harry had caught the Snitch, Harry saying they’d have to remember to ask him how he set up the Bludger in response to Hermione wondering this out loud. Then the Gryffindor team busted in with refreshments and good times to drown out Harry’s upcoming pain when Pomfrey kicks everyone out so Harry can go through his pain alone. Harry awakens in the night, startled by what he thought was the splintering pain in his arm, until he realized Dobby was sponging his forehead and looking upset. Dobby then not only admits his disappointment in Harry getting to school, but also being the cause for the train station barrier locking them out, Dobby surprised Harry had still been able to get to Hogwarts. Harry angrily threatens Dobby with physical violence unless he left, but Dobby made clear this was a usual occurrence in his day, Harry losing some steam for Dobby’s unfortunate appearance. Harry then asks why he wore a pillowcase, Dobby explaining the terms of his enslavement, and then revealing he being the culprit of the Bludger, Harry’s anger renewed. Dobby attempts to explain the reason for he trying to get Harry sent home being due to the hope Harry brought to Dobby’s kind, but then lets loose with mention of the Chamber of Secrets, Dobby immediately reprimanding himself. Harry attempts to coax Dobby into divulging who had opened the Chamber, Dobby unable to, and only repeating Harry should leave for the extreme danger. Dobby is interrupted by noises outside, Dumbledore and McGonagall carrying a statue to a bed, McGonagall fetches Pomfrey whom was surprised and asking what had happened, Dumbledore announcing it was a second attack, the boy presumably attempting to sneak up to see Harry, and Harry getting a glimpse of Colin, McGonagall having various questions of what could be happening, and whether Colin had captured his attacker with a snapshot, but when Dumbledore checks, the film is destroyed, Dumbledore relating of this being a sign the Chamber was open again and how this could be.

Sunday morning, Harry’s awakened by bright sunlight, his arm not flexible, but all bones accounted for, he noticing Colin’s bed was blocked by curtains, Pomfrey bringing his breakfast and testing his arm’s mobility. He was allowed to leave when he was finished eating, Harry going off to Gryffindor Tower, but his buddies unfound, disappointed they didn’t seem to care about how he was, but also wanting to share what he’d learned about Colin and Dobby. Harry runs into Percy coming out of the library seeming to have a lighter step than recently apprised. Percy mentions the points Harry had gotten for his win, the latter then inquiring if he’d seen the duo, Percy responding to the negative and hoping they weren’t hanging about anymore girls restrooms, Harry making light of this and going straight to Myrtle’s spot, immediately hearing his friends chattering in a stall, and upon announcing himself, still surprising them, and once entering the stall, viewing they had a cauldron set over the toilet, a waterproof fire inside, Hermione’s forté, he also finally able to answer about his arm being in working order. Hermione shares how they’d heard their hiding spot was being uncovered so figured they’d better get a move on with the potion, Harry also sharing his story about Dobby, the group now even more curious about the Chamber and Malfoy’s possible relation to its opening.

By Monday the school had heard of Colin’s state, people more cautious, Ginny shaken since she sat by him in one of her classes, and Neville buying charms to ward away danger. After, during the second week of December, Harry, Ron, and Hermione were signing the sheet to stay at school for the holidays, seeing and suspicious of Malfoy also being on the list, they thinking it’d be an apt time to implement the potion and also swipe the remaining ingredients from Snape’s office, Harry not looking forward to the adventure. Hermione first to suggest a plan where they would supply a diversion so one of them could get into Snape’s office, Harry and Ron looking apprehensive, since Hermione then adds she needed to be the one to pillage since the boys already were so close to severe punishment, Harry thinking about the difficulty this raised when it came to intentional acts of havoc in Snape’s presence, but when the day arrived, Harry awaited Hermione’s signal nervously, when it comes, readying a firework to drop inside Malfoy’s lackey, Goyle’s cauldron, making his target, and the potion covering most of the class, Hermione in and out with no problem, Snape addressing all who had been hit, then vowing to expel the trouble-maker if ever discovered. Harry certain Snape knew he was guilty, Ron attempting to ease his mind with the thought of Snape unable to prove it, and they watched Hermione complete their potion when class let out, it now going to be two weeks before they could test it.

A week goes by when a flyer for a Dueling Club was posted, many students excited to check it out, the trio deciding to go, as well. Hermione wondered whom the instructor would be, they getting double the fun when Lockhart and Snape step forward. Lockhart begins with how Snape would assist him before class began, he allowing Snape knowing “a tiny little bit” about dueling, the demonstration starting. Lockhart gave a play by play until Snape’s first spell left his mouth, leaving Lockhart in a heap at the wall. Lockhart recovers and explains how transparent Snape’s choice had been and allowed him to go through with it so the students would see what it could do (It’s so sad I have family this bumpkin-like *sigh*), Snape not taking kindly to this, so Lockhart and he begin setting up couples of students to practice, Snape reaching Ron, Harry, and Hermione first and pairing Harry, of course with Malfoy, whilst the other two got forgettable students. When everyone began, Lockhart had unleashed mayhem by having all the students start at once, everyone taking down the other, Harry and Malfoy among them, Lockhart stopping all vocally, but Snape allowing this by disarming everyone’s spells, Hermione last since her partner had taken to physical combat, Harry struggling to help Hermione get out of a headlock with a Slytherin girl. Lockhart had picked two students to demonstrate how to block hostile fire, but Snape vetoes by offering the better choice of Malfoy and Harry, Snape instructing Malfoy, but Harry having the moron show him what to do, he gesturing with his wand seemingly in a meaningless way, so when Malfoy fired, Harry did nothing, but watch as a snake exploded from the tip of the wand, Snape offering to get rid of it, but Lockhart stepping in, he only angering it, and it turning to another student, Harry then yelling for it to leave the boy, Justin alone, he upset about it, and storming out. Ron urges Harry to get down and leads him out as students whispered and Snape looked intrigued, Hermione and Ron sharing what the name of a snake-talker was, and Harry sharing his first experience doing it, thinking others must have the gift, as well, Ron explaining the rarity of it, and this being bad news. Once Ron mentions how Harry seemed to be urging the snake to do its worst, Harry explains what he had said and didn’t even know he was speaking Parseltongue, Hermione divulging how it seemed Harry was somehow related to Slytherin and it would be difficult to prove otherwise.

Harry was having difficulty sleeping because of how little he knew of his father’s family. He then decides he’d explain to Justin when he saw him in class the next day, but class was canceled due to a blizzard, and Hermione urged him to go locate him if it was vital, so Harry goes, checking the library, he seeing some Hufflepuffs from the canceled class and was ready to ask them where Justin was when he began overhearing parts of their conversation and stayed out of sight in the Invisibility Section (ha-ha, Rowling), he learning the boy speaking, Ernie had advised Justin to stay in their dormitory if Harry was after him, Ernie hard-pressed to believe Harry was a good snake-talking wizard. Harry heard all he could take after Ernie began supposing what had happened with his run-in with Voldemort, and made his presence known, pretty mad, but asking after Justin, he sort of explaining what happened in the Dueling Club, but getting more angered the longer Ernie made excuses in support of Harry being a dark wizard, Harry leaving and running into Hagrid, whom was on business to ask permission to charm the hen coop so no more chickens could be attacked by an unknown creature, Harry then playing off why he was upset and instead going off to retrieve his books for his next class, a darkened corridor robbed of light because of a windowpane and wind getting through, a torch going out, Harry tripping over Justin, and seeing Nearly Headless Nick with the same shocked, expression, also immobile, Harry now debating whether to get someone to help or flee, knowing what people would think. Peeves then turns up and plays with Harry until he notices the bodies, belting out a wallop of an alarm, classes emptying, McGonagall restoring order, and Ernie again, literally this time, pointing the finger at Harry, McGonagall putting a stop to it, as well as Peeves’ wonderful little song about the trouble, Ernie fanning Nick presumably to the hospital wing and McGonagall escorting Harry to a hidden passage where he soon guesses Dumbledore stays.

When they reach the top, McGonagall knocks at the door, the two entering, then McGonagall advising Harry stay where he was, he viewing the place as quite interesting (Q.I. shout out! Harry…Daniel Radcliffe is a fan, too), and would’ve been happy to take a closer look if he didn’t believe he was about to be kicked out of school. Harry caught sight of the Sorting Hat and learns a bit more of the Hat’s insight on the choice of Gryffindor over Slytherin, he taking it off before he hears anymore due to not wanting to discover the reasons why he would’ve excelled in Slytherin, the puss, but then he hears a noise and discovers a sick looking bird, what startles him is when it goes up in flames. Dumbledore details the bird’s breed, Fawkes rising from the ashes, Harry temporarily side-tracked by this before being brought back to reality by the steady gaze of Dumbledore, before either can proceed though, Hagrid bursts in with his dead rooster, and immediately speaks on Harry’s behalf about the boy found having no connection to Harry since he’d been speaking with him so recently beforehand, he not allowing Dumbledore a word until he rose his voice to state they having the same opinion, Hagrid feeling foolish and returning to wait outside the room. Dumbledore inquires whether Harry had anything to admit, he going over all the troubling thoughts he’d had since the start of school, and declining anything was pressing. Next is the reactions to everyone to Nearly Headless Nick’s condition, most people leaving for the holiday, Harry content with this since being a pariah. Fred and George had fun clearing hallways on Harry’s behalf which didn’t amuse Percy or Ginny, she not liking the dark humor. Ron mentions how Malfoy not being pleased with Fred and George’s jokes was due to his jealousy for Harry getting the credit, which Hermione then changes the subject to the Polyjuice being almost ready for use.

The Weasley’s, Harry, and Hermione were able to mess about with a game called Exploding Snap, only Percy above joining in. Then on Christmas morning, Hermione wakes the boys with presents and the good news of the potion being done, they trying it out when evening came. Harry then gets a visit from Hedwig with a package consisting of a toothpick and note inquiring if he could stay through Summer, as well, by, guess who? Harry also receives fudge from Hagrid, a Quidditch book from Ron, an eagle feather quill from Hermione, and a hand-knit sweater and plum cake from Mrs. Weasley, her card bringing back guilt about the car, which hadn’t returned from the woods. Fortunately, Christmas dinner eased any anxiety they would’ve had in relation to using the Polyjuice. Dumbledore starting the group in singing carols, Percy’s badge being changed to read “Pinhead”, and Harry not bothered by Malfoy attempting to put down his sweater, since boy, did they have plans for him. Hermione started the planning after third-dessert, what with needing Crabbe and Goyle items, plus a way to keep them preoccupied, she seeming to have set them up what with already having sleep potion-laden chocolate cakes ready for the Neanderthal team to discover, she planning on using hair left by the Slytherin girl during her close proximity in Dueling Club. Ron was unsure how much this plan had a chance for success, but first part of acquiring hair had gone well, Harry and Ron booking it to Myrtle’s, Hermione nervously going over the instructions, they each taking their potions to separate stalls for size-changing reasons, then all drinking at the same time.

Harry’s transformation definitely wasn’t a sleigh ride, he and Ron ready to go, but Hermione insisting she couldn’t join, the boys going off and having difficulty locating the Slytherin common room. They go down some dungeon steps, eventually running into Percy, Ron speaking to him familiarly, and Percy responding by demanding they get to their common room, Harry glad to see Malfoy approach them, he also asking why Percy was down there, Percy taking offense, again, the three walking around the corner, and Malfoy gossiping about how Percy had been snooping around a lot, Malfoy thinking he was trying to catch the Slytherin heir by himself, he then saying the password to the Slytherin common room where he motioned for Harry and Ron to sit whilst he got the item his father had sent which he thought was hilarious, he coming back with an article about Ron’s father and how he’d been fined for bewitching the car, and Lucius having asked for Mr. Weasley to resign. After Malfoy gives his own opinion about the Weasley’s, he moves on to Dumbledore and how he’d have to catch the cause of the trouble soon or he’d get fired, he making fun of Colin at his expense, and then leaving no doubt he didn’t know whom was doing these deeds or opened the Chamber, only knowing how long ago it had last been opened, and hoping for a Muggle death like last time, he happily mentioning Hermione being victim. He then also reveals where his father had hid all their Dark Arts memorabilia, Ron making a noise of surprise and Harry noticing how he was changing, the two dashing out with Ron giving the excuse of an upset stomach, they returning to Myrtle’s. Ron was planning on sending word to his father about the one piece of good news, he then rapping on Hermione’s stall to share the details, but she didn’t want to come out, Myrtle sounding way too gleeful, and when she does finally show her furry face, the boys urge her to go to the hospital wing.

Hermione is sequestered in the hospital wing for some weeks, when students return to realize she’s missing, they think she’d been another victim, Pomfrey soon having to put a curtain around her bed since she didn’t need to be embarrassed by her fuzz face every time someone decided to rubberneck, during these days Ron and Harry come to visit each night to drop off homework, she asking if any progress had been made, no reports available, Ron spotting a book under her pillow, and reading the inscription by Lockhart, to Ron’s distaste, Pomfrey then interrupting with medicine, and the boys leave, hearing a loud angry voice sounding like Filch, the boys wait to hear more, and when he’d gone, they view a flood at Myrtle’s bathroom, they investigating, Myrtle sounding more upset than usual, she explaining of a book having been thrown at her, she directing them where it was in the bathroom, Harry ready to retrieve it when Ron discourages him for all the horror stories he’d heard from his father of worst case scenarios. Harry feigns he wouldn’t, but grabs it, learning it was T.M. Riddle’s diary from fifty years ago, Ron recognizing the name for the student having been honored for good deeds, and when looking inside, was disappointed when discovering no entries, but still keeping it. Hermione was released in February, Harry showing her the journal and sharing the same speculation of timing between the Chamber being opened and the age of the journal, Hermione then attempts a spell and using a Revealer as her last resort, neither working. Harry meanwhile, couldn’t place why he felt a connection to Riddle, the three looking at his awards in the trophy room the next break, only learning he’d been a Head boy, Prefect, and had a Magical Merit medal. As the weather became brighter, no more attacks had happened and the Mandrakes would soon be ready for stewing, but Harry was still getting accusing looks from Ernie, and Lockhart explains to McGonagall his imagined role in stopping the attacks as class let out. He also hints of a “moral-booster” to be revealed later, and on the 14th of Feb., as Harry was making his way quickly to breakfast a bit late for not sleeping well due to a late Quidditch practice, was met by the confusing sight of big, pink flowers, and confetti-shaped hearts, Ron looking nauseous and Hermione amused.

Lockhart greets the room with a “Happy Valentine’s”, and promises more surprises, McGonagall and Snape not looking overjoyed by the decorations. The other “gift” Lockhart had planned, walked in with harps and wings, he introducing his Valentine card-giving dwarves making deliveries for the rest of the day, Harry getting trapped by one whilst walking to his next class, to his shame, and as Harry attempts to escape when the dwarf grabs his bag to make him stay, it rips, all of his school items falling out. The dwarf then sang the telegram, Malfoy one of those to hear it, Percy attempting to help get the group of students to keep moving to class, Malfoy spotting Riddle’s diary and believing it was Harry’s, but before he could take a look, Harry disengages the book from Malfoy’s grasp with a spell, Percy now having to report it. When Harry and Ron had gotten to their Charms class, Harry detects how everything but the diary had been ink-soaked, Ron too preoccupied with his wand oozing big, purple bubbles. When evening came, Harry retires early to examine the diary, as well as escape hearing the Valentine tune sung at him by Fred and George. Harry then tests the diary with an inkblot, it getting sucked into it and disappearing, he then writing a greeting with his name, it also being sucked in, and a reply coming from Tom Riddle, asking how he’d gotten his diary.

As Harry continued with this chat, Riddle revealed how his diary held dark memories about Hogwarts, Harry learning more about the first time the Chamber was opened and why Riddle had received his medal, Harry then informing of the Chamber’s reopening and when asking whom had opened it the first time, Riddle offers to show Harry the memory, the book flipping to June 13th, and as a picture formed like watching a movie, Harry is thrust into the scene of Dumbledore’s office, Harry apologizing to the man sitting at the desk for bursting in, but he taking no notice, allowing a knocker at the door to enter, Riddle coming in and sitting, Dippet regarding Riddle’s letter he’d written in hopes of staying at Hogwarts over Summer, since he lived in a children’s home, he sharing some of his origin. Dippet states it may have been possible if not for the attacks, they still not knowing who is causing it. After Riddle was dismissed, Harry follows, he sensing Riddle had made a decision, rushing off, and running into Dumbledore whom advised him to get to his dorm, Riddle continuing on to the dungeons, and going to the room Harry had his Potions class, Riddle waiting for what seemed an hour to Harry, then hearing someone in the corridor. Riddle following quietly, then going around the corner where Harry struggles to identify Hagrid attempting to coax, what they soon learn, is a large spider into a box, Riddle informing Hagrid he’d have to report it, then trying to kill it with a spell, but Hagrid overpowering him, Harry then returned to his room, Ron coming in, asking what was wrong when he saw Harry’s face, and he confiding whom he believed had opened the Chamber the first time.

Due to the three knowing Hagrid’s penchant for unusual and dangerous pets, they didn’t put it past him wanting to reign in the ginormous spider, but Harry also was aware Hagrid wouldn’t want to cause any innocent’s death. After sharing the story of what he’d seen repetitively, he became tired of having the same conversations about it, Hermione attempting to reason of Riddle potentially getting the facts confused, but Harry reminding them they knew Hagrid had been kicked out for some reason. Hermione being the one to suggest they go to Hagrid to see if he corroborates the story. They decide to wait the awkward exchange until another attack was made, but four months down the road, all was quiet, the song Peeves had made up getting old, even Ernie becoming cordial, and in March, Sprout happy some of the Mandrakes were quite close to maturity. Then, during Easter holiday, the second years were given the list of choices for classes during their third year, Hermione checking off everything, Harry getting advice from Percy to choose according to his strengths, but Harry not feeling certain about anything other than Quidditch, so follows Ron’s lead, taking the same classes. Quidditch practice resumed nightly, but Harry was confident with their ability to win against Hufflepuff. As he goes toward the dorms, Neville looks frantic about showing Harry what had happened to his belongings, everything strewn about, Ron noting someone was searching for something, and Harry realizing Riddle’s diary was taken, and when they share the news with Hermione in the common room, they contemplate whom among the Gryffindor’s would want it.

The next morning, Harry sat with his Quidditch team wondering if he was in the room with the thief, he not wanting to report the theft like Hermione suggested due to the delicate details involved. As Harry returned from breakfast to gather his Quidditch equipment with Ron and Hermione, he yelled when hearing the voice speaking death threats again, Hermione coming to a realization and dashing to the library, Ron reminding him of the time, and Harry retrieving his gear, getting ready for the match as everyone was taking seats and warming up on the field, McGonagall with a megaphone, then announces of they cancelling the match, amid boos, and everyone returning to their common rooms where the Heads of Houses would dictate further instructions. McGonagall then had Harry follow her, she not turning Ron away when he tagged along, they being led to the hospital wing to discover Hermione and a Ravenclaw girl, the next victims, a mirror found with them, the boys confessing nothing, and McGonagall escorting them back with plans on speaking with the rest of the Gryffindors. She lists the new rules and earlier hours to be spent in common rooms, hoping anyone with information will come forward, otherwise the school would be closed, she visibly upset. When she exits, everyone was disgruntled by the news, Harry announcing to Ron it was time to go to Hagrid. Harry determines his Invisibility Cloak would need to be utilized, they having to navigate through corridors busier with staff and prefects patrolling in pairs, Harry and Ron making it to Hagrid’s door undetected.

When the door opened with Hagrid aiming a crossbow at them, Harry inquires about it, he dodging an answer and setting up tea, but becoming visibly to be parting at the seams when serving them boiling water with no teabags, a knock interrupting them, Harry and Ron moving to a corner of the room, back under the cloak, Dumbledore entering with Ron’s father’s boss, Cornelius Fudge, the Minister of Magic, Hagrid collapsing in a chair, and Dumbledore backing Hagrid up on his innocence, but Fudge insisting Hagrid had to be detained, if found innocent, released, regardless Fudge needing to show some action being done, Hagrid worriedly asking if he’d be taken to Azkaban, but an answer not given for another knock at the door, Lucius Malfoy entering, Fang and Hagrid bristling at his presence, but Lucius there with a suspension for Dumbledore, Fudge protesting due to the timing, Hagrid making the oath Dumbledore would be the only one capable to stop whatever the monster is if it began taking lives, but Dumbledore acquiescing to the suspension without a fight, only noting those who favored him would make it seem like he hadn’t left, and Dumbledore saying something else which seemed aimed at Harry and Ron, Hagrid doing the same with his advice to follow the spiders, everyone exiting, Hagrid also loudly stating someone would need to feed Fang, Ron mentioning how their dark days would soon be darker without Dumbledore.

Even though Summer was settling in, the school was thrust into a feeling of unease, Ron and Harry now no longer able to visit Hermione since it was banned for the thought of the attacker returning for them. Dumbledore’s presence, as well as Hagrid’s were severely missed, Malfoy again using his fat mouth to talk loudly about his thoughts of Dumbledore and Hermione in Potions. When they’d gone to Herbology, Harry received an apology from Ernie, Ron and Harry noticing the spiders again, the gaggle heading for the Forbidden Forest, the two discussing it on their way to Defense Against the Dark Arts. Ron had reservations, but Harry gave him the positive sides of the forest being the centaurs and unicorns, Lockhart rushing in like he was providing sunshine and rainbows, the usual attitude of the teachers being subdued. Lockhart then states how the grim looks were unnecessary since believing Hagrid was guilty, this annoying the two, Ron consenting to go for Hermione after sitting through his nonsense. The boys had to wait well past midnight before the common room emptied, they retrieving Fang, leaving the cloak at Hagrid’s since it was dark enough in the forest, and Harry soon spotting two spiders leading them into the forest and eventually off the path.

They walk for at least a half hour as the denseness of their trek thickens, until Fang barks, scaring the boys, but something big ahead of them. After a little time passes, lights turn on at them, startling them again until Ron realizes it’s his father’s car gone native. After Ron approaches it, and sees what the car was illuminating behind Harry, his unbridled fear was plain on his face, Harry, Ron, and Fang all picked up and carried deeper into the forest. When they enter a clearing, Harry sees an army of gigantic spiders, they dropping them to await Aragog, and Harry recovering his voice to share they knew Hagrid, as Aragog commands their deaths when learning it wasn’t Hagrid, himself. Aragog thought the trouble with the Chamber had resolved years ago, once Harry related Hagrid’s trouble, Harry also learning how Hagrid had gotten and cared for Aragog. When Harry suggests he and Ron would leave them alone now, since Aragog refused to confide what the monster was, Aragog denies the idea, but the boys saved by the car, it leaving them at the edge of the forest, retreating back to whence it came. Ron is sick, and Fang’s under his doggy covers when Harry gets his cloak, one upside to their trip was in knowing now Hagrid wasn’t responsible for the Chamber opening. Later, Harry realizes whom the girl which had been killed all those years ago could be.

Whilst Harry and Ron waited for the right time to go see Myrtle, a shock of exams still coming up leaves their whole Transfiguration class in irritated grumbles. Good news was coming though, when McGonagall shares of the Mandrakes ready for plucking, so they may soon know more on the monster and or the one who opened the Chamber. Then an encounter with Ginny, whom was searching for the courage to share something which seemed to have frightened her, gets scared off by Percy, asking for her seat, he waving off the news she could’ve been about to share as something he’d hoped she’d keep to herself (the boys alluding to Percy wanking). Then Harry and Ron get their moment to see Myrtle when convincing Lockhart they were fine to walk the rest of the way to their next class, they home free until McGonagall runs into them, Harry making a quick excuse of they wanting to see Hermione, McGonagall surprisingly receptive. So instead of going to Myrtle, they go see Hermione, Harry noticing she was gripping a piece of paper in her hand, when reading it, he understanding why he’d been hearing the voice, also learning what defeated the creature. The two lay out all the missing pieces, they going to the teachers lounge with plans to confess what they’d found, but when hearing a message from McGonagall informing the students to return to their dorms, and teachers to the break room, Harry decides they’d hide in the closet, hear what was going on, and then share their news.

When the teachers arrive, they learn the monster took a student, a new message left, and the one taken, Ginny. Lockhart pops in, missing all this, but Snape mentions how it was his moment to shine, all the teachers having something to say about his boastful and arrogant comments, Lockhart off to his office to ‘ready’ himself, then McGonagall noting the Head of Houses should instruct the students on preparations to go home the next day, in the afternoon. Everyone was silent and solemn, the Weasleys the most, Ron suggesting they go to Lockhart in the evening and share with him what they knew. They catch Lockhart mid-flurry of packing up, the two getting more angry when he finally admits to stealing the credit of all the true stories he wrote about. When he was ready to leave and planning on using a Memory Charm on the boys, Harry disarms him and commands him to join them in their next move. They go to Myrtle’s, she gladly sharing her death story, and where she saw the eyes. Upon closer inspection, Harry sees a snake symbol, he able to speak Parceltongue for the moment necessary to open it, Lockhart unsuccessfully excusing himself, the two allowing him to go first, they all landing deep below the school. As they walked further, Harry sees what ends up being a giant snake skin, Lockhart then lunging at Ron, taking his wand to attempt his memory spell, it backfiring so hard the ceiling collapses and separates Ron and Lockhart from Harry. Ron decides to move rocks whilst Harry attempted to locate Ginny. He gets to another daunting blocked passage with two snakes with emerald eyes adorning it, Harry speaking snake once more to get it open, he nervously entering.

More serpent carvings within the room, plus the dimness of the place made it difficult to see the “monster” or Ginny, the place not giving off any defining sounds other than his footsteps, when he got further into the space, he sees Ginny at the feet of a statue depicting a wizard. When Harry shakes her to see if she’ll wake, it doesn’t work, and Riddle voices the reality, Harry seeing a fuzzy-around-the-edges body. Tom then points to the diary as the reason he was there, Harry upon lifting Ginny talks of they needing to leave before the basilisk came, Riddle replying it wouldn’t until summoned, Harry then looking for his wand, noticing Riddle had it, but still not putting together why Tom wouldn’t hand it to him. Riddle having been waiting to speak with Harry for some time, he sharing of how tolerant he’d been in biding his time with Ginny, how he’d set up Hagrid, Dumbledore not trusting him from the beginning, and wanting to know how Harry defeated Voldemort, Riddle finally revealing his connection. Then once Harry denies Tom being greatest wizard in relation to Dumbledore’s talent, Fawkes appears with the Sorting Hat, Harry’s courage bolstered, whilst Riddle was amused by the seemingly unthreatening additions, he instead allowing Harry to confess how he could have defeated Voldemort. Harry shares what he’d learned the year before about the part his mother played in his survival, as well as the state of Voldemort, Riddle then deciding to see what Harry could do to defend himself only with Fawkes and the Hat, Tom calling for the basilisk. Harry shuts his eyes and attempts to run, but realizes after hearing the snake, but not being harmed by it, Fawkes had distracted it, plucking it’s eyes so Harry had a chance to survive. Riddle commands the snake to focus on Harry, the basilisk swinging the Hat with its tail as it turned for him, Harry puts it on, gets conked on the head with a sword inside the hat, and on the snake’s second thrust forward, Harry stabs it good, but also gets punctured. Riddle is certain Harry will die, but doesn’t “remember” what tears of a phoenix can do, he watching as Fawkes heals Harry, then deciding this way was better. Fawkes drops the diary right into his lap, Harry using the tooth to pierce the book, successfully having Tom disappear, he retrieving the sword, Ginny coming-to soon after, confessing her part and worrying about expulsion, he guiding her out. Ron had made a large enough space for the two to get through, they postponing explanations for when they fully exited the Chamber, Fawkes being their way back up the tunnel. The bird then leading them to McGonagall’s office.

Inside, the four viewed Mr. and Mrs. Weasley with Dumbledore and McGonagall, Mrs. Weasley overcome with emotion and asking how they’d saved Ginny. Harry begins with the voices he’d heard, he attempting to avoid any mention of Ginny’s manipulated part of the Chamber, to spare her any repercussions, but Dumbledore saves him from implicating her, by announcing his knowledge of she being taken over, but not uncovering how until Harry supplies with whom the diary belonged, Ginny admitting how she’d found it in one of her school books. Dumbledore then sends Ginny to the hospital wing, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley accompanying her, he then sending McGonagall to alert the kitchen staff for a feast in celebration of the danger being over, he dealing with the boys on all their rule-breaking, he giving the impression of the severity of the issue, and instead awarding their house points as well as awards for assisting the school, and once learning Lockhart had charmed himself, he has Ron show Lockhart to the infirmary so he could speak with Harry. Dumbledore states his idea of why Harry had similarities with Tom Riddle, but also the reason why he belonged in the House he chose, the sword he’d pulled from the Sorting Hat not appearing if he didn’t belong to Gryffindor House. Harry was on his way out, having been advised to go to the feast when Lucius Malfoy burst in with a bandaged Dobby following. Lucius demanded to know why Dumbledore was back, he being made aware of the members of the board having confessed of being threatened to put Dumbledore out, Dobby meanwhile, was signalling Harry, which he finally understands, and asks Lucius about when he’d slipped the diary to Ginny in the bookshop, they not able to prove it, but Dumbledore warning what would happen if Mr. Weasley discovered one of his family with a Riddle possession again, and being able to connect it to Lucius, the man leaving with Dobby, and Harry figuring a way to help the elf (it being slightly different from the film), he taking his sock off and stuffing the diary into it, and when Lucius disgustedly throws the sock down and commands Dobby to follow, Dobby states of his freedom in disbelief, since catching the sock he’d thrown away, he then protecting Harry when Lucius goes after him, Harry making Dobby promise to not save him again. At the early morning (three am-ish) feast, Hagrid shows up, McGonagall announces the cancellation of exams, to Hermione’s newly awakened horror, and of Lockhart leaving to regain his memory. When the school year ends and Harry, Ron, Hermione, Fred, George, and Ginny are on the Hogwarts express, Harry remembers the secret Percy had made Ginny not speak of, she confiding he’d been snogging with the Hufflepuff girl whom had been Petrified with Hermione, Fred and George promising they wouldn’t make fun of big bro (yeah, yeah, sure, sure) Harry giving Ron and Hermione his phone number, they going through the barrier to begin their vacations once more.

I notice how many offices of professors the boys were taken to in this one, it not being a necessarily interesting fact, only something I noticed upon review of my notes. Definitely read through quickly enough what with cycling four other books in the process, as well as my lengthy blawg entries, still enjoying the story, though so I’ll immediately begin the third!

Bone Vol. 6: Old Man’s Cave

For the fifth volume. We discover Fone climbing a tree to get bearings as to where they were in the woods, Smiley waiting below. They’d been lost for days already and Fone still wasn’t familiar with the area, meanwhile Smiley is having trouble watching for Fone’s climb down due to a groundhog getting mad at Smiley for stepping on his home’s entrance, Fone having a moment to break his handhold and falling directly onto the groundhog. Ted the bug then finds Smiley as he’s trying to extricate Fone from his fall into the groundhog’s hole (ha ha) and Fone is as happy to see Ted, as well. The groundhog then overhears their happy reunion and who Fone was, getting scared since the rumor was Fone had killed Kingdok, he retreating inside, Ted then catching the Bones up on what had been going on, Fone getting angry with Phoney and they both being led by Ted back to where the village was.

We see Phoney in cover of the trees spying Thorn helping a family escape the burning village, meeting the rest in the brush before two groups of rat creatures approach from two sides of the clearing and everyone hiding in the darkness of the trees hoping not to be seen. The two rat creature group leaders speak of the news about Kingdok, one group leader not knowing the most recent news being of his death. The two group leaders then digress into another language which gives Wendell time to threaten Phoney for being the one with the star mentioned by the rat creatures and wanting to give him hell for getting them in this mess, Phoney cowering and knowing his words bore truth. Thorn then divulges she understood the language the two groups were speaking in, not knowing how but then giving orders as to where to take the new family and getting Wendell and a couple others to do what they had already done before, everyone having their tasks and Phoney surprised Thorn believed in his innocence. When Thorn and company get back, they don’t see the town, she making it clear they were in it already. Wendell gets newly enraged at the thought of everyone’s home being obliterated and chasing imaginary dragons because of Phoney, Thorn having to come to his rescue yet again, but not succeeding so Phoney lets out with Thorn’s secret which at first they have trouble believing.

Thorn then tries to get everyone’s attention on a trail she wanted to follow, with or without the group which she believed may lead to the other Bones. Jon, one of the group then encounters a note Thorn had written to Fone Bone and discovered it wasn’t in the place she left it, Lucius most likely having put it in the known spot for trading messages, the group, other than Thorn and Phoney deciding to check Gran’ma Ben’s farm in the morning. The two then go off in search of Fone, but the men in the group notice hooded figures, the Stick-Eaters heading towards them. When Thorn acknowledges them, one confides a message from her grandmother and where she wished Thorn to meet her, Thorn than asks what they know of Fone and they recount the latest news as to his whereabouts, she still struggling with what to do first, deciding she’ll make her final decision in the morning. We then see a dream Thorn has which shows her looking like Snow White and speaking to her younger looking grandmother who urges her to cut the vines around her, younger Lucius advises her to disobey, another young grandmother coming from behind Thorn, but not being able to see her. The younger “evil” grandmother tries to take Thorn’s sword and Thorn wakens clutching Fone’s spiked club, she walking off into the darkness.

The four left in Thorn’s group, being deserted by her during the night, end up walking in the dark trying to uncover Old Man’s Cave. The biggest in their group is still steaming about Phoney’s trouble-making ways and is about to take it out on him again when Wendell tries to hold him back, enforcing Thorn’s order to leave him alone. Gran’ma Ben soon shows up and enquires where Thorn is, stopping the two from fighting amongst themselves. They escort them back to the cave, Lucius going after Thorn. We then see where Fone and Smiley have gotten to, they soon finding themselves amongst rat creatures and when they begin threatening them with death, Thorn comes out to defend them, but upon seeing the club she brandished and giving to Fone, they truly show fear and run off for believing they were the ones to kill Kingdok. After greeting each other warmly, Thorn then figures out which direction will take them to Old Man’s Cave, then promptly heads in the opposite direction, believing they can’t be helped by anyone there, looking for shelter instead. We then see the Hooded One speaking with the Lord of the Locusts who was concerned with his interest in the one who bears the star, the Lord of the Locusts making it clear if the Hooded One’s idea failed, he’d pay for it.

We then see the Bones and Thorn spitting cherry pits at each other in the tree hollow and they getting so loud as to bring Ted back to inform them to keep it down for having to try and keep them hidden. Thorn then shares their plans to confront and over-power the Hooded One, Ted then voicing his opinion they should be going to Old Man’s Cave. Thorn still denying this to be a suitable plan and the three discussing what more is known of the Hooded One and where the Lord of the Locusts came from. Thorn then confides why the Lord of the Locusts was showing such interest in herself and Phoney and how it will aid his release from bondage, going on to confess why she doesn’t trust Gran’ma Ben at the moment and it having to do with the knowledge of a nursemaid Thorn had come to realize didn’t exist. We then see Roque Ja confronting whomever is in his presence, it turning out to be the Hooded One asking for a favor, Roque Ja turning him down before he can continue, taunting him with how he probably wouldn’t have been able to get the information from Kingdok who is now lacking an important appendage needed to speak, he coming out from the darkness as well and the Hooded One having to hold him back.

The Hooded One goes on to mention needing Roque Ja’s help in capturing the Bones once more and what state he wished the princess to be in, he accepting once he gets an agreed upon reward for his efforts. Then we see Phoney being wakened by Jon, he revealing how long Phoney’s been asleep since he’d been ill and now they all residing in Old Man’s Cave. Jon explains some of the cave’s history and Gran’ma Ben comes to see Phoney as well, he realizing her status and thinking he’s going to pay for his bad behavior, she agreeing to judge him lightly. Gran’ma Ben then takes Phoney to a part of the cave which shows drawings on the walls implying the beginning which started with a dragon queen and how the Lord of the Locusts became involved, including an ancestor of Gran’ma Ben’s and in extension, Thorn. Phoney then learns what role the rat creatures believed he would be playing in all of this, Lucius interrupting by coming to update how he hadn’t found Thorn due to her excellent training from the dragons and how they were getting boxed in by the Hooded One and rat creatures setting up camps around them. Gran’ma Ben then defends Phoney from getting decked by Lucius since he was only worried about the well-being of his cousins and when Lucius departs, he asks Gran’ma Ben who the Hooded One was, she not knowing either, but being able to clarify what would occur if he succeeded in releasing the Lord of the Locusts, the outcome not a good one.

Fone and Smiley meanwhile, are gathering water at the barn to prepare for a bath whilst Thorn was within, looking through her grandmother’s belongings. They continue to discuss what the next item of business will be for their group, they not knowing and figuring Thorn would be the leader. Thorn meanwhile is hearing their conversation and interjects what her plan is and reveals why she hadn’t told them until then. Fone puts in his two cents and Thorn expands on why she doesn’t want to go to Old Man’s Cave, but then Fone with Smiley’s help, convinces her it’s the best idea for now and they head in the same direction instead. Lucius is then shone giving command to the group following him in order to keep the rat creatures from completely surrounding Old Man’s Cave. Lucius then sees a woman who introduces herself as Briar and we learn who she’s related to, he in denial it could be her and Jonathan overseeing their conversation from within the woods, also noticing rat creatures approaching. Jonathan then shouts of their closing in and Lucius breaks away from Briar to help defend the cave. We skip to where Gran’ma Ben is updated on what was happening outside the cave, the scout not learning much and then continuing conversation with Phoney in relation to his soul and as she’s explaining she again gets the “gitchy” feeling and Phoney feels a rumbling around them. When they get outdoors they see the place where the Lord of the Locusts is trapped has a dust cloud rising up around it and then Gran’ma Ben learns of what’s happened to Lucius, he coming to inform what had happened to them, she hoping Thorn is alright. Then Roque Ja comes out from behind Gran’ma Ben’s farmhouse sniffing around and seemingly stalking Thorn and co.

Lucius reports back to Gran’ma Ben of who he’d seen as the Hooded One to which she has trouble believing for the one mentioned was thought to be dead, after only seeming to feel pity for her. Gran’ma Ben goes on to share no one else coming to help them and they would most likely be fighting among their own, alone. Wendell then walks up demanding for Phoney to be given to them since he’s the one the rat creatures are looking for and being in this mess because of him. Gran’ma Ben tries to appeal to Wendell and those with him they shouldn’t hand over the one thing they were after if they believed it would help release the Lord of the Locusts, but whilst they were being held off, Phoney takes off and so Gran’ma Ben spreads everyone out looking for him so he doesn’t get caught by the enemies and lose the war inadvertently because of his absence, she going off in search of him on her own and being seen by Roque Ja. Gran’ma Ben notices Phoney and stops him before he made matters worse, Lucius coming up behind the two and Roque Ja looking ready to act, Lucius warning her and Roque Ja pouncing, getting Gran’ma Ben, Lucius jumping on him and the three falling off the cliff. Gran’ma Ben starts by punching the lion though, showing her strength isn’t only rumors, Phoney continuing his ditching of them.

Roque Ja ignores them after and mentions his targets being Phoney and “the princess”, we then seeing Phoney run straight into Fone, Thorn and Smiley walking close behind. Phoney explain how he’d been to Old Man’s Cave and it not being safe anymore and then of Gran’ma Ben’s run in with Roque Ja, which makes Thorn want to go and defend her, Phoney and Fone trying to stop her, but not getting far since Roque Ja had followed Phoney and swatted Thorn out of the way. Fone gets swatted down some boulders and Roque Ja picks up Thorn and Phoney to finish his mission, Smiley trying to get Fone to wake up, but he’s gone into his dreams and sees the Red Dragon there stating for him to wake up and of Thorn’s condition, needing him to follow her. After the Red Dragon conveys how he won’t be able to go with him, Fone wakes and Smiley tells him which direction they’d gone, the two running after Roque Ja.

We then see Gran’ma Ben tending to Lucius who had been hurt, but advising her to make haste for Roque Ja so she can try and divert the lion from succeeding in catching Thorn or Phoney, he assuring her he’ll be going back to Old Man’s Cave and so Gran’ma Ben follows their trail. Smiley and Fone are then shown running over some rocks to where they witness Kingdok, some rat creatures and the Hooded One, Phoney having been bound on a flat stone, the Hooded One remarking how he may have evaded them for some time, but he was caught now and his mystic powers must not be as strong as he thought, Phoney denying knowing anything about this and admitting it was a big misunderstanding and refusing to take part in the Hooded One’s ritual to release the Lord of the Locusts, but she warning Phoney if he didn’t help her willingly she’d accept him as a sacrifice, Bone trying to reason with her, but the Hooded One then showing how the foretelling of Phoney’s coming had been known, an obvious sign, appearing through the thick smoke behind her.

Phoney then realizes what they’d seen and how Fone would definitely be mad if he knew, Fone and Smiley putting two and two together and the balloon shaped like one of the Bones being the cause of them being run out of Boneville. Gran’ma Ben then tries to stop the Hooded One from continuing the sacrifice, after Bone had tried to explain what the balloon had been for and the message beneath, it having a banner at the bottom which was ripped, partially. Gran’ma Ben then speaks of the mistake the Hooded One had made and how the balloon wasn’t the one needed to free the Lord of Locusts but Thorn, who the Hooded One said was dead. Kingdok then goes on to berate how the Hooded One had disgraced his people with the mistake made and then we see what happens to the Hooded One due to the incompetence allowed to play out. Fone goes to Thorn and gives her the necklace the dragon had given him whilst he’d been unconscious, meanwhile locusts having covered her, but when he gives her the necklace, she awakens and Gran’ma Ben and the Bones all try to make sure she can walk so they can escape the area due to it’s instability. Thorn stops only for a moment to put up her hood, giving the impression they haven’t quite saved her yet and this volume ending. I won’t like pausing in the story, but there’s a side-story to be read: Rose, but this volume and the whole series so far is definitely worth the effort.

The Invisible Man

We are introduced to a man wrapped head to toe and arriving into town on a chilly February who had stopped in Iping, a place which didn’t see visitors this time of year and so when he’d dropped into an Inn, the proprietor made sure to show what she was worth, since her new guest didn’t bother to haggle with her. When she moved to take his coat and hat, he informed her he’d rather keep it on, which is when she noticed how fully covered he was, with his wide spectacles, etc. When she goes back into the parlor to give him some more accouterments to his meal, she sees he’s taken off a few articles of clothes and is shocked by the bandages on his face. Thereafter she tries to get information about what may have happened to him out of him, with no luck and so satisfied herself with observations as he stayed in the parlor, pacing and talking to himself. I prefer the tone of this book so far, it’s humorous and mysterious.

Mrs. Hall was trying to unleash courage enough to go back into the parlor to ask if her guest would care for late-afternoon tea, when the clock repairman came, giving her an excuse to enter the room. After agreeing to let the man do his work, the bandaged guest makes clear he’s a scientist who had come to Iping to try and work through some of his experiments and would be needing solitude and from this point on would require as few disturbances as could be managed, due to his accident making his eyes ache periodically and being extremely sensitive and annoyed if in this state. He then called the clock repairman out on trying to stay longer than necessary, barely masking his rage, which got the man moving and when he’d gone out and met Mr. Hall on his way back to the inn, told him of his mysterious guest which seemed odd and should look out for trouble from him, which Mr. Hall did look into once he’d arrived, expressing to Mrs. Hall to check his belongings closely when they were delivered.

Hall and Fearenside were bringing the man’s luggage when Fearenside’s dog attacks the owner of the luggage. After realizing the damage done, he makes for his room, shortly thereafter being followed by Hall, who when he enters the stranger’s room sees something inexplicable and one he can’t come to terms with for being thrown out of the room by the stranger. When they finally get his luggage to his room, he makes himself quite busy unpacking crates filled with bottles of all sorts and mixing tubes. He from then on begins conducting his experiments which makes a mess in the room, upsetting Mrs. Hall, but being dealt with by he informing her to add it to his bill, at his annoyance of being interrupted by her for tea, as well as upon this visit noticing his eyes being more recessed than usual and Mrs. Hall reminding him of the lock on the door if he was so opposed to being disturbed.

Fearenside is then mentioned speaking of what he’d seen of the stranger’s mottled skin-tone, his leg being black and nose being pink, thinking this meant he was racially mixed. Also whilst he still got under Mrs. Hall’s skin for his lack of upkeep for the room, he payed his bills on time, quelling her frustration and using this as her argument stance, to Hall’s dislike and mistrust of their guest. The stranger, whilst usually staying close to his room, would venture out to the most secluded places, when he did go out at all and covered up despite the temperature. The Stranger usually scared anyone who met him, one being shamed by his fear when the stranger had his hat off and the light from an establishment illumined his skull. He also had a tendency of scaring children, boys disliking him and vice versa. A rumor began as to the reason for his bandages and one man started an investigation of him which was futile, but Cuss the doctor of the town became extremely curious and decided to visit the man one day to leave shortly after ten minutes with, seemingly the shock of his life. Cuss then head’s to the vicar’s to unload what he’s encountered, firstly making note he’d asked for a donation to a Nurse fund to the Stranger, then became quite nosy in discovering what he was experimenting on, soon seeing the Stranger had no hand. When he asked further about how his sleeve could lay how it did, the stranger gave him a closer look which scared the nosiness right out of him, ha-ha; even the vicar had a laugh at the end of Cuss’s story.

Mr. and Mrs. Hall, meanwhile were going into the cellar to soften the beer they cure. When Mr. Hall had gone to fetch the desired ingredient they needed to add, he noticed the Stranger’s door was not how it had been fastened before and decided to investigate. When he figures the guest is not there, he relays this to his wife who comes up to see for herself, then they both heard the door open and shut from downstairs and headed down to look, then hearing sneezing which they each thought the other was responsible for. Then some “paranormal” activities started happening with them they couldn’t grasp and in the end got them out of the guest’s room. Mr. Hall calls in a local “expert” since the Mrs. became too much overwhelmed by the experience and to confirm what they were undergoing was something explainable. The man they called Mr. Wadgers believed it to be witchcraft, but then everyone who’d gathered to discuss and figure out what was happening saw the guest come out of the room and shut the door in all their faces, which everyone then thought Mr. Hall should go and ask the Stranger about what was happening, but didn’t get far in their endeavor.

After which the Stranger goes to the Coach and Horses for a few hours staying unmolested whilst there, even when ringing the bell for service since Mrs. Hall had heard of the burglaries and had divined what must have happened, deciding to ignore the Stranger’s summons. After going back to his room and then some time later requesting for Mrs. Hall, she comes and asks if he’s ready for his bill, whilst he’s complaining about not having his meals served him, she making him aware he must settle the bill she’d been waiting on and he had been awaiting a payment, which she no longer cared to wait for if he wasn’t going to pay what he owed already. He then tries to assure her of money he’s acquired and willing to use as payment, but before she would accept this, she demands to know what has been going on concerning his comings and goings and he acquiesces, showing her his lack of face and placing in her hand his nose, frightening her again and everyone else inside witnessing his lack of physical body, all running out of the establishment and those seeing everyone coming out, running to them to learning the news. Mr. Jaffers and Mr. Hall come with a warrant for the stranger’s arrest, which is a struggle when the stranger realizes what the constable, Mr. Jaffer’s planned, soon disrobing to the point of not being able to be hand-cuffed, continuing to disrobe so as to make it impossible for capture, but also announcing he didn’t plan on resisting. The constable shouts for someone to stop him and Mr. Hall gets assaulted in the process of trying to assist, but Mr. Jaffer’s has the Stranger for some time, before he makes good his escape out the door with the crowd pouring out around him and fleeing through the town. Then he makes it to the outskirts where Gibbons is dozing and hears cursing pass him with no body to accompany for the words and makes haste back to the town.

We are then introduced to Thomas Marvel, starting with his appearance. We soon discover he’s contemplating the boots he’s had over the boots which were given in charity, soon speaking to someone behind him about his being torn between the choosing. When Thomas finally turns to compare the boots of the Stranger, he sees no one. When the disembodied voice tries to keep the man calm, Thomas gets defensive and demands to know the voice’s whereabouts. When he gets jostled by empty space, he becomes even more concerned of his sanity and believes it to be caused by drinking, the voice expressing to him he isn’t drunk. When the voice threatens to throw stones at him, Thomas is disbelieving and then begins to see them being thrown at him, scaring the wits out of him even more, but soon being convinced of the Stranger’s existence by explaining it to him a couple more times and ways, soon explaining why he’s come to “show” himself to Thomas, even letting him feel his face, which is bearded, soon having Thomas believe in his physicality and trying to enlist his help, threatening him if he betrays his trust, but Thomas wanted to help him however he could.

The people of Iping were at first paranoid of the Stranger still being about, but were soon taken over by Whit-Monday’s festivities, since it had been looked forward to all month. A few people, even whilst taken up by their activities, saw a stranger enter the town and head to the Coach and Horses, also noticing his odd behavior and before entering, seemed to struggle with whether to do so until ultimately deciding to go in, we then hear the goings on of what the stranger seemed to be doing. He exits the building and goes to a gate-post and lights his clay pipe. One of the store-owner’s, Old Fletcher senses suspicion in the new stranger’s demeanor and soon realizes he’s acting like he’s about to nick something, running after him once he sees he’s got a bundle of items after disappearing for a moment to collect them, running off with Fletcher behind him until he’s tripped up, losing him.

We are then given the necessary information as to what happened inside whilst we saw what happened from Fletcher’s perspective. Mr.’s Cuss and Bunting had gone into the stranger’s room for further investigation whilst Jaffer’s convalesced at home with his friends well-wishings. They soon discovered the Stranger’s diary, which doesn’t help them much since it seems to be in code. Mr. Cuss figures out some of it is in what looks like Russian with Greek throughout, which Bunting should have been able to shed some light upon for supposedly knowing some Greek, but apparently lost his ability quite a bit. He began to cover his inability to decipher the words, but was saved by someone entering the room asking where the bar was. They direct him out of the room and he leaves, closing the door behind him, as asked. The two men are left to contemplate the strange man who entered the room and then moved on to the unbelievable happenings in the town as of late. Then Cuss recognizes some Greek letters, but before he can decipher them, they both feel a pressure on their necks and a threat to stop what they’re doing or else physical violence will be in their immediate futures, which left them both staring at each other in horror. After convincing the two of his being able to overpower them, they agree to work with him, he soon is able to receive what is requested, from what we learned from Fletcher’s side.

Then we see from the bar what Mr. Huxter, Mr. Hall, and Teddy Henfrey were witnessing, Huxter observing Thomas whilst Hall soon heard a scuffle within the Stranger’s quarters, Teddy and he moving in this direction. Mr. Hall calls to them to make sure everything is alright, still curious and suspicious of their noise and smelling chemicals. Mrs. Hall soon sees them and asks why they’re listening at the door, Hall, trying to convey she should come and listen, but she not playing and they move off to confide in her quietly what’s happening. She tries to uncover a reasonable explanation for what they shared with her and then they all see Mr. Huxter from across the street yelling about the thief and see his complex fall. Soon, everyone who tried to follow the escaping Thomas wound up being tripped or thrown aside in some way, before-which, people were thinking Thomas was the invisible man now visible.

Whilst all this is happening, Mrs. Hall had stayed indoors next to the register and Mr. Cuss believed as long as Thomas held the package of items, he’d stay visible; the dope. Soon, the Stranger is hit and becomes enraged, following Mr. Cuss back indoors, warning Bunting to get out of there, which he does. Everyone clears out of the street as the invisible man wreaks his havoc. After two hours people felt it safe to go back outside, the invisible man leaving Iping.

Meanwhile, Thomas and the invisible man are traveling still and apparently Thomas has been trying to ditch the invisible man, which he doesn’t take kindly to. Thomas maintains he didn’t try to do it on purpose, not knowing the area at all. The Stranger moves onto how he’d been treated in the town and it was bad enough how they learned about his being invisible, Thomas being his only reliable enough visible companion, which Thomas tries to talk himself down about being a bad choice, which the Stranger had started to be candid about, but him being his only option. They pass through a town with the invisible man making his presence known only to Thomas, warning him not to try any funny business, Thomas resigning to do as asked.

They reach Port Stowe, a fictitious town and Thomas is engaged in conversation by an elderly seaman, which made Thomas uncomfortable and fearful. The mariner goes on to pursue his mostly one-sided conversation, first regarding the books lying next to Thomas and then speaking of a newspaper which had interesting findings in it of an invisible man. Thomas plays dumb and the mariner goes on to describe what had happened at the Coach and Horses. Thomas tries to fish for information of whether any accomplices are mentioned, which the mariner confirms there was no mention of. When Thomas is reassured he might not be near the Stranger at the moment, he confides in the man he had more facts of the invisible man, which perks the mariner’s interest, when he seems to be prodded by the invisible man a certain way to make him end the conversation and rescind his statements to the mariner about the whole thing being a hoax, upsetting the mariner since he’d spent all his time describing the news to Thomas, he walking off in an awkward way when the mariner sees a bundle of folded bills levitating away which is when we are told of men seeing this happen about town, to end in the pocket of Thomas.

The next chapter begins with Dr. Kemp sitting in a room I finally understand the meaning of since the days of Mr. Belvedere the TV series. He’d been marveling his work he hoped would get him in a private Society, when he sees, most likely Thomas running down a hill toward his home. He had been used to people coming to him with talks of the invisible man and believed him to be one of those, but noticed how slowly his running seemed to be getting him. Those on the streets found Thomas’ state worrisome as he hurried straight down the street. People began making haste indoors as they found out the invisible man was coming.

We then see a barman conversing with a black-bearded man when they and a cab man in the bar begin hearing the commotion outside. The barman guesses it’s a fire. Thomas streaks in not long after, distraught by the invisible man following him; a policeman inside helps him get the door shut and tries to get more information out of him. Thomas tries to explain how he’d escaped the companionship of the invisible man again, when a powerful shock to the door puts him in terror and the policeman investigates the identity of whomever is on the other side. The barman let’s Thomas hide behind the bar due to his display of being panic-stricken. Meanwhile the policeman considers reopening the door to distinguish who’s out there, the lawman mentions not being properly attired with weapons which the black-bearded man showed was unnecessary by displaying his gun, promising not to shoot to kill, but would aim at the intruder’s legs. They soon come to realize not all the doors were fastened and the invisible man could already be within their midst, which they soon recognize to be true when Thomas is hauled off by an unseen force with the barman and policeman trailing behind, the barman getting a grip on the invisible man. The two are able to land some blows before he escapes their grasp and soon follow him outdoors where a tile is thrown at them. The black-bearded man retaliates with gun-fire in the direction of where the tile had been thrown, soon requesting someone to go see if a body could be found, believing he would’ve had to hit his mark after five shots.

During which time, Dr. Kemp has heard the shots go off from his study and wonders what the local “asses” could be doing. He doesn’t investigate and instead focuses on his work with lackluster enthusiasm until his bell rings, perking his curiosity when his maid doesn’t come to inform him who had called, he goes to see and realizes it was a ding-dong ditch, going back to his study to continue his work, finishing at two in the morning. He was on his way downstairs for a night-cap when he notices a spot on the floor, its consistency to blood and upon further investigation detects his door-handle smeared in like-wise form. He goes inside to discover more blood on his sheets and a depression on his bed-clothes like someone had been sitting on them, then spooking himself out of believing he’d heard someone speak, he closes his bedroom door, even though he was adrenalized and comes across a bloody rag hanging in the air before him. This is when the invisible man makes his presence officially realized to Kemp who disbelieves until feeling the invisible fingers when he reaches out, throwing himself into a panic moreso than before. The invisible man pleads for him to calm himself, needing his help, but not receiving Kemp’s counsel without further struggle at first, having to restrain, then threaten him.

Blawger’s Note: Now normally I don’t abide the “Spoiler” rule, but if one hasn’t read the story and wants to be properly surprised, I’m hoping the reader has stopped much sooner than this point, but if not, I’ll let it be known I’ll be using the invisible man’s given name from this point on. Griffin finally introduces himself, apparently having attended college with Kemp. He has trouble believing this, but after Griffin describes how he looked in college and tries to repetitiously explain how and why he’d become invisible, he then asks for a drink due to his injury, Kemp complying to the request, not truly accepting Griffin’s reality. Griffin soon puts this to rest by requesting clothing and food. Kemp agrees to give him what he asks, but is still incapable of believing what he’s experiencing.

Whilst Griffin eats, he tries to explain how his blood becomes visible after coagulation which is still blowing Kemp’s mind as he asks to know more, but Griffin wishes to eat more before going into the long blundering tale and also wished to stay overnight, so whilst Kemp left to look for more food downstairs, Griffin awaits his return, then after eating an enormous meal, he calls for a cigar and as the smoke was exhaled, one could see his throat and nose outlined by the smoke. Kemp joins him for a drink after as Griffin postulates how they’ll work together whilst Kemp “badgered” Griffin to know how he’d become this way and Griffin firmly stating to let him finish his cigar before going into it. Instead Griffin raves about Thomas getting away from him and wanting to recover him before he got away, but also requiring sleep for not having but a few dozes during the past three days. Kemp asks where Griffin had gotten the money, which Griffin had mentioned when raving of how Thomas had gotten away with his money and books, but declined divulging to him anymore, not explaining how he’d become invisible either, verbalizing his pain. Kemp still offers his room for the night and Griffin announces his paranoia of being caught and how gullible it was of him to announce it to Kemp.

After checking the room, Griffin confesses of how he’s too sleep-deprived to share much at the moment and again confirms how he needs Kemp’s help. Griffin still shows his distrust by locking Kemp out of his bedroom, in mid-threat upon being back-stabbed, Kemp reiterates how he’d given Griffin his word. Kemp goes downstairs talking to himself forcefully of where in nature there are invisible creatures. Kemp then goes to look at his newspapers to determine if there was anything he could divulge to corroborate Griffin’s story, coming upon the story told by the mariner to Thomas and then looking at another paper for any extra research he could notice, landing on one other and wondering what Griffin’s true motives were. After reading the reprinted story of Iping, he took the report with a grain of salt. Kemp tries to make sense of why Griffin would be trying to stalk the tramp, Thomas, coming to the conclusion Griffin had become a homicidal maniac. He contemplated until early dawn too caught up in the fascination to sleep, his servants waking to witness him still consumed by his thoughts. He directs them to make enough breakfast for two and to stay in the lower quarters of his home. Kemp reads his morning paper, which doesn’t add many new facts of the night before nor how Thomas became involved. He requests his housemaid to acquire as many newspapers as she can so he can read as much of the news as the reporters had been able to gather. Arriving at the same conclusion Griffin had gone crazy, he pondered as to what he could do now Griffin had landed at his doorstep. He decides to send a note to the chief of police at Port Burdock, during which he hears Griffin awake and shattering a glass, which he took as his queue to go and rap on the door to ascertain what was happening.

When Griffin admits Kemp, he witnesses Griffin having an explosion of temporary anger due to not remembering the injury to his arm, Kemp also realizing this is common for him. After seeing his fit of rage, he felt his note being sent was the right course to take and invites Griffin to breakfast, asking about how he became invisible. We discover where Griffin happened upon the substance which would turn him invisible and how old he was when he’d discovered it. Griffin goes on to explain how he discovered the fourth dimension (a different definition than used for The Time Machine. This referring to the refraction of light and color as opposed to being time related.) Griffin goes on to explain how light would reflect off certain surfaces, focusing on glass. Kemp directs him around to explaining how the Human body could be included to the likes of glass and Griffin scoffs at how much time it had taken for Kemp to forget his physics, going on to mention types of fiber which could be transparent, including the Human body other than blood and the black pigment of hair. Griffin then reveals why he’d kept his research to himself and how he’d accidentally made a breakthrough in physiology by coming up with turning blood colorless. Griffin then states to Kemp why he’d gone through with it, being unfulfilled in his work, but also needing funding he’d acquired underhandedly.

Griffin describes his lack of compassion towards his father and his untimely death, how he saw the funeral and how his work had been progressing. He didn’t feel badly for his father and only felt obligated to attend his funeral for appearances sake. He then describes in some detail how he first made a piece of cloth disappear, soon trying his experiment on a cat which almost worked, but for the claws and eyes, soon shooing it out of his little room, not to hear from her again other than four days later when people were gathered around a grating where they heard meowing. Griffin then describes how consumed he was for four years by his research and becoming exhausted, self medicating as a way to rest. His landlord began to question what he’d been doing in the apartment and gave him the third degree, Griffin ending the badgering by forcibly getting him out his door, locking him out.

Griffin considered his next move, which couldn’t involve a move for lack of money, also worrying about what would happen with his belongings if more investigation were pursued. He then takes action by sending forward his three diaries and cheque-book, which Thomas now had, to a place which kept packages and letters. When he got back, he saw the landlord was trying to sneak up the stairs and so brushes past him slamming his door shut, but the landlord continued to incessantly knock repetitively throughout the day. Meanwhile Griffin had begun the undertaking of using the drugs necessary to change his blood color and at this time the landlord finally tried to slip an eviction notice under his door, which is when Griffin quickly opened the door and saw the look on the landlord’s face, making him retreat rapidly away. Griffin goes to a mirror to notice his face was completely white. Which wasn’t the end of the process of course, he now understood why the cat had put up such a fuss, his night filled with pain and delirium.

When Griffin wakes, he realizes the process had worked, but for a couple different spots, which he decided in undertaking the process once more and upon completion and sleep, he is awoken by the landlord again with heavies to start the process of his removal. He dissembles his set up of scientific equipment and then hears one of the men had charged the door, making Griffin angry, but goes more quickly in gathering his belongings before they do get in. He’s able to get out of the window before they smash through his door and when they’ve satisfied their curiosity of what wasn’t in the room, Griffin goes back in and messes with them before setting fire to the house. He now realizes how much he could get away with since he wasn’t visible.

Griffin also noticed how difficult it was to walk at times without seeing his body, but he managed well enough from the first. He gets his first taste of being almost caught not long after he is run into by a man with a big load in his arms, which he is fortunate to escape before being truly detected. He’s chased by a dog who catches his smell, but stops following when the Salvation Army crowd gets in the way, Griffin waiting on some steps for them to pass then being spotted by two street urchins who have seen his muddy footprints go up the stairs but not come down, soon noticing the mud outlining his feet, to his horror. Soon after hopping the wall to the next doorway though, he has more than a few people noticing the boys exclaiming of running feet and try to follow him, but he loses them once his feet begin to dry. He notices after how people are running to the fire he had set to his home, containing all of his belongings, but for the three books and cheque-book, which is where Griffin pauses and Kemp bids him continue. Griffin goes to a place, in this era imaginary, sounding like a mall or a shop has a wide variety of wares, like Bed, Bath and Beyond or Walmart. After the place closed up and all the staff had left and locked up, Griffin had gone about searching for clothing, soon feeling humanity return to his psyche. He then searches and determines there is enough food in the grocery area and beds down to sleep for the night with quilts, having dreams which aren’t comforting. He is awoken by a nightmare and then hears voices of night crew or almost-opening crew, which see him for the clothes he’s swiped, he is then chased for some time before finally leaving his clothing behind due to the day being warmer, then trying to figure out his next move and how to check on the packages he’s sent for himself.

We then learn the downside of being invisible and what lengths Griffin had to go in order to stay transparent. After, Griffin mentions of soon coming up with a plan on how to get clothing and a disguise for his face. He ends up at a costume shop after almost getting pushed into the street in front of a hansom. With the idea of nicking what he needed as well as any available cash from the store, he doesn’t consider the sharpness of hearing of the old man whom owned the masquerade shop he’d planned on lifting from. Griffin gets in to his private quarters with some difficulty and then gets stuck there until the old man finished eating, following him downstairs to his kitchen, then back up once nothing of interest was occurring and his feet were growing cold. Griffin withdraws back to his little living area and makes some noise which brings the old man back upstairs for a moment, before resuming his cleaning up, then getting ready to go upstairs, Griffin has trouble passing him without being noticed, again the old man wondering if he’s heard movement, but then continuing upstairs, soon hearing Griffin’s not-as-quiet-as-he-believes moving along with him and the old man becoming confused, then angry, checking downstairs once more for intruders before entering his room and shutting the door before Griffin can squeeze in, deciding to explore the rooms downstairs as quietly as possible, observing most being empty, but one with clothing he’s rifling through until hearing the old man approach again, this time with a gun and after inspecting the room from the door, decides “she” could be responsible and goes off again, locking the door behind him, which Griffin soon realizing he’s now trapped, first angry and then making a bit of noise so the old man would return, more angry than ever and at one point touching Griffin, moving back with amazement.

Soon excusing his physical contact and hastily trying to lock all the doors in his house, Griffin stops him with a blow to the head with a stool. Kemp stops his story, exclaiming he was in the wrong, but Griffin excuses this with the explanation of normal considerations are for normal people to abide by, then trying to justify what he was doing with his invisible position, Kemp stating he sees both sides of the case, but soon changing his stance so Griffin will continue his story. After restraining the man, Griffin goes on his way of securing something to eat and taking another look at the old clothes in the room he was trapped in. He then goes about gathering any funds he saw fit to take which were plentiful enough, soon bravely making his way onto the street once more, visible and unnoticed. He heads for a restaurant to eat and after ordering becomes flustered in the knowledge he wouldn’t be able to eat it, leaving and going to another to posit he required a private room due to disfiguration, which they oblige. Then he contemplated all the reasons for why he’d wanted to become invisible and realizes the downsides once getting the desired objects of affection. Kemp tries to keep Griffin talking and soon asks how he’d come to Iping, quickly going over the fates of the constable and whomever else had gotten in Griffin’s way upon his escape, confiding in Kemp he’d come to him with the idea of how to return himself visible once he’d finished acquiring the ingredients he wanted, invisibly. Griffin continues to rant of the plentiful people who dumbly got in his way and why they couldn’t keep to themselves, making his goals much more difficult to attain, Kemp accepting his position and seeming empathetic.

Kemp soon sees the men he’s waiting for through the window and tries to block Griffin’s view with his body, trying to keep Griffin talking, revealing to him where Thomas had decided to “hide” himself. Griffin also discloses his plans of trying to leave the country, but needing a compatriot to help him, feed and let him rest. Griffin continues with what needs to be done about how some people now know of his existence as an invisible man, leading into the need for killing, which Kemp repeats, but asks him to elaborate, for not necessarily agreeing. Griffin continues describing a need for power, but not explaining the reason for this, then hearing movement downstairs, which Kemp plays off as “nothing” and trying to keep his attention on him by asking more questions imploring him to at least trust in the nation to be his helpers of sorts. Griffin’s attention has now swayed upon hearing someone upon the stair, mentioning this to Kemp, who disregards this, which makes Griffin decide to go check. Kemp soon makes it obvious he’s in on the capture and Griffin disrobes, but doesn’t make it out the door before Kemp closes it. Griffin soon has the door open enough for him to get out though and falls on top of Kemp, both of them falling to the floor, the Chief of police making his way upstairs, stopping to see Kemp struggle with the still robed figure and being flung down a couple times. Griffin assaults the Chief as well, making his way out of the house and ruining Kemp’s up to then, perfect plan of capture.

Kemp soon confesses of the terrible ideas Griffin has in mind for the country, the Chief responding to the affirmative, but Kemp continues with the diagnosis of Griffin not being in his right mind and how the country must lock up everything and be on look out, as well as the police Chief needing to call in help to secure train stations, etc. to watch for Griffin’s move to escape. He, still trying to get at his books, the Chief wishing for Kemp to join him and share more of his ideas, which he does as they meet a car which will drive them to the station. Kemp shares dogs being able to catch his smell and how he can be seen if his food is still digesting. Kemp then mentions needing powdered glass, which the Chief agrees to only if Griffin gets out of hand, which Kemp is certain will happen if he’s willing to do all he’s told him. Kemp confides how Griffin believes he’s separated himself from humanity.

We then see how Griffin, once getting out of Kemp’s house, is in such a rage, he assaults a child near his gate and no one hears of him until late afternoon. We soon learn how this happens with the knowledge the police force, train and shop owners all begin locking up their goods and doors so as no trespassers could pass. We then learn of a murder which had happened involving a man Griffin had for some reason attacked and killed mercilessly. We are given suppositions as to why Griffin would murder the man in question and how he may have spent his night for not being able to enter anyone’s home. We then observe Griffin would have found some way of getting food and sleep and returning to a semblance of his re-emerging former self; rage and the resolve to make his last stand against the people of his country.

Kemp receives a letter by Griffin which shows what he’s learned and how he plans on attacking them for the start of his reign of “terror”, he being the Terror. Kemp confirms the death threat is written by Griffin and then proceeds to write letters of his own, one to the Chief of Police, sending his maid out to deliver them. Chief Adye comes to call and states his maid hadn’t reached her destination before being assaulted and asks what his letter was about. After the predicament Kemp found himself, he began hearing glass from his windows shattering, the Chief deciding to go back for the bloodhounds, not far away. Kemp lends his revolver to the Chief for his return trip, and is met by Griffin asking him to go back into the house. The Chief declines and Griffin begins his assault, wrestling the gun away from him and demanding he go back to the house, which the Chief says is useless, for Kemp won’t let him back in, Griffin replying with pity for him. When the Chief finally agrees to go back, he tries and fails to grab the pistol again, Griffin putting him down, seemingly for good; Kemp watches all of this from his window upstairs, soon losing sight of the gun. Then he hears the ringing of his bell and incessant knocking upon his front door, not answering and checking the windows and door to be sure of them all being secured, then seeing his housemaid and two policemen slowly approaching his home. The blows to the windows and door soon resume and Kemp hears the ringing of the bell, presumably by the policemen. Kemp goes to get the door and updates them as to what’s occurred. Griffin is soon attacking all of them, one of the policemen disabling him by whacking the gun out of his hand with a fireplace poker. Griffin disables the policeman in return and the second officer finally lays a blow upon Griffin which knocks him down, presumptuously. Soon the officer doesn’t know where Griffin is and Kemp and the housemaid have vanished, the two officers now left to figure out where they’d gone.

We then are given the perspective of Kemp’s next door neighbor, a Mr. Heelas, who didn’t believe the invisible man existed, but after awaking from his nap with a bad feeling saw all of the damage to Kemp’s house and couldn’t believe such wreckage could have occurred in such a short time, he sees the housemaid and Mr. Kemp escaping the house through the window midst crashing and the sound of glass breaking, he running straight for Mr. Heelas. Mr. Heelas takes action by getting all of his house-workers to lock the place down and turns Kemp away before he can get in. Kemp makes his way around the house with the invisible feet leaving prints not far behind him, Mr. Heelas being able to see this happen. Kemp runs all the way back to town with an option of hopping on to a tram or heading for the police station, ultimately deciding the police station a better destination, but then decides differently making his way through an alley, soon being followed by townspeople. When he notices they’re trying to make a trap for the invisible man he’s about to help them with words of direction when Griffin catches up and begins his assault. Griffin gets a good few blows in and is going for the killing death grip when he’s knocked by a construction worker, effectively stopping his violence. When the crowd tries to hold him down, though, Griffin makes a second effort to break free, then cries of surrender which makes Kemp try to hold back the men who have a grip on Griffin. A space is made, but the construction worker whom is helping to hold Griffin down is sure to announce Griffin may well be faking his injuries. Kemp believes otherwise and feels for life, not successful, then a woman begins to see Griffin is becoming visible, soon everyone else notices this as well. Not long after, Griffin’s angry expression is seen, even in death and a sheet to cover him is called for, removing his body to the Jolly Cricketers house.

The epilogue has Thomas giving his side of of the story and where he wished us to believe Griffin’s three books actually were. We realize Kemp is still asking after them and Adye has recovered from his injury and continues to question Thomas, but no one would know of the true location of the books until Thomas croaked. An easy read to get through once it really gets going. Dramatic and fast-paced by the last few chapters; I enjoyed it and I’m glad I read it.

Robert Langdon Series (Books 1-3)


Angels and Demons starts with mystery and I’ve already decided I’ll continue to read this series. Although fast paced, I find some of the dialogue contrived when certain characters talk about religion when previously seeming indifferent. Otherwise it’s definitely worth the read.

The Da Vinci Code begins with more murder and continues to draw me into it’s wicked ride. Even though Langdon continues to try my patience; he’s one of those characters I suffer through to get to the prize of the completion of a good story well-told, but may end a bit like a squeaky fart in the wind. I think I’ve had quite enough of Brown’s flighty fantasy of some dumb wanna-be hip, smart, clever well into his middle-ages “Professah”, but I may have to round it off with it’s third act.

The Lost Symbol starts with us being introduced to a nameless thirty-four-year-old initiate of a ritualistic brotherhood. We learn outside this ritual, some of the brothers held powerful positions in the world, but here all being equal. Then we learn wherever this place was, it was a few blocks away from the White House and the building they all had gathered in, was filled with secrets, especially the one the initiate stood in. The master of the brotherhood gives the initiate a question of whether he would keep the secrets told to him, the initiate lying, believing he wouldn’t be found out. He completes the final stage of his oath-taking, realizing if he were ever found to be a betrayer of their oaths, he’d be killed and mutilated. We are then shown a nightmare which awakens Robert Langdon consisting of a terrifying drop in an elevator. Apparently this is a daydream and he’s in a jet almost arriving in Washington, D.C. where he would be meeting his mentor Peter Solomon. When Langdon gets outside he’s met by a woman who directs him to his awaiting car. When he gets in, his driver calls Solomon to confirm Langdon’s being met and meanwhile we learn someone else is gladly readying for Langdon’s arrival.

We are then introduced to someone called Mal’akh who was giving himself a tattoo on his head. It then goes on to describe the history of why people tattooed themselves and why they continue to do so today along with body piercing or surgical modification to feel in control of their bodies. Then we are shown Mal’akh stopping his work when his clock chimes the hour, being told of his height, which I suppose is important, as well as being told he is within distance of seeing the U.S. Capitol. We also learn Mal’akh is the one we follow in the introduction during his acceptance ceremony, discovering he’ll soon possess the most secret item in American history. Mal’akh admires himself, he covered in tattoos other than a spot on his scalp, which would be saved until after his mission, the last person to help him find this secret item having arrived, and Mal’akh excited to get started with his deceptive plan.

Robert is in the car studying his note cards, soon thinking of how sudden his visit to D.C. occurred, he receiving a voice-mail from a man whom was Peter Solomon’s executive assistant, speaking of wanting Langdon to call A.S.A.P. which gave the impression to Langdon of something being amiss for his friend to be having someone call him so early in the morning, dropping everything and returning the phone call. We then are given a back-story to Langdon and Solomon’s friendship which began in college. Once realizing he’d also gotten a fax regarding the same topic, he calls Solomon’s office, and after some trouble getting Solomon on the line due to a conference call, the secretary fills Langdon in as to why he’d been pestered so early in the morning having to do with him replacing another speaker who had fallen ill before the party of the Masons. This somehow surprises Langdon as well as learning the speech for the same night and he would need to meet the private jet at five p.m., being able to return home by midnight (sure, he will).

We first get a description of the Capitol building, then being told who the security guard is inside, a bald man with a sling and facial toner being scanned before being let through, the building being completely empty because of the football game, which the security guard wished he was watching. He scans the bald man thoroughly even though the detector beeps and the bald man gives the excuse of it being a ring which couldn’t be taken off his hand, but discover later it’s a gift for the only man whom can help him obtain what he seeks, he being passed through after, when the security guard doesn’t sense any fear from the man and he seeming up front about everything he asked him.

A museum outside Washington, DC is Katherine Solomon’s destination, we get the rundown of her easily maintained Mediterranean good looks and how she hadn’t married nor desired to, she showing up early for a meeting. We also find out a little bit about her brother and father, as well as her line of study in Noetic Science which she was a front-runner of knowledge on the subject. We learn she’d found out some unsettling news about her brother recently and then prepares to answer a call before she was ready to exit her car. We then go to Mal’akh’s point of view, waiting for the call he’d made to be picked up and when it is, we figure it’s Katherine on the other line, he telling her he had more information on a legend hidden in D.C. which had merit in reality.

Langdon is next seen being plunged into nervousness with how far the driver had to drop him off and with only ten minutes before his lecture was to begin. He makes his way to the Capitol Building wishing he had more time to admire his surroundings, but moving along quickly, he trying to get to the Statuary Hall and giving the fun fact of how the Statue of Freedom was erected to its place by slaves, as well as a couple others. We then get a flashback of Langdon gently guiding a young Harvard student on the terminology and the boy’s ignorance on the subject of Langdon’s expertise, we also discovering with his class how George Washington’s statue of himself lowering a masonic cornerstone to the Capitol Building was laid at a time and date which had significance in astrology, but a sort which was a bit unlike the one we know today. The conversation slowly turns to the Freemasons and then gets into it not being based on or was considered a religion and how women weren’t included in the organization, but had a sister organization of a different name. Langdon continues to smart off to his class on different areas to show how they were boxing themselves into a conformist attitude, we then finally getting back to the point of he arriving at the place of his speech and being surprised by what he sees within.

Katherine Solomon is then shown running through the Smithsonian Museum Support Center where she’s been creating scientific wonders, as her brother hoped she’d do when he’d introduced her to the building’s presence. After a one-sided conversation from the security guard, we learn how much use she’d been making of her secret lab which contained research which had progressed to a point where it no longer seemed like science. We then learn Robert Langdon isn’t among anyone important in the lecture hall, and when he asks a worker about the lecture, the person doesn’t know anything about it, Langdon deciding to call back the receptionist whom had set up his trip, then realizing he’d played him like a fiddle, not being who he said he was and being the one to have orchestrated Langdon’s being there to meet himself and not Peter Solomon.

Langdon now is feeling trapped in the Statuary Hall and claims the man on the other line has kidnapped him, but Mal’akh calmly tells him if he were going to kill him, it would’ve been done in his town car, then offering Langdon an invitation to which Langdon already thinks of saying no to, but then Mal’akh mentions Peter Solomon’s name, successfully getting his attention and keeping him on the phone, going on to mention Langdon having a chance of saving Peter’s mortality. Langdon threatens calling the police which Mal’akh doesn’t care about, knowing they’ll be coming to Langdon soon, then telling him where Solomon was currently, due to not being able to speak with Langdon as proof of his being still alive. Langdon is then told by Mal’akh of the secret he’s pretending not to be privy to which could save Solomon’s life. Mal’akh continues to be cryptic about how Langdon had the key to opening a “portal” and Solomon was the one to tell Mal’akh of Langdon being the one able to do so and how since Langdon seemed stumped as to what he was referring to, the reality would dawn on him soon enough, hanging up and leaving Langdon baffled and then hearing a scream coming from the Rotunda.

When Langdon rushes to see what had happened, he at first believed a small child had screamed over seeing an articulated hand pointing to the ceiling on the ground, but as he got closer realized it wasn’t a “handequin”, but a real hand the owner of which he knew. Katherine is then seen waiting for her brother to show up to their weekly get together, she wondering why he was late when he was characteristically not. We then get a flashback of the time Katherine is shown by her brother the space she would be using to conduct her theoretical experiments. They walk down a long corridor and upon reaching the entrance to the pod, Katherine learns her lab is purely black inside the dome. So when she follows her brother inside, he walks ahead to show her how easy it was to navigate inside.

We are then introduced to Trent Anderson, Capitol police chief who was watching a football game on his mini-screen when he gets a call about a disturbance in the Rotunda and how he’d want to check it out, he going to the main office and seeing the video footage of what had happened, he rushing out to cut off the man who had dropped the hand in the Rotunda. Anderson follows his trail and gets information as to where the man in the sling had gone, but not locating him, we then seeing Mal’akh having disguised himself and contemplated how Langdon would understand his place in this web soon enough.

Langdon then notices two tattoos on the hand both of which he recognized and knew their would be three more, he having an adverse reaction in knowing his friend used to shake his hand with the one he saw on the floor. Langdon also knew this was an invitation to him from a secretively elite group, he attempting to relate to a guard he could help decipher the symbols, but not being given the chance to finish his thought, he getting hauled away from Solomon’s hand. Mal’akh drove his tinted-windowed vehicle and contemplated the last of Peter Solomon’s secrets, it being of Katherine’s “miracles” in her secret lab. He continued to consider his role in her work being uncovered by the world and how this new knowledge would affect the course of mankind’s history if it were to be unveiled and his excitement in playing out his part.

Katherine then goes to her lab, relieved to be through the blacked out walk to it, we then uncovering more about Katherine’s research involving thoughts being able to form physical shape. We then go back to Katherine having an intellectual discussion with her brother when she was starting college and how ancient texts covered the modern physics she brought up. We learn her eagerness to put the ancient texts her brother had introduced her to back into rediscovering certain sciences which would aid modern physics, she then noticing and remembering her conversation with Mal’akh about the legend which could be found and thinking it couldn’t possibly be real.

As the security chief secures the Rotunda, Langdon is desperately trying to speak with him, he still examining the hand on the floor until a call is relayed to him, he being surprised it was from the C.I.A. security office. It turns out to be the director of security and he’s looking to speak with Langdon; Wow. The security chief identifies and hands the phone to Langdon who takes on a curt tone once the director asks for what he knew about a case he was struggling to solve, the director showing up in the room, Langdon unaware, but the security chief of the Rotunda noticing. Langdon is soon surprised by the woman’s presence behind him and she at the end of her patience for a straight answer and stopping Langdon’s back-peddling for excuses to his calling her “sir” over the phone.

We get a further description of Sato’s appearance and Langdon again apologizing for his faux pas regardless of how common it probably was for her. Langdon tries to rectify the situation by offering his only other bit of information about the plane he was sent on, she not regarding it other than to take it unnoticed and telling him to not speak unless spoken to if he couldn’t give the information she asked for, then turning on Anderson for details about what was happening in the Rotunda. After he tells of what they’d found there and Sato not being surprised by it, but deciding she’d be taking over the investigation, Langdon again chimes in with the confirmation of who’s hand it was and it being newly tattooed which did surprise Sato and she taking a closer look after which Langdon discloses the hand’s other fingers would be tattooed as well, he going on to explain what the images would be and Sato wanting to know what it was there for, Langdon telling of what it was called and it being an invitation. Sato then relating to Langdon he knew more of why he was there then he must have realized.

Katherine, meanwhile is checking on her equipment and experiments, we learning there wasn’t a copy of her work anywhere else (we apparently going with her perspective since we learn later this isn’t true), and after which she saw something odd in another area, scaring the jingles off the woman seated, she knowing her by the name of Trish, she being the only other person allowed in the vault. Katherine decides to trust her with discovering what a particular story she’d heard about could mean and giving her a list of words to search for in her special search engine. As Trish goes about writing the program which will harness all the viable search engines already available, we get history of how she and Katherine had met and where she’d worked before signing on with Katherine and her brother. We then see their first meeting and a conversation which ends with the two discussing the theory of an idea being able to accrue more tangential mass the more people think of it. I don’t appreciate getting to know a character whom doesn’t have the opportunity to do much in the story and one which turns out to be only slightly interesting. Damn pawns.

We then rejoin Inoue Sato being told of Langdon’s thoughts of why the hand had been left, she asking what she was supposed to do with the information given, he not knowing and then thinking of how his friend’s hand would point the way, literally or otherwise. Sato continues to sort out why this unknown man would go through so much to get Langdon to Washington whilst Langdon lost his marbles in convincing Sato the man who had done this was insane, she maintaining the man seemed dedicated at the least in getting Langdon to perform the act desired to get to this “portal”. Sato continues her questioning which Langdon’s thoughts shown before answering seem arrogant and snotty, true to his being a knowledge buff which shows no leeway for those seeking truths he had encyclopedic knowledge of already. Langdon then admits the man who had given this strange invitation must have studied closely the Hand of the Mysteries for having set up the invitation in the area given and following the principles involved in the Mysteries “teachings”. Whilst this is going on we get a short view of Trish having set up her spider and being ready to let it loose with the word search she was given, knowing her not being fully informed about why she was being told to search for those words in particular was how the Solomons usually worked.

Meanwhile, Langdon is painfully aware of time passing and knowing he needed to find Solomon before he expired, Sato returning after she’d accepted a phone call and keeping Langdon aware of her need to understand the man whom had set him up, Langdon not agreeing but realizing he didn’t have much choice. Sato asking to have him explain more deeply the ancient mysteries, he not knowing where to start what with his semester long lectures on the subject, but doing pretty well with this almost three page chapter which ends with Sato being told of the apotheosis of Washington which she claimed to not know, but it being above their heads.

First we get the background history of the apotheosis and artist, then we see Director Sato’s confused look upon giving the piece a longer look, Langdon thinking how common this was and then sharing of the specifics of the images. As Sato considered ascending closer to the art on the ceiling, making Langdon’s fear of heights flare, he reminds all, the hand is pointing to a figurative portal. When Sato checks in with her staff by phone, she then lets Langdon realize what he’s told her so far has been corroborated so he must consider what it is he knows which they don’t, Langdon wanting to smart off for not knowing anything, but then voicing and remembering how the next step laid within Solomon’s hand, another tattoo hidden by the position the hand had been placed, he being proved right for being too pussy to actually touch the hand himself, but Sato making the effort with her pen.

Katherine was waiting for Trish’s search results, from her brother to contact her, and for the man whom was the cause of all of this. We then learn of a man, Dr. Christopher Abaddon whom had called her the same afternoon and had earned her trust fairly easily due to their conversation about Peter. She learns the man was her brother’s doctor and she was listed as his emergency contact, Katherine recognizing the doctor’s name, but not being able to place it, stating how long it’d been since she’d last spoken with Peter upon learning he’d missed an appointment and due to she showing no signs of knowing of Peter’s visits, concluding he’d kept his seeing this doctor a secret, which he’d claimed otherwise. Abaddon decides he made a mistake by calling her and she insists she’s going to come see him due to he revealing the time he’d last seen Peter being fairly recent. He reluctantly acquiesces and when she sees Abaddon’s “office”, is uncertain of the kind of doctor he could be. When she exits her car, the man whom emerges from the lavish home is young and refined, as well as all the other perfect qualities of an atypical handsome man. He greets her formally and she wonders of his smooth, possibly make-up covered skin. (An exceptionally obvious meeting with her brother’s captor. When they go inside and he leaves her to finish preparing tea, we learn Katherine is uneasy with the doctor’s home and when Abaddon returns, notes her nervousness and informs her how long he’d been giving Peter therapy.

They speak of minor pleasantries, Katherine wanting to get to the reason for Peter having hired the doctor, whilst remembering the tragedies in Peter’s life which could’ve caused his need for therapy. Abaddon then reveals how he and Peter were both Masons and Abaddon of a high order. He then confides how he didn’t understand why Peter wouldn’t have shared their meetings due to the subject matter involving Katherine’s research. Peter apparently was trying to get a psychologically based opinion for what could occur upon sharing her research publicly, Katherine taken aback by her brother breaking his own rule of sharing no details of her work with anyone during the development. Katherine mentions how she hadn’t any plans to share her work currently, which Abaddon showed curious interest in and then came out with how Peter had a “break” the previous day’s session, which was why he’d scheduled him to come back so soon. Abaddon then decides to share the nature of their session, agreeing to do so only to gain insight, he stating Peter had shared with him the details of their mother’s death and Peter had something the person involved had wanted. Katherine claimed no one could give the man what he had wanted due to his requests making no sense, but Abaddon shares Peter apparently had feigned ignorance and only refused to give in. Abaddon then warns Katherine of the next details he was going to share may be surprising, after discussing his belief of Peter suffering from major delusions involving D.C. and what was hidden there.

We skip back to Langdon surveying Peter’s tattooed hand, he trying to figure what the symbols were, shooting down a suggestion they could be Roman numerals, not certain they were numbers at all. Langdon then supposing it could be runic which leads Sato to pose the question of Peter being a Freemason somehow being a connection. Langdon thinking it was a typical source of possibility and if Sato wanted to know for certain, she should contact a Mason. Langdon then finds her statement of speaking to someone she could trust insulting, stating Mason’s were based on honesty, Sato revealing research which showed differently. Langdon was disliking Sato more, due to the extensive research he’d done over the years about which couldn’t support any deceivery whatsoever. Langdon then has an epiphany as to why he was sought to work this case, which we don’t learn at this point.

Meanwhile Mal’akh hears Peter’s cell go off as he’s driving and sees it’s Katherine, Mal’akh now knowing she knew nothing in regards to Peter’s secrets. Although the valuable knowledge of her research being contained in one place had kept her alive for a bit longer, it helping him contain and ruin her progress so as to keep the world in the dark. He listens to the voicemail Katherine leaves and continues driving to SMSC, knowing a person whom would help him get in to the highly secure building.

We skip back to Langdon’s epiphanal moment for why he was chosen, still not being shared and we only understanding this knowledge made him want to flee. Langdon then flashes back to a meeting with Peter many years ago whilst Langdon was at Cambridge, Peter dropping by to ask a favor. Langdon was happy to oblige and Peter elaborates of the item having been an inheritance and more at ease if it wasn’t in his home or office, producing a packaged box. After Langdon questions and jokes what it was, Peter informs of when the package had been wrapped and would probably be safer if he didn’t know too much about it. We then share a moment with Langdon which shows his denial of the importance of the box he’s being entrusted with, but is reassured of the seriousness and why it would be safer outside the Freemasons reach. Langdon is then given the detail of the item within being a powerful talisman which Langdon didn’t have to believe was true, but to trust Peter and he confiding some powerful people may wish to steal it, so Langdon stores the box in his home and forgets about it, thinking Peter was being eccentric:


Then we discover the assistant whom called to have him agree to go to D.C. to give the speech, had also mentioned Peter wanting him to bring the packaged box with him, Langdon realizing the error of his ignorance.

Meanwhile Trish’s search had come up fruitful as it continued getting hits, she calling to Katherine to show her the results thus far. When noticing the only entry worthy of checking, Katherine was disappointed to see most of the text blacked out for copyright purposes, so she demands and is desperate to learn whom the author of the text was, Trish needing her to be patient and unnerved by her tone for having “to chase down” the information (…mk). Apparently, Trish can’t uncover the I.P. address necessary to discover the author, trying a different tactic. Her idea didn’t pan out, but was able to determine the text was made by someone in D.C.. Trish, for being such a computer geek sure did give up easily, Katherine coming up with ways to see about getting the information she desired, regardless of whether those ideas didn’t work. Trish then jokes about the only other way to track the I.P. would be to hire a hacker, Katherine going with the idea and asking Trish to hire someone she trusted to decipher the mystery. Katherine then receives a text from Peter, but with the information coming from Abaddon, continuing her plans of acquiring the hacker and in extension, a name, Katherine stating Peter’s first text message is newsworthy for his learning (which seems blatant of it not actually being from him, but Katherine must be a dope or too stressed to notice). We then discover Mal’akh waiting for a call and receiving it within a few moments by Katherine whom shares her getting the text from Peter and is inviting Abaddon to his lab, Mal’akh acting surprised by the invitation and Katherine only wanting to learn the truth. Mal’akh sets up a time of arrival and awaits the moment he would destroy Katherine’s work and herself.

Langdon is trying to cover his odd behavior by making a breakthrough on what looked like a numbered tattoo, talking as he tried to work it out and landing on Roman numerals when the hand is repositioned, which gets a reaction from the Chief, Anderson, whom was looking on, noting the tattoo now indicated a system used in the Capitol Building. As Sato and Anderson spoke amongst themselves, Langdon pondered how they could possibly be familiar with the “SBB” part of the numerals (obviously not considering if it was a system used in the building, why is it still so surprising? No one could possibly have the same level of intelligence as Mr. Langdon, sir.) Sato demands of Anderson to have the area available to her, threatening force if necessary, but he complies and Sato then states of wanting to see the x-ray of Langdon’s bag which was taken upon entry of the building, also deciding to keep the ring from Peter’s severed hand and informing Langdon they would be leaving, Anderson leading the way.

A security specialist was doing several tasks at one time whilst also speaking with Trish on the phone, she trying to appeal to him to check the I.P. address for her, he finally doing so and noting it looked odd and could possibly be military or government-based, and then stating the unmasking may take a little time and would return her call. After which we go back to Langdon, whom is wondering where he’s being led, which already was flaring his claustrophobia. When they began their walk Langdon had noticed how the offices and storage rooms were labelled and once seeing the sign for the SB level decided they must be “getting closer” (Gee, I wonder how he managed such a clever deduction, which turns out to be wrong). Langdon then learns what the SB stood for, and if he thought his claustrophobia was verging on intolerable before, he realized the section before was the cake-walk.

We then see a guard disappointed he had to stop watching his portable TV to do his job of checking Dr. Abaddon before letting him through as a guest to see Katherine, checking his I.D. and slightly paying attention to the limo driver, whom we realize is Mal’akh, he gloating of getting through Peter’s security once more. We then flashback to when Mal’akh had met with Peter and what lengths he’d made to be awarded the 33rd degree in his Freemasonry and not having uncovered any secrets, knowing there were circles within circles and may may not discover. Mal’akh apparently didn’t require the knowledge, believing he’d gotten more from the initiation itself. Then Mal’akh confides he and Peter had met before, but not saying how and tasing Peter, he trying to ask why Mal’akh would do this, guessing money and he scoffing, wanting insight, Peter playing coy, stating ignorance, and Mal’akh revealing the first time they met, tasing him once more before sharing Peter would tell him all which was hidden and why Peter had attempted to kill him years before.

As Langdon is being gripped tightly be his semi-irrational fear, the group going lower into the building’s secure basement, he pondered the role he’d play which included the talisman in his bag and whatever was in room SBB13, we then learning of Langdon’s skepticism regarding the Ancient Mysteries, and learning of this “knowledge” being passed down in the Mystery Schools and eventually being shared with famous scientists within the Royal Society of London, helping these scientists come to their great discoveries. Langdon didn’t believe this was true and is then asked by Sato to decipher the symbols on Peter’s ring. Langdon states of its relation to Peter’s status as a Freemason and he confirming Peter was the highest rank at the moment. Sato then mentions how her people had turned up much information on a pyramid upon certain research regarding the Mason’s, Landon not surprised and a little miffed after explaining why Sato would inquire whether there was any other reason due to how important the one reason mentioned was, but Sato reminded him of a more literal translation which Langdon tries to shut down quickly, knowing for certain it being based in fiction, but she pursuing the subject until he gives an atypical description of how the mythical stories were usually told. Sato then gets a question answered which brought history into myth when speaking of the Freemasons part in knowing of the Ancient Mysteries. Langdon takes his sweet time in mentioning the pyramid Sato had asked and Langdon feeling it necessary to repeat it shouldn’t be taken literally, but an actual pyramid was built to store the Ancient Mysteries and Sato couldn’t help but consider the words of Mal’akh and how Langdon supposedly was the one to unlock the “portal” (pyramid), Langdon brushing off the possibility since he was bound to the idea of its fiction. They were now closer to their destination Langdon seeing the longest corridor he’d ever beheld.

We then go back to Trish who was about to escort Abaddon to the cube and the experience first timers had upon confronting the walk, she flashing back to hers, and then we seeing Katherine obsessing about the file, but getting ready for Abaddon’s arrival. Langdon is learning how the SBB level had been cleared other than room 13 and was designated by the person running the building of whom was called, Architect, we then being told along with Anderson, for whom it was reserved. Anderson also learns Peter must’ve had the primary keys to SBB13, as well as those to the SBB section and would be informed if copies were found. In the meantime, Anderson opens the SBB area and then shares with Langdon what the “S” stood for, the result only being more bad news for Langdon.

The hacker is still attempting to decipher where the I.P. address was coming from, none of his programs working, when he receives a call from the CIA, wondering why he was attempting to access one of their databases. We then following the security guard responsible for letting Mal’akh through, wondering if his job was secure, and then hearing a man knocking on the glass door, he motioning the building was closed when he recognized it was the Architect and rushes to let him in. The security guard offers to help him, Bellamy asking where Anderson was due to hearing of the drama happening. When Bellamy learns of Sato being present and the group being in the lower levels, he requests the security guard escort him to them without informing Anderson of their coming.

Trish made it to the lobby and didn’t expect to see a non-nerd, introducing herself then leading him back to the lab. She noticed through Abaddon’s comment and attitude he’d expected to meet Katherine alone, making Trish wonder if they were dating and letting him know they’d be expecting more visitors, as well as general chit chat, and details of the facility. Trish discusses the security they had which made it impossible to succeed to steal anything and the items being unworthy of interest, anyways. Mal’akh then feigns unabashed interest in the large squid, so Trish accedes to giving him a closer look.

Langdon has slowed his descent due to irrational fear, Sato pushing him periodically to make him move faster. When they do finally reach the door, it isn’t unlocked and the key they had didn’t match, Sato commands Anderson to shoot the lock making it clear if he refused he’d bring more trouble to himself. Sato decides she’ll do the shooting since Anderson hesitated and when they shine the flashlight inside, they don’t see anything until illuminating the back wall and showing parts of a skeleton and other items on a desk, Langdon recognizing what they were there for due to it being a “common” ritual. We then see where Bellamy and the security guard had gone, a floor above where Langdon and group are, they having heard the gunshots and Bellamy releasing the guard to continue alone. The dialogue bothers me when it tries to sound natural only to show a character’s nosiness or arrogance. Brown doesn’t have any redeeming qualities in his characters thus far which makes me despise the people needed to tell the story.

Back to Mal’akh viewing the “Wet Pod” and noting this was one of the oddest experiences he’d witnessed, he being no stranger to unusual environments. The place was filled with specimens and whilst Trish gave random information about certain creatures within the pod, as well as the squid, Mal’akh looked for security cameras. Trish meanwhile, was beginning to feel uncomfortable and thinking she should get them ready to leave, after making a show of letting Mal’akh inside, offering information, and turning on the light to view the squid better. She then makes a show of turning the tank light off when Mal’akh grabs her, yanking off her key card, and demanding her pin number. She tries to hold out, even going so far as to scratch his face, his makeup coming off, not doing any serious damage. After being threatened by Mal’akh dangling her face first over the squid tank, she gives up her code. Mal’akh doesn’t let her up though, Trish blacking out from his grip staying tight around her neck. Now Mal’akh had the key card and password, he didn’t need to harass Katherine for her cooperation.

We see Sato inquiring about the room they were in, Langdon stating the title being a “Chamber of Reflection” and its Masonic origins. When Sato responds with what it looked like to her, Langdon essentially says she’s like most of his entry level students (he needing to show his smarts where he can), he explaining what the items on the table meant. Sato then wonders why Peter would make a place like this in the capitol, Langdon considering it would be for other Masons working there. Sato then lights a candle which illumines the back wall where a typical word was written and Langdon reluctant to admit the meaning could indicate the pyramid. When the candle flickered, Anderson checks outside to be certain no one closed the outside door, whilst Langdon and Sato see movement on the back wall which startled Langdon. When Anderson returns he’s also surprised, Langdon touching the wall and discovering it wasn’t what it seemed and behind lay what Sato described as the pyramid for which they were searching.

Sato was now trying to put Langdon in his place for not believing a Masonic pyramid could be found, when he specifies it isn’t what’s described in the legends, the one they had found being an “Unfinished Pyramid” having a completely different meaning. Sato has a closer examination of the pyramid and is disappointed to discover nothing hidden on it. Upon further explanation by Langdon once Sato asks of one whose “worthiness” would show the hidden code, Sato shows a side of the pyramid with what is similarly described, believing it was the purpose of Langdon being there.

Katherine is now wondering what’s holding Trish up and so calls security to see when she’d used her key card, they noting it was the pod with the squid and guessing she must’ve taken her guest on a tour, then inquiring if Peter had arrived, the answer being to the negative, Katherine hanging up and feeling uneasy once more. Langdon was having trouble believing the script he was seeing was real, Sato assuming Langdon could translate it and Langdon not understanding how she came to her conclusion despite he was being there for seemingly this reason, due also to his reputation in his previous adventures being the reason others had contacted him to do the same (he still unable to see the connection there, or not believing its validity; I’m with ya, Langdon). Langdon still corrects Sato in his head when she refers to the characters as icons and then believes he could decipher it, but gives everyone a run around, instead stating how the pyramid was Peter’s private property, Sato uncaring. She then receives a text which makes her step aside with Anderson again, he learning the x-ray had been sent and the object in Langdon’s bag now obvious. Anderson soon loses focus for hearing rustling noises, the two returning to the pod and Sato aggressively laying into Langdon for withholding information. Langdon looked confused and stayed so even after being shown Sato’s cell, not knowing what he was supposed to recognize. Sato finally explains he was seeing the possessions he carried in his bag, Langdon now coming to the realization of the object in the package connected to the Unfinished Pyramid to make it a “True Pyramid”. Now Langdon understood what Peter had meant when he’d referred to the package as a talisman, he not meaning the magical sort. Langdon still had trouble believing the truth of what he carried. He then offered to explain why it seemed he’d withheld information, Sato making it clear he’d have plenty of time to explain when they got to CIA Headquarters and he better having deciphered the inscription since she’d sent a picture to the CIA’s analyst team and after requesting for Anderson’s gun and not getting a fight for once, promptly aiming at Langdon, whilst Anderson took his bag and added the Unfinished Pyramid to his pack, Langdon then noticing a shadow move from outside the room, hit Anderson from behind, disarming Sato, and commanding Langdon to grab his bag and follow him.

As Langdon followed the “elegant African American man”, he noticed the man knew his way around the dark sub-basement and had keys to go where unauthorized personnel couldn’t. Meanwhile Langdon felt his bag was heavy due to the added weight of the pyramid, the strap feeling like it could break (or he only not being able to handle the strain). Langdon then noticed the Masonic ring on his finger making he and Peter brothers and both in a high order. They then reach familiar territory for Langdon, and run into the security guard from earlier, the man giving him more orders to say nothing of their presence and to lock the door behind them, the guard overcome with being trusted with such an important task. When they leave, Bellamy introduces himself and confides his close friendship with Peter. Bellamy then leads Langdon through a long dimly lit tunnel, whilst Mal’akh walked out of the Pod and repeated Trish’s code to himself despite it only being four numbers, he’d gotten confirmation of his plans going accordingly if not how he’d planned.

Langdon was walking when he received a call which we learn is from Mal’akh, he promising Peter had a chance to live if Langdon followed his demands. Langdon then attempts to convince Mal’akh of the invalidity to believe the pyramid he carried was the Masonic Pyramid to no avail, Mal’akh only wanting Langdon to translate the inscription and he agreeing to let Peter go. Langdon still makes a comment (since he can’t help himself) of the inscription not being useful if Mal’akh knew the pyramid wasn’t Masonic, which Mal’akh has a chance to give Langdon a taste of in his own usual tone, Mal’akh knowing this and Langdon obviously not being privy to the knowledge of it holding the location to the mysteries, surprising Langdon to stop walking Bellamy stopping as well, Mal’akh continuing only to share Langdon was the only one able to crack the message, Langdon believing he was smart by saying it wasn’t difficult and anyone could, Mal’akh reminding him only he had the capstone. Mal’akh was enjoying Langdon’s distress and so concludes with sharing he and Langdon would meet at the secret location to make their trade, Langdon declaring he wouldn’t comply since their wasn’t proof of Peter’s survival, Mal’akh states he shouldn’t play this game with him due to the insignificant role Langdon played, Langdon learning through frustrated shouting of Mal’akh uncovering the mysteries to prove their existence. Mal’akh then notes Langdon needing to hurry his progress to decipher since he needed it before the night ended.

We then follow a New York editor whom was concluding his night, but picks up the phone regardless the late hour due to noticing the caller ID. We learn Langdon was calling and requesting assistance. He then asking for Katherine’s number, and receiving it after some light joking from his editor buddy; This chapter did not need to be a chapter. Katherine notices her phone go off thinking it’s Trish to explain her tardiness and being surprised it’s Langdon whom finally has the chance to express the real trouble her brother was in. Katherine at first doesn’t believe him because of the text she received, Langdon putting together it must’ve been Mal’akh whom had sent the text and after being read the message, Langdon’s urgency for she to leave the building was made clear. Katherine then calls the lobby to discover if the guard could see Trish on his monitors. He going through the footage and realizing Trish not having come out of the pod with Mal’akh and the feed being so clear as to notice his sleeves being wet, seeing he was carrying a key card to enter another pod. Katherine was now running in “the void” and talking on her cell phone, she then realizing Mal’akh had already entered the pod and so stops racing for the exit, instructing the guard to send for help for Trish and herself, closes her cell, knowing it was the only source of light and now trying not to breathe loudly. She then smells ethanol and upon getting stronger, she begins to feel a presence a few feet away, she then taking off her shoes and stepping off the carpet, but not soon enough, feeling herself being grabbed, so she slides out of her lab coat and blindly runs, not knowing where the exit is.

The Library of Congress claims to being the largest library in the world and we proceed to get some “fun facts”. Finally we get to the reason for this information being because Langdon and Bellamy were currently walking through the tunnel which connected the library to the Capitol building. When the two reach a door which doesn’t lock, Bellamy’s resolution is dubiously eyed by Langdon. Which I’d enjoy seeing him attempt to think of something better in a relatively empty underground passage; He has a tendency to doubt everyone other than himself which we seem to keep learning should be the other way around. Finally they reach an area which Bellamy claimed would be safe for them to talk, Langdon having tried to get an explanation during their walk and being rebuffed, which may be the reason he couldn’t believe the place they entered would be thought of as such. They go to a table where Langdon puts the pyramid to be examined, Bellamy making sure Langdon knew the cipher being used, we again learning how simple it was for anyone to figure out, and Bellamy questioning if Langdon knew of the reasons for Sato’s interest in the pyramid, Bellamy supposing she could have realized more dangerous possibilities for it.

We then see what’s happened with Katherine, she still fumbling along off-carpet, then deciding to not move anymore since having abandoned her key card with her coat. Her only comfort was knowing the guard was coming and soon after smells Mal’akh coming toward her. As she is considering abandoning her phone, it’s repeated she smells Mal’akh, and resisting the urge to run, but Mal’akh hears her clothes rustle, she fortunately still escaping up until hitting a wall. She tries to stay along the wall until hearing clothes moving and smelling the familiar whiff of ethanol in both directions she chooses. We then get Mal’akh’s perspective which shows how he’d tricked her and the way he’d locked them inside. We also discover Mal’akh’s intention again, but learning Mal’akh is doing so to get revenge on Peter once he’d learned of her demise. Mal’akh then sees Katherine’s cell open, he thinking she’s made a fatal mistake, but upon dashing at the wall, and hurting himself good with her clever surprise, Katherine is now running beside the wall until she hits the exit, meanwhile wondering where the guard was. She then runs next to a spot with no studs on the wall, which she doesn’t recognize and stops. By this point Brown is becoming way too comfortable using car terms to describe how quickly Katherine is running or stopping. Time to broaden your vocabulary, foo! Katherine then hears Mal’akh coming after her and the guard noisily struggles to get the door open, Katherine realizing how trapped she was, but she had also found a helpful mislead which was in every pod and hadn’t needed to be used until now. She opens, and gets through the door as soon as Mal’akh reaches her, she running off and realizing she wouldn’t be able to outrun him, so deciding to try a different idea, which works as she plans, giving her enough time to get to her car and start the engine, but sees Mal’akh coming, whom wasn’t slowing and breaks her side window. As he grips her, he confesses killing her mother and shouldn’t have waited so long to kill her, she realizing who he was and stomping on the gas pedal, succeeding in getting him off her after some time, it not being enough to put him down, but she being able to drive off unhindered.

The security guard is now seeing Sato and Anderson being aided and Sato demanding to know where Langdon and Bellamy had gone, the guard feeling guilty and seeing how serious they were by bringing a special CIA team to go after the men. The guard calls aside Anderson whom doesn’t take his confession well, and when Sato appears to inquire what was happening, Anderson tries to cover what he’d learned, but Sato already knew what happened due to having discovered the video feed. Langdon was currently worried about Katherine since she hadn’t called him to confirm her safety, and Bellamy had called someone whom wasn’t answering but could offer a safe place to stay. Langdon questioning Bellamy’s sanity since he believed the small pyramid was actually the Masonic Pyramid which would lead to wisdom, he stating this to Bellamy as kindly as he could manage. Bellamy responding in a way which makes Langdon feel belittled, which in turn makes him share how he couldn’t believe the mini-pyramid was the one of legend (my, this is repetitious). We then get to a debate as to the specifics of the legend which includes some Christianity support. Langdon finally apologizes for annoying Bellamy, and in return, Bellamy attempts to show the logistics of how Stonemasons usually show their hints to hidden secrets. Langdon then mentions how if something is referred to as a “legend”, it gave the impression of being made up. Bellamy then questions Langdon’s knowledge of ancient history which Langdon takes as being a lecture, so even though Langdon is taking the interpretation of the word legend seriously he still feels Bellamy is “preaching to the choir”, when told of how it could be taken a different way. Langdon understands Bellamy’s point of view after, he then being prompted to begin decoding the inscription. When seeing the finished translation and not understanding it, he considers he may not be enlightened enough.

A CIA analyst is reviewing the same inscription translation and on the phone with Sato, the operative unable to make sense of it and the x-ray which was sent detailing the capstone being made of gold, Sato makes it clear to keep in touch if the writing on the pyramid was decrypted. Sato then clarified to the field agents to exert whatever force necessary to obtain Langdon’s little package and pyramid. Katherine is still high-tailing her way down the street. As she drives she remembers the night Peter had shot Mal’akh, but failed to kill him, we learning a bit more of the circumstances, as well as of Peter’s own family and how his son was connected to Mal’akh. Meanwhile Mal’akh rushes back to see if he could regain access to Katherine’s lab, we learning Katherine knew Mal’akh’s true identity and his address, he believing he’d now be able to complete his mission of possessing the pyramid and murder Katherine before the night ended. Mal’akh goes into the pod and into Katherine’s lab with no issues, he impressed with the lab equipment. Some include Katherine’s experiments scientifically answering philosophical and theological questions which Mal’akh planned on shutting down before enlightenment could be found by the unworthy. Mal’akh may have had general access to the pod, but whilst he had acquired Katherine’s key card, he didn’t have her pin to get to the data room so he could get to the information which he meant to destroy. He had a back up plan though, which involved obtainable chemicals, and we don’t learn whether he succeeds, instead hearing Katherine call 911 from the operator’s side, she describing the attack and where Mal’akh lived, she suspecting this was where he was keeping Peter.

Bellamy was trying to convey how mysterious the pyramid was, Langdon unsurprised what with his fruitless deciphering of code, and not coming closer to discovering meaning. Bellamy suggests the answer may lie with the capstone and they had the unique opportunity to keep the secret safe. Langdon doesn’t quite understand the importance still, and Bellamy makes his point of view clear by speaking of Freemasonry having kept him open to ideas which seemed improbable. Next, a patrolman at the SMSC had been notified of the keypad at pod 5 having been defiled and of the bay door being open. When he goes to investigate, he’s laid out by Mal’akh whom had completed his oily trek to start his fire from, the guard realizing what Mal’akh had done, but giving the impression of learning too late. Katherine sees the blast as she’s driving away from the pay phone, but thinks it could have something to do with a football game. She then hopes the police were sent to the SMSC to help Trish, and upon realizing she didn’t remember Langdon’s number, decides to continue on to their agreed upon meeting place, then seeing a fireball erupt into the air, figuring soon after where it must’ve originated.

Bellamy was now desperately trying to make contact with whomever could aid them, Langdon thinking of Peter and Mal’akh’s words to him. Once Bellamy’s unsuccessful call is finished, Langdon wonders where the deciphered message was supposed to lead them, Bellamy sharing he’d heard it would take them to a particular staircase. Bellamy then mentions how he’d not seen it, but the Mason he’d tried to contact did believe in its existence. Bellamy then makes it clear to Langdon he didn’t need to believe the power of what Peter entrusted to him, but should understand he needed to protect it even if Peter was lost for the effort, Langdon being shocked by the suggestion. Bellamy then explains what is supposed to come first in these situations. When Langdon states he didn’t want to leave before meeting up with Katherine, Bellamy puts his priorities in order, they then hearing the bucket set-up to make noise, do so, repeatedly. We then seeing Katherine drive up to the library and see what she does from a homeless man’s point-of-view, she trying to get in, the homeless man having the most eye-rollingly pathetic joke set up as he watches Katherine.

 Katherine sees the doors open, Langdon coming out, and she breaking down. Bellamy then ushers them back to where they’d left the pyramid, Katherine recognizing it, and Bellamy putting it back in Langdon’s bag before guiding them to a cabinet which wasn’t what it seemed. Mal’akh was currently driving toward his home and contemplating the possibility of Katherine calling the cops and how conspicuous he looked, we then getting the back story of Mal’akh in prison for drugs and overhearing a late-night conversation between an administrator and Peter Solomon about his son, giving Mal’akh an idea which he planned with the administrator, and upon execution, we knowing where Mal’akh had become so rich (criss-cross!), also how he’d become the mutant he now was. We then learn how once watching a TV special on Freemasons reminded him of information about the Masonic Pyramid he’d heard from Peter’s son, we then seeing Mal’akh’s memory of the same one we’d seen through Katherine earlier. We view Mal’akh’s escape to the woods, facing off with Peter, and their conversation before Peter takes his shot at Mal’akh.

Simkins, a CIA operative is whom we follow next, he having blasted the library with explosive to finish his mission of acquiring the pyramid and package, he using thermal imaging goggles to trace their targets to the cabinet-not-cabinet, he following them down some stairs to loudly humming machinery, tracing the two men’s heat signatures into another room and seeing their trail, Simkins says some typical phrases of hide-and-seek to himself, finally gaining enough to see Bellamy struggling to continue running away. Simkins then orders for a shot to incapacitate Bellamy, noting no one was ahead of him to chase, Bellamy playing coy as to where Langdon was, and Simkins making it plain he shouldn’t mess around.

Langdon and Katherine were lying head-to-head and Langdon was adamant in keeping his eyes closed so he could ignore the close quarters he was in. We then get a flashback of Bellamy stating what Langdon would need to do to escape since he couldn’t go with them and regretted not being able to share more valuable knowledge due to time constraints. Bellamy has enough time to mention for Langdon to expect a call and what to do when he started the conveyor belt.

Meanwhile security was called before sending police to Mal’akh’s estate, the guard checking the premises. She checks in to confirm no disturbance is noticeable, then sees an odd light from a basement window, she seeing a terrible sight which she would’ve called in if not for being tasered. Bellamy is then shown with a bag over his head and hands bound being led through the library stacks by the agents. He is physically threatened and confides his lie of Langdon’s whereabouts without much prompting. We then get a memory from Bellamy of Peter’s son’s birthday, where he was to receive his inheritance, but also a choice to join the Freemasons and learn of the Ancient Mysteries, his son taking it as a joke and having no interest, but to make it worse, his son seems to be retarded as well, since Peter didn’t deny him his inheritance, but was offering the wisdom of the Masons along with it, the boy only focusing on the fact it would mean he’d have to wait to claim it. When his son leaves to fulfill his soon to be tortured fate, Peter’s eyes, as well as a previous character, fill with pain (making me think all the males are getting teary-eyed and are being saved their manliness to mention it in an acceptable way). Bellamy, upon asking and not liking the answer, decides Peter should take back the capstone and have someone else store it for safety from the expected possibility of Peter’s son blabbing. Some years later is when we see the truth of Bellamy’s foresight, which is also the time Peter takes the capstone to give to Langdon. We then learn Bellamy was the one to offer the hiding place of the pyramid, he now hoping Langdon could handle his given responsibility.

Langdon is now thinking of how Katherine must be feeling at the moment and trying not to think of his closely quartered position. He starts a conversation in order to confess the details of Peter’s hand, but Katherine instead confides of her thoughts on why her mother was killed and the pyramid. She then shares her experience with Mal’akh to give him insight as to how he’d gotten access to the SMSC and her office most likely having been destroyed. Langdon does get his chance to share his side and in her presumably shocked silence, he assures her he’ll decode the pyramid to get Mal’akh where he wanted and Peter’s safety insured. Katherine then lets Langdon know of where they’d reached and having to open his eyes since he had to jump, “just in time” before the ride gave him a second go. Katherine then brings Langdon’s bag to a table to have a look at the pyramid, Langdon relaying Peter’s instructions mirroring Bellamy to keep the package safe. Katherine doesn’t accept this due to how much it had already cost her family and despite Langdon prompting her to stop, she continues to break the seal and undo the twine.

We then see the old man whom Bellamy was attempting to reach sitting in a garden, his caretaker rushing out to locate and deliver Bellamy’s message, of which gets the old man up and wishing to be escorted inside. Switching back to Katherine continuing to open the package, Langdon nervously watching on, we finally getting a description of the capstone case, Katherine discovering how to open it to uncover the capstone, she not believing the inscription saying what it did. Sato meanwhile isn’t liking the lack of locating Langdon or the capstone and Bellamy wasn’t forthcoming which she was going to attempt to change, she then receiving bad news from her analyst whom wasn’t able to crack the pyramid code, but was commanded to continue to try. Sato then learns more from the field agent on the track to Langdon and the status of Bellamy, Sato deciding to go against protocol to interrogate Bellamy privately. We move back to Katherine and Langdon, both surprised by the simple and uninformative inscription. The two could only figure the obvious with the message, and knowing there must be more, Langdon felt like a failure once more.

Mal’akh was now handling the gap in his window and goes inside. As he’s readying to shower, he notes Langdon only had a couple more hours to call him. Langdon, now reminding Katherine of they being tracked and should probably keep moving, also hoping Bellamy hadn’t been caught. Katherine then regains Langdon’s attention for having noticed what looked like a date on the box, Langdon knowing it was a symbol for crediting a person’s work secretly. Langdon shares the credit with Katherine in learning where they need to go next. We return to the old man being led inside by his helper and the assistant being dismissed, he researching the question Bellamy had asked for it seeming meaningless to him, but found it was a signal for help. Katherine is currently absorbing the information of the name she had discovered as she followed Langdon, wondering how the name could be helpful to them. Langdon explains which painting they were looking for, Katherine stopping them from going all the way to the original when the internet was easily accessible, Langdon disappointed (the fool). Katherine discovers the painting and remembers what her brother told her about it. Langdon then playfully urges her to pick out the numbers they were searching for in the painting (since they all of a sudden have time for nonsense), he then stating it would be how they solved the grid of letters.

Bellamy is unaware of the next step of Sato’s plan for him, but did hear parts of conversation which left him a bit nervous about his destination as he’s roughly made to vacate the SUV. As they guide him blindfolded through a building, Bellamy deduces where he was and how they’d gotten in. The guard leaves him and he thinks he’s alone, until hearing breathing, and then a match striking, Sato taking his blindfold off, ready to hear him talk. Katherine was now catching on to Langdon’s reasoning and they continued adding Dürer’s squares, Langdon bringing it back to the task they came to solve. Langdon’s excitement waning and asking once more if she’s certain she wants to go against Peter’s wishes, she making it clear she’d decipher the pyramid regardless, Langdon figuring a new sequence and realizing it’s Latin. As they continue to uncover what the message meant in regards to a location, Langdon receives a call. The old man relays his location through riddle and Langdon catches on, ready to meet him to get more answers.

Next we see Mal’akh’s cleansing ritual where we needed to be made aware of his enormous giblet, this potentially being his last night as a normal life-spanned human. He studied his last patch of untattooed skin on his head and then going to his computer to read an email which confirms his wait would soon be ending. We then learn the CIA agent hadn’t found anything where Bellamy had mentioned Langdon had gone, but this soon changes when he sees the conveyor belt, he reporting this information to the leader and being ordered to go to the Adam’s Building.

Langdon and Katherine were now leaving for their new destination. Katherine the first to notice the hubbub at the previous building, Langdon pulling her along to hurry. They locate a taxi and make more distance from their pursuers. Katherine taking more precautions by not mentioning where they were going and dumping Langdon’s cell, which was rightly done, for the taxi driver had called to snitch on them due to the Dispatcher describing them, Simkins now giving the man instructions.

Sato was now questioning Bellamy on his actions against her and Anderson, as well as helping Langdon, Bellamy soon being told of Sato’s reasons for obtaining the capstone was to cooperate with Mal’akh due to being a danger to the public. Bellamy refuses to help which Sato’s call makes plain may not be a problem. Meanwhile Langdon is wishing the taxi would pick up the pace and Katherine has discovered where the capstone led, it being in the other direction, she changing the taxi’s direction, it being overheard by Simkins and they following. The driver hears where they figure they must go next, desperately offering to drive,but they go off, Simkins soon there and the driver noting where they must be going.

We then return to Mal’akh whom was remembering the time with Peter as he fell and eventually hit the water behind the Solomon family home. After some time being trapped under the ice we are told how he escapes and gives himself time to heal, driving further away and hearing on the radio of the murder of Peter and Katherine’s mother, which confuses him. When he settles in New York to heal, Mal’akh has taken some back steps when it came to being drug-free and staying in shape, but a distraction soon comes in the form of a tattooed clerk, Mal’akh deciding to cover his scars. Once being told by a tattoo artist to study more on the subject, since he didn’t want to choose a tattoo himself, Mal’akh’s taste for reading returns, he going to the library and reading everything on tattoo history. When he’d exhausted those sources, he widened his search for mystical, symbolic books, including Aleister Crowley. Mal’akh is soon sacrificing a crow and saying incantations with the rest of the funny ones of like-minded hobbies. Caused by this, Mal’akh had renewed energy, working out again. Thinking his energy came from his sacrifices, he made traps in the park for all sorts of woodland creatures. This also being when Mal’akh makes his decision of the ignorance of humanity and once reading Paradise Lost, discovers his new name (we schlepping through a few before this point). Mal’akh then thought of what he would become and making a sketch to tattoo on his body.

We move on to George Washington’s Masonic Memorial and Simkins still trailing Katherine and Langdon’s train. Simkins gets his team inside to wait for their arrival. We go to Katherine wondering why the CIA would show so much interest in the mystical (we knowing already). Katherine then notes to Langdon how close they were to arriving. Simkins now had two men ready to have the conductor of the car keep the doors to the train shut, they able to do so and the man letting them enter through manually, locking the door behind them. Next came the easy task of sweeping all the cars until they happen upon Langdon and Katherine, certain they’d be caught, but surprise, they didn’t see them on-board. We then understand how Katherine had misled the taxi driver, she and Langdon now at Washington National Cathedral. They are met at the door by the blind man after discussing some interesting facts about the cathedral including a reference to a statue depicting a character from Star Wars. Bellamy now watching Sato lose her shit on the phone with Simkins, upon hanging up reporting to Bellamy if he knew where Langdon was, he better share, and after being denied, relays how much she knew of what he’d done before helping Langdon, he unable to fathom how she could know, and she revealing how simple it had been, then giving more information on her knowledge of the case which made Bellamy consider she was with a sister organization to the Masons.

Mal’akh was currently in his deceptively large basement going to the largest room at the end, to prepare for his offering. He brought out an extremely old, large, and lost-to-history knife. He begins a ritual which ended with the product of his final tattoo being inked with. We then see the blind man, Galloway lead Langdon and Katherine to his office, where they begin catching Galloway up on information he hadn’t been informed of, Langdon placing both items in front of Galloway upon his request, he then demanding what Langdon expected of him after they had gone against both Peter and Bellamy’s advice. Galloway then shares how they hadn’t fully uncovered the meaning of the pyramid which reveals the location Mal’akh expected. Langdon then questions Galloway’s sanity once he mentions the pyramid could physically transform, but before this Galloway, regarding spot on, Langdon’s ignorance, as well as the terrible situation Katherine had put in motion. We then see Sato showing Bellamy a computer screen, the contents of which making Bellamy regret the part he’d played in the events so far. We not having the details shared.

Meanwhile Galloway questioned Langdon of whether he knew why Peter had chosen him to keep the package, Langdon being able to relay what he’d been told, they then jumping from Peter’s instinct of bad tidings, Katherine’s studies (which further details of are disappointing to me), and the CIA’s interest in “mystical sciences”. Galloway then reconfirms how the pyramid will divulge knowledge in its transformation. Galloway then guides Langdon’s finger to probe the box of the capstone (ha-ha). When he does feel what Galloway was indicating, the “transformation” is to Langdon’s finger tip, showing a simple symbol, which Katherine identifies. After Langdon’s unimpressed yet again, Galloway plays him by pretending to not know the symbol had multiple meanings to different cultures and sciences, Galloway then mentioning Peter’s Masonic ring also having an indentation, Langdon discovering this to be true and Galloway revealing how it also played a part in the symbolon. Langdon, once fitting the ring inside the box flush to the indent, plays with it according to what is mentioned on the ring and we don’t get any information due to the chapter’s end. We are then given Galloway’s perspective in having the satisfaction of schooling a symbologist on his career of study, then Langdon’s perspective on seeing the box react like a puzzle box, changing its form. Langdon soon understanding what its new form represented. The next bit goes into detail behind the meaning and it making me want all the more to read The Name of the Rose. Langdon is struggling to remember a connection which Galloway helps by mentioning the use of pseudonyms, Langdon writing the name down, after which Katherine realizes where this information will next lead them, Galloway interrupting her for hearing others coming and not wanting the knowledge if prompted to share, he urging them to quickly pack up. Bellamy was attempting to contact Langdon, leaving a message stating simply a horrible event has occurred.

Mal’akh had performed a life and sex mutilating surgery on himself and he contemplates the next role Peter would play. He noted how terrible a person Peter was and no one knowing, referring back to having left his son in prison and how his actions had created Mal’akh, he then readying himself to take care of matters of this reality. Katherine and Langdon are now running once more, out of the cathedral, but they soon realize a helicopter is visible above them, they hiding in a tunnel. Their escape route had been barred by the helicopter hovering over it, but Langdon commands Katherine run when he puts together it was landing. Galloway was currently walking to the door, reinvigorated by the connection of the Rosicrucian manifestos he’d read whilst young, we then getting Simkins point-of-view again as he approaches the cathedral with men and gets a smart ass response from Galloway upon asking if he’d seen Langdon.

Then we go to the CIA security analyst, Nola waiting for Sato’s call and receiving one from someone in her department with information about what she was working on due to a program which was supposed to be helpful to the agency and Nola found distracting, but tonight actually would aid her, after listening to the co-worker speak of the hacker being hired and the key-word being searched, she demands the agent come to her with all prevalent information. Nola’s story playing a significant minor role in the long run and only another vehicle for Brown’s spew of mystical “facts”. Langdon and Katherine had made it to Cathedral College, it being across the lawn from the Cathedral where Katherine claimed she could get the supplies needed to transform the pyramid, they locating the kitchen and Katherine making Langdon do the heavy work in setting up. Outside, the helicopter pilot had noticed a thermal mist, reporting to Simkins, Langdon and Katherine awaiting the right temperature to see if the pyramid would change, which it does, showing a three-word location, which Katherine now prompted Langdon to make the phone call Mal’akh was expecting in under ten minutes, Langdon hesitating again, but when calling is surprised by an unknown voice, we learning he was speaking to the partner of the security woman checking Mal’akh’s house and they having found Peter, Katherine declaring they’d come immediately.

Langdon and Katherine see the empty lawn and believe the team must be inside the Cathedral, wrongly as Sato speaks up in response to their out loud thought. Katherine and Langdon blurt the truth, even showing the secret text, Sato then sending for Bellamy whom was outside, Sato giving the two more word lashings for having destroyed her plan of catching Mal’akh. When Bellamy enters, Sato immediately has him send an attached picture to Mal’akh of the capstone, making Langdon aware of the part Bellamy had been playing, as well. We then see Mal’akh receiving the text and wondering why Bellamy had decided to play games with him now, he being the sort whom didn’t play nice. Katherine, Langdon, and Bellamy were now waiting with Sato for a call from Mal’akh so she could continue her goal of catching him, Katherine being denied going to her brother. Galloway is then brought in before Bellamy gets the phone call, Mal’akh acting like he still possessed Peter, and Bellamy insisting he meet him at Franklin Square with Peter for the trade of the address. Mal’akh agrees only upon he coming alone and after hanging up, Sato commands her men briskly, Katherine desperate to get to Peter and convincing Sato of the necessity, Sato dispatching an agent to accompany Katherine and Langdon. Galloway is still seated and gives Langdon a message to pass to Peter which Langdon didn’t understand (surprise), he collecting the pyramid and being whisked away with Katherine.

Sato was setting up her men in Franklin Square, relying on Mal’akh being truthful about the time it would take him to arrive, as everyone got into position, Sato awaiting two phone calls, one from Nola and the other from the agent with Langdon and Katherine, whom were speeding to Mal’akh’s home, Langdon discovering the pyramid and capstone had a new substance all over them, but they’d reached the house and Langdon couldn’t delve further, Katherine rushing in and no one realizing until too late, the people inside weren’t medical crew, Katherine flying through the air. She not knowing what had tripped her up, but seeing Mal’akh going after Langdon after taking down the agent. Mal’akh then held Katherine down as he bound her with wire, to keep her from struggling free. Meanwhile Langdon was recovering from his stun gun attack and when he was able to turn his head, saw the pyramid had transformed again, he now understanding the message Galloway had given him to pass on, and when being able to move more and seeing the state of Katherine, is surprised by finally seeing Mal’akh, he blacking Langdon’s consciousness out. We then see Mal’akh recapping how he’d tricked Bellamy, Langdon, and Katherine, now focusing on the pyramid for a moment until putting it away and dragging Langdon rather than carrying him due to he being toned. (Jeez, eye-roll, much?) During this we get an inside view of Mal’akh’s beliefs being fleshed out and explained in contrast and similarity to Christianity.

Sato was now insisting the Franklin Square address must be real and having Nola recheck for its location. Nola trying a different tactic to search and coming up with an odd description of the building. Langdon revives with a debilitating headache, meanwhile, and not recognizing his surroundings, but discovering he was naked, and when he attempts to sit up and almost knocks himself out, he discovers the room he was in was actually a box, he now dealing with his worst nightmare (I now remembering he swims fine, and he didn’t become afraid of water from his childhood trauma, as well, oddly). When we return to Katherine’s side of what had occurred after Langdon had been forced into unconsciousness, she sees Mal’akh disappear with him plus the corpse, and when she hears footsteps, Brown decides having her “hope against hope”, it isn’t Mal’akh; great, Brown. Mal’akh carries Katherine to a hidden door where she notes of the insulation behind was “apparently not meant to be heard by anyone outside”, so it’s possible, but we we’re supposed to hope against hope they can? As Mal’akh takes her further down into his basement, Katherine smells particular odors and Mal’akh comments of being impressed with her work, he hoping she felt the same of his.

Simkins was currently watching Bellamy not being approached when he receives a call from Sato who was concerned about something unmentioned, Simkins responding by glancing at the buildings whilst in cover by bushes, Sato commanding he’s now to watch the building, and both he and Sato realizing the agent sent with Katherine and Langdon hadn’t called yet. We then see Langdon attempt to calm himself with visualization, but it wasn’t working. Then we return to Katherine whom was slowly choking on her gag, Mal’akh removing it, in the nick of her unconsciousness, he then popping a finger in her mouth for rubbing on his literally bald (the devoid of tattoo area) spot, with her spittle, Katherine noticing Langdon’s belongings on the floor, Mal’akh pointing where Langdon was being stored and how he wouldn’t suffocate, only letting him torture himself. Langdon is then shown hearing a terror-stricken Katherine speaking about him, and then feels the air from the vent in the box, we seeing what Katherine saw about to be pumped inside, this being when Mal’akh confesses what he’d done to Trish and how his near drowning had made it clear to him how he’d become one of the gods. We move back to Langdon as he’s slowly being consumed and feeling he was sure to die.

Katherine was begging and crying, saying they’d cooperate if he stopped the process which would kill Langdon. Mal’akh responding about the way they’d betrayed him by bringing an agent to his home and not revealing all of the address wouldn’t be taken lightly. Katherine continues to promise to comply with anything he wanted and when Mal’akh tests this she immediately clams up, he literally applying pressure and finally she confessing the information he asks, until he mentions the symbols on the bottom of the pyramid and what was at the address, she not knowing. Mal’akh takes care of her ignorance of the former easily, retrieving the pyramid which had a grid of symbols including religious symbols, as well as the zodiac, Katherine admitting to not knowing what it could mean. Mal’akh then goes to Langdon’s box and shifts a panel in the top so he could show Langdon the base of the pyramid, Langdon needing to come up with an answer quick before he wouldn’t be able to speak anymore.

Langdon struggles to make a connection, but the symbols were a-jumble and struggling to also remember what building actually existed in 1850 which could make sense of the address wasn’t forthcoming either. Then, when his ears are covered he has an epiphany, the text was a symbolon, as well and he conveys this to Mal’akh whom won’t release him unless he told him beforehand, which he does, but Mal’akh makes as if he was going to leave Langdon inside anyways to die. Langdon, due to swimming as a pastime, knew not to struggle, which would waste oxygen, instead hoping he would be saved, Katherine being held above him, unable to do anything, but watch. Mal’akh then moves Katherine to a table down the hall, after she witnesses Langdon’s last look of terror, strapping her down. He again has a power driven moment of obtaining saliva from her mouth and onto his head. He leaves and then Katherine notices the extensive amount of drawings on the walls, and next to her was the bone knife, along with some other items which worried her. We then go back to Nola, whom was awaiting the agent to show up and when he does so with the single page searched by the hacker, the shocking piece of information was whom the page belonged, Sato’s boss. Simkins was still waiting for movement at Franklin Square and only seeing Bellamy shivering and pacing, Sato calling, and once they discuss how late Mal’akh was, she decides to call off the operation, learning where the agent whom still hadn’t called had taken Langdon and Katherine, we discovering how uncommon it was for Sato to feel chilled or fear and currently possessed both.

We then go to Mal’akh whom was rushing to his “laptop computer” to prepare for his escape. Langdon, before being submerged had shared the meaning of the text on the pyramid, again pointing to a magic square which would then divulge more information which Mal’akh was currently researching. Mal’akh deciphers enough to know his next destination, we then moving on to Katherine, whom was still bound to the table in the basement, she thinking of Peter’s survival possibilities and her research’s demise. We get a flashback of Katherine showing Peter footage of an experiment which not only was Kevorkian-esque, but made weight measurements specific to a human body before and after death. After this remembrance, she’s brought back to reality upon hearing Mal’akh coming down into the basement and wheeling a drastically changed and gagged Peter into the room. Mal’akh explains Peter was joining him to his final location and was allowing them a farewell. Mal’akh then jabs Katherine with a needle as collateral for Peter’s cooperation, claiming he’d have time to save her after, if everything played out accordingly. Mal’akh leaves with Peter, and Katherine is alone in the dark.

Meanwhile we see Langdon supposedly now a conscious spirit, floating around and such. Sato and Simkins is next seen spotting the CIA vehicle and landing. When he viewed a body through a window, his team gracelessly make an entrance and check the house, discovering nothing. Sato makes for Mal’akh’s office after hearing Simkins report from within, being disappointed to deduce Mal’akh used a laptop and the monitor would have nothing of importance. Katherine heard the CIAs footsteps and tried to calm herself for the blood loss quickening upon attempted noise. Langdon was experiencing nothingness and recent memories of Mal’akh, and then some chanting. Then Sato locates Simkins on hands and knees, viewing some depression tracks in the carpet being oddly traced from the wall, Simkins uncovering the hidden door. Langdon is now receiving an insistent bell toll along with the chanting he seemed to believe he was meant to understand. We then seeing a flashback of Langdon attending a lecture (for once) by a friend (whom else would he bother to willingly listen?) Once we are told it’s Peter, we hear about his lecture and the questions the ripe young minds throw out, blasting information we’ve already gone through, other than mentioning where Langdon had first heard a couple words of the chant before. Peter makes a killing with his speech after having answers to all those opposed and appreciation for those in agreement.

Katherine is saved before impending death, the agent trying to get her to speak of Mal’akh’s whereabouts, she still verging on fainting, but able to convey where he’d gone which wouldn’t be readily understood. During this, Sato is led to the box, she sliding the window open for the sight she was physically repelled by–Robert Langdon (ha-ha). Langdon was hallucinating, apparently where he wondered whether he were staring into God’s face (Yeah, t’would surely make sense). We then learn the true nature of the liquid Langdon had been put in, leaving him alive and essentially well. Sato then goes about the easiest way to revive Langdon without traumatizing him so he could relay what he knew. Langdon’s resurfacing, despite all the attempts to keeping him comfy, were jarring as a bitch, but he regains his faculties quickly enough.

Langdon is then led by Sato to the room Katherine was in, he relieved, but aware of her serious condition, but she awake and in shock by him standing in front of her, she showing all kinds of affection for her disbelief and happiness. After discussing where Mal’akh had gone, Langdon offers his ability to recall the symbols so they could attempt to follow. As Sato looks up what Langdon requested, it gave him enough time to see the pages pasted on the walls, he realizing Mal’akh had been searching for the “Lost Word”, Sato then receiving a call from her techie agent, her news no longer applicable and Sato sharing the bad news of Mal’akh carrying a laptop. Mal’akh is then shown wheeling Peter to a place where he had the code to the gate, it being Freemason related, Peter aware of where in the building Mal’akh was guiding him and looking worried, Mal’akh assuring if he went along willingly, Katherine would live, whilst thinking to himself she was most likely already dead. Langdon is next seen struggling to remember a final letter and upon doing so, immediately knows where they’d gone. We flip back to Mal’akh, now at the room of his initiation, planning on using Peter to decipher the rest of the message on the pyramid to track the riches/lost word. Langdon is also conveying the same to Sato and the knowledge of the word for Mal’akh’s empty spot on his head and the ritual to come for Peter. Sato then is shown the second use of the blonde wig of Mal’akh’s, as well as Simkins getting the required code to the gate from Bellamy, Langdon at first being denied coming, but once learning he was the only other person whom knew how to navigate the innards of the place quietly, the O-K is given by Sato.

Mal’akh was now assembling the symbolon and rubbing in how Peter had not figured out how to decipher it, he removing the gag from his mouth when he saw Peter was attempting to speak. Peter pleads for Mal’akh to send help for Katherine, Mal’akh confirming he’d do so once Peter told him where the staircase was, Peter now horrified by Mal’akh’s insistence and knowing there wasn’t one (which later on seems to be untrue), but Mal’akh is now all smiles and contented in knowing he had time to spare, but Katherine didn’t, then showing Peter the deciphered symbols and Peter’s disbelief in it showing what Mal’akh described. Peter decides a different play, he agreeing to show Mal’akh once sending help for Katherine, but Mal’akh was messing with Peter, he showing more of his tattoo and how he only wanted the Lost Word. As Mal’akh organized the other items he’d brought, he relays how Peter must not yet comprehend the trouble he was in.

 Langdon, before leaving with the CIA, gets another cheek kissed by Katherine, since she was staying behind with Bellamy (isn’t Brown so kind to give Langdon the hope of a woman’s affection?), but now Langdon noticed they weren’t going to land anywhere near where Mal’akh had taken Peter, Sato sharing she aimed to go in quietly, Langdon arguing the extent of what she was attempting to prevent. Sato sets up the laptop she had used to show Bellamy, assuming it’s the same recording, of which were from the Masonic initiation rituals. Langdon understood the video had been cut to make the Masons look bad, he becoming more disturbed as he saw the rituals and whom of celebrity and political power he recognized. Brown then shares why the Masons had rituals so themed toward death, the positive to Mal’akh’s negative, and how it was supposed to teach the brothers of an optimistic way of viewing life and why the teachings stayed unchanged. Langdon knew it wouldn’t be accepted well if made public, even whilst pretending to convince himself otherwise, knowing it’s a pipe dream and still making us sit through it. Langdon in obvious agreement as to how serious it was to stop Mal’akh.

Mal’akh was currently still threatening Peter with sending a group email of the video if he didn’t confess the word, this after Peter had viewed the footage. Mal’akh tries to get Peter to decipher the code, Peter showing pure contempt, Mal’akh not minding due to believing the energy from his emotion will help Mal’akh’s ritual. Meanwhile Sato was discussing with Nola game plans to stop the internet in the area which was pretty much impossible, Nola suggesting electro-magnetic pulse, but Sato returning with the pointlessness due to the stone building Mal’akh was in, currently. Sato ends with Nola to stay in touch if she saw any news breaks. Langdon was now being hastily driven to Mal’akh’s location, and Peter was struggling with how he’d last seen Katherine and the progress of the email being sent. Peter decides to confess the truth which Mal’akh senses is genuine and knowing he’d found the Lost Word. Meanwhile a CIA agent believed he had uncovered something useful in Mal’akh’s trash, speaking with Nola. Katherine was feeling better with her infusion of “Ringer’s solution” and now free to worry about Peter, she then wandering around to discover Bellamy upset in the study and confessing he’d discovered the reason for Mal’akh’s hate for the Solomons.

Mal’akh was now inscribing his bald spot with the word and readying for his sacrifice which included cutting Peter from his bonds, Peter asking why Mal’akh would put him though so much, Mal’akh going through the sacrificial motions to gain power. Mal’akh then finally reveals more about the sacrifice he would make and confides whom was truly responsible for Peter’s family’s deaths. We then see the connection of Bellamy’s knowledge of why Mal’akh had chosen to come after Peter and his kin, the reveal not exceptionally surprising if readers are paying attention. Peter is truly in shock by the revelation and Mal’akh, ecstatically reveling in Peter’s pain. We then get the picture of what Bellamy saw as Katherine perused the newspaper articles in the drawer, she getting weak in the knees as she realized how she knew Mal’akh more closely.

Langdon directed Simkins to the back entrance and then Langdon mentions a skylight in the room Mal’akh and Peter were in, Simkins passing it on to Sato who decides to take advantage of this. Peter sensing Mal’akh had no empathy in his eyes and in order to save Katherine from death and his brothers from public ridicule, he had to choose quickly whether he would give Mal’akh what he demanded. Langdon and Simkins were now making their way through the building when Langdon heard a scream, entering the room to see a bald figure about to drive home the knife. We learn how Mal’akh becomes injured by the helicopter and he having a kind of waking coma, Peter informing him the sign he’d written in head head wasn’t the Lost Word, Mal’akh being in denial of this being true, but Peter explaining he wouldn’t have believed the truth, Mal’akh then making the descent into what is supposed to be Hell, presumably.

Katherine is then reunited once more with Peter, she trying to ignore Mal’akh’s body in the room, then meeting Langdon’s gaze as she comforted Peter, which was a rarity. Nola is then shown making a call to Sato after stopping the remote transmission of email being sent to all media, due to the garbage hunt. Nola being congratulated with time to sleep. Langdon looks like shit as he stared at himself in the mirror and being interrupted by Katherine whom was about to check something Peter had informed her of, and Peter asking for Langdon, he going to begin by responding like a smart ass, as usual. Peter then readies to fulfill Masonic prophecy by confessing the Lost Word to Langdon, whom was hard-pressed to believe the Age of Enlightenment would stem from a single word. Peter sets the symbols of the pyramid before Langdon to hear him decipher it, he giving a detailed answer which Peter accepts, but elaborates of knowing the true answer of where the Lost Word was hidden, pulling a Langdon by making him work for the answer (they being meant for each other in this respect). Peter then divulges how he’d had an epiphany of the meaning of the symbols leading to the Lost Word’s location, Langdon reverting to his safe place of incredulity and believing Peter’s traumatic night had turned him “funny”, but Peter explains how Langdon could see the map for himself. When he does understand, he maintains his usual skepticism and Peter confides Langdon has earned the right to see for himself. Simkins is ready to drive them once Sato confirms with Peter he’d be allowed temporary access to where they were going and also had a few choice words for Langdon, which definitely seem founded in this reviewer’s opinion. Peter than has Langdon blindfold himself to protect the location; But, seems pointless once the blindfold is off due to where they go having windows, ah well.

After a pointless trek to the cafeteria where some old statues were placed, Nola is shown by the agent the completed page the hacker was after, it not being classified and came from a CIA message board. Nola and the agent don’t do anything important after this and go back inside. Langdon is quite confused as to where they were headed and Simkins leads Langdon out of the car and takes he and Peter as far as a second door, stating he’d wait there for them, Langdon nervous about all the precautions being taken, as well as the need of a flashlight. Peter stops them a moment as Langdon begins pussing out and suggest to have Langdon keep an open mind and attempt to believe the legend for a moment. Peter taking Langdon through one more sliding door to finally allow Langdon to remove his blindfold and the staircase being shown by flashlight, going far down, Langdon unable to see the landing. Peter, before guiding Langdon on their descent down, leads him to what seemed a small room and suggests he have a look inside, but to prepare himself for what he’d see. It definitely does have the expected effect, Langdon now seeing the Capitol Building from an angle and place he didn’t comprehend he ever would (the only reason for Peter to keep the location secret from Langdon being for another mislead to get him to be more pliable in believing what he saw as unbelievable). He then looking through each window to see the sight of other well-known buildings. Peter than speaking of the cornerstones and how they were buried, Langdon still thinking Peter wasn’t sure of the Lost Word being buried, Peter making it clear he knew it for fact. Peter also confiding of the “Word” not being one and was only called this due to it being the original name used.

Galloway is then shown completely giving away what is meant by the “Word”, and those whom are religious nuts should understand fairly quickly. (Mal’akh would’ve had one helluva time getting the Word in the space he’d left on his noggin). As Langdon and Peter descend, Peter shows some engravings on the walls, which started their religious discussion, which included why the teachers of religion of the past spoke and wrote cryptically. They walked down to the bottom, and now Langdon knew what the Word was, they don’t view it due to it being buried, Langdon instead noticing a circumpunct, and asking a favor of Peter, he agreeing, but only after showing he and Katherine, whom was meeting them there, one more “treasure”.

When Katherine arrives, we learn of her research being safe, and a repeated way of speaking of Langdon, referring to his “deep voice”, Langdon sharing Peter had gone to the hospital, upon his request, Katherine then stating whilst the topics Peter spoke needed intellectual effort for Langdon to accept, Katherine claimed to have more scientific proof. Bellamy is then shown getting a key in preparation of Langdon and Katherine’s arrival to see something only someone with his title could show them. Katherine and Langdon waiting at the designated area for the right time to enter the door which contained the “item”, Katherine admiring the Brumidi’s painting due to the close vantage point whilst Langdon waiting nervously due to being “a chicken”, Katherine’s words. She then discusses what the body/temple from the Bible meaning more than what it said. She moves on to related topics which involved her research, Langdon being thoughtful to the new information. She then making another confession about her research which included the “breakthrough” knowledge of multiple minds thinking the same thought for the desired result, Katherine’s research apparently hinging on this (underwhelmingly, once more).

So, why this last section is the Epilogue and not an ending chapter is a bit confusing since usually when one reads of what happens to characters, it’s in narrative, but most of this book (and Brown’s others) having contained puzzling pointlessness, I’ll continue on. When Langdon awakes, Katherine was gone along with the key, so Langdon gets up and goes upstairs, Katherine claiming she was about to go wake him, she having gone through the door early it seems, regardless of being instructed to wait, it leading outside on to a balcony, she leading him to a particular side (and I now feel the ending may be a disappointment, and…), she then pointing to the Washington Monument where the sunrise began lighting the capstone, Katherine making the connection of no building to be built would be allowed to be taller than the Monument, seemingly for the sight, at the height no one was allowed to traverse, on the balcony. Langdon has an epiphany which ends with my being right about being put through a deflated ending. If not for the in-the-running-for-most-annoying-protagonist, the typical one liners of eye-rolling capacity, the revelations which weren’t mind-blowing if one reads a wide variety of subjects, the fact which this novel apparently needed to hinge and hang lanterns galore on surface knowledge of religion and especially God, — the ride was entertaining in part, but and this is a big fat one, I’m quite content to leave Brown alone from now on, even his previous books weren’t so obviously cliché. Read it for the caper aspect, if it’s a must, otherwise, go see Crichton.

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Other Stories


Due to reading R.L.S.’s Treasure Island, I finally got around to reading another one of his classics: “Jekyll and Hyde”, while the story was a bit interesting, I didn’t start liking it until the last couple chapters, which doesn’t make it one of the best stories, but wasn’t a complete waste of time.

As for the second story in this collection, “A Lodging For the Night” I thought it was a pretty compelling one. Starts off with a nice bit of action, but then slows down due to the main character actually trying to locate lodging for the night. By the end it seemed slightly anti-climactic, but overall was worth the effort.

It seems the stories get better as they go; the third in line is “The Suicide Club”. (At first I thought it was going to be another bland story, but to my delight it was actually pretty bad ass.) Three stories which revolve around a prince and his lieutenant and how they get involved in a secret society and the multiple deaths which occur. Not too shabby.

The next story, “Thrawn Janet”, I couldn’t understand because it was written in a Scottish dialect which had gone far beyond my understanding. All I could make out for certain is Janet was dead.

“The Body-Snatcher” was infinitely more captivating than mostly all the rest of the stories in this collection. It was even easier to read than Jekyll and Hyde and quite satisfying.

The last story, “Markheim”, I believe beats them all in the absorbing factor. He murders this shop owner and he sees a man in the store afterwards and they talk about if he’ll continue his evil ways or not. It was good.

Overall, worth the effort. I definitely preferred these bunch to Treasure Island hands down.